QUESTION #4: What do you say to those who disagree about the need for a ‘convention of states’?


Senator Tom Coburn:

If I thought there was a potential for something harmful out of this, I wouldn’t be associated with it. What is harmful is to continue to allow the federal government to take away our liberties. When people talk about a runaway convention, first of all, there’s never been one in our history. Number two is that word didn’t even come into our lexicon until 1974, when the Supreme Court justice used it because he didn’t want Roe v. Wade reversed through an article V convention.

The other thing you have to think about is remember the Congress can pass anything they want to right now. It still has to be approved by 38 states. You have to assume that in anything that would be negative, that there wouldn’t be 13 judiciary committees in either the House or the Senate, of 13 states that wouldn’t stand up and say, “We’re not doing this.” Of course, that’s ludicrous because if you look at all the red conservative states, it would never happen. It could never happen.

The other safety valve on this, is let’s say they pass something like that, the Congress would never send it to the states because it violates the constitution because they’re making amendments outside of the application that they’ve made. So first of all, if they pass something like that it will never get to the states. If it got to the states, you have to believe that everybody out there wants us to lose our freedom. Having been in 28 states in the last two years, I can tell you just the opposite of that is true. It’s certainly true for Oklahoma, North Carolina, all of the southern states and many of the Midwestern states and northwestern states don’t agree with that at all. They want their freedom back.

Even if you’re hardcore liberal, the real question is-who gets to decide my freedom. A bunch of people who are unresponsive in Washington or me at my state level or me as an individual? So, if they read my book and they still feel that way, then what they’ve done is they’ve belied legitimacy and truth.

Most of the people who are opposed to this are afraid. Our country wasn’t built on fear. It was built on trust and our faith and doing what real truth is. So, when you have those naysayers, if you go look at it, half the people that are naysayers are trying to raise money off of trying to stop it.

I can tell you how good we’re doing. When George Soros funds $8 million for 230 organizations to try to stop us, you know we’re doing what’s right. That’s the first thing. The second thing is if you learn this, you actually have the responsibility now to go do something. I wrote two books before this book. I wrote one called “Breach of Trust,” which shows actually how Washington operates and how it turns outsiders into insiders. Then I wrote a book called “The Debt Bomb,” what’s getting ready to happen to us. It is.

People can say, “No we’re not going to do this,” and that will be the choice if we don’t get to 34 states. But the consequences will be on them, because here’s the consequence for a millennial today. Over the next 50 years, every millennial will have to either pay back or the federal government will have to inflate $30,000 per one. So if you take, about a million, seven per millennial, over the next 50 years, they’re going to have to pay back what we’ve stolen from them. That’s called a marked decrease in standard of living.

We can ignore it and we can pass it on, but when I go talk to grandparents, I say, If you had to have your Medicare and Social Security cut 10%, if it meant saving the future for your kids, would you do that?” They say ‘yes’, in a minute. Because that’s all it really requires, is us making sacrifices rather than borrowing against the future. This is the way to do it. There’s going to be opposition. You know, if you read through the Bible, every time a prophet stood up or somebody stood up to speak a truth, there was opposition. Most of the time it was from the zealots that were more interested in their position than they were truth. I’ve also said this. You show me a better way to fix our country, I’ll come help you.”