QUESTION #4: What is the roadmap that will lead our nation back to God’s blessing and how does the understanding of law fit into it?


Sam Rohrer:

“It starts with the first principle, that we have to understand who God is as Creator and as Judge. We either accept Him or reject Him. Then we understand about the nature of man. Man is sinful, and we have to believe that he is or we say that there is no such thing as sin.

Those are two views, typical world views, says there is God, there is man and he’s sinful and the fact that then government comes in. Because man is sinful, God said if we don’t establish authority and governments, meaning not just civil government but the home and the church and ultimately the individual themselves meaning self-government. God established all of those things because without them following God’s law, there would be anarchy. God established those and gave them the ability to make law enforce it.

What is the law? Ultimately, done properly, the making of law should reflect God’s moral laws. The implementation of those, the enforcement of them, should be just. Enacting justice is really the purpose of any authority. In the home, in the classroom, in business, wherever it may be. Enacting justice means applying it appropriately and accordingly as God intended it to be. When it is, then it points to Jesus Christ and the fact that we need him as our Savior because of the nature of the law and the nature of recognizing who we are. That’s ultimately the goal… When that’s done, then you have a nation that looks like the United States did at one point. When you walk away from it, you are seeing a nation looking like unfortunately ours is now that is more lawless perhaps than law abiding.”

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