Gary Dull:                     Well what is the number one threat that faces America today? Is it possible that God is using this threat to bring judgment upon America for her national sins done through the years? Is there anything that can be done to end this threat? I know these are questions that may or may not be prominent in your mind up to this point today, but now they are in your mind, and these questions must be considered if we want to rid our nation of that which threatens to destroy it ladies and gentlemen.

And the serious thing to consider is that this threat is not something that is yet to come, but is something that’s already at work in our midst. Now with those thought provoking questions and statements in mind, I’m Pastor Gary Dull, and I wish to welcome you to this edition of Stand in the Gap today from the American Pastors Network, today my co host is Jim O’Bryon, who’s been on with us from time to time, and along with us is our guest Dr. Tom Wallace, who serves as the founder and director of the Fortress of Faith Ministries.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you know that on Stand in the Gap, we speak a lot about Islam and how it’s growing world wide. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about this yesterday afternoon, and I really don’t know of a program in general on radio or a Christian based program specifically on radio that deals with Islam as much as we do here at Stand in the Gap. And of course, we do it from our own discussion, as well as having various sources on who are experts in Islam. We talk a lot about it over these radio programs.

And as you know if you were there yesterday, just yesterday in the program, we spoke about ISIS, and how ISIS is present in our American classrooms, and bringing Sharia law right into our classrooms here in the United States of America. But today, we want to focus on the fact hat Islam is the number one threat to the American culture. That’s right, let me repeat it. Islam is the number one threat to the American culture. Having said that, I’m sure that you’ll want to stay tuned to the program for sure, you’ll not want to run too far from your radio, or your computer, or your phone, however you may be listening.

In fact, you might want to call a friend to let them know that the program is now on the air, and where they can tune in as well. But it’s a delight to have you there. Jim O’Bryon welcome back to Stand in the Gap today.

James O’ Bryon:            Gary it’s great to be here, thank you.

Gary Dull:                     And Tom, welcome back as well.

Tom Wallace:               Well thank you Gary. I’ll tell you it’s always a joy to be here with you and your listeners here on Stand in the Gap, God bless you for what you do.

Gary Dull:                     Thank you and thank you for what you do. We’re going to put you under the gun today, are you ready?

Tom Wallace:               I’m ready to go.

Gary Dull:                     All right. Well let’s start with an easy question Tom, if you don’t mind. Share with our listeners a little bit about what Fortress of Faith Ministries is all about, if you would please.

Tom Wallace:               Sure, be glad to. Well Fortress of Faith was started about 10 years ago. I came off the mission field. I spent 29 years of my life overseas, and as an American, I gained a bit of view of America from outside. So, I look at America differently I guess from you guys. There’s a saying, you can’t see the trees for the forest. You’re up too close, so I have an outside view perhaps.

But, being involved in church planning overseas, I began to see in Europe, the growth of Islam, and God has called me off the foreign mission field, back to my home country to warn my countrymen of what I believe is judgment, coming judgment. For our sins. And I believe that God is raising up an enemy as an instrument of that judgment, that being Islam. So Fortress of Faith is basically taking on these issues, we have three goals. We say number one, revive America. If God’s judging us for our sins, he’s bringing punishment to get us to repent. So if we avoid the spanking, avoid God’s judgment, we need to repent.

Either, one way or the other God will be glorified. So, revive America. Number two, resist Islam. Any nation that did not resist Islam lost its freedom, lost its culture, lost its faith. And, number three, rescue Muslims. We don’t blame Muslims for Islam, we believe they’re victims of Islam. And they need to be rescued and brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Gary Dull:                     Amen.

Tom Wallace:               The word of God. So our ministry has these three goals.

Gary Dull:                     Amen.

James O’ Bryon:            Given the fact that you’ve spent a couple of decades in England, over in Europe, and also a couple of decades on this side of the ocean, and your years studying this particular faith, could you sort of take us back in history to how this whole Islam religion if you want, I guess it’s a religion right? It’s a way of thinking too. How it all started?

