QUESTION #5: In a few words, could you identify from a Biblical perspective the cause for lawlessness that we’re seeing, the disrespect for human life in this individual who just goes and wants to shoot those in Congress or anybody else, and the mentality of a Bernie Sanders who believes that Christians are disqualified from being or serving in government? And what is the solution to this problem?


Dr. Gary Dull:

“…it’s the rejection of the Judeo-Christian ethic that’s based upon the teaching in the scripture, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It’s interesting, when you read the Old Testament prophets you find that they are speaking as though it’s tomorrow morning’s news. In light of your question, my mind goes back to the book of Jeremiah. In Jeremiah chapter seven, of course Jeremiah was speaking to the Jewish people, the nation of Israel, but he says, “But they harken not, nor incline their ear, but walk in the counsels and the imagination”, what, “of their evil heart and went backward and not forward.” Any time we walk in the counsel of our own evil heart, we go backward not forward, whether it’s the church, the nation, or the individual.

Then down in the 28th verse of Jeremiah seven, Jeremiah says this: “But thou shalt say unto them”, God says this to Jeremiah, “Thou shalt say unto them, ‘This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction. Truth is perished and is cut off from their mouth.'” That’s where we are. That’s why we are in the condition that we’re in today. That’s why Bernie Sanders says what he is saying. There is no obedience to God. God’s word is forsaken. Truth is cast out on the street and there is no absolute guidance that the Word of God gives.”


Dave Kistler:

“We could talk for an entire hour on this, …but I think David New hit the nail squarely on the head when he went back to 1962 and he said, “God was removed from public discourse, public education. Prayer to God was removed.” All of that set in motion a series of dominoes that have continued to fall over, the latest domino being what happened today in Alexandria, Virginia. When there is no knowledge of God then lawlessness is the result. If you know anything about the prophetic proportions of scripture, the end time is going to be a time characterized by that very word. In fact, the Antichrist himself is called the ‘lawless one’. We’re going to see a headlong rush toward lawlessness until and unless there is proclamation of truth coming first and foremost from the pulpits of America.

It’s ironic. We just heard an ad. I don’t know that all of our stations heard the ad, but it was during the last break where it talked about anything goes, anything is accepted now and nothing is declared as wrong until pastors, preachers, leaders religiously have enough courage to stand up and say certain things are right, certain things are wrong according to God’s inerrant Word. Until we have the invocation of that into our government once again where our government officials believe and state that, until we go back to the homes and parents state the same things to their children, we can erect more walls, we can have a steel barricade around Washington DC and let nobody in, and inside that steel barricade wrong things will happen because we’re not addressing the heart.”



Sam Rohrer:

“If you go to our website and listen to last Thursday’s program, June 8th, we had George Barna on this program. We were talking about the recent research that indicates that even of those who say they are born again Christians, get this, 75% of those who say they are born again Christians across America believe that man is basically good. Can you believe that? 50-some percent believe that Jesus Christ didn’t really live a sinless life.

It’s clear that the preaching of the Word, the preaching of the truth, has got to take on a new meaning. Many who are standing in the pulpits of America have not been preaching the truth and we’ve got an entire population, many of whom would say they’re not a killer, they’re not a sinner, but they don’t even believe first of all that they are a sinner. We’ve got to be speaking and preaching, gentleman, the whole counsel of God, who God is and the sinfulness of man. It goes to the heart of what we’re talking about. We’ve got to a have a new term, a new definition, application of truth based into what the Bible says.”

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