QUESTION #2: During the confirmation hearings for Budget Director Russell Vought, Bernie Sanders interrogated him about faith statements he wrote regarding the centrality of Jesus Christ to the Christian faith. What was the problem with this line of questioning? (To listen to the comments between Bernie Sanders and Russell Vought, please click HERE.)


David New:

“…The Constitution clearly says … In Article VI it says, “But no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Bernie Sanders specifically asked a theological question. The question was unconstitutional. It was inappropriate. He should have never been allowed to pursue that line of questioning. It simply doesn’t matter what this individual’s theological position is.

This man has in effect created a religious test for public office. I didn’t know this happened, and if I didn’t hear it I wouldn’t have believed it. I can’t understand how this man can go around asking theological questions from the President’s nominees.”

To listen to the entire program, please click HERE.