QUESTION #2: Are they winning also internationally, or is it just here?


IQ al-Rassooli:

“The Europeans are losing and the Americans are losing because neither side, neither the European leaders nor the American leaders and not even their peoples are willing to face facts and reality. The enemy is within. The enemy declared it 1,400 years ago and will continue their attacks against Europe and America because you’ve got to understand something, to a Muslim anyone who’s not a Muslim is an infidel, is a kafir. What is the destiny of kafir under Islam? Simple. Either you submit to Sharia or you are exterminated. This is exactly what ISIS has been doing. This is exactly what Al-Shabaab does. This is exactly what Boko Haram does. This is exactly what every group of terrorist Muslim organizations do around the world, and yet when somebody, a Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar murders somebody in Europe the news media tell you we don’t know what was in his mind…How is it possible that millions of people are completely out of touch with reality, but they are.

By the way, we were talking about globally. You have North Korea. North Korea is only one segment. You have the Islamic Republic of Iran. North Korea and Iran have been colluding together for the last 20 years increasing their ability to acquire weapons of mass destruction and the delivery systems. Earlier you mentioned something about Israel. It’s very interesting. Let me give you an idea. While European and previous American presidents have been appeasing North Korea and Iran and Muslim terrorists also for decades, Israel had taken upon herself the ungrateful task to literally destroy the enemy’s capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction helping defend Western civilization, and I’ll explain to you how. Israel destroyed Saddam’s French nuclear facility of Osirak on the 7th of June 1981 in Operation Opera, I can give you complete details so that anybody listening can double-check it, and got condemned by America and Europe. They did the job, the dirty work, but they were condemned by America and Europe. But had they not done so, no power on earth would have removed Saddam Hussein from Kuwait or Iraq.

They also obliterated the nuclear facility in Syria which North Korea helped to build in Operation Orchard in 2007. The North Koreans were being paid by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yesterday, Israel destroyed a chemical weapon facility again in Syria. I would like our listeners to comprehend the magnitude of Israel’s achievements. Israel is only 8,000 square miles in area with a population of eight million people, two million of whom are Arabs. Israel is surrounded by an Arab land mass of five million square miles with over 400 million population who have been determined to exterminate her since 1947, and yet they’ve lost every single battle against her. The USA spent $500 billion on defense. Israel spends only $18 billion, and yet this tiny state has had the most remarkable secret service in modern history with less than 100 the expenditure of the United States of America, all the intelligence, while all others keep on talking and talking to reprobate and thug leaders in Iraq.

What I’m getting at is stop talking. Do something because if you don’t do it today, in the next few months, in the next few weeks, not even years, the catastrophe for America and Europe is infinitely greater. Don’t take my word for it. History teaches you. They didn’t understand when Hitler said he will exterminate so and so and he will kill so and so. They said, “No, no, no, the Germans are civilized people. It can’t happen.” The Germans were civilized until the period between 1933 to 1939 when they became monsters…”

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