QUESTION #2: What were some of the reasons the Freedom Caucus wouldn’t promote the Ryan Act?


Twila Brase:

“…Some of the specifics … Obamacare is a 2,700 page bill, and it has 40,000 pages of something like 10 point font, three column words, almost no margin. So, it’s really, really, really huge, and it wasn’t being repealed. So that was just one thing. It wasn’t being repealed, and Obamacare has gotten us into the point in our country where the insurance companies have consolidated into a few big insurance companies. The hospital systems have consolidated. The little guys are being left out. The little guys are being squeezed out. The community hospitals are being squeezed out. The doctors are coming more under federal control through Obamacare. Medicare rationing is taking place more because of what is in Obamacare. None of that was really being gotten rid of.

There was the essential health benefits that was going to go away, that there wouldn’t have to be these certain things that had to be covered. But really, if you consider the system, there was nothing to guarantee that the cost would come down, the cost of premiums or the cost of medical delivery, actual services. There was nothing to guarantee that we’d have any more competition. There was nothing to say that the health plans who have narrowed the network so that you can’t even go to the hospital next door, absolutely nothing to make sure that any of that wouldn’t happen. So, there were no guarantees that anything would be better.”