Sam Rohrer:                  Well, hello and welcome to Stand in the Gap today, where we deal with headline news, like many others. But we examine them from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective, like few others.

Our theme for the day is the U.S. border debate. And I’m entitling this “A Two-Front War?”

Well, I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m gonna be joined by co-host evangelist Dave Kistler and Dr. Gary Dull. And our very special guest, Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America, the nation’s largest national security grassroots organization. And we’re gonna talk about our borders. That means immigration. We’re gonna talk about the current border debate. And we’re gonna connect it all to the matter of national security.

Now, yesterday on this program, if you were listening, we focused on Israel and the Middle East. Our special guest then was Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, and we looked at that area of the country from an ongoing, on-the-ground, geopolitical perspective, and also a Biblical and prophetical perspective. Because you really need to look at both of them to deal with those matters in the Middle East.

We highlighted the fact that because Israel has properly identified true enemies of Israel in the form of the Palestinians and Hamas, who are on the south of Israel, and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah to the north, the Israeli defense forces are actively involved right now in military drills and exercises, training for this purpose, to actually engage in a two-front war. A two-front war. And more significantly, to do it simultaneously.

Now, my question today is this. Should we in our nation be thinking as strategically as Israel? Now, think about this. Is it possible that the caravans amassing on our southern border, and the opponents of the rule of law and orderly immigration within our borders, are in many ways parallel to Israel’s two-front war? Is this ongoing border debate an insignificant and harmless exercise in subjective differences of opinion? Or are we really talking about an issue that goes to the very heart of our existence, our viability as a nation, and our security within our nation?

Well, we’re gonna talk about this today with our special guest, Brigitte Gabriel, on Stand in the Gap today. And with that, let me welcome you to the program today, Brigitte. Thank you so much for being with us.

Brigitte G.:                    Thank you so much, Gary, Dave, and Sam. I’m delighted to be back with you.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, you were back with us in June, some months ago, and that program was also on the matter of immigration. But we’re gonna take it a little differently today, because the issue hasn’t gone away, which is what we said then back in June. And clearly, we have many things before us.

Brigitte, let me set it up this way, if I can, for us. The border debate and the caravans are dividing our nation into two camps. I think we can say that that’s happening. And I look at it in this way. One camp really are those who despise our existing immigration laws. They despise the necessity to carefully vet who comes here as immigrants. And for one reason or another, that group seems not to be concerned that millions coming into the country will ultimately overwhelm our national social systems or introduce chaos in the streets. Now, that’s one group.

The other group, as I look at it, is those who do recognize that we are a nation of immigrants, but seek an orderly process of immigration. One that permits continuance of prosperity and security, and prevents known enemies, drug-smugglers and human traffickers, from just walking in among us. The vision is real. It’s getting deeper. And I see this as real danger.

Now, before we ask you in the next segments to … because I want you to profile the participants in the caravan. Who they are, who’s helping them. Want to talk about that, and we want to talk with you about the threats that the president has made, of shutting down the border or shutting down government if he doesn’t get the money. We want to talk about that with you.

But let me go here first. Is it proper, Brigitte, to view our borders and our border debate like Israel with the potential enemies of America on our southern border, and enemies within, enemies who oppose our Judeo-Christian view, our way of life here? That’s one view. Or the other is to compare what’s happening here to Europe and the migrant invasion of Europe a couple of years ago. Are either one of those accurate comparisons?

Brigitte G.:                    They are both accurate, and we are looking at both scenarios in our country. We are fighting a two-front war. And the war that is being fought is by people who are trying to invade our country from the outside. And their sympathizers on the inside who are fighting their battle from the inside. Except the people who are fighting with our enemy who’s trying to break our border and get into our country, that those who are fighting on the inside are American citizens. They understand our system. They are American lawyers who are actually … a lot of American lawyers have actually gone and went to the other side of the Mexican border teaching and preparing the caravan on what to say when you get to the border in order for you to cross.

