QUESTION #3: What suggestions do you give to churches to implement church security measures?


Pastor Bob Burgess:

“…Again, the first thing that we need to be able to do, we always ask our church families to have the pastor’s heart. We teach that. We evangelize that, as well in our churches, and so we need to make sure our pastors have the right heart if we want our people to have their heart also.

And with that, I want to say this, that we watch out for evil. I’m a saved man, so the Holy Spirit of God indwells this tabernacle that you’re hearing speak right now, and as the Holy Spirit of God indwells me, this man in Texas had an evil spirit that indwelled him. So, what I’m saying is whether the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit, either one comes embodied in the physical. We cannot ignore the physical if we expect to be successful spiritually, and when a threat comes upon our church family, it’s going to come in the physical. When it endangers lives, it’s going to come in the physical. We should not be remiss in understanding that…

I have a comprehensive training for my security people that I have trained. I go to other churches upon their request and do that. The Lord has given me the skills, the ability, and the experiences. He gave them to me. I give them back to him in as much that I offer this service to churches, and I don’t charge them for this. This is God’s family. This is God’s work. But I want to say this, gentlemen: If we don’t wake up, if we don’t realize… that that staff that we carry has a hook on one end to pull in the wayward sheep, but it has a point on the other end to drive away the wolves. I ask the pastors why we have bylaws in constitutions to tell us how the people within the church family must conduct themselves if we’re going to let the world come into the church exempt from those kinds of rules?

You see, the world got married to the church a long time ago, and too many pastors have fallen asleep at the preacher’s desk, and they’re looking for numbers. They think that this love that they’re extending is beyond all costs, and I don’t believe that’s what the Lord intended us to do.”

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