Sam Rohrer:      Written on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a single verse from the Bible, Leviticus 25:10. It reads this, “Proclaim liberty throughout all of the land on to all the inhabitants thereof.” But also written there are these words. By order of the assembly of the province of Pennsylvania for the State House in Philadelphia. Well, this same Pennsylvania, the same Commonwealth, established by William Penn, on the walls of the current state house in Harrisburg bears the inscription of dozens of additional Bible verses from both the Old and the New Testament, including a very well-known verse from the book of John engraved in large gold letters on the ceiling of the House of Representatives. That verse is this, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Sam Rohrer:      Of course, that refers to Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. Well, how do we know these facts? Well, they’re observable and their historical. For me personally, I can add the fact that for 18 years I walked the halls of the Pennsylvania State House, and I read and I re read these Bible verses and the founders and those who went before clear recognition of God as creator, judge and redeemer of mankind. Yet there are people ladies and gentlemen who refer to themselves as an atheist and who begin organizations such as American Atheists or Freedom From Religion Foundation. By the way, here’s another one, a website, the Evil Bible Website. According to their own words, “Designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible where this God according to the Bible” Again, they’re saying, “Makes Osama bin Laden look like a boy scout.”

Sam Rohrer:      Well, these atheistic groups do their best to keep others, particularly students and children from learning about God, couching their concerns for the defense of the Constitution. But in the end, they are deathly afraid of the truth. I submit are rather destroyers of freedom and liberty as referenced on our Liberty Bell. Our theme for the day is atheism, defenders of the Constitution or destroyers of freedom?

Sam Rohrer:      Our special guest is Dr. Ken Ham. He’s an evangelist, he’s a scientist. He’s also the founder of Answers In Genesis and The Ark Experience. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I welcome you today to stand in the gap today, and I’ll be joined by the entire team, evangelist Dave Kistler, Dr. Gary Dull. With that, I want to welcome to the program today Dr. Ken Ham. Ken, thanks for being with us.

Ken Ham:          Hey, it’s great to be with you again.

Sam Rohrer:      It’s a pleasure watching what God has done through you and the efforts of so many there at the Answers in Genesis Museum and the Ark Encounter. A lot of people are aware of that positively. Some like the Freedom From Religion Foundation are aware as well and they’ve gone after you. But before we get into the specifics of that in the next segment, I want to ask you something here, Ken, if I can. The American Atheists, the Freedom From Religion Foundation have gone after freedom in defense of the Constitution they say.

Sam Rohrer:      They’ve attacked The Ark Experience, you personally, but I want to establish here right now and have you do so the basis for liberty freedom and our constitutional protections that grant the freedom of religion. I want you to look at that part. The verse I read earlier from John that appears in the ceiling of the House of Representative says this, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Sam Rohrer:      Ken, if you could, tie together the principles of truth and why truth alone can set one free. I’m going to add both spiritually and in a civil sense. Why is that? Why is truth necessary?

Ken Ham:          Well, think about it. How do we define truth? Who defines what truth is? How do we determine what’s right, and what’s wrong? How do we determine what’s good and what’s evil? Even when one comes to talk about truth, how can an atheist the American Atheists and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are really basically just a group of atheists, how can they determine what’s truth or even talk about truth. Because from their perspective, if there’s no God, there’s no absolute authority. Then man can be his own guide. That was the temptation in Genesis 3.

Ken Ham:          If you go back to look at the history of the universe, according to the Bible, and the history of mankind, when God made Adam he said you can eat up all the trees, there’s one tree you’re not to eat off, because if you do you’ll surely die.

Ken Ham:          Well, the devil came to Eve and really to Adam and Eve and said, “Did God really say?” So, the first temptation, the first attack was on the Word of God. The first attack was to say, don’t believe God’s word. And then you can become as God. In other words, you decide truth for yourself. It’s all relative. It’s totally up to you. You can be your own God.

Ken Ham:          I think that that’s important thing that we need to understand right from the start here is that you’ve got these atheists out there talking about what is right, what is wrong, and so on. But if you don’t have a basis in an absolute authority, let’s face it, most of the founding fathers of America were Christian, or at least had a Judeo or Christian ethic based on the Bible. That’s why you could read what you just read in regard to versus that you see and statements that you see all around Washington DC, in fact in the capital, or why the 10 commandments is on the Supreme Court building and so it goes on. Is because when you start from the basis that there’s an absolute authority and the one who is the ultimate law giver and that is God.