Tom Wallace:               Sure, well 1,400 years, 1,400 years ago the Prophet Muhammad came along saying that he was getting revelations from God through the angel Gabriel. And, started preaching his monotheism doctrine in a polytheistic country. He wasn’t well received by his own people, by the Arabs, and so they threw him out of Mecca. He goes up to the Jews in Medina, and he starts greeting them by tidings, I’m your prophet, and they don’t receive him as a prophet, so now the Arabs don’t want him, the Jews don’t want him, now his message begins to change, fight this that they believe not.

And so, becomes militant, and over the next 10 years, he controls all of Arabia, all of Jews have been killed or banished, and in the next 100 years, they control all of Africa, all of the Middle East, and moving up into Europe. And so they have grown with the sword, that has been their modus operandis, and they continue today to do that.

Gary Dull:                     You know Tom, every now and then on this particular program even, we hear the phrase reformed Islam. And, my question is, what is the meaning of that expression, and is there such a thing as real Islam versus fake Islam?

Tom Wallace:               Well that’s a very good question, and actually I believe there is. For years, I used to say there’s only one Islam, and I’ve come to have to accept that there are Muslims out there who have only been taught the reformed version of Islam. It’s a fake version, it’s not Muhammad’s Islam. The reformed version is actually palable, adjustable to our society. Those types of Muslims honestly believe, because they’ve only been taught the peaceful passages, that’s very similar to our Bible. And, that’s all they know.

But the militant Muslim is Muhammad’s type of Islam. About 20% of the Muslims in the world are following Muhammad’s Islam. 80% are following a reformed version, and most of the Muslims we know of in the west have embraced this reformed version. But I always want to tell our people there that yeah there’s real Islam and fake Islam. But, the moderate Muslims were the ones who brought Sharia law to Britain, they can’t help themselves. Sharia is an essential part of Islam, and Islam will reign even among the moderates as well as the militant.

Gary Dull:                     But this is important information, and ladies and gentlemen, you’re not going to want to go away from the radio, and we’re going to go into a break in just a moment, but before we do Tom, can you give the website, your information, that people can learn more about your ministry please?

Tom Wallace:               Sure, yeah. We’re at,

Gary Dull:                     And so folks I would encourage you to go to, and learn more about their ministry, and what they are doing to both teach what Islam is all about, and of course, to reach Muslims for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Stand in the Gap today, we are delighted to have you there, and thank you so very, very much for the pleasure of your company. Today we’re going to continue our discussion on Islam, and why it is the greatest threat to the United States of America both as it relates to its culture, its government, and its religion. So we’re not going to delay, we want to jump right into it. And of course, our guest with us today is Dr. Tom Wallace with the Fortress of Faith Ministries, and Tom, I have a two fold question to ask you here if you don’t mind, as we begin this particular segment.

Number one, is there a difference between Islam and a Muslim? And then, to add to that, why do you believe that Islam is the greatest threat to America today?

Tom Wallace:               Okay, first of all yes, Islam and the Muslim are two separate fields, and we as Christians, when we address this subject, we’ve got to separate these issues. Islam is an ideology, it is the religion, it is a system that Muhammad started 1,400 years ago. The Muslim is the person, he’s the adherent, he’s the one who follow it. And, it’s like you can’t judge though what Islam is by what you know of a Muslim, because he may not be a faithful Muslim, he may not be knowledgeable, he may be following his own version of Islam, the God that he wants him to be, whatever, like the reformers were doing.

So, like Christians, you can’t judge what Christianity is by what you know what your Christian neighbor is, or even what you may be, you may not be a good example of being a Christian. And so the Muslim is the follower, okay, and we separate the issues because when I address Islam, I want to talk about the ideology, this system. The Muslim, he’s a person I’ve got to talk about his situation differently, I’m not attacking him, but I am addressing an ideology that developed 1,400 years ago, and it should be able to be tested if it’s of God, you know, it should stand truth, should stand the test.

So, we examine that, and we take that on. Now okay, why do I call Islam the greatest challenge to America? Let me throw you into another field for a second. Hitler, Nazism, would you consider that evil and destructive to our world, to our way of life? Of course everyone would say yes. Would we be appalled if their propaganda party was teaching and preaching their doctrines here? Yes, we’d oppose that, we’d say that’s wrong, we need it out of here, and we would you know, pretty much all of America would be in an uproar if that was going on.

