QUESTION #1: Why did you begin your ministry, Worldview Matters?


Dr. Overman:

“Well, my background is in education. I was a school principal of a Christian school for 14 years. During that time I hired a fair number of teachers and I realized that even though they were born again people loving the Lord, they had training in secularized schools, universities, that really did not prepare them for teaching Christianly, as I would like to say. How do you actually teach kids about math, science, and history in the context of a biblical worldview? Principals in Christian schools, they need to start from almost day zero here to help their teachers to understand how do we think in this way, how do we actually design a lesson in this way. That’s a lot more than just tacking a bible verse on the end or opening with prayer.

I think having a Christian school that has chapel once a week is important. I wouldn’t want to minimize that. I think having born again Christian teachers is essential, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachers are equipped and trained to teach from a Christian perspective. My wife and I started this organization called Worldview Matters and our focus is primarily on working with educators that work with children in the elementary and secondary levels, helping them to teach Christianly. The idea is to help the next generation to think from a Christian perspective because worldview does matter. It matters because it shapes our values and our values influence our behavior and our behavior collectively shapes culture, so there’s a real link there with a biblical worldview.”

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