Ken Ham:          Remember when a man came to Jesus and said, “Good Master.” Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? There’s none good sayeth God.” In other words, if you don’t have one who is an absolute authority who is absolutely good, how do you decide what good is?

Sam Rohrer:      Okay, Ken. Let me just hold you right there. Ladies and gentlemen, truth is necessary to define a standard. Without a standard, you have no basis for determining in a consistent fashion anything. That’s what atheists have given up. Gary, coming to you, you’re a fellow Pennsylvanian, we know what the history of Pennsylvania is, holy experiment, God’s holy experiment written on the [inaudible 00:06:53] of the wall. But to go back to that Philadelphia verse there on the Liberty Bell, it says, “Proclaim liberty throughout the land.”

Sam Rohrer:      Gary, this kind of thing that we’re talking about; truth, liberty, factor that in there. Why is it something that must be proclaimed and not held close to the vest?

Gary Dull:         Well, of course that comes from Leviticus 25:10. It was the passage that related to the year of jubilee for Israel that they celebrated every fiftieth year when the land would lay fallow for a year, and the people were given year off of work, slaves were released and so forth. But it all goes back to express who God is and what God expects.

Gary Dull:         Sam, God is the author of liberty and freedom. Ultimately, that relates to spiritual freedom from sin. Sin places people in bondage, and the reason why we need to proclaim liberty through Christ and liberty from God is so that people can be free from the bondage of sin. That is a message that needs to be heralded all around the world.

Sam Rohrer:      Welcome back to the program. Today, our general theme is atheism, constitutional defenders or freedom destroyers. In early January the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group of activists atheist sent a letter to over 1000 public schools in Kentucky and four other states surrounding the Answers in Genesis Ark experience. In that letter, they threatened these schools from allowing their students to visit the Ark as part of a school arranged field trip.

Sam Rohrer:      In their threatening letter. They said this. Understand, this letter went from them to public school administrators, “public schools and public school staff may not constitutionally organize trips to the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum or any other religious venue.” They went on to say, “We are writing again because, unfortunately, Ken Ham the evangelist who built these two notorious theme parks continues to encourage public schools to plan field trips to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.”

Sam Rohrer:      They go on to say, “Though Ham asserts that the law is on his side, this is untrue. Unquestionably, any field trip facilitated by a public school to either attraction would be unconstitutional.” They go on to conclude, “In short, it is unacceptable to expose a captive audience of impressionable students to the overtly religious atmosphere of Ken Ham’s, Christian theme parks.”

Sam Rohrer:      Well, appearing as defenders of the constitution, this atheist group is attempting to shut down a true educational experience and the presenting of truth which alone can set one free. To find out more about this recent attack, I’m going to bring back right now. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, and The Ark Experience. Ken, tell us a little bit more about this threatening letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Simple questions to start out with, why are they and other atheists so afraid of students and children visiting the Ark?

Ken Ham:          Well, you know, they did this back in 2016 when the Ark opened. And they did it in 2019 in a local atheist group. Actually, also did it as well in 2018. But what the Freedom From Religion Foundation did was send 1000 letters as you said to public schools in five states that within driving distance of the Ark Encounter, threatening them.

Ken Ham:          This is the way these groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the American Atheists are unfortunately undermining Christian freedoms in this nation because they bully people, they’ll bully counties or anywhere where there’s some symbol of Christianity such as a cross or nativity scenes or 10 commandments and so on. They use fear mongering tactics, bullying tactics, strong arming tactics, and they threaten, they imply that they will take legal action against someone if they don’t do what they want them to do. And that is remove any vestige of Christianity or they dare take kids on a field trip to the Ark or the Creation Museum.

Ken Ham:          It’s one of the reasons why we responded by the way to this recent letter and often free admission to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter for any officially organized public school trip to come there to try to overcome what they are doing. What they’re doing is actually attacking the constitution, they’re undermining the Constitution.

Ken Ham:          The reason they do this, because if you go to the Freedom From Religion Foundation website, you’ll see that they offer billboards to put up in various areas and basically they attack Christianity, they mock Christians, they blaspheme God. They are so hateful of the Christian message and they want to impose their atheistic message, that’s why they attack. It’s got nothing to do with upholding the constitution. It’s because they’re basically atheists and they’re becoming more and more aggressive and more bold which is why I’m saying, hey look, we need to stand up courageously for our freedoms in this nation. That’s why we’re encouraging even public schools, stand up because otherwise we’ll lose these freedoms because of the fear mongering tactics of groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Sam Rohrer:      Dr. Ken, you are not the only one that’s been on the receiving end of a threatening letter. Many of our listeners will know because we talked about it shortly after the national championship football game. But the entire Clemson University administration, Coach Dabo Swinney going into the national championship football game was sent something similar, a letter that basically called for the firing of Dabo Swinney and the immediate cessation of any coach lead or chaplain lead religious instruction with the football team.