Now why? Because we see it as a secular ideology, but what if Hitler pronounced himself as a prophet? What if he said his Nazism was his religion, and he gave some name to a god? And he sent over his preachers to come and preach his doctrines, and it would have protection now under the first amendment, right. And so now it’d be more difficult for us to stop that ideology from being peddled amongst our children, our schools, our prisons, our people. And so, if an ideology is evil and wicked, and still under the banner of a religion, it doesn’t make it right. In fact, our fore founders realized that. You know, giving liberty a freedom of religion, I think it was Patrick Henry that said, except for those who use the color of religion to harm persons and property.

That’s actually in the Maryland state constitution, and the Virginia state constitution, I believe it’s still in the Maryland, still to this day. And so we do recognize that there are some so called religions who use the color of religion to harm persons and property. And Islam fits in that, you look at the goals and the agendas. Saying what kind of government does Islam set up? They set up a tyrannical, a despotic, a dictatorship, just like Nazism was doing. They kill their dissidents, they want to kill the Jews, we could go down the list of similarities.

If Hitler did what he did, we call that evil, if he did it in the name of god it would be less evil, we wouldn’t call that less evil would we? We would still call it evil. So that’s why Islam is our greatest challenge, because it has protection of a religion.

James O’ Bryon:            Tom, ironically you know, if you asked the average person on the street what is Islam, I think the answer would be in most cases, well it’s one of the worlds great religions, but it’s also heavily political isn’t it? And even beyond that, you’ve got you know, they’ve got their culture, they’ve got their government, they’ve got their influence, all over the world. Could you explain you know, what does this mean to our listeners when it’s more than just quote unquote a religion?

Tom Wallace:               Sure, yeah. I’ve been saying this for years. Muhammad was not just building a religion, he was building a kingdom, an empire. And the best way to prove that is to go to their Sharia law book. The Sharia law book, the oldest, the most accepted, wide accepted law of Sharia has been around for well, 1,400 years was Muhammad, 700 years, all of the Islamic scholars came together, there were five different [foreign language 00:13:14] of schools of interpretation, and they came together, and they codecised a single law book.

And, it’s known as the Reliance of the Traveler. The first 370 pages deals with their religion. The laws of how you worship god, and his theology, the five pillars, and all that stuff, okay. That’s their religion. The next 750 pages deals with their government. So that is a perfect way for us to show that Islam is more than just a religion, there is a religious attachment for it-

James O’ Bryon:            Sure.

Tom Wallace:               You can’t deny that, people say Islam’s not a religion. Well, you don’t know what you’re talking about I’m afraid. That’s not a good way to approach this. But it is more than a religion, it is also a government. And, so we say, hey, we have laws to protect religion, go ahead, pray your prayers, build your mosque, go on your pilgrimage, see you know, do your fasting all that type of stuff, we don’t want to say you can’t do your religion. So do that, but you cannot bring your government.

James O’ Bryon:            Ironically I think in America, when we’re looking at Christianity, it’s nowhere near that controlling of the persons life. You know, we tend to, if we go to church, we go to Sunday morning maybe for an hour, and walk home, and say we’ve done our thing as far Christianity or whatever the religion happens to be, but this is a way of life.

Tom Wallace:               Yeah.

James O’ Bryon:            It captures you.

Tom Wallace:               Well for goodness sake, the Sharia even tells you how to go to the bathroom for goodness sake. There’s stuff I can’t talk about on the air, but-

Gary Dull:                     Yeah this is a family program, all right.

James O’ Bryon:            Tune I later.

Tom Wallace:               That’s another story.

Gary Dull:                     But you know that’s interesting, Sharia actually does reach into almost every aspect of the human being does it not?

Tom Wallace:               It’s so controlling, and that’s what Islam is about. Islam means submit, surrender. And the Muslim is the surrendered one. They used to be called Mohammedans, now they like to be called the Muslim, the surrendered one, I’m [Arabic 00:15:01], I’m surrendered, I’m surrendered to Allah.

Gary Dull:                     Well you know yesterday we were talking to John Guandalo, we had him on the program, and he was telling us how that ISIS is now teaching Islam in Muslim schools in junior high and elementary I guess, elementary and junior high school. The serious thing of that is, the states in which those particular schools are, are still being accredited by the local states. How can that be done? They’re teaching Sharia law, how can Sharia law be accredited by a state government here in the United States of America? That’s almost an oxymoron.

