QUESTION: Did Muslim’s play a role in World War II and what are the ideological similarities between Nazism and Islam?

David New:
During World War II, the Mufti of Jerusalem was a very good friend of Adolph Hitler and a strong supporter of Adolph Hitler. Hitler put him on the radio regularly to spew his anti-Semitism and hate of the Jewish people. Not only that, but there was within the SS an Islamic division, or an Islamic group of Muslim soldiers that fought for Hitler during World War II. One of the reasons why American presidents … I’m so pleased that the current one is different. One of the reasons American presidents will not attack Islam and give all the stuff about how peaceful it is is because they’re afraid. Right now, there are more Muslims in the United States than Jews. They have now superseded them in the numbers, and they’re afraid of saying too many bad things about them lest they become radicalized. Now, you said something at the end that Jesus is God, Jesus is King, and the Muslim faith does not like Jesus. You’re absolutely right. They don’t like the Jesus of the Holy Bible.
What is the oldest commercial advertisement against Christianity, the oldest, the longest that has existed from one century to the next? Do you know who built it? You’ve seen it. In the late part of the seventh century, the Dome of the Rock is the largest advertisement against the Christian religion. It was built when the Muslims took over Jerusalem, shortly after that, and at the time, Jerusalem was 90% Christians. The Muslim leaders built this Dome of the Rock for one fundamental purpose. It wasn’t to attack Judaism, like most people think. It was actually to attack Christianity. That was the purpose, and that is the purpose, of the Dome of the Rock.
You were supposed to enter it in a certain way and read on the inside the inner … I’ve been to the Dome of the Rock. I’ve been inside of it. I can’t read Arabic script, but I know what it said. When you look up into the ceiling, here’s what it says. Here’s some of the English translations of the Arabic script I the Dome of the Rock. It says, “All people of the Book,” that’s you and me, Christians, “do not exaggerate in your religion. The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only a messenger of God.” Guess what he’s trying to say. He’s not God’s son. That is the fundamental message inside the main auditorium on the ceiling. That’s what they’re saying. God does not have a son.
Then it goes on and says, “God is only one God. Far be it removed from His transcendent majesty that He should have a son.” That is what it says on the top. Then, further on down, there’s another attack upon Jesus as the Son of God. For God so loved that world that He gave His only begotten son … this is now going to be the next attack. It says, “Your Messenger, your servant, Jesus, son of Mary, peace be on him the day he was born, and the day he dies.” They believe Jesus is going to come back and die. The next line of the script says, “… and the day he shall be raised to life, such was Jesus, son of Mary.” Then it goes on again now a little bit later, “It befitteth not the Majesty of God that He should take onto Himself a son.” The whole purpose of the Dome of the Rock is an advertisement against the Christian faith, and that’s why they go after Christians in England or anywhere else in the world, because they don’t want them around.
IQ al-Rassooli:
Well, people who have not read Muhammad’s Koran and Hitler’s Mein Kampf will find it extremely difficult to accept what I’m about to reveal to you. Unfortunately, the facts based on the two books are so remarkable and uncanny in their similarities. Only miles and years separated Hitler from his mentor Muhammad. Adolf Hitler’s method of accomplishing his madness were identical to the prophet. Both aspired for world domination. Both were self-centered narcissistic megalomaniacs. Both were charismatic pathological liars.
By the way throughout the history of the Islamic Era, humanity has always heard a similar battle cry and I quote now from the sources themselves so that anybody listening, pen and paper. Sahih Bukhari 4:53:386 says, “Our prophet’s the messenger of our Lord, (that is the messenger of Allah), orders us to fight you infidels til’ you worship Allah alone…” Both Mohammed and Hitler envisioned an eternal battle and total submission.
In Mein Kampf 676 Hitler says, “Men must threaten and dominate men by compulsion. Compulsion is only broken by compulsion and terror by terror.” That’s what happens. Bukhari Hadith 44.220, “Allah’s apostle said I have been made victorious with terror.” Ladies and gentlemen, believe us that coercive compulsion is terror. Hitler simply followed Muhammad’s path. In every part, the one and only author of The Sirat Muhammad which is the biography of Muhammad, Ibn Ishaq 601, Ibn Ishaq says, “The best men launched spears as if they were swords. They devote their lives to their prophet. In hand to hand fighting and cavalry attacks they purify themselves with the blood of the infidels.” They consider that an act of piety.
What does Hitler say in Mein Kampf, 679, “The strength of a party lies in the disciplined obedience of the members to follow the disciplined leadership. The decisive factors are leadership and discipline. When troops battle one another the victorious ones will be that which is blindly obedient to the superior leader.” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s hard to distinguish which doctrine was more fixated upon violence. There is no difference. There are similarities. There is absolutely no difference between Nazism and Islamo-Fascism…”