QUESTION #1: What’s the greatest challenge facing America today from your perspective and what’s the solution?


Michelle Bachmann:

                  “…there’s so many choices on the table, but I would say that it is sin and indifference to sin, and that’s coming within the church. It looks to me like there’s an apostasy that’s going on within the church. That’s not putting myself above anybody else, or yourself above anybody else, but as we look about, there is a weakness that’s going on in American culture.

It used to be, it seems to me, that the church was the rock foundation of our culture, and upheld the culture through biblical preaching and biblical morality. Today, it seems like there is a general falling away and an indifference to the things of God, and an indifference towards sin. That is weakening our American culture.

The solution is we’re all going to be forced to be drawn to our knees. We need to be. We need to be on our knees…This is about awakening. We need awakening from every part of our country. Every aspect of our country, within our family life, within our thought life, within our leisure time, we need an awakening.

Thank God that there are ministries like yours here on the radio and we can talk about this as believers, that this is serious business now. We have got to be on our knees because it is only the Spirit of God working through His power to reveal Himself to this culture. We need Him now more than anything. We’ve got to preach it, but He needs to reveal Himself.”



Dave Kistler:

“I’m going to look at it from a national perspective. I think the greatest thing we’re facing in America today is just the ability to arrive at truth in this country. We have a news media that is bent on presenting things that are anything but the truth. Then tragically, Sam, I hate to say this, but in far too much of the Church of Jesus Christ, the truth of God’s word, a biblical worldview, is severely lacking. So we need to discover truth once more, in the United States of America. It’s true in the White House, it’s true in our house, we need truth.

The solution to that, Sam, I don’t know any other way to word it than this, is revival. We need a spiritual awakening in America. What I am attempting to say to churches as I speak in them all across the country, here’s our options. It’s either revival or ruin, it’s as simple as that.”

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