Sam Rohrer:      Of course, the administration totally ignored that, Dabo Swinney just disregarded that. After the victory on the 7th of January over Alabama, Coach Dabo Swinney gave glory to God, praised the name of his Savior Jesus Christ, and did that in the face of threats of lawsuits coming from this very same entity, the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Sam Rohrer:      Now, I understand in response to these threats, you had a constitutional attorney compile a letter back to them and I would be curious and I’m sure listening audience would love to know what was the contents of that letter?

Ken Ham:          Well, in summary, for instance, number one, Nate Kellum from the Center For Religious Expression, he actually was involved in a court case we had against the state of Kentucky when their then Governor tried to stop our Ark Encounter receiving a tourism tax incentive that any other tourists facility could receive. They said we couldn’t because we were Christian. So, it’s the same situation is discrimination against Christianity and undermining the First Amendment.

Ken Ham:          He is a constitutional legal expert and one thing he noted in the letter … We sent a letter to 1000 schools but he also sent a letter that we included with that and we’ve published it on our website. But he said, number one, they failed to cite a single case indicating that a field trip to a religious facility is unconstitutional.

Ken Ham:          He pointed out that introducing students to other perspectives about science and history outside the context of the classroom is a valid secular objective, and that exposing students to different perspectives, even religious one is a far cry from promoting them. Because one of the things they said in the letter was if you take your students to the Ark Encounter, that means you are promoting what they teach. Well, that’s just simply not true. If a public school takes their students to a mosque to learn about what Muslims believe, that doesn’t mean they’re promoting the Muslim religion or everything they believe in. If you take your students to a distillery, like the Bourbon distillery museum in Kentucky, which is very famous, that doesn’t mean you’re endorsing to all the students you should all be drinking whiskey or something like that.

Ken Ham:          What our constitutional legal expert is actually saying, in fact, he goes on to say that it’s really undermining the constitutional rights of the students if they’re told that you can’t be taken to a place like the Ark Encounter because in actual fact, it is their constitutional right as students to be able to learn other perspectives.

Ken Ham:          That’s something else that’s being ignored here is the constitutional rights of the students themselves. Because the courts have ruled, you’re not to promote what they call religion, but you’re not too inhibit it either. You can’t have teachers inhibiting what the students can learn in regard to other perspectives to learn about life and to learn about other beliefs.

Gary Dull:         That’s a very good way to approach that, Ken, because you see, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, they basically take away the Constitutional rights of so many people, they’re just doing everything they can to snuff God out of the picture. But as it relates to your ministry there, where does the matter sit right now? Our schools continuing to visit or have the atheists been successful at this point in scaring off students in schools?

Ken Ham:          Well, the atheists have been doing this for many many years, and they have put so much pressure on public schools in regard to anything Christian that public schools really, they don’t want to get tied up in a lawsuit and they realized that to hire attorneys costs money and so on. Even though we’ve offered them pro bono legal experts for the constitution, nonetheless, there’s been so much intimidation and these threats from these groups for so many years and public schools are by and large so secular and so many of the teachers have been threatened in regard to Christian things, that really they don’t come to the Ark or the Creation Museum.

Ken Ham:          In fact, I would say, the Creation Museum has been open for 12 years, and the Ark has been open for two years. I’d say in all that time, and I’ve asked our customer service personnel and others, they would be a handful at the most. In fact, I personally only know of one public school field trip that has actually come to the Creation Museum or the Ark.

Ken Ham:          We haven’t gone after that market specifically or anything like that. The reason we have responded now with an offer of free tickets, once before we offered them all $1 a student. I think we had one school take us up on that. Now, we’ve offered free but they know that if they take us up on it and they bring students, they’re going to get threatened with legal action and they realize any court case could go on for years and eventually go to the Supreme Court. I’d love to see one go all the way to the Supreme Court, because I believe the Supreme Court would rule conclusively that of course, students can be taken to all sorts of different places provided they’re not being told you have to believe this. As an educational experience, of course, they should be. But unfortunately, this is why we’re seeing the religion of atheism imposed on our culture across this nation.

