QUESTION #4: Why is it important that we continue to watch what’s happening in Israel as events unfold before us?


Michelle Bachmann:

“Quite honestly, everything we’ve just spoken about, is a part of understanding God’s Word. If a person understands the Bible, foreign policy actually isn’t that tough to figure out. Israel is the navel, if you will, of the world. It’s at the center. If you want to know where we’re at on God’s spiritual time clock, simply look to Israel and Jerusalem in particular.

Why do I say that? Because so much of the culmination of history is going to depend upon Jerusalem. You mentioned Turkey. If you look at Ezekiel 38, there is a very clear alliance that occurs between Iran, Russia and Turkey. Now those aren’t the names used in the Bible, but those are the modern-day equivalent of those nations and other nations coming together and ultimately coming against Israel in one of the final battles of history.

All of this is already recorded in Scripture. That’s why this is such a unique time that we’re in. These convergence of events on so many different levels, as well as the rise of seemingly living in the days of Noah, which were talked about also in the Bible. But as you said, it’s important as we look to solutions with Israel this week at the U.N.

The largest voting block at U.N. is the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperatives. Of course, their intention is to see the annihilation of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people. That’s always been their goal. So, there’s been very few voices at the U.N. that would stand up for Israel. Traditionally, the United States has been one of the lone voices that would stand in the gap for Israel. That’s part of, just a few of us as believers, we have wanted to take a focus now to the U.N. so that we are in prayer for what is happening at the U.N., for God to have his way, but also to be a strong voice for Israel and the Jewish people, and for the peace of Jerusalem.

So, we have been there also praying and fasting for no harm to come to Israel and to the Jewish people, and also that the nations would come to understand as it says in Scripture, that just as we as individuals are judged, so too, Scripture says that nations will be judged, and the way that they have responded to Israel. If nations have been cruel to Israel, then nations are separated as between goats and sheep. So, part of what we want to do is also bring biblical understanding so that the nations can have another chance to understand what the Bible says, because nations are blessed when they bless Israel. But they’re also cursed when they curse Israel.

That’s why it’s important at the U.N. that these nations come to understand and come into alignment with God’s Word. We could have a more peaceful world if we followed the biblical admonition, but I think we are so out of alignment now, and that’s why we are getting on our knees and we are asking God for His peace. One concern I have had is that when you see what’s happening with North Korea and with all of these other nations that you mentioned, why in the world is it that the United States Administration is putting so much emphasis and so much focus on forcing Israel into a “peace process” with the Palestinians, when the Palestinians have made one terror attack after another against the Jewish state?

This is not a good thing for United States to be pressuring Israel into making accommodations with terrorist people. That’s why I think, again, this week is very crucial at the U.N., because President Trump will be meeting with the Palestinian Authority President Abbas, as well as with Netanyahu, and we just need to be in prayer. This is one thing that your listeners can do today. You can be in prayer that the Administration would not be putting pressure on Israel, regarding making concessions that would be against their own national security interests.

We, too, need to get in alignment with God’s Word. This is an opportunity for us to be in prayer for our own Administration, which is why … Again, it takes us back to when we talked about all the globalists that are surrounding the President of the United States. If you look at the photos of those who are today at the U.N., today with President Trump at the U.N, he is surrounded by a group of globalists who I don’t think have Israel’s best interest at heart.

That’s where we need to pray that God will remove from positions of power, trust and authority, those who would be giving counsel that is anti-biblical to our President. He needs biblical counselors speaking into his ears on his foreign policy and international issues, because that is driving the agenda today.”

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