QUESTION #3: What groups are part of the ‘Religious Left’?

Gary Dull:
“According to a Reuters article, the individuals or groups that are involved with this Religious Left are the people like the President of the Union Theological Seminary, Serene Jones. J. Patrick Hornbeck, II, who is Chairman of the Theology Department at Fordham University, which by the way is a Jesuit school in New York; the Elkhart, Indiana-based Church World Service, which is a coalition of Christian denominations which helps refugees settle in the United States and you can imagine that that includes illegal immigrants. Then you’ve got North Carolina NAACP’s Reverend William Barber, who is credited with contributing to last year’s election defeat of Republican Governor Patrick McCrory by Democrat Roy Cooper. We of course talked about that last fall. Then you’ve got the Sisters of Shalom, which encourages alliances between the Jewish and the Muslim, Muslim religion. Think of that. Then one of the left’s primary sources of inspiration, one of the religious left’s primary sources of inspiration, Sam, is Pope Francis. That sort of identifies the direction and who’s involved.”