QUESTION #1: What are your thoughts on the Paris Climate Accord?


Leo Hohmann:

“…the Paris Climate Deal has zero to do with the environment or protecting the environment and everything to do with advancing the agenda of the globalists and of global governance. What it really was all about was stacking the deck against the world’s lone remaining super power, the United States, and I mean that not just in a military sense, but in an economic sense.

It gave all sorts of subsidies and freebies to foreign, third world dictators. That’s why they were on board with it. It subsidized the green energy sector, which Europe is far more advanced in than the United States, with wind, and solar, and all these things that don’t really make economic sense at this time, because they’re far more expensive to produce than coal and natural gas. So it subsidized corporate welfare in that sense, with all the corporations involved in Europe and wanting to get more involved in the United States in these other forms of energy. It also undermines American sovereignty at the same time. That’s why you see the people on board with it that you named. These are all the same players who have been pushing global governance for decades.”

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