So we’re seeing the leftists right now, who despise President Trump, who have basically declared war on anything President Trump stands for. Whether it’s strong national security. Whether it’s strong immigration or very tight immigration. Whether it’s securing our border. It doesn’t matter what it is. If President Trump is for it, they are against it. And that is the enemy within.

So right now, we are seeing a coordination, basically. Between the enemy within, which is the leftist, open-border, we want everybody in, freebies for everybody, all the countries in the world are the same, are the people are exactly the same, American is no different than Venezuela. Those type of people who are now working with the invaders on the other side, helping them with food, with material donations. Helping them with legal advice. Helping them with any way they can to actually get to the border, and basically break our law and get into our country.

Gary Dull:                     Sounds like treason to me. Would it be?

Brigitte G.:                    That’s exactly what it is. And I believe every attorney that has crossed our border, an American citizen who flew into Mexico to basically help these refugees … not refugees. Let’s not call them refugees. Help these invaders, this caravan, and give them advice on what to say, what not to say, how to declare asylum, et cetera, and guide them so they can do it where they can basically go around or use our laws in order to get asylum. I believe those attorneys should be charged with treason, because right now, they are acting as enemies of the state.

A lot of these attorneys are members of the ACLU, members of leftist organizations, funded by leftist organizations in this country. And that’s the problem. Because here’s the other part that we’re looking at. You’ve got the Democrat Party in the United States, who’s looking at anybody, like whether they are refugees or invaders or people coming through the borders, or illegal immigrants, as basically Democrat voters. The Democrat Party is losing traction in the United States. They are realizing that America is not only New York and California. There’s a massive continent in between.

Sam Rohrer:                  And Brigitte …

Brigitte G.:                    And those people in the middle …

Sam Rohrer:                  Brigitte, I’m gonna have to step in. We gotta go away here for a break …

If you’re just joining us now in Stand in the Gap today, I’m Sam Rohrer, joined by co-host Dave Kistler and Gary Dull. Our special guest, Brigitte Gabriel, author and speaker, and founder and president of ACT for America, are talking about today the border debate. A two-front war? Well, we’re just talking about that. In fact, there is.

Now, let me ask you a question, ladies and gentleman. Would there be a problem if the thousands of migrants on our southern border right now, and the hundreds of thousands that have already crashed the border, were simply snowbird-type people from Pennsylvania or New York migrating from the cold north to the warm south of Florida in the fall, or reversing that flow in the spring? Would there be an issue? No, of course not.

But there’s an issue with this, isn’t there? What is that? Well, there’s some major differences. First of all, the migrants are not U.S. citizens. They’ve not assimilated into American culture. The migrants crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. is not at all the same as crossing state lines within the United States.

The migrants are not people with proven histories with the law. For most, there’s not even any knowledge of their health status, let alone whether or not they love America or are committed to destroying America like Hamas or Hezbollah have sworn to do against Israel.

So it raises the logical question: who are these people? Who are the people assisting, organizing, funding, and defending their ability to illegally assault our borders? Our theme this segment is the profile of the participants.

And with that, Brigitte, let me bring you back in right now. And I’d like you, as simply and accurately as you can do, to describe in this first section, not the enablers, that’s the next one, but I want to ask you right here, who are the caravaners from that perspective? The migrants lined up at the borders, coming this way? How many of them are terrorists or human traffickers or gang members? How many are genuinely innocent women and young children versus young males? How many are asylum seekers? Can you give us a profile of the migrants, of themselves? Can you do that, please?

Brigitte G.:                    Well, I’m gonna start with the asylum seekers. Because none of them are asylum seekers. Because if they were asylum seekers, Mexico offered them asylum and jobs. So when you’re fleeing your country because of persecution, and obviously they’re not fleeing Honduras because of persecution. They’re Catholics. They’re not persecuted for their faith. So that’s not the reason why they left Honduras, for example, or Guatemala. But Mexico offered them asylum, and Mexico offered them jobs. And they turned them both down. So someone who’s fleeing, seeking asylum, they would’ve taken asylum in the first country they got to. In this case, they turned it down.

