QUESTION #3: One of the things that has been a problem with all the accusations that have been leveled against the Trump Administration is that there has been no quid pro quo which means “something for something”. In other words, if you give us this information, supposedly this negative information on Hillary Clinton, then we as a campaign or by extension, we as an administration now, are going to do back for you something because of the favor you granted us. There is none of that in any of this Russia collusion story. That’s why the FBI has not brought any charges thus far. How is the reporting on this story hurting the Trump administration and what are your thoughts?


Gary Dull:

“…before we came on the air, I saw someone on the Fox News Channel who said that he believes that this is going to bring Donald Trump down and that his administration will not be able to last out the term. Now that’s pure speculation. That’s just putting thoughts in the minds and the hearts of people across the nation, and I will say this-if Trump is brought down by this, then there are a whole lot of other people who are in trouble.

Probably what everybody on the Democratic and the Republican side of the aisle should do is to try to put a stop to some of this that’s going on, because it’s going to go back to a lot of people. A lot of people do the kind of opposition research that sometimes may step over the line. You talk about collusion, I asked an attorney last week really what is collusion. Sam said it was a legal term, and, of course, this particular attorney said, “There is nothing going on in this Trump situation that would bring about a description of collusion.” In fact, the dictionary actually says that collusion is a conspiracy for fraudulent purposes. Think about that, a conspiracy for fraudulent purposes.

Now let me say this. Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with this individual was not wise. The question that I have is why did he do it? Of course, we realize that that simply could be because of the lack of experience that he and the Trump people had. It shouldn’t have been done, if it did take place and even if it took place the way that they said that it did…

Allow me to take the cautious side of this. Up to this point, we may not be sure if there was a quid pro quo. We may not be sure of that. We haven’t seen all of the emails. I don’t think we want to go out before the people and say that we are absolutely defending the Trumps in this situation. We appreciate what Donald Trump is doing, but at least as it relates to these emails, as far as I know, David, all of the information is not yet out there. Even if it is, and I doubt that there’s a quid pro quo, but even if there would be such a thing, Donald Trump was not the first person in the history of the United States of America who was involved in a situation like this. To be honest with you, I just think it’s total fabrication and something that I would wish we’d stop hearing in our news cycle today.”

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