QUESTION: Do you see anyone on the world stage currently, that won’t bow to the idol of political correctness on the true nature of Islam?


IQ al-Rassooli:
“The only one I can think of, whether you laugh or not, is Donald Trump. There’s nobody else. There is nobody else. There is nobody in Europe. In fact, there are people in Europe but they are in the opposition party. They are in the minority party, not in the leadership. The only person with leadership, the only person with the power to literally change history is Donald Trump. There is nobody else. There is nobody else. And even Donald Trump with all due respect, he talks about extremist radical Islam and he’s being polite by the way. He’s being polite.
There is no such thing as an extremist radical Islam. Every single Muslim is a jihadi Muslim. Every single … I know it sounds outrageous. How can somebody say, how could 1500 million people … Yes, 1500 million people are reading the Koran. The Nazis of Germany, they were not only 10% Nazis. The ones who supported Hitler were over 80% of the German and Austrian people. Over 80%. They read Mein Kampf. They didn’t read the bible. Hitler became the messiah of Germany. There’s no question about that, okay? What are they reading? Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So, what do they do? They follow Hitler.
What does the Muslim do? Every Mosque, what do they read, what do they study? The Koran. What do they follow? Mohammed. What was Mohammed? A plunderer, a pedophile, a mass murder, a pathological liar. The most despicable creature, the despicable creature that ever walked the face of the earth. Am I exaggerating? Believe me pastors, I don’t exaggerate. If you read Sirat Rasul Allah, which is the Life of Mohammed by Ibn Ishaq you cannot come to any conclusion other than what I’m coming to. I didn’t write the book. It was a Muslim who wrote the book 140 years after Mohammed was dead.”