These people also passed U.N. offices set up specifically for people who want to claim political asylum in these countries. This caravan and these members passing literally passed by multiple offices, U.N. offices, set up in different cities. They didn’t even stop at these offices to claim political asylum and start the process. Instead, continued marching into the United States.

We see a lot of women and children … well, I don’t want to say a lot. We see few women and children compared to a larger number of young males who make up the majority of the caravan. And we believe that the women and children are being used or human trafficked into the United States, and are being used by the human traffickers in order to, one, gain the world’s sympathy, because when we start … this is why they put the women at the front, women and children. So when we start stopping them, or shooting tear gas, like what we just did over the weekend on Sunday, the caravan and the world will be against the United States and sympathize with these women and children suffering.

You know, the Palestinians have perfected the use of images of women and children in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. So people know that today in the age of television and cable and internet and everything, those images work. So that’s why they do it.

We know that there are MS-13 gang members in the caravan. We just arrested one in California who actually admitted to being an MS-13 gang member who said that he came through California with the caravan. The guy was already arrested once before and deported from the United States, and here he is, snuck again through the caravan.

We know that there are Muslim terrorists who are embedded within the caravan. The reason we know that is because we know that Hezbollah has operation centers within Central America. And they prepare and work with the drug cartels in smuggling people into the United States.

So the caravan basically encompasses all these type of people all together, and that’s why it is dangerous to let them in. We cannot take that risk.

Dave Kistler:                 Brigitte, also this morning, there was a major report released on Fox News that among the members of the caravan that are now sitting just south of our border in Tijuana, Mexico, that they are infected with Tuberculosis, with HIV, and a host of other life-threatening illnesses, none of which is being helped by the conditions in which they’re being forced to live currently. So this is a bad situation, as you’ve described and about to get worse.

I do want to ask you this, though …

Brigitte G.:                    [crosstalk 00:13:34] …

Dave Kistler:                 We’ve …

Brigitte G.:                    Exactly. Actually, last time, when you and I were talking together about my new book, Rise … you know, my new book just came out eight weeks ago. And I titled it Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom. One of the chapters is titled Replacement Civilization. And in that chapter, where I talk about immigration, I discuss the diseases that they are bringing with them.

As a matter of fact, now, because of illegal immigration, of those who already broke the border and came here, we are seeing surge in dangerous diseases like dengue fever, leprosy, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, rubella, syphilis, typhus, whooping cough, and many, many others. And that’s … we’re already seeing, just from those who already crossed in in the last year into our country. Measles is up more than 450%. Hepatitis B was up 300% over the last three years. Tuberculosis up … I mean, these diseases are dangerous, and that’s why nobody wants to talk about it, because, oh, everybody …

This is why the mainstream media is suppressing this type of information, because they do not want the country to revolt and say, “You know what? Yes, I’m compassionate, but I’m not willing to take the risk to die from some flu or some bacteria or some virus that we do not know what it’s about,” and people are dying because of it. And tuberculosis and all these other disease.

Dave Kistler:                 Brigitte, let me quickly ask you this. We’ve heard the name George Soros bandied about as being possibly a funder of this caravan and these other caravans that are lining up in succession behind the caravan that’s now in Tijuana. Who are the funders, and who are the enablers of this caravan? Because they’ve had to have food and clothing and all of this all along their path. Who’s behind all of that?

Brigitte G.:                    Exactly. And all of them have the same backpacks. Surprise, surprise. What did they do? They all go to the local Walmart, you know, some Walmart in Guatemala or Honduras and buy the exact same backpack for 7,000 people? We know that there are multiple people who are organizing and behind the financing. George Soros’ name comes to the forefront because obviously he’s a billionaire, and he is involved in multiple countries across the world. And basically wanting to influence … you know, George Soros wants to shape the world in George Soros’ vision of how the world should look like. As a matter of fact, just a few days go, they closed his operation in Turkey. I mean, George Soros’ tentacle extends throughout the world. So that’s why his name comes up first.

