Dave Kistler:                 Ladies and gentleman, it should go without saying that the shooting in New Zealand was an act of horrific perversion, and one that should have never occurred and should never occur again anytime or anywhere. To the families of the victims, we offer our prayers and our heartfelt condolences. I know that Christian missionaries in New Zealand, and I know some really great ones there to be honest with you. They have reached out, will continue to reach out in the midst of this tragedy with the love of Christ. I pray, and I’m encouraging you to pray as well that the Gospel of Christ will be heard, understood, and accepted by those that are part of this horrific situation.

Dave Kistler:                 Well, with all of that said, amid the myriad of reports that are emerging from the New Zealand tragedy is one that’s supposedly, and I emphasize the word supposedly, tells of a comment made by one of the man at the door of the mosque, the very mosque that became a horrendous scene of mass murder. What’s being reported is this. That this gentleman who was the greeter, allegedly spoke to the gunman and addressed him with this statement, “Hello Brother.” Now, this is being reported as being the greeting that was issued by this man who was ultimately shot and killed. That reported greeting is being described as heroic, courageous, loving, and exhibiting the true nature of Islam, which is peace.

Dave Kistler:                 We’re going to talk about that in just a moment, but with all of this, I want to welcome you to Stand in the Gap Today. I am Dave Kistler. I’m joined today by Dr. Gary Dull, and a returning guest, a dear friend of mine and Gary’s, his name is Tom Wallace. He is the founder of Fortress of Faith. It’s a ministry that seeks to inform on the topic of Islam, as well as sharing the love of Jesus Christ with Muslims themselves.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, I want to welcome you to Stand in the Gap Today. You are a dear friend, not only personally, but also of this ministry. I want to thank you for joining us today. Before I formally bring you aboard, ladies and gentlemen, our topic today is going to be a vitally important one and it’s simply this, Islamophobia or Islamic Friendly: The Danger of Ignoring the Truth.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, you as I said earlier have been on the program before, but it’s been a while since we’ve had you on. I want to welcome you back to the program and ask if you would do this because we have new listeners all the time. Share a little bit about who you are and how Fortress of Faith came about.

Tom Wallace:                Yes, sir. David and Gary, it’s always a joy to be on with you guys and with your listeners here at Stand in the Gap. You guys are doing a great service for God and for our country. I appreciate the friendship that I have with you both. I was a missionary in Europe for 29 years. Over there, we saw the gradual immigration of Muslims, and then the lack of assimilation of Islam into the European streets and people there. We were told to get along with them, rather than them get along with us.

Tom Wallace:                I saw the gradual shift in Europe, and then we saw when the Sharia Law Courts became part of the legal code in Britain. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back from September 14, 2008. I for years said, “That ain’t going to happen.” They were saying, “Sharia Law is coming. Sharia Law is coming.” It’s in the news just about every month and so on, and it actually happened and I couldn’t believe it. That’s when it really, when I begin to wake up to say that there’s an agenda here that we’re missing.

Tom Wallace:                God called me home to America. I have our ministry Fortress of Faith. We have three goals. Number one, resist Islam. Any nation that didn’t, lost its freedom, lost its faith. Number two, rescue Muslims. We don’t call Muslims. They’re not our enemy. They are the victims of a false religion, a false teaching, and they’re in darkness and they need to be shown the light through the scriptures and be brought to the true Jesus. Number three, revive America because that’s really a solution to all of it, because we have a spiritual problem here in America, and Islam is the result of that. That’s our ministry. We’re nationwide coast to coast on a radio broadcast. It’s a joy to be with you, on your program.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing that. Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted you to hear that because this is the essence of Tom’s heart. He is a scholar on the topic of Islam. He’s also a Christian apologist and a former missionary, and I encourage you to listen to his program Fortress of Faith. Search for it on the internet, find the stations that carry it. You will be richly blessed and greatly informed.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, I want to go back to this reported incident that supposedly occurred at the door of the New Zealand mosque. I’m not saying it did not occur. I just haven’t been able to confirm it, but one Facebook comment said this and I’m quoting, “Perhaps, this hero was trying to defuse the situation. Allah used this man to show the world the kindness that is Islam. I don’t know, but what I want is to make certain that this detail isn’t lost amongst you. That this man’s final act was an Islamic one. A sincere, courageous, and warm way to stop violence instead of fueling it. May Allah grant this hero and the rest of the victims the highest level of paradise, amen.”

Dave Kistler:                 Now Tom, what must not be forgotten in this unfortunate and completely unjustified tragedy is the fact that Islam and Islamic ideology is not as this Facebook writer said. It is not kind, nor does Islamic ideology seek to stop violence instead of fueling it. In fact, 1,400 years of Islamic advancement across the globe has always been at the end of a sword. It’s the most violent religion possible. What I’d love for you to do Tom is take just a few minutes, talk about that with our listeners because it’s important that they understand.

