QUESTION #3: Are we going to see reverberating action on the part of Syria and Russia as a result of the airstrikes, and if so, what kind of action?


JR McGee:
“I don’t think that this is all that’s going to take place. Here’s something that’s very interesting. Syria assured the international community and the United Nations that all their chemical warheads had been accounted for and destroyed. Russia assured the international community and the United Nations that they had validated, that all the chemical warheads were accounted for and destroyed, and yet they’re being used and not just the mustard gas that we saw earlier. This was Sarin. This is a nerve agent that’s extremely potent and very, very toxic. It’s a deadly substance under even the best of circumstances. What we’re finding out now is that they have been continuing to produce this material, and I’ve seen more than one report that says that they have significant amounts of it.

This is going to provide the impetus for a major initiative to truly verify and validate that those weapons are accounted for and disposed of properly. The Syrians are either going to do that voluntarily or they’re going to do that involuntarily. I think the ball is in their court for this next action, but we’re going to see very quickly which way they’re going to move on that. I think that Israel, because they have such a vested interest in the security with Syria being directly on their Northern border, and the United States are going to insist that this be done and be done properly this time.

I think Russia’s also going to use the proxies to (take action). They’re either going to use Hezbollah, which has got a lot of missiles in storage, certain reports are 100,000 to 120,000 missiles, or they could use Iran. Iran is primed to take additional action in the Straits of Hormuz to shut down shipping channels. Either one of those would be a significant response and would be something that would be within the capabilities of those proxies. I think Vladimir Putin is going to have to be strong in the face of this because he’s now moved into that neighborhood and declared these areas as protectorates and now one of them has been attacked and everybody’s going to be looking to see what he’s going to go do to protect the people he’s promised to protect.”