But we have more than George Soros. They are drug cartel organizations and gang organizations who have a vested interest in getting their agents into the United States for the drug smuggling operation, which brings in millions and billions of dollars. It’s a huge industry. So they have a vested interest. And whatever they invested into getting this van, or however they contributed to the caravan forming together in coming to the United States, is a drop in the bucket considering how much money they will make by the drug operation and the human traffic operation.

So we do not know the names of all involved, but there are multiple sources involved.

Gary Dull:                     What about the Muslim Brotherhood, Brigitte? Are they involved with this?

Brigitte G.:                    Well, we do not know exactly whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in this. We know that Muslim Brotherhood agents in the United Stats are helping them with that.

Look, Linda Sarsou is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR, the Consulate on American-Islamic Relations, is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. ISNA, Islamic Society for North America, is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. The MSA, the Muslim Student Association, is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

By the way, the Muslim Student Association has more chapters on American college campuses than the Democrat and the Republicans combined. So when you look at people like Linda Sarsou who’s the co-chair of the women’s march, and you look at organizations like CAIR, who are very influential, working with the ACLU and, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League, together basically crying, “Oh, we need to help these migrants come in.” What you’re seeing is the leftist and the Islamist coming together.

The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well and extremely active on every level on our society, including everything that we are seeing with the caravan. But they’re doing it with suits under different names. When you hear the word Linda Sarsou, or when you hear the word CAIR, or when you hear ISNA or the MSA, people do not associate those people with the Muslim Brotherhood. Somehow, we think the Muslim Brotherhood is some invisible organization operating on the world scale that is somewhere in Egypt. But we don’t look at what’s happening in our own communities with the organization and the activism of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sam Rohrer:                  And Brigitte, and I want to follow up on something, because on your website, I found this. You have there, along with a lot of information, you said, “What makes the Brotherhood particularly dangerous is their cunning strategy to infiltrate and destroy Western civilization from within.” They have laid it out, and there’s a whole book that’s available that I think you can find on your website. But the reason that Gary asked you that question was to see if you would make that link between the left, Marxist, and Islamist, and in fact, they have said that.

So ladies and gentleman, that’s a part of what we’re talking about here. Outside, inside, two fronts. Think of Israel. Think of Europe. Think of the United States. This is really where it is. There’s no other way to say it than has been said today so well by Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America.

In this segment now, we’re gonna talk about something else. And that’s some high-stake threats. You know, the border debate, sadly, and I say that truly, sadly, has become twisted into a political controversy rather than an open American discussion about the matters of law. The rule of law. National security. Freedom. And a practical discussion about our Constitutional republic and what it takes for this self-governing republic under God to continue. Now, some people get it. Some don’t. Some have gotten it and rejected it.

Well, the president seems to grasp the importance of national borders and orderly immigration, and seems to understand that unlimited entry of migrants into our country will spell the collapse of our nation, be that due to economic reasons, or educational, or political, or certainly ideological and cultural. So he’s made at least two major threats in regard to the border and border security. I think all of you are listening right now know that he’s done it. The question is, are they serious warnings that will be carried out, or are they just threats to further discission?

Well, we want to talk about that right now with Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America. Brigitte, thank you again for being with us. And again, I just want to thank you for your passion, and for not just what you just said on this program already, but across the country where you are so bold in trying to put out the news to the American people.

But this particular issue here right now, I do want to get your opinion about. Because the migrant caravans, which you have said, somewhat almost organized or structured from the inside, but carefully from the outside, have forced this president to a point of decision. He either has to roll over on it, or he’s gonna stand firm. And either choice that he makes is gonna have a lot of implications. One warning just issued by the president that if Mexico doesn’t do their job and stop the free flow of people through that nation, that he may find it necessary to close down permanently the border.

