QUESTION #3: With all of the other ways to communicate, why does radio still present an excellent opportunity to reach people with truth?


Dr. Gary Dull:

Well, you know, I believe in radio and, of course, I’ve been doing daily radio since 1977. I still believe that even with the development of all sorts of technology, and the social media, that right now radio is the most cost-efficient way to reach the most amount of people in the shortest period of time. You know, right now we are reaching over a million people, from what they tell us, and, of course, with all three of our programs, Stand in the Gap Today, Stand in the Gap Minutes, Stand in the Gap Weekend, we are on over 1000 radio stations.

The moment that that message goes out it reaches people, it touches hearts, and we’ve been able to see people respond to it over and over again. I have the fortune of being in a market where the Stand in the Gap program airs. We’re on an AM station and an FM station here in Central Pennsylvania, and consistently I’ve got people coming up to me and saying, “Thank you for what you’re putting on the radio station.”

We’ve got one group of people who call us, The Three Boys, and they will call each other right before the program comes on the air and says, “It’s time to listen to the boys,” and they put everything down and go listen to the radio program, and consistently I’m having people come up to me and say, “Thank you for airing that program, or this program.”

The reason why it ministers to the hearts of people is because we are portraying the truth. The essence behind the American Pastors’ Network and, particularly, this program, Stand in the Gap Ministry, is to bring the circumstances, and the situations, of life to bear according to the Word of God, and the United States Constitution. When we look at the events of the day in light of those two contexts, the Word of God and the Constitution, God takes that and uses it, and people are benefited by it, as they respond to it they go into action and make a difference for Christ all across the nation.”

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