QUESTION #2: How does understanding this fact that there is Someone always looking, and that someone is God, change everything, with respect to living a life that’s above reproach?


Sam Rohrer:

“I think number one, if a person is in authority … Now we’re talking about Joseph, authority meaning an employer, somebody has somebody who answers to them, a mom, a dad, teacher in the classroom, somebody who’s in authority, somebody who has the ability to tell somebody else what to do. If that person understands that the position they occupy, not the specific role as teacher or employer, but the fact of a position of authority, that that was created by God because God established the concept of authority, and they’re in accountability to him. That’s what Joseph understood. Ultimately, he was accountable to God, who looks at his heart.

The difference there is that that individual who understands that principle will understand that he is always … as a Christian, we should understand this … on duty 24 hours a day in private, in public. No difference before God. If a politician who makes his bad deals … We’re talking about collusion here that we discuss in the other part of the program, secretive things in private. If we understand we’re accountable to God for doing that which is right, that’s the only solution to corruption and bribery and injustice within government or within the marketplace generally. It would change everything if we understood that God is looking at our heart, and even the thoughts of our heart are being measured by God, it would absolutely dictate and shape our actions if we knew that God was even measuring our thoughts.”

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