Now, that’s a big threat. And that would produce enormous reactions. In your opinion, is that threat realistic, and does the known or the unknown nature of the migrants justify such an action? So bottom line, is the president issuing an idle threat, or is he warning, and is it justified?

Brigitte G.:                    Well, if we know anything about President Donald Trump, we know that he is unpredictable. And we know also without a shadow of a doubt, that if he says something, he follows through. Which is a breath of fresh air. Because he’s not a politician. For the first time in a very long, long, long time, we have a man, a real man, at the White House. A real patriot who says what he means, and means what he says, and if he gives you his word, he’s gonna follow through on that word, no matter what.

President Trump is committed to securing the United States and putting America first and putting the American people first. President Trump understands that illegal immigration and lawlessness will not be tolerated in America, and it is a threat to the national security of the United States. President Trump has been in the company and has shaken the hands and looked into the eyes of parents whose children were killed by illegal criminal aliens. And he has given them his word that he will do everything he can to stop people like that from coming into our country. And if that means he will have to shut down the border in order to protect American lives, he will do that. He hopes he doesn’t get to that point. He is sending our enemies message after message after message, telling them, “Please don’t come to the border. Please, I’m deploying the military. I’m imploring you. Do not put yourself in a situation where you will have to get into a confrontation with our military, because they are there to protect our border.”

But obviously those who are coming, this mob who is heading into the United States, they are not listening. They are doing it anyway. And they are leaving the president no other choice but to do what is needed to be done to secure the country.

Dave Kistler:                 Brigitte, I have a twin brother who made a great observation that goes along with what you just said. He said, “If these migrants will break the law to get into our country illegally, what other laws will they break once they’re here?” And so this is a serious, serious issue.

I need to ask you this, though. January 3rd, the new Congress is gonna be seated, which means Nancy Pelosi will be in charge of the House of Representatives. If the president does not get the funding for the border wall in this interim between now and January the 3rd, is it likely that he will ever get that money, or his threat of shutting down the government, will that be what is necessary to procure the funding for the border wall?

Brigitte G.:                    Well, it’s gonna take two things. It’s gonna take the president doing what he needs to do, which is exactly what he’s doing, saying, “I’m gonna shut down the border.” But what the president needs, and that’s the most important element, is Congress needs to hear from us, the people, now, in the lame duck session.

This is why I encourage everyone listening to us right now, if you care about our country, if you care about our national identity … because this is exactly what we are facing. We are facing the crisis. We are facing the treat to our national identity. You need to call your member of Congress right now and tell them to help the president get the budget to build the wall. Because if we don’t do it now before the Democrats take the House in January, it’s not gonna get done. And rest assured, for the next two years, they’re gonna do everything they can to stop this president, try to impeach this president, investigation after investigation. And they’re gonna try to run as many people as possible to unseat him in the next presidential election.

This is our window of opportunity, and I cannot emphasize that enough. Call you member of Congress. Make sure you go to our website. Click on contact Congress. You type in your zip code. We give you the name of your elected officials. Their name, their phone number, their address, their email. We even have a pre-written letter for you. With the push of a button, you can send it to them.

We even have a script for you, you can call them. Get my book Rise. Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom. Information on the book is there. In the book, I even have scripts for you that you can literally read when you call your member of Congress. It’s like roadmap for activism.

Make sure when you go to, sign up to get our emails and action alerts. Make sure you call members of Congress. We’re continually give us the action alert about bills coming down for a vote, and when the vote is gonna be so you can call your elected member of Congress in a timely manner, before they vote on the bill. It’s gonna take pressure from the American public in the lame duck session. Right now, every hour counts. Every minute counts. Every day counts. They need to hear from you. Go to, click on contact Congress, and sign up to get our emails and action alerts.

Gary Dull:                     That’s a very, very good suggestion, Brigitte. And I would encourage all of our listeners to do that.

