QUESTION #2: How did the idea of your book “Proven in Battle” about Jonathon’s life, come about?


Burton Kephart:

“…Eleven months after Jonathan’s death, we were at Arlington National Cemetery as a family. For the first time in the history of our nation they were honoring soldiers that had fallen in war before that war was over. Of course, that was Iraq. While I was there I met family after family after family from across this country that had lost loved ones in the war as I had. Many of them did not know the peace that I had, that we have as a family, that everything with Jonathan was okay, that he’s in Heaven with the Lord.

My desire was to try and reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had no idea what to do. I did not know how to go about it. I stood there one day, I had my hands up in the air and I said, “God, if you’ll just show me what to do, please help me to do it.” I realized that it would be a national effort to reach these families all across the country. Through that, God led us very clearly to write our story and that story is in the book Proven in Battle.”

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