Sam Rohrer:                 Well, something is happening in America that defies the imagination’s of most Americans, at least 50 and above and some even below that. For those of us who are over 50, the America we knew has changed and is changing. For instance, what does it mean when Antifa protestors in Washington D.C. over the weekend can chant and scream, “No walls, no borders,” and get this, “No U.S.A.” Then the media chooses to make it a non-issue. Or how can NFL football players dishonor our flag by kneeling during the National Anthem and believe that they’re expressing some civic duty? Have we become so morally unhinged that right and wrong are now interchangeable, or totally dismissible as any guiding principle? Well, the first half of today’s program we’re going to discuss this thought, connecting some cultural dots.

In the last half of the program we’re going to discuss how America and our current President is being used to facilitate the connecting of certain prophetical dots. To help us walk through this important focus today will be our friend and special guest, the honorable Michele Bachman, former Congresswoman from the state of Minnesota, and former candidate for U.S. President. Our theme today overarching is this, what’s happening to America? Connecting some dots. We’re going to talk about not only what’s happening, but more fundamentally perhaps why it is happening. With that introduction, let me welcome you today to stand in the gap today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to be joined by cohost, Isaac Crockett. With that, let me just welcome officially right now, Michele Bachman, to the program. Michele, thanks for being with us.

Michele Bachman:        Thank you. I’m also a big fan of your program, so thank you for having me on again today, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                 Well Michele, we do appreciate you and everything that you stand for, and your engagement in things, and so that’s why you’re on here. I just want to say, we prayer for you, as you’re not in office right now, but you continue to stand for truth and be engaged in those things which are important. Which frankly, is what all of our listeners, we encourage them to do, wherever we are. We all have a voice and we want to use that. Anyways, let me move right into this today, Michele, because we have a lot to go over. I chose the theme today, the general theme, what’s happening to America, because I think it’s a question that most people have and they carry it within themselves every day when they look around saying, “What in the world is happening?” I hear it all the time.

Yet, the real question comes down to perhaps it’s not necessarily what, as much as why. Why are the strange and in many cases frightening new developments happening? This is what I’d like to really focus on today. Let me start here with you Michele over this incident in D.C. over the weekend. The media made a big hype about the supposed White nationalists that were going to gather in D.C. I think in the end there were about 25 of them or so that were there. It was a big nothing. Yet, Antifa showed up in counter protest and they actually attacked an NBC reporter and the crew and NBC didn’t even report it.

Then the media did give coverage though to the Antifa protestors who marched and yelled saying, “No walls, no borders, no U.S.A.” I look at it and I say, “Here’s an example of very strange behavior.” When these types of protests happen, Michele, what’s it say about the culture in America when leftists can say, “No U.S.A.,” and yet attack an NBC crew, and nothing is said? I want you to just go wherever you want to go on that, but I think that’s a typical thing and people are wanting … Saying, “What in the world’s happening?”

Michele Bachman:        Oh, sure. I mean, I look at that and I think I have the same feelings as well, but this isn’t just happenstance, this is intentional. When we see things like this Antifa protest, I know I had heard on the radio for days before that there was going to be this huge gathering of these nonexistent White nationalists that were going to meet in D.C. As you said, there was maybe 25 that got together, if that, and they could’ve all been fake, paid, rent-a-mob-type people. These are agitators. These are typical agitators from typical communist-type tactics. We’ve seen this happen in the last 100 to 150 years where people who are either anarchists, or communist, or socialist want to come in and overthrow a country. They make up and create these false accusations and then they create scenarios to make it look like these false scenarios are real, when they aren’t.

But what has changed in America, what is different, Sam, is an issue that you and I worked on for years, and years, and years together, and it really has to do with the modern public education system. Because over 90% of American kids attend American public schools and this is not … I’m not bashing American public schools, I’m just giving knowledge here. The school has changed so much and if you want to know how could thugs coming from a communist perspective and anarchists who create these lies, how could they actually become believable and how could people follow it? It’s because beginning back in 1965, that was the first time that the federal government got involved in the local school classroom. But in a big way, it didn’t happen until the early 1990s under President Bill Clinton. You’re the one that brought this to my attention with school to work, goals 2000, the worst workforce investment.

