QUESTION #2: How are the federal, state, local governments, and church groups working together to speed up recovery?


Ed Stephens:

“Well, I’m seeing and hearing reports and I’m pretty much like everyone else that I’ve got to go by what I see and hear on the news because I’m not able to get out and assess it myself. But from what I’m hearing and seeing, the news reports there’s been tremendous response by faith based groups and it’s encouraging the people to be reminded again not to depend on big government to come to their rescue because they don’t do it very well at all. But faith based groups and organizations, churches, are the ones that get the supplies, the water, the various things that are needed after a natural disaster like this. They’ve done it very efficiently because they know where they’re at, they know their area, they know where the people are at that need the help the most.

So, I’m hearing some very encouraging reports about the help that is available, you know that may come from FEMA, but sourcing it through faith based groups is just a very helpful way of getting that help where it’s needed.”

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