Tom Wallace:               Well this is what I call the sticky wicket, excuse me I lived in England for a long.

Gary Dull:                     I know what that is.

Tom Wallace:               But, the point here is that you cannot separate the Sharia from Islam.

Gary Dull:                     That’s right.

Tom Wallace:               So if you allow Islam, you in a sense have been saying, well we’ve got to bring in the Sharia. We need to realize, there’s the religious part, there’s the elements of their religion, okay fine, have that. But you can’t bring in the government part, we have to separate that part of the Sharia, and you can you know, intellectually do that if people were knowledgeable.

Gary Dull:                     But can you do that practically?

Tom Wallace:               I believe you can do it practically, from our point of view. Now from a Muslim point of view, they’d say nay, you know, because it’s all part of Allah. Allah’s law is greater than man’s law, you know. So they would want that other part with them. And, my suggestion is, well I’m sorry, we have a government here, you can go to other countries if you like that will practice that, but not here.

Gary Dull:                     Yeah. Let’s go back to something that you’ve referred to, I think in the last segment that you also mentioned it, you are this week with us here at the Central Pennsylvania Bible Conference in Altuna, Pennsylvania. And, you mentioned that Islam is more serious than secularism, communism, or nazism. Why do you say that? We have less than two minutes in this segment, but why do you say that Tom?

Tom Wallace:               Okay, well, humanism has now killed 55 million. The doctrines of communism has killed 100 million, the doctrines of nazism killed 30 million, but the doctrines of Islam has now killed 270 million. And, because it is a doctrine of the sword. We’re the only ones that’s calling Islam the religion of peace, we have bought a lie, we have been fed a deception, and we’ve run with that, and we need to recognize that they call it the religion of the sword. Why? Because that’s exactly what Muhammad gave them. Now true, not every Muslim understands that and is following that, and we need to come to terms. We need to admit that there are some Muslims who are being taught a different version of Islam, and that’s all they know. So they really think that their religion is being hijacked.

The fact is that Muslims aren’t trained very well in their scriptures, they’re never encouraged to study. They keep the religion in Arabic, and so they don’t know what’s being said really, what the book says, what the prayers mean, and so they’re left in ignorance, and so the majority of the questions I ask Muslims are very clueless, it’s sad. But when you get them to the truth, then their eyes are opened, and many people are trying to run and leave it, when they realized.

Gary Dull:                     Well where does this lie come from that Islam is a religion of peace? That many pastors in America teach today in four seconds?

Tom Wallace:               Well it comes from the Muslim, you know, and we’re buying their story. And we’ve got to be better than that.

Gary Dull:                     Buying their story, so it’s important that we do what we can to understand what Islam is all about, and I guess the best way to do that is just to read the Quran.

Tom Wallace:               Well, and the Sunna.

Gary Dull:                     And the Sunna.

Tom Wallace:               There’s more than the Quran, that’s part of the problem, we don’t know that there’s more scriptures out there.

Gary Dull:                     In the first two segments of our program today, we’ve basically laid the foundation of what Islam is all about, and why we believe that it’s the number one threat to America today. But in this segment, we want to drill down a bit more into this subject to let you know why Islam is what it is in the sense that it’s a great threat. But what Islam is actually doing in America, even as we speak, so the information that we are going to share in this segment is very crucial information for you to consider.

So Tom, right out of the chute here again, let me just ask you, how many Muslims are in America today?

Tom Wallace:               Okay, well, according to the US census back in 2010, they tell us that there’s three million Muslims here. Now how many of us actually believe that the Muslims told the government that we’re here? The reality is, there’s about seven million according to my source in the FBI. They work on a number of about seven million Muslims here. Now Canada says about three million up there so about 10 million in North America. In Europe, 45 million Muslims in Europe. There’s an interesting trend, they are fleeing the Middle East, they’re fleeing African nations, probably because there’s not much prosperity, partly because Islam’s despotic, and the Islamic world is experiencing what’s called solophism, which basically means revival or returning back to the foundations. It’s a foundation returning movement there.