You have the inside track to a lot of things that are taking place in Washington, even at the White House, even with President Donald Trump. And a little bit ago, you said that it’s good that we have a man in the White House, a man who is a patriot and loves this nation and is doing everything that he promised us during the campaign that he would do. My question to you, since you have the inside track to a lot of things, why haven’t previous presidents acted like Donald Trump has been acting when it comes to guarding the border and protecting the United States from foreign enemies?

Brigitte G.:                    Because they were politicians. That’s the difference. Whether it was Clinton, George Bush, Obama … they’re all politicians. Look, we had a Republican. George Bush was there for six years. What did he do? He was Mr. Texas. What did he do? Diddly-squat, as they say in Texas. Didn’t do anything to secure the border.

Because now, we have somebody who doesn’t care about politics, doesn’t care about money, doesn’t care about power, doesn’t care about stature. He had it all. He’s an international billionaire. Has his own television show airing in over 50 countries around the world. He is an international personality. He left a life of luxury to make a difference for the country. If we have ever had a president in our lifetime who literally put everything on the line, including the safety of his own children, to serve our nation, it is President Trump. And that’s why we need to do everything we can to support this president, to stand with him, do the right thing. He is our chance. We’re not gonna see another Donald Trump in our lifetime. This is our chance to make sure while we have a president who puts America first, that we stand with him.

And again, I cannot emphasize how important it is for every single citizen who loves this country to participate. Especially Christians. I know I’m speaking to a Christian audience. God uses His people to make a difference in the world. God doesn’t change the world through lightening in the sky. Every single one of us is used as instruments of change. God called us to be activist. Jesus was an activist. He was actually the first activist. He stood up against evil. He stood up against when He saw something was happening wrong.

And this is our time. This is our calling. This is why our organization is named ACT for America. Not Think about America, not Wish for America, not Pray for America. You can do all that, and you should do all that. But without taking action, nothing happens. ACT for America. Let today be your defining moment. Call your members of Congress. Become an instrument of change for our country. Become an instrument of change in God’s hands to make a difference for the country.

Sam Rohrer:                  There you go, Brigitte. Thank you, you’ve made it very clear. Ladies and gentlemen, we talk about it a lot. Knowledge, information that we present, doesn’t do any good if we just sit on it and think about it.

You know, when it comes to the matter of the border debate, we know that it is intense on all sides. We know the issue is being propagandized. We know that it is severely, deeply dividing America and Americans. We know that there are enemy ideologies and groups that we’ve mentioned on the program. Marxist, Islamists, who have made it clear for years that they want to destroy America as it has been. They’ve said it. We know it.

We know that there are people in public office, in the media, and in other positions of authority who, by their own mouths, have rejected the power and the reality of God. Rejected moral truth. Rejected the Judeo-Christian ideology which underpins our Constitution. And they are committed to using their positions to erode and destroy the foundations of justice and freedom that undergird our nation.

So the question, logically, is this. In light of all these things we’ve talked about, what’s next? Is there a solution? A unifying solution? Well, Brigitte, as we move now into this conclusion, there’s one thing I think today that our program has shown. And that’s that the matter of the border debate is, without a doubt, serious. The implications of not dealing with it correctly are very serious. The border debate cannot be considered separately from a range of other controversial issues that confront our culture, and it doesn’t hang there by itself. It’s a part of a broader issue.

And we do know that things are kind of coming to a head. Time’s running out with a very serious challenge that we just talked about. The president’s being forced into position he’s going to have to either roll over, or do something significant regarding the border. And what’s needed? I’m gonna ask you this question now. What is needed? Brigitte Gabriel, from your perspective, what’s needed to awaken the American public generally? And also this, awaken specifically the gatekeepers. Those who are in positions of communicating truth or making decisions regarding the law. Those gatekeepers. What is needed to awaken the American public generally and gatekeepers specifically as to the seriousness of this threat that faces us?