Sam Rohrer:      Our theme today, atheism, constitutional defenders or freedom destroyers? Again, our special guest is Dr. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis. I wanted too in this segment, we’re going to talk about atheism strategy a little bit more, and in the next segment I want you to stay with us because we’re going to talk about the antidote to atheism. And I’m going to ask him for his thoughts, Gary for his thoughts, and if we have time, Dave for his as we talk about the antidote to atheism .

Sam Rohrer:      Well, ever since the devil in the form of the serpent approached Eve in the Garden of Eden, the attack against truth, the truth of a biblical worldview, the truth of God, creation and the fall, redemption and restoration has taken many forms. Some are direct and others like the devil’s strategy against Eve there and Adam where he craftily questioned the truth and the goodness of God by asking, “Hath God said?” Well, the devil and atheism, the ideology that denies the existence of God and truth have continued raising their fists against the God of heaven, against Christians, against truth, against the Judeo Christian worldview and laws and freedom that arise from those laws.

Sam Rohrer:      We’re going to discuss this strategy a bit more in this next segment with our special guest, who again is with Answers in Genesis and The Ark Experience, located in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Ken, let me go back to you right now. Answers in Genesis, if someone goes to your website at, you lay out there that it is primarily an apologetic emphasis. I want to use that as a bit of a backdrop. Lay out if you could, an apologetic for truth and a brief explanation of atheism strategy to undermine the truth. By doing that, undermine Christianity and undermining our constitutional protections to ensure our biblical worldview foundation of law and justice. Put some of these things together so that we can get a better understanding of this conflict that is going on between atheism and what God says to be the case in the Word of God.

Ken Ham:          Well, I think the first thing is that atheists have really tried to indoctrinate and brainwash generations of students that if you believe in God, that’s religion. But if you leave God out, then you’re neutral, then that’s not religion. Students have the idea that, oh, in school, in the science class, when you learn about the origin of life, and you learned about the universe, you can’t mention God because that’s religion. What people need to understand is, there’s no neutral position. There’s no such thing as neutrality.

Ken Ham:          In fact, there’s basically been a battle between two religions that started in the garden; trust God’s Word or man decides truth for himself. That’s really the same battle that we’ve got before us today. That’s what people need to recognize. The Bible says you are either for Christ or against. You either walk in darkness or you walk in the light. You either gather, or you scatter. There’s no neutrality.

Ken Ham:          The problem is, we’ve got generations of kids who’ve got this idea they’ve been taught naturalism in the public education system, and naturalism is atheism. So, they’re already indoctrinated in atheistic philosophy. That’s already happened. Many many people even in our churches, most of our Christian leaders have this idea, oh, yeah, they can’t bring God or creation into the public school because that’s religion. We’ve got to understand something there is a state religion in the public school system, the state religion is naturalism or atheism. That is the state religion our taxes are paying for it and generations of our kids are being indoctrinated with that.

Ken Ham:          Until people start to understand that, they’re not going to really get the battle that’s going on. So, there’s really no such thing in a sense of the separation of church and state as a seculars talk about, because there is no neutral position. That’s number one. Until people understand that, they’re not going to get what the battle is all about.

Sam Rohrer:      Dr. Ken, let me ask you this, because you talk about this separation of church and state misunderstanding. We have an example of that, that came up yesterday in the Natural Resources Committee in the United States House of Representative, where they are proposing the removal of the phrase, “so help me God.” from the witness oath. In other words, any time a witness is called in to testify before the Natural Resources Committee and they’re sworn in to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God. That phrase, “so help me God” now is being proposed, the proposal’s on the table to remove it. Is this a further illustration of atheism indeed being the default position right now in the United States of America? Or is this just an innocent thing as those that are proposing the removal of it claim it to be?

Ken Ham:          Look, it’s exactly the same thing as, you’ve got people who are saying, “Oh, if they don’t want conservatives or what they call conservatives elected to the Supreme Court.” Why? Because they’re going to have a particular worldview in the way that they interpret the constitution and determine what’s right and what’s wrong. They want liberals, why? Because they have a whole different worldview.

Ken Ham:          It’s the same sort of thing. What’s happening here when they remove God, oh well, now that’s making it neutral. No, those who don’t want God are imposing their belief of know God on people. Again, there is no neutral position. It’s really showing that they want the religion of secularism in the oath that they’re taking. They don’t want the religion of Christianity and they’re really removing the historic foundation in that sense from what this nation is all about.

Ken Ham:          But it really comes down to the fact again, we’ve got to understand there’s no neutral position. By removing god they’re not making it neutral, they’re now imposing their atheistic views on the culture.