But what I think your audience needs to know is that in 1993, that’s when America’s textbooks, curriculum, the teacher training, the SAT scores, the ACT scores, all of it changed in 1993. That material didn’t even resemble what you and I got and maybe a lot of your listeners got when we went to public schools. We were taught to love America. We were taught to love our founders, and to be looking forward, and have happiness and optimism. That’s not what kids are getting today. If you remember Bill Clinton’s famous quote, he gave a speech in Chicago when he said, “America needs to get over its love affair with local control.” That’s really the bottom line story. The federal government took over the local school classrooms and instead what they have been giving the American students a steady diet for the last 35 years is essentially the principles of socialism.

We shouldn’t be shocked that the poll that came out this week that said, “Most democrats prefer socialism over capitalism.” That’s because for 35 years that’s what more than 90% of Americans have been taught in the classroom. The other thing that you know very well, Sam, and I’m sure your well educated audience may know, is that what changed in 1993 is that we got rid of in the classroom teaching an objective body of knowledge, facts, and information, and instead politically correct governmentally approved attitudes, values, and beliefs. Attitudes, values, and beliefs, which are in large part anti-Biblical and antithetical to what most parents believe has been taught. That’s how you can see that over 60% of all the people who voted in the democrat primaries in 2016 preferred an openly devote socialist, Bernie Sanders, to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton wasn’t even liberal enough for them.

Sam Rohrer:                 What’s happening in America could also be expressed by asking the question, “What’s happening to America?” That’s kind of how I started the program here, what’s happening to America, what’s happening in America. We know that the change that we’re seeing is the one predictable aspect of life. Meaning, change is predictable. However, the question is, why and what are such fundamental changes that we’re seeing now. Why are they occurring and perhaps seemingly so quickly?

Change is such as our view of morality, where babies can be killed in the womb, over 60 million of them in our United States, or sexual slavery abound in our nation where over 300,000 children as young as babies are swept into sexual slavery every year, or changes where our own course can rule that God’s definition of marriage between a man and a woman is no longer the official definition, or changes where people can say that they want to murder the President, and they are saying that, and harass those who work for our current President. Yet, no one dare speak out against Mohammad and Islam or Sharia Law. Changes where lying and deception from those in positions of authority, be it in the media, or in public office, or in the Department of Justice and the FBI, or the special counsel, to even in the pulpits of America, and there seems to be no real consequence.

Well, in this segment we’re going to connect a few more cultural dots with our special guest, the honorable Michele Bachman. Michele, there’s a lot of places that we could go, but I want to try to keep this in focus here as we go through it. We’re talking about the culture right now and when it comes to the culture, I named just a few of those things. But our views of morality, right and wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, patriotism or treason, duty or responsibility versus license and rebellion. I mean, we’ve seen these things changed and I asked you in the last segment your view overall, and you laid out about the aspect of education and what has happened. But I’d like to expand upon that just a little bit more, because perhaps education could be the what, maybe the vehicle that has brought the change, but if you could go a little bit deeper on it and from your perspective the why in the education. What changed in the education, as an example, that has made these kinds of things, these changes we’re seeing right now so predictable?

Michele Bachman:        Right. The what and the why of what changed in education is to create an antithetical, anti-American view, because Americans … One thing I saw as a member of Congress and as running for President of the United States, Americans love America. They love this country. That’s why they resonated with Donald Trump. But that is not what we’re seeing with this thuggish tactics of these typical communist-type strategies that is bringing about anarchy. They’re agitators. We saw it with Occupy Wall Street. They come up with new names all the time to protect the guilty. It’s the same crowd that goes out and does all this burning. For instance, I was in Washington D.C. the night of President Trump’s Inauguration and there were fires everywhere and people breaking plate glass windows. It’s like, “What? What is going on here?”

The reason for that is because they want to bring down the United States, because their goal is to turn us into a typical totalitarian country. This last week I was in Brazil celebrating a 70th anniversary of the modern state of Israel. I can tell you, just with some of my drivers in Brazil, Brazil is highly socialistic, highly violent, and destabilized, and many people want to get out of that country, just like they want to get out of Venezuela. It’s because, again, the schools are teaching socialism, but it’s people who want to keep a country under that type of a world view. You are very, very good at your show, at explaining to people how important world view is. That’s what this is. There’s an effort right now to essentially steal the United States. Now, that sounds crazy to say something like that, but there’s an effort by people who have anti-American belief systems.

They want to steal our nation and the cultural gatekeepers in America, the public school, the universities, the media, all of them, they’re accomplices in this effort. I think a show like yours is effectively the antidote if the Me Too movement of those of us who know that we’re being lied to by the fake news guys who are colluding with the big government control guys. I’m serious. We are being victimized by the big government types, by these typical anarchist thug-types, and also by their accomplices in the media. We have seen that in a more … I spend a lot of time in airports. I’m in airports two, four times a week.