Brigitte G.:                    Well, what we need is prayers, unity, and activism. And right now, we are praying. Our side, those people who love America, who believe in the America that was envisioned by our founding fathers. America, the beacon of light to the world. Look, America has welcomed immigrant all long from its inception. I am an immigrant to the United States. Like many legal immigrants who crossed oceans to get here. And we did it by the book. And we paid for our lawyers. And we took the test and the medical test to make sure we’re not bringing diseases into the country. And we did it proudly, and we were willing to do it and work and stay out of trouble and pinch pennies and save money so we can prove that we are worthy of the American citizenship. We studied America’s history. When I became an American, I had to study a two-inch-thick book written by the Daughters of the American Revolution about America’s history and our judicial system, et cetera. And pass a written exam as well as an oral exam in English about these topics before I became an American.

So when I became an American, I valued that which I worked so hard to get. And wanted to prove that I was worth becoming an American. I wanted to contribute to my country. These are the type of immigrants we want. We want new blood into our country. We want new immigrants coming to our country. But we want them doing it the right way. And as good parents, we need to insist that our children behave in a good way in order for them to qualify for goodies that we give them. So while these immigrants who want to come to our country, we want to tell them, “You’re welcome here, but you have to do the right process. There’s a process you need to go through.”

And what we need to do right now is the American people who understand why … what made America strong is we were united as one. In e pluribus unum is the words on our one dollar bill. Out of many, we became one. But we became one with one identity, and that’s American identity. The immigrants that came here wanted to become Americans. They taught their children English. They became a part of the American fabric.

Right now, what we need is the American public to make sure they rise up and speak with a very loud voice to their elected officials, saying to them, “You need to secure our borders. You need to unite us together as one, as Americans.” And it is the duty of our elected officials to make sure that America remains intact with a very strong national identity. We’re a very strong presence in the world, and the only way we’re gonna be able to protect our border, our language, and our culture is by securing our borders. And the American public needs to speak up and rise.

Dave Kistler:                 Brigitte, let me ask you this quickly with just a couple of minutes before we have to end the program. One of the tragedies in this entire immigration debate is coming from the “Christian community”, where pastors, religious leaders, are crusading many times for just unmitigated acceptance of these migrants into our country, not going through the procedure that you so aptly described. By the way, my wife and her family are immigrants to this country, who walked through the same process you walked through.

However, in John 10, verse 1, Jesus said this to the Pharisees. “Anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs up some other way, is a thief and a robber.” He didn’t say they’re an asylum seeker or a refugee. He said they’re a thief or a robber. I think there’s a principle there that could be applied here. When you try to come up any other way other than the correct way, it is wrong, and you should not be allowed entrance in. God’s certainly not gonna allow people entrance into His heaven who try to come some way other than the way He prescribed.

What do you say when you encounter religious people who advance an argument for just unmitigated acceptance of these illegal immigrants?

Brigitte G.:                    I say to them, “Do you keep your church doors open at night, or do you lock them? Do you have a security system in your church? Why aren’t you allowing every thug in town, and inviting everybody from the inner cities to come to your church and sleep at night?” Especially those who have megachurches. You’ve got 10,000 people who can sleep on the benches in your church. “Why don’t you open it up? Why do you lock your church at night?”

The hypocrisy that I see sometime coming from Christian pastors and the Christian community is unbelievable. But you so aptly said it correctly as to what the Bible says and what Jesus said. This is exactly, they need to do it in the right way, respecting the order. And then, they are welcome. And for pastors who want to help people who are in need, by all means. Why don’t you go set up a branch of your church in Honduras, in Guatemala, and teach these people how they can rise against their own leadership and create what we have in the United States?

Look, our founding fathers went up against the great British Empire in order for us to have America. They didn’t roll over and accept everything. That’s exactly why they left there. If these pastors want to help the people in Honduras and Guatemala, or anybody who is coming from Central America or South America, please go down, help them stay in their homes, in their community. Fix their community, make their community great like the United States is great. But do not allow criminals and thugs and human traffickers to enter our country and endanger the lives of all of us. That is not right, either, and God doesn’t approve of that, either.