QUESTION #3: Tell us about the screening of “A Question of Faith” in Washington DC. How did it come about, who attended, and what was the response?


Nathan Kistler:

“…the name of the film is “A Question Of Faith” and it will open nationwide on September 29th, just few days away. I was asked to go to a screening of the film, the very first screening actually for the actors of the film, by a former girlfriend still a wonderful friend of mine, Amber Nelon. And I went, loved the movie, we wanted to bring it here and so two nights ago we did a screening in the Rayburn Building, which was hosted by the first district of Texas Congressman, Louie Gohmert, and his office. They did such a wonderful job hosting and bent over backwards to help us put this screening together, and we had members of Congress, we had faith leaders from Washington D.C. About a little over half of the cast came into D.C. for this event, and it was just powerful. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, everybody was crying. The film just has that effect and so it was a really powerful evening for sure.

…I was amazed as I started getting responses from members, I actually had more Democrats that had agreed to come, more than Republicans. So, the amazing thing about this film is that it crosses the party line and it’s about faith and it’s about family, about trusting the Lord, but also about reconciliation. And that is something we need in this country right now, more than ever. And a year ago, when they made this film no one had any clue where we were going to be as a nation, what would be going on, but God knew. And that’s the amazing thing, I think, about all of this is that God prepared this film for this time in our country.”

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