QUESTION #4: So far in President Trump’s presidency, he has shown a willingness to acknowledge the role that he believes God should play in our country. He’s stated very clearly, that he believes Pastors ought to be able to stand in the pulpit and preach what they believe the Bible tells them to preach and they shouldn’t have any restriction placed on them. What is the difference between the two approaches of our current and past president and how critical is acknowledging God to the success and integrity of our nation?


Gary Dull:

“Certainly, there is a distinction between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Of course, we need to keep in mind that Donald Trump has a past that is far from being impeccable. He has a past life, and a lot that he did in his past life we really would not agree with it. It was anti-Christ, it was anti-Biblical and so forth. Many of us truly believe that God has placed Donald Trump in the White House to bring back or at least to lay the foundation to bring back Biblical truth into our culture. He said that he was going to do that during his campaign. He talked about doing what he can to do away with the Johnson Amendment and so forth and so on.

We mentioned last week on the radio program how many times he talks about God. He said preachers need to learn to preach what is on their heart and they must make sure they’re not afraid to do that. He goes on and talks about God more than any president that I can recall. I was in a discussion with somebody recently who said, “Well, Ronald Reagan talked a lot about faith,” and he did. We know that, but I believe that Donald Trump talks more about God than even Ronald Reagan did.

To come to the end of your question here, in the Old Testament, Dave, we find that one of the problems upon Israel and Judah is that they had forgotten God. They took God out of their vocabulary. They took God out of their life. As a result, judgment came upon them, the Assyrian captivity and the Babylonian captivity. My speculation, my thought is this, that in Donald Trump, though he’s not a perfect person, he mentions God a lot, and bringing God into the culture, bringing God into the conversation is bringing God back into the memory of millions of people across this nation.

When God is brought back into the memory of people, the spirit of God can take that and use it to bring people to the desire to search the Scriptures and find out who God is, what God expects, and how God operates. I think that because of the fact that Donald Trump speaks so much about God is one of the reasons why the Left, the Liberals, and the Devil himself is doing everything that they can do to destroy this man. He’s not perfect, but I think he does have a genuine recognition of God, and as he continues to speak about God, it’s going to have a trickle-down effect in society across this nation and people will start to study more about God and perhaps even come into the saving knowledge of him through Jesus Christ.”

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