Just the CNN that’s on, it’s so unhinged, so over the top, and what they say is provably false [crosstalk 00:13:29] day-after-day, and yet they continue making provably false statements. I think the why of all of this is to take apart the strong American nation that we’ve known, essentially to bring us down. To bring us down so that we can be taken over. Why? Because we are the enemy of China. America’s the enemy of Iran. America’s the enemy of North Korea. America’s the enemy of Russia. Virtually so many nations of the world are jealous of us and in large part we’re happy people, we’re a Christian people, we’re a prosperous people because we’ve been a Biblical people, and a lot of people-

Isaac Crockett:             That makes so much sense.

Michele Bachman:        Are jealous of that.

Isaac Crockett:             Well, that really is on point with where we’re talking and it just … Even yesterday on our program we had a special guest in who was talking about use of this … Being victimized, that literally our children are being victimized. Here in the United States, over 300,000 children all the way into babies are being taken into sexual slavery in different ways. Yet, that makes so little news even in the midst of this big Me Too movement. Groups like Antifa and things can go in and find these supposed issues here and there, but there are known issues like the human trafficking of children. Yet, it’s happening. It’s happening not just in the fringes, but it’s happening all over the place. Rural, cities, everywhere. Maybe your thoughts on why this could be happening in a culture that used to be American. It used to be moral and Christian and now we’re permitting this to happen and even our government seems to be not doing enough about it.

Michele Bachman:        Well, because the church has been attacked viciously. Whether it’s through the ACLU, through the education system, through the media, it has been a uniformed attack against the Bible, the authority of the Bible, the truths of the Bible, and we’re told to just get on board and go along with it. For instance, last night a man was selected by the voters of Vermont to be Governor. This is a man who now says that he’s a woman.

We’re all expected to clap and cheer how enlightened the Vermont voters are because now he’s been selected, a man who holds himself out to be a woman. But the Bible is very clear on gender. It says that, “God created us as male and female.” Male and female he created us. From the moment of conception, our DNA is forever determined. Even if someone goes through the process of having surgery and hormone treatments, it doesn’t matter. Every cell of our body will retain its original DNA until the moment we take our last breathe-

Sam Rohrer:                 [crosstalk 00:16:09] Michele, let me step in here right now. You went right to the point I wanted you to go to. I was hoping, I thought you would go to. We’ve moved away from Biblical principles, which is exactly what you’re beginning to site there, and that brings it back into a Biblical world view. How we look at life and purpose for living, that kind of thing. But I want to go right here, because I want to get your personal response on something. You and I have been in government. We all know that God has raised up this nation as a shining city on a hill, a holy experiment that William Penn talked about, and there were many who prayed that this nation would be used like a light on a hill to bring freedom and liberty and knowledge to the rest of the world.

I think to a large extent that has happened, but when you look at the nation, and where we are, and what we’re describing, and I look, my heart grieves. I know your heart grieves too. I want to know personally. Let’s look inside Michele Bachman, if we can, and say, how do you personally bring the reality of these observations, which we don’t like to talk about, it seems like bad news, but it is real news and we have to talk about it or we’re never going to correct it. How do you deal personally with wrapping your head around what we know used to be, what we see happening, and at the same time, what we feel like we need to do something? How do you personally address this?

Michele Bachman:        Well, thank you for asking the question, because I think that’s why God has to have a calling on your life to go into politics because it is so despairing when you’re in that realm. The only way I have known how to deal with it, I praise God that I was saved when I was 16 and I’ve been a consistent Bible reader and student of the Bible since then, and also a prayer warrior, but I never ran for office without putting together an intercessory prayer team. I think that the spiritual attacks, because we know that this world isn’t just made up of the natural. It’s made up of the supernatural and we need to understand that Satan prowls across this world. He’s here to steal, kill, and destroy.

Knowing that, we shouldn’t be shocked that there will be these attacks when we’re trying to bring forth the light of the gospel, and we also shouldn’t despair because the scripture clearly says, “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.” God is greater. What I do, I cry out and I just say, “Lord, put me on someone’s heart.” I was just in an airport yesterday in Denver and a woman told me, “We pray for you. God puts you on our heart, we pray for you.” Well, that’s an answer to prayer. They pray for me. For instance, I’ll tell you right now, I’m in the middle of 40 days of prayer and fasting for our nation and that’s what I think our listeners can do, is continually put yourself in a place of prayer and fasting.