Sam Rohrer:      Ken, boy I tell you, we could go a lot of places here. Dave, thanks for bringing up that example happening right down there in Washington DC. And Ken, I’m going to bring up an example that’s happening right here very close to where I am residing here in southeast Pennsylvania. Coming up this weekend, this Saturday, scheduled in a public library, a public library opened to children. Believe it or not the elected public library officials. I will say ladies and gentlemen, this is happening across the country. So keep your eyes open and we’re trying to address this.

Sam Rohrer:      But believe it or not, the library is bringing in a drag queen, a drag queen who dons satanic symbols, performs lewd sexually charged nightclub shows. He’s going to come in and read to the children in an approved story hour four children. Do you know what this drag queen’s name is? Annie Christ. A-N-N-I-E, Annie Christ. Sounds a lot like anti-Christ, I’m sure he’s not as intentional. But I doubt, Ken, very much whether the Freedom From Religion Foundation will be there to protect the children in this case. What do you think?

Ken Ham:          Well, this has been happening actually in public libraries all across the nation. One of the things that we’re finding is, can you imagine what would happen if the library board in a Bible believing Christian apologists like Ken Ham to be able to teach children on creation as opposed to evolution? Well, you know what would happen, the Freedom From Religion Foundation would say, “Now, you’re imposing a religion on those children and you can’t do that.” They would threaten to sue the library.” You know that that would happen because they would say, “No, no, no, you can’t have us bring your religion. A drag queen, oh that’s okay.”

Ken Ham:          Because what they really doing is they’re making sexual perversion in all sorts of different ways with different people, they’re making that a protected class of people and that they have a right to impose their views on the culture and they call that freedom of speech. But what they’re really doing is imposing an anti-God, atheistic, perverse worldview on generations of kids.

Ken Ham:          Again, it comes down to the fact that it’s a worldview clash. They again would say, but that’s not religion, but it is religion. It’s because generations of kids and people have not been taught the right way. In fact, I would say much about church hasn’t taught the right way because they haven’t really taught people how to think correctly and that everyone has a worldview and that everyone has a foundation for that worldview. Until we get to learn that correctly, we’re not going to understand or know how to combat these sorts of things.

Sam Rohrer:      Well, we’ve approached the final segment of our program today. If you listen often to the program, we often refer to this as solution segment. As we present headline news, and present often disturbing aspects of the news, which is important to do, we don’t want to leave you hanging. Because Word of God does hold the answers for all issues of life, and so it does in regard to atheism.

Sam Rohrer:      Since Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and since it’s the truth that sets one free, Jesus is therefore freedom and liberty. By logical deduction, if Jesus is denied, then truth is denied. And if Jesus and truth are freedom, then denying Jesus and truth is destroying freedom. The destruction of freedom, therefore, logically results in bondage and slavery. That’s what you get if you don’t have freedom, right?

Sam Rohrer:      Now, in a cultural setting, therefore, freedom under a constitutional form of government would be replaced with what? A dictatorial totalitarianism. In America we’ve fought World Wars to limit the spreading of the contagion of atheistic communism and Marxism in Islam. Yes, we know that ultimately truth does prevail. Jesus Christ will see to that. But in the present, what’s the most effective antidote to the plague into the contagion of atheism and its spread to undercut and to destroy freedom?

Sam Rohrer:      I want to lay out some simple guidelines now, in this last segment. Gary, I want to go to you first briefly and then I want to go to Ken, for his thoughts. Gary, you’ve been a pastor for over 40 years. Lay out if you could, briefly the antidote for atheism from the position of the pulpit, and how the pulpit can effectively administer that antidote.

Gary Dull:         Well Sam, I think you alluded to it in your statement there that Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life. I think that the antidote for atheism is of course, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is truth, Jesus Christ is real, Jesus Christ is eternal. And when Jesus Christ and the message of the gospel, yea, indeed, the message of the Word of God is delivered, that is the real antidote for atheism.

Gary Dull:         I think that we can all give names of individuals we know or know of, who when they heard the word of God, though they were atheists, they came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and became preachers and teachers and fill forth the Word of God. But it reminds me that number one, as we draw closer to the return of Christ, we know that people will come along with devilish doctrines. I think that atheism and the religion of atheism is one of those devilish doctrines.

