QUESTION #2: What is the Pastor’s responsibility when it comes to physically protecting his congregation?


Sam Rohrer:

“…One of the things that you find through Scripture is that anyone in a position of authority, meaning they have people who they’re responsible for leading, guiding, however that may be. That is mother and father in the home. That is an employer and an employee in a company setting. It is a civil government authority, but it’s also clearly the pastor in the church.

One of the things I found in my study of Scripture is that really, all of those in a position of authority share a lot of basic responsibilities before God leading. Parents are to lead. Employers are to lead. Pastors to lead, they are to teach. They are to instruct, but one of them is also to protect. That’s the very nature of how God has set up all authority structure, so anyone who fails to do that, it’s no different than if they failed to teach or they failed to lead, or they failed, in this case, to protect. They all go together as God’s design because that’s really what God himself does. That’s what Jesus Christ came to do for those who follow him, and it’s really the model we are to follow, so anyone who forsakes any of those basic responsibilities including that matter of protecting is violating a God-given command for the positions they occupy.”

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