Sam Rohrer:                 Well, we’re going to shift gears now. We’re going to move from connecting some cultural dots to connecting some prophetical dots. Enormous changes have been happening in and to America in our culture as we walk away from God. We’ve touched on some of those. Anyone can see this, if they but look. Murder in the womb was legalized. God’s definition of marriage declared to be outdated and old fashioned. Our justice system appears to be pretty broken. Truth in media, well, that’s something of the past. Child abuse and sexual slavery, drug addiction, sexual perversions of all types embraced or at least tolerated. Moral failures, too many of them in the pulpit. Very sad. Anger and distrust are rampant. Christianity appears to be about the only faith that can be routinely attacked and belittled right here in our own nation, where our coins still say, “In God we trust.”

But in the midst of this unarguable observation, God is using America. He has and right now, to advance his prophetical plans for redemption and his plan for the world. In the next two segments we’re going to talk about America and how God is using the United States in amazing ways. We’re going to shift there right now to connecting some prophetical dots. I want to welcome back in now, Michele Bachman. Michele, your experience in Congress and running for President and you’ve traveled the world, you were able to access a lot of things on international policy and I know this area of the role of the United States, and where we are, and what’s happening is something that’s near and dear to your heart. I want to start out by asking you a question in a general sense, to what extent do you believe in the sense that God has used and is using America in a very unique way to fulfill Biblical prophecy?

Michele Bachman:        Oh, there is no question God has used America in a very specific way to fulfill Biblical prophecy. I think the United States has become the greatest military and economic superpower that the world has ever known. We also have the oldest and longest run Constitution. We enjoy great stability in this nation. In all of human history, there has never been a nation like the United States. There have been great civilizations, but nothing of the magnitude of the United States. I think that’s why Satan’s enemies so profoundly attacked the United States. I think two of the most obvious ways that America has been used in prophecy would be through both the sending of missionaries across the world and the financing of the transmission of the gospel.

For your listeners who’ve gone to the Museum of the Bible, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s an entire room that’s filled with books that are yet to be written in certain languages to advance the gospel and prophecy says that Christ will not return until the gospel has been preached across the whole world. There has been an effort, whether it’s through Wickliffe translators, or various missionaries, or other organizations to get the gospel in every hand, every tongue, every tribe. That has been the United States that has been used in that way. That is-

Isaac Crockett:             What a powerful legacy. Wow. Okay, sorry.

Michele Bachman:        Yeah. What a powerful legacy is right. Then politically, we have been used in many ways. I think you could go back to the very beginning of the history of the United States, but in our listener’s lives, the two most obvious ways the United States has been used is in regard to the creation of Israel. We were used both at the United Nations. The United Nations was created in 1945. I’m actually part of a ministry at the United Nations right now. It’s called Skyline U.N. and you can reach me at We have a twofold purpose. One is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the U.N. and also to bring a pro-Israel perspective at the U.N.

I haven’t always been a big fan of the U.N., but the Lord created the nations. There were originally 70 nations from Shem, Japheth, and Ham. The nations that are now represented at the U.N. are descendants of those nations. Well, God used the U.N. in a positive way on November 29, 1947, and that was to create a space for Israel to become a nation. This was prophesied by Jeremiah, by Ezekiel, and Zachariah, and Hosea, and Joel. This was prophesied that God would disperse an unfaithful Israel, but he would gather them together one day and bring the same people back to the same land.

Isaac Crockett:             Wow.

Michele Bachman:        That, I think, is the biggest marker that there has been that the Bible is true, and that’s the return of the Jews to the land and the creation of the modern state of Israel. That began on-

Isaac Crockett:             That’s so exciting to see.

Michele Bachman:        It did. It began with the U.N. in 1947 and then the United States stepped in. Because we are and have been since World War II the greatest military and economic superpower in the world, Harry Truman, God used a democrat President, Harry Truman, 11 minutes after Israel declared her independence, to recognize Israel as a nation. Nothing sends-

Isaac Crockett:             Michele, let me just kind of jump in here.

Michele Bachman:        A shot across the bow than that.

Isaac Crockett:             Can I jump in and ask about our current President, as you’ve referred to in these points? That the missions and the Bibles that have been put all over the world because of Americans and our faith in God. But then you went right to Israel and that really comes close to home right now with what’s going on with President Trump with him moving the embassy and the recognition to Jerusalem. In fact, you did a whole program, actually two programs about this on our television ministry just last month.