Gary Dull:         However, it behooves those of us who are preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to make sure that our pulpits are on fire with the Word of God. That we don’t just teach something that is going to tickle the ears of our listeners. But we give the unadulterated Word of God in truth, because it does not return unto us void. When we give the Word of God in truth, it will have its effect on everybody’s lives, including the lives of atheists, as well as the whole concept of atheism. So, the antidote, simply speaking, is the preaching and the teaching of the Word of God without compromise.

Sam Rohrer:      And the entire whole counsel of God too, Gary, we talked a lot about that. Not just portions of it, but all of Scripture. Ken, let me go to you now. You are an apologist, you’re an evangelist as well, you’re a scientist, you’re involved in a lot of things. That’s really, to some extent what we do here on this program [inaudible 00:32:02] as a part of that. But God’s given you a real opportunity to interface with tens of thousands of people; parents, grandparents, many children. From your perspective, you can throw the pulpit in here as well. But I want to ask you, how can parents and teachers, those who are instructing our children and our young people, how can they administer truth more effectively as the antidote to atheism?

Ken Ham:          Well, let me just say this, I totally agree. The antidote is the gospel. The antidote is God’s word, the preaching of the Word and the gospel. I totally agree with that. I would also like to look at it from a perspective of the tactics to use to reach people today. Because if you look at it, I was invited last year to go … It’s a long story, but to go and speak at the University of Central Oklahoma. I was opposed by the LGBT group there who tried to cancel the invitation, but they got it canceled because they said, “I’m a Christian. I believe marriage is a man and a woman. That’s hate speech.”

Ken Ham:          So, they canceled me. Why? Because the pressure put on the university and all sorts of things in my legislators, I got re-invited. When I was there and presented to them, it’s interesting, at the end of the talk, I had professors and students come up and say how thankful they were that I disarmed the whole situation and put the LGBT movement in the position of really not coming back at me and accusing me of hate speech. The reason is because it was the tactical method I used on talking to them. I went in and said, I’m a Christian, I want you to know I start from this book called The Bible. Now, if you don’t believe the Bible, I understand that, but I have a worldview that’s built on this foundation. If you don’t have the same foundation as me, you won’t have the same worldview.

Ken Ham:          Then I went through and said, I want to tell you why I believe what I do. Even with marriage, I start from the Bible, God made Adam and Eve. The first marriage, marriage is a man and a woman, even with gender, God made male and female. I said, but if you have a different foundation, you don’t believe there’s a God, you don’t believe the Bible is true, you’re going to have a different worldview.

Ken Ham:          I got across to them that the clash of worldviews is because we have a foundational clash as to why we start from. My point is, we need to be like that today in looking at people. When I’m talking to somebody, I’m thinking of them like a house. How do you build a house? You build it from the foundation up, you don’t build it from the roof down? I think we have raised up so many people today, even in many churches of imposing the Christian structure from the top down, our doctrines, but they don’t really know why they believe what they do. Their thinking really starts from the foundation of God’s Word beginning in Genesis and they don’t really understand that an atheist has the foundation that all life is explained without God, there’s no God. They believe everything came about by natural processes.

Ken Ham:          Really, whether it’s racism, whether it’s abortion, whether it’s a gender issue, whether it’s talking about these atheists and what they are doing, gay marriage, whatever it is, that’s the worldview clash. Because there’s a foundation clash. I recognize when I go to some of these atheists today, and if I say, But the Bible says, they’re going to say, “But the Bible is a book of mythology. We don’t believe. The Bible cites the history of the Bible.”

Ken Ham:          I’m saying, we got to start at a position of saying, I want to tell you why I start here, what this book is. I want you to know it is the word of God, I want you to know I can defend my faith, I can answer all these questions and ultimately that from starting from God’s word is where my worldview comes from. Of course, ultimately, what you’re doing is sharing with them who they are, and what their problem is, sin, what the solution is in Jesus Christ.

Ken Ham:          But to me the antidote, yes, it’s the gospel, it’s the word of God and the tactics by which we get across to people our message by which we communicate to them and I call it thinking foundationally and knowing why we believe what we do. Where I think it comes from knowing how those who don’t believe, how they think and where their thinking comes from and then dealing foundationally with that.

Sam Rohrer:      Ken, to me, that’s very practical and took people right to the heart. Ladies and gents, I hope you’ve heard what brother Ken was saying there. Ultimately, we’re involved in a world view clash. If you understand biblical worldview you must know the truth that’s God’s word, but how we present it to those who don’t have that worldview is what Ken was talking about. Think foundationally, present the truth in that fashion, then the Holy Spirit will take it and will use that effectively.