QUESTION #4: What encouraging things do you see happening on Capitol Hill?


Nathan Kistler:

                  “…I’ve seen more meaningful ministry, and that’s meaningful from an earthly perspective, but more meaningful ministry in the past eight or nine months than I have ever seen in all the years combined that I have been around this town. God is up to something miraculous right now, and I want to say this, Congressman Gohmert said something very interesting the other night to me and he said it to everyone so I don’t mind saying this publicly, he said “Congress is mirror of the people of the United States” he said “I don’t believe that revival will come from Congress directly, if revival happens to America, to the people, Congress will reflect that.” And that was powerful, what he said to me. I believe that God is doing something, this is just a reflection of what is happening in America as a whole right now. So, don’t believe what you see on TV, and all of these things because God is doing something in America and Congress is feeling that here in the nation’s Capital.”

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