In fact, our listeners could look that up if they want on our app or on our website. But I’d like to specifically look at what’s going on with President Trump, what he’s putting these sanctions on Turkey, for example, and we see President Erdoğan of Turkey, he’s working with Russia and Iran. I guess the question is this, how prophetically significant is this coming together, this alliance between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, especially as they’re kind of almost seem to be against America and against President Trump?

Michele Bachman:        Well, they certainly are against America and President Trump. What you’re talking about is the very specific configuration that was foretold by the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 38 and 39. There we see that one day Iran, it used to be called Persia, and Russia, and Turkey, and the names that they were called in ancient times, but today their names would be Russia, Turkey, and Iran have come together in a unique way. It happened, actually, last September for the first time. Now they’re looking at changing the currency base between them and then also other nations to undercut the United States. But just the fact that they have come together in an alliance and that there is no mention anywhere in history that Russia, Iran, and Turkey have ever come together.

Yet, this was foretold by the prophet Ezekiel that one day they would. Well, I think you look at Israel. Israel’s God’s time clock. Jerusalem is the secondhand of God’s time clock and after Jerusalem was recaptured by the Jews and brought under their hands, as Ezekiel foretold, and now as President Trump this year on May 14th designated Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, we have seen so much happen. Because the scripture says that in the last days, these events would come closer together, and they would be more intense. That’s why it’s so imperative that there’s a show like yours on the air to equip believers to know these aren’t unusual signs, these were predicted signs, and we shouldn’t despair when we see them. We should rejoice when we see them, because the Bible tells us in Revelation, “[foreign language 00:27:40]. Come, Lord Jesus.” We’re to look forward to this day. This is a day of rescue that is coming for us.

But if also to tell us to get our act together personally and to advance the gospel, because we’re seeing more and more of these prophetic events, like this alignment that has never before happened in history between Iran, Russia, and Turkey. Part of the way God used the United States is that Trump very wisely, when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he gave Israel the best birthday gift he ever could when he ripped up the disastrous agreement that President Obama made with Iran. President Trump said, “Iran has violated this agreement written on standing bias, so we’re going to put sanctions on them.” For that reason, the sanctions are causing America’s enemies to come closer together in their own form of collusion.

Sam Rohrer:                 Well, when it comes to the end of times, as recorded Biblically, and of course we talk a lot about on this program about where we are, where we have been, because that’s what the Bible’s all about. God talks about it, so we need to know where we are. Well, when we talk about end times that’s really the entire period of time after Christ came, but we’re closer to that end time now obviously than they were then. The alignment of certain nations, as we discussed in this last segment, are very, very critical. Israel, Russia, Iran, Syria, the nation’s of the East and others are specifically mentioned. Some would say that the United States is mentioned and it’s there, perhaps, as Babylon the Great. The golden cup in God’s hands, as mentioned in the book of Jeremiah and Revelation. Others would say that it is not mentioned at all.

Well, in either case, we know and it’s clear that the United States has been used by God during the last 200-plus years to prepare the world, in my opinion, for the Lord’s return. Michele Bachman’s talked about it. Sending out of missionaries, the communication of the gospel. All of that was possible because God used these United States in the Industrial Revolution, the advancement of communication, and as we talked about, the spread of the gospel as a result of that. But extensions and growth in medicine helped. Science and technology. The creation of wealth. A host of other things that we consider to be part of a modern society. Yet, the United States has also been perhaps one of the greatest cause of advancing such evils as abortion, the acceptance of homosexuality, pornography, the drug trade, human trafficking, and more. Yet, it’s also clear that God is using mightily the United States as the defender and the friend of Israel who is the apple of God’s eye.

Even in the midst of an internal culture within our United States, that it’s clearly walking away from God, God is still using the United States in amazing ways. We’re going to conclude today’s program by connecting a few more of these prophetical dots. Michele, let me go back to you at this point. In the last segment, we talked about the impact of President Trump’s sanctions against Iran and Turkey, frankly North Korea, and China too as far as that goes. Who, by the way, are not friends of Israel. How this is advancing God’s prophetical clock by encouraging, it seems, the alignment of these nations with each other. Of course, when they do that, it aligns them against Israel and the United States as well. But just another aspect here, you touched on it earlier.

