IQ al-Rassooli

“….I wish Donald Trump would call me.  The only person I can think of is Sebastian Gorka, who used to be on the Trump administration, and he left. He is very knowledgeable and even he, when it comes to the ‘nth degree’, speaks about radical and extremist Islam. There is no such thing as a radical, militant, moderate, or extremist Muslim. They don’t exist. Only in the minds of people who don’t know anything about the Qur’an. That’s it.

Donald Trump started like everything he started. He started with good intentions, but he doesn’t have the people who will tell him the truth. He hasn’t surrounded himself with people who will stand up and say, “This is Islam.” By the way, within the American Constitution, Sharia should be prohibited by law. It is in the American Constitution. Why do I say that? Because Sharia Muslims are compliant Muslims who hate anybody in America who’s not a Muslim. They want them dead or they want them subservient to Sharia. That’s against the Constitution.

It’s not illegal, but they also tell you that Islam is a religion. Islam is not a religion. I proved it to you. I can prove it again. The God of Muhammad, Allah, the God of the Muslims in the Qur’an, contradicts himself again and again and again in the Qur’an. In one verse Allah say that he revealed the Gospels to Jesus. What are the Gospels? The four Gospels, he revealed them to Jesus.

In another verse he says Jesus did not die on the Cross, a look-alike died. Wait a minute, but Allah, you said earlier that you gave the Gospels to Jesus, but all four Gospels, without an iota of difference say, and agree on, Jesus died on the Cross, was resurrected on the third day. There is no ambiguities, but he’s contradicting himself, this so-called god. Well, you can’t have a god who contradicts himself 180 degrees…If he’s not God, then Islam is a cult belief system because of Muhammad. It’s not a religion, end of conversation.”