QUESTION #4: Why are you committed to the mission and vision of the American Pastors Network?


Dave Kistler:

“I’m committed to the mission of the American Pastors’ Network because… more can be accomplished in a united effort than can be accomplished singularly. When pastors can come together under an umbrella of an entity like the American Pastors’ Network, there’s no entity in the United States of America that does precisely, and exactly, what American Pastors’ Network does, and that is rally pastors together, giving them the vehicle through which they can speak with one voice into the culture, whether it be in their state, or whether it be through the national leadership here in the nation, like this entity called APN to do.

I love my country. I want to see my nation turn back to God. I want to see God’s truth proclaimed, whether it’s in the pulpit or via this vehicle called radio. My commitment is there for that very reason.”

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