I’m going to ask you to break it out just a little bit more. That is, prophetically we know that in that last day, there’s going to be a new currency. There’s going to be a world currency. There’s going to be a currency that’s going to be trackable that’s observable and everybody’s going to be tied into being dependent upon using that currency. Well, these sanctions are causing Turkey, Iran, even to some extent Russia, and there’s involvement with China as well, that they’re now talking about converting to a new currency. They’ve been working towards it for years, but I wonder is this a catalyst now that may actually cause it to happen? Fit together that currency. One world currency these nations, if you could, into the prophetical component pieces if you could.

Michele Bachman:        Right. Let me just give a little bit of background. I think that 1945 was a pivotal year. In 1945, you have not only the creation of the United Nations, the end of World War II, you also have the beginning of the laying of the foundation of the rebirth of the modern state of Israel. You also see the beginnings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and numerous international organizations that are all created for the purpose of one world government. Now, there was an attempt to have one world government in the 1915, 1917 era with the League of Nations. It never really got off the ground, but in World War II, this has been some stick to [it-iveness 00:32:52] on one world government. That hasn’t gone away and it’s not conspiratorial.

This is something that has been predicted in the scripture. It’s an interesting parallel that as Israel grows and becomes stronger and fulfills what God called it to do, to be a blessing to the nations. Remember, that’s the promise that God gave to Abraham. There would be a people and a land for the purpose of being a blessing to all nations of the world. As we see that rise and that strength, I think Israel has been fairly weak up until now, but as of this year Israel has pivoted. They’re now in a position of strength. What we’re seeing on the parallel is a rise of the one world government, and it is real, and it is true, and as we look at one world political system, and one world economic system, that would require a single currency. The so-called brick nations are Brazil, Russia, India, communist China, and when these countries come together, communist China has a plan to be the big dog in the world.

They have a hundred year plan. They’re in about year 60 of their hundred year plan. I’ll tell you, I mentioned earlier in the program I was in Brazil this week. I had a number of people talk to me about all that Brazil is doing, or all that China is doing in Brazil to get their allegiance. But not just there, nations everywhere. African nations. I’ve been talking with ambassadors from African nations. I’ll be going to the country of Ghana in September. China’s putting a footprint all over the globe and even though the population of Russia is diminishing greatly and in some ways their threats have diminished, because their population is less, their economy is less. China has a huge population. They have a huge not only population, but a huge economy. The one thing all of these have together is that they hate the United States. They hate the United States-

Sam Rohrer:                 [crosstalk 00:35:04] In addition-

Michele Bachman:        Enemy of my friends.

Sam Rohrer:                 In addition to that Michele, we only have just a couple of minutes left. They hate the United States, they hate God’s nation of Israel, and ultimately they’ve taken a stand against God himself, the God of heaven, and that’s the common [crosstalk 00:35:15] thing we’re talking about. We have one more minute. Literally, one minute. Let’s shift if we can just briefly. What should be … In light of these things here today, what should be the response of the church in America of true believers who are listening to this program? What should they do and how should they respond to these things which we’ve talked about today? What would you say?

Michele Bachman:        Well, speak to your pastor in the pulpit, speak to your politicians. One thing I think I would say is tell them, “Get rid of the federal government and local education.” It needs to come back to the schools. They need to know that that support is yours. Then I think the second thing I would really recommend, I’m very serious, I’m not [inaudible 00:35:54]. I would really encourage your listeners to begin fasting and prayer. Fasting in the way that God would lead you. Maybe it’s just fasting from coffee, or sugar, or whatever, but fast and pray until Yom Kippur. In the Hebrew calendar and according to the Bible, there’s 40 days when the prophets would fast and pray, when Jesus and John the Baptist fasted and prayed it began on August 9th sundown.

This period of 40 days would go until sundown on Yom Kippur. I did it last year. We saw phenomenal results. I was doing this with a number of intercessors. We saw President Trump do amazing things at the U.N. and also recognized Israel, which no other President would do. I think we can’t underestimate the power of prayer and fasting, particularly under this Biblical model that the prophets followed and that Jesus followed. I think if we would fast and prayer for whatever … I’m praying for Brazil. I’m praying for these upcoming midterm elections. I’m praying for some personal things. I’m praying for the U.N. Find what you want to pray for and spend the next 40 days in prayer and fasting.

Sam Rohrer:                 Amen. Michele Bachman, thank you so much. Ladies and gentlemen, what a challenge for us all. When we look at what’s happening about it, don’t get demoralized. Get on our knees and look up. It’s all indications of the Lord’s return, really it is, and of our need to stand for truth and to spread the gospel, get on our knees in prayer, and do exactly what Michele did. Next 40 days, fast and prayer. Let’s see what God can do.