QUESTION #3: Can you give us an update on Israel and what’s happening with Iran, who continues to mobilize against them?


IQ al-Rassooli:

“Iran, the Muslim Republic, so-called, of Iran is the foremost enemy not only of Israel, but of the United States of America. I mean, they’re threatening the United States of America, and now they have been emboldened even more because North Korea is emboldened. They shout and scream and shoot rockets, and now they have a hydrogen bomb and nobody’s doing anything.

Look, Donald Trump has unfortunately been bequeathed the most disastrous legacy by whom? By starting with Bill Clinton and ending with treasonous Obama. Israel is alone. It’s surrounded. You said it’s surrounded, surrounded in the North, the Hezbollah people from Lebanon. Now, the Iranians are going into Syria. They are also now supporting Hamas. Although Hamas is Sunni Muslim, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sooner or later, I honesty have absolutely no doubt, just as Israel attacked the nuclear reactor in Iraq and destroyed it under Saddam Hussein and they destroyed a nuclear reactor in Syria and now they destroyed a chemical factory in Syria, Israel will attack Iran. America is not going to do it. The Europeans are not going to do it. They’re only talking, talking, talking. They’ve been talking for 50 years. That’s enough talking. It’s about time to do some bloody work, do something. Act. All the talking is not going to change an iota of those terrorist organizations. All the talking they had with Hitler didn’t change anything. It only emboldened him. It is a certainty. The only country on earth today that can do anything, is the United States. Only America in this world today can confront North Korea and Iran. Only America. There’s nobody else. Nobody. Not China. Not Russia. Not Europe.”

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