So they’re returning back to Muhammad’s form of Islam, the Ottoman Empire brought in a reformed version, and you make up your own god according to your liking, and whatever pretty much. And so, as they’re coming back into Sharia, because that’s what Islam will do, drive you back to god’s law, Muslims are fleeing, and they’re coming to the west. Now some are coming maybe to bring Islam with them, and bring their destruction with them. I believe they are, but that’s about 20% as a general rule. But eight out of 10, I mean I work with Muslims, part of our ministry is evangelizing Muslims, and from those we’ve taught how to evangelize, and we’ve worked with on the radio, we’ve seen now 85 Muslims come to Christ, and I’m working now a lot with Syrians, refugees coming over.

So trust me, they are coming to get away from it, and they’re not all here to hurt us. They’re looking for freedom, they’re looking for opportunity, and we can’t get the gospel to their address, but they’re coming to our address. And so it’s a wonderful opportunity, so we have about seven million to 10 million Muslims in North America, and it’s a grand opportunity for us.

James O’ Bryon:            Yeah, Tom, I was recently out in Dearborn, Michigan, and also in Minneapolis, and I noticed there’s quite a few minarets sticking up around the towns, and also just last week down in the Boca Raton area in Florida, there’s two mosques on one road. I mean, probably a half a mile apart, so it was sprouting out all over the place. Now my question I guess is, what in roads are they making, not just in building, but in our culture across the country?

Tom Wallace:               Well, that’s a concerning issue, because we do have part of the enemy of Islam, as I said. God’s raising up Islam as an instrument of judgment. So those who are the militant, those who are the you know, following Muhammad’s Islam, these are the people who follow, who join ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe the Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world today, more dangerous than ISIS, more dangerous than Al Qaeda, and why they’re dangerous is because they know our weak points, and they’re exploiting it. They realize, you know, they’re blessed, they’re great, you go and fight them, they’ve got armies, and they beat us every time.

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to destroy us from within, and they’ve set up their operative groups here in 1969 they came in at Illinois, and they setup the MSA, the Muslim Student Association, it’s just about every state college in America has a chapter of the Muslim Student Association, they’re now going into our high schools, going into our middle schools, and they are across our nation, and they’re recruiting, and doing their evangelism, their dawa, of our children, the less discerning. And kids who have a rebellious heart. Those are the ones who are getting attracted into Islam.

So they’re making in roads. CARE, the Council of American Islamic Relations.

James O’ Bryon:            I was going to mention that.

Tom Wallace:               You know, they are installed in many government positions.

James O’ Bryon:            The White House.

Tom Wallace:               They have 20 professional lobbyists there, two blocks away from the Capitol Building. And, you know, they’re well entrenched, you’ve got ISNA, that’s their you know, how they get everybody grouped together, their network, NAIT the North American Islamic Trust, that owns 80% … All these are front groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s documented, the government knows it. They have been actually prosecuting under the Bush administration, then when Obama came in, all that got stopped. I was hoping that when Trump got elected that we would start the prosecution again, because the evidence is out there. All these groups are called unindicted co conspirators, and we need to go after them.

James O’ Bryon:            It seems like rather than going after them in the country, what Trump is trying to do is at least stem the tide of those who were coming in.

Tom Wallace:               Well you know, fortunately he was elected, and stopped the you know, the trend of them coming in, because Obama had thrown up all the rules of the vetting process, and was putting our nation at great risk, especially this coming over from Syria. And, fortunately we had a stay on that until we could fix the vetting process. Well the wheels are now turning, trust me, because I see them coming in.

Gary Dull:                     You know Tom, we have a sovereign God, and we often say on this program that God causes, allows, and directs all things to happen. The United States of America was founded on Biblical truth, we understand that, we know that. The constitution is Biblically based. So, why do you think that God would allow Islam to come into the United States of America today and capture some of these inroads that we’re talking about?

Tom Wallace:               Well let me give you a little history lesson. 100 years ago, after World War I, there were only 300 million Muslims, 100 years ago, 300 million. Today, 1.6, 1.7 billion, in 100 years.

Gary Dull:                     Now that’s worldwide?

Tom Wallace:               That’s worldwide, yes. That’s worldwide. So technically speaking, one in four people are now Muslim. You think God notices that? Absolutely. Why is this happening? I believe God’s allowing that to happen, because we in the west, we have failed to honor God, we’ve rebelled against him, we thought we became great, because of ourselves. And, we can live any way we want. As I preached on Sunday, America, you’re not too big to fail. And I believe that we are tempting God with our pride, with our arrogance, with our rebellion, and I believe God is raising up an enemy.

