QUESTION #3: What’s driving the matters of public and international policy right now and what are your thoughts on the UN meetings in NYC?


Michelle Bachmann:

“…there is the natural, and then of course there are the spiritual battles that go on as well. I think everyone senses that we are taking a quantum leap now in history. There’s a sense for a lot of us that we are coming to the culmination of the age as we’re watching these quantum leaps or what the Bible refers to as birth pangs.

There is a clash of the civilizations, but there’s also a rampant move toward a one-world government. That’s not coupes that are speaking anymore, that’s overt talk from many of the global leaders. We quite clearly are on the precipice of World War Three, with the irresponsible actions of the head of North Korea…We’re watching unprecedented times.

So, some prayer warriors and myself have been watching what’s happening. It seems like the focus of power in many ways is moving away from Washington, and more towards a global structure for that advancement in one-world government. I think that’s why there’s a concern that globalists have so much influence now, at least it appears that way in the United States government.

Rather than cursing the darkness, 22 of us gathered for intercessory prayer for our nation and also internationally. We decided to go last week, we spend two and half days in New York City fasting and praying. We’re fasting and praying for this opening of the U.N. We got passes, we went into the U.N., we walked throughout the building, we went into the general assembly where President Trump will give his speech at the U.N. tomorrow. So will Prime Minister Netanyahu give his speech, as well as the other kings and leaders of the world who gather there.

We also went into the National Security Council, where these crucial decisions are being made right now regarding North Korea and Iran, etc. We went in there, we went on the grounds, we went to where the protestors will be cordoned off to be praying in that area, because some of these issues, I think, are just beyond us and beyond our thinking and understanding. But they aren’t beyond our ability to be able to get on our knees and cry out to a holy God, and humble ourselves before Him, and ask Him for His will, and His grace, and His mercy upon this earth today.

We had done our work last week, but we also decided that we would begin 40 days of prayer and fasting for this crucial time that we’re in. We began with the Jewish calendar, on the first of Elul, which interestingly coincided with the eclipse that happened in the United States. We’re praying and fasting until Yom Kippur. We’re going past the Feast of Trumpets to Yom Kippur. That follows the same pattern of the 40 days that Jesus fasted, Moses, Jonah, Haggai the prophet, and so we want to be praying, because we feel like these are really serious times that we’re in right now.

As David mentioned, we are looking for an awakening. That’s exactly what we are praying for. We asked God to go to one of the most unlikely places on earth. We asked God if He would visit His people, meaning all the nations of the earth, and we’re asking Him for an awakening at the U.N. and for the nations. Because the Scripture is very clear that just as we will be judged, nations too will be called to the Valley of Jehoshaphat and they will be separated as sheep from goats. God is so loving, He doesn’t want anyone to perish, and so we are doing everything that we can now, to try to bring The Gospel to the nations in prayer and fasting and asking God to reveal Himself to man.”

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