QUESTION #2: Please clarify why the electoral college is so important to our system of election and what’s at the heart of the attempt to abolish it?


Sam Rohrer:

“…the electoral college system was another step in the process to ensure a representative form of election, not a direct election of those in office, as you would have in a democracy. It was put in place to protect the minority against the majority. It was to protect a couple pockets of the country, a California that has a lot of people, and a New York City, as an example. Two liberal states, by and large, California and New York, to keep those two population centers from exercising their will over the wishes of 95% of the territory of this nation.

So that’s what’s at the heart of it. They want to go to a direct representation, a true democracy. If you have a democracy, you give up the Constitution, because that’s not what that’s reflective of. You give up founding principles, because that’s not a part of it, and you allow for a guided process, a media, a contrived system of gatekeepers, to influence, like a herd mentality, and to drive the sheep to a given fold or perspective. That’s what the electoral college was put into effect to help prevent that kind of thing from happening. It was a fence in the process to keep the wolves out. Effectively, they’re asking to get rid of the fence, so we can go in and attack the sheep.”

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