They made a decision back in 1920, when the last, when the caliphate came to an end after World War I, and the fundamentalists realized we’d lost Islam because we allowed the liberals to reign. We’ve got to take it back, and they set out a plan. We need to procreate. And so, the average Muslim family, per wife I should say, and they’re allowed four wives. A good number of them will have at least two. They have five children per woman. And so it’s only a matter of math. When we only have maybe 1.4, 1.7 children in the west, and then we’re killing our unborn, so we’re getting the fruit of our own … The Bible says you reap what you sow.

Gary Dull:                     That’s right. So in essence, do you think this is a part of God’s judgment upon America?

Tom Wallace:               Exactly, I believe their growth is a direct response to our sin, and God’s raising up an enemy that will bring our destruction if we don’t correct our ways.

Gary Dull:                     Tom, national day of prayer is two days away. In light of what we’re talking about today, what should the prayer of American Christians be in this context?

Tom Wallace:               Well I’ve been saying for a decade, since I’ve been home, you know … And I’m proud of America, don’t get me wrong, and you know, I want to sing with everyone, God bless America, we want God’s continued blessing. But I believe we need to be honest, admit that we’ve wronged God, we’ve failed, and we need to start praying oh God have mercy on America. My prayer every election is God don’t give this nation what we deserve, give us what we need. And we need to continue to pray that way folks.

Gary Dull:                     And that involves repentance, turning from our sin and turning back to God.

Well welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and on the program today, we’ve been discussing the fact that we believe that Islam is the greatest threat to America today. And, you may have a difficult time agreeing with us, but we feel that we’re correct on this, and therefore I would encourage you to study up on Islam more, and I believe that by doing so, you will come to an agreement with us, that Islam is the greatest threat to America today, religiously, culturally, and politically. But, as we’ve come to the final segment of our program today, we want to deal with the solution to the growth of Islam in America.

The question is, is there a solution? And so, Tom Wallace, as our expert with us here today, I just want to ask you point blank, is there a way to stop the growth of Islam in America today? And in answering that question, try to address it politically, culturally, and religiously if you would please.

Tom Wallace:               Well, my goodness, culturally I don’t think we can really say no more Muslims are allowed into our country, it’s a religion, you’re not going to be able to legally do anything like that, okay.

Gary Dull:                     Well Trump’s trying.

Tom Wallace:               Well you know, they’re misunderstanding Trump. This isn’t a Muslim ban, this is a ban from countries that are coming, that are involved with terrorist activity. So we’ve got to be honest about that, liberals are trying to paint it that way, and if it’s a Muslim ban, we’d be you know, blocking many, many more countries, okay. So, it’s not a Muslim ban, so culturally we can’t say you can’t have Islam here, because our laws allow that.

But what we do have is an opportunity to evangelize. And, we’ve got to recognize that the greater host of the Muslims that are coming to us, have been coming to get away from the tyranny of Islam. But how are they received? This is why I saw, I address Islam in one way, but I address the Muslim in another. He’s a victim, and he needs Christ, he’s looking for answers. What they’ve been giving them, they know isn’t right. But they’re afraid to leave Islam, because every Muslim knows, even a moderate Muslim, a reformed Muslim knows, that death to the apostate, you know. We kill the apostate, anyone who renounces their faith is to be killed.

So, they’re afraid to leave Islam, but they come here so they don’t have to practice it, they’re looking for more openness, freedom, and all that stuff. And, so we have a grand opportunity to evangelize these people, bring them the gospel. Folks, as Christians, we’re told to take the gospel to every creature, we’re even to love our enemy. And God has called us, in the Bible it tells us how we’re to treat the stranger in the land. You know, we’re to treat them as our brother, the Bible tells us. And so, our answer to that question is, how do we deal with the Islam issue that’s here?

Well, number one we’ve got to deal with Islam as an enemy, the ideology. But the Muslim, we’ve got to treat him as a person, who we can bring the gospel to them, and to free them, and God’s word will do that. It’s powerful folks, if we can only get them into God’s word.

