QUESTION #1: Who has gained more ground and achieved more of their goals in this war, the United States or the Islamic terrorists?


IQ al-Rassooli:

“The Islamic terrorists, obviously. The United States spent trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of America’s lives wasted…The tragedy is simple, neither in Europe the leaders nor in America the leaders, except for Trump so far, have been willing to identify the enemy, and the enemy is Islam. Even Trump says radical Muslims or extremist Muslims. They don’t exist. There is no such thing as an extremist militant, moderate or radical Muslim. They don’t exist.

A Muslim is a Muslim. Who said that? Erdogan, the leader of Turkey. He said it in plain English. He told it to European Union leaders. “You upset me when you talk about this Muslim moderate extremist. There is no such thing. Muslim is a Muslim.” He’s telling them the truth. Muslims have been telling the truth. What is the truth from the Islamists point of view? Every single Muslim believes that Sharia should dominate the world. Every single Muslim believes that either humanity submits to Islam under Sharia or to be exterminated. Every Muslim. They have no choice in the matter because that is what the Quran tells them to do.

The European and American leaders are not willing to identify the enemy. They’re not willing. They’re afraid, or not afraid, are not interested. They’re not willing to identify the enemy, and yet the enemy is amongst us. In Europe, there are 35 million Muslims, in the European Union. There are three to four million Muslims in America. Ask any Muslim, and every Muslim by the way of definition, if they are a Muslim they are Sharia compliant, ask any Muslim a simple question- “Who according to you, a Muslim, am I, who is not a Muslim?” The answer should always be the same. You are an infidel, a kafir. That’s it. What is the destiny of infidel and kafir? Either to submit to Sharia or to be exterminated.

No Muslim, I repeat it again and again, and I dare any Muslim listening, any Imam listening, or any American listening who doesn’t agree with me to confront me and prove me wrong, every single Muslim by definition is the enemy, the eternal and mortal enemy of every human being on planet earth who’s not a Muslim. They declared war. Muhammad declared war on all humanity who are not Muslim 1,400 years ago. They will never stop. You can’t defeat an enemy if you don’t identify them. You’re not willing to identify them, you are losing.”

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