Gary Dull:                     But I find that there might be those out there who will say, well I’m afraid to approach a Muslim about Jesus Christ. Should there be fear there?

Tom Wallace:               Well I understand that, my goodness, you know, we feel like Jonah, being called to the Assyrians, and to preach to them. Hey, they’re our enemy, why do we want to take the gospel to them? And I understand the fear. But there’s things that we can help you with. I wrote my book, Refuting Islam, said it helped people have the chapter and verse that will explain every evil, nasty thing about Islam, and to have the chapter and verse to be able to quote it, and it’s one thing for us to say Islam’s wrong, and have an opinion, but it’s another thing to say, Islam’s wrong, and have the proof-

Gary Dull:                     To know why.

Tom Wallace:               To have the chapter and verse. And that’s what, that website for some reason, we’ve been attacked, you know. They’ve hit us a few times there, that website is actually down right now, so you can get the book off of Amazon, but refuting Islam, Tom Wallace is there. We wrote our course, Engaging Muslims with the Gospel, that’s being rewritten and republished, coming out soon.

Gary Dull:                     And that’s an excellent book, and you know, there’s a lot of good information in that book, Refuting Islam is what it’s called. But you know, one of the greatest things about that book is the glossary that’s in the back of it.

Tom Wallace:               Well thank you, I would’ve given my hind teeth for something like that 30, 40 years ago.

Gary Dull:                     I’ve already given mine.

Tom Wallace:               It’s so good it has a glossary, and even how to pronounce these terms there. I mean, for years I called the hadid the hadid.

Gary Dull:                     Oh yeah, well that’s true. You know, that’s right.

Tom Wallace:               The way it’s written, so having that glossary, that helps, I believe, so that’s why I put it there.

Gary Dull:                     Jim?

James O’ Bryon:            Well, I guess Tom, let me just ask one thing, if people are listening across the country to what you’re saying, what is a practical thing you could say to the average housewife or man that’s maybe riding home from work or whatever, to actually do something over this next week to accomplish what we’ve been talking about today?

Tom Wallace:               Hey, if you ever come in touch with a Muslim, let’s say you’re in a taxi, you’re in a gas station, whatever, and stuff, ask a Muslim this. I’m not trying to be funny, but I heard from a guy who you know, has studied Islam, and I thought this was interesting, and was wondering if you had an answer. In the Quran, 14 times the word holy is used. Every time it’s referring to god, an attribute of god, because that’s god you know, holy. But it’s also referred to one human, one person, Jesus, in chapter 11. Jesus is called holy in the Quran, why?

That really is a puzzlement for a Muslim. Now he’s going to tell you, I don’t know, you need to talk to an imam. But you’ve planted a seed of question, of doubt, thought, whatever, and with Muslims, if you build a friendship with them, I’ve never known a Muslim to get saved who didn’t yet have a friendship with a Christian. That’s an important part.

Gary Dull:                     Relationship.

Tom Wallace:               And, but when you build that relationship, you can say, have you ever let a Christian open the Bible and explain it to you? You know, would you let me do that? I’m not going to tell you I’m right and you’re wrong, but I believe if we pray to the God of Abraham, that as we read God’s word. Take them to the gospel of John, and John is so good, because it addresses a point that they’ve been told. Jesus never said that he was God. Well very clearly Jesus is communicating that he’s God. Five times he was accused of blasphemy, because he was saying he’s God.

Gary Dull:                     Right.

Tom Wallace:               And they wanted to kill him before it, because they thought it was blasphemy.

James O’ Bryon:            You’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father.

Tom Wallace:               That’s right. And so John is a great place to go, because that’s dealt with a lot, the deity of Christ. And when Muslims see that, and just let God’s word speak, and just answer their questions. You know, you say I’m right and you’re wrong and stuff there, I mean, we can deal with that all day long, about how they’re wrong, but deal with, bring them to the truth.

Gary Dull:                     Bring them to the truth, give them the word of God, because God’s word does not return them to the unemployed, does it? Tom Wallace, thank you very much for being with us today. Again you are with Fortress of Faith Ministries, give the contact information please.

Tom Wallace:      or .com, same website.

Gary Dull:                     Okay. And, to get your book?

Tom Wallace:               Yeah, that’s Refuting Islam, and it’s at Amazon.