Tom Wallace:                As soon as we begin to understand that in the Islamic world, there is real Islam and fake Islam. Let’s give it a different term. There is Mohammed’s Islam, the fundamentalist version of it, which is what Mohammed gave us which is the real Islam. Then there’s the reformed version, the fake version that the Ottoman Empire created about 500 years ago. The Ottoman Empire pretty much adulterated Mohammed’s teachings by choosing and picking what they thought was more what they wanted.

Tom Wallace:                It’s like going to a buffet and saying, “Okay. We like this, and this, and this, and this. The rest we’re going to leave on the buffet, and we’re going to take this with us.” They have this fantasy that they’ve created of Mohammed and his teachings. They only pick the kind, nice, gentle passages and that making him in a favorable light. They take the early passages what we call the Meccan passages are the first peaceful passages in first 12 years.

Tom Wallace:                Then, he’s thrown out by the Arabs. They don’t want him. They don’t want his religion. He has 120 followers. Mohammed becomes the very first Muslim refugee, and he’s thrown out, and he goes to Medina where the four Jewish tribes are there, and he greets them, “Glad tidings, I’m your prophet.” They heard his preaching. They said, “You’re not God’s prophet,” and they reject him.

Tom Wallace:                Now, his message changes. The Arabs don’t want him. The Jews don’t want him, and now becomes militant. These last 10 years where you get the sword of Islam. These are the passages that largely the Ottoman Empire rejected. They reject all that stuff and most of the Muslims in the world have not been taught the real truth of Mohammed’s life and the Koran. They’re not allowed to read it, unless they read it in Arabic. They’re largely ignorant of what Islam is really about.

Dave Kistler:                 Almost immediately after the horrific New Zealand shooting, proponents of Islamic ideology began placing blame for that event in all the wrong places. In fact, even some suggested that the rhetoric of President Trump and the fact that he is a white supremacist was the reason. Well folks, if you anything about President Donald Trump, he is not a white supremacist. Of course, those accusations are absurd and beyond ridiculous, but nevertheless, the accusations persist.

Dave Kistler:                 I want to welcome back to the program today our friend Tom Wallace. He’s founder of Fortress of Faith. It’s a ministry of education about an evangelization of Muslims, and our thing today is this. Islamophobia or Islamic Friendly: The Danger of Ignoring the Truth. Tom, the horrific murder of anyone whether it’s by a lunatic gunman or by those committed to Islamic ideology is unequivocally wrong. We without question condemned the actions of this New Zealand gunman.

Dave Kistler:                 That said, there appears to be an unequal outrage against the unspeakable murder of Christians and non-Muslims across the globe. In other words, immediately there was outrage expressed at the New Zealand shooter, but even as that was occurring, there are Christians and non-Muslims being massacred by the thousands around the world and there seems to be almost no mention of that, no outrage about this.

Dave Kistler:                 I want to ask you this. What’s going on that a shooting at a mosque gets wall to wall coverage, but the actions of the Islamic ideologically committed Muslims and their acts of horrific terrorism do not get the same coverage?

Tom Wallace:                You know what? It’s interesting you bring that up because that was the very topic that I was discussing since the shooting as well. Yes, we do absolutely condemn the shooting. Absolutely wrong, we do not condone that in any manner at all. Should the media cover this story? Absolutely, but it shows the hypocrisy, and their bias, and their agenda when they ignore the mass killing of Christians had been going around the world.

Tom Wallace:                I mean, just in the last three weeks, 120 Christians had been killed by the Fulani Muslims there in Nigeria. They burned 140 of the Christian homes, and over 90,000 Christians were killed according to Open Doors, which is the most credible research on this particular issue of persecution of Christians, Open Doors. 90,000 Christian had been killed over the last year, we’re now at a rate of 255 Christians killed every week. 104 abducted every week. 180 Christian women are raped and sexually harassed every week. 66 churches are attacked every week, and 160 Christians are detained without trial and imprisoned every week.

Tom Wallace:                Where is the media on this? They’re silent, and it shows their bias and it angers Christians. It’s got to anger us. We need to put the attention and the fire to their feet for them not doing their job of letting the world know. By the way, most of this harassment, most of this persecution is coming at the hands of Muslims, and that story is not being told.

Gary Dull:                     Well, it’s very interesting that you said that because we were discussing that Tom this morning at our Men’s Prayer Breakfast here in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It’s a shame that we’re seeing this develop this way. Over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro who we all know is a very popular Fox News host, was suspended from her program for making this statement and I quote. She said, “Think about it. Omar wears a hijab. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia Law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Gary Dull:                     Now, I have a couple of questions that I want to ask with regard to that Tom if you don’t mind. First of all, do you have a problem with Pirro’s statement? In other words, was it untrue, was it true, was it worthy of her being temporarily suspended?

Tom Wallace:                Well, okay. Does she have a good question that she’s posing? Absolutely. This is the very same thing I’ve been wanting about with any person who serves in our government, in our military. If they’re Muslim, we have to ask the question, “Where do their loyalties lie?” If their loyalty lies with Islam, we’re in trouble. It’s just like we face the enemy in World War II when you were a German. We had asked the question, “Where is your loyalty? Is your loyalty to your nation or with our nation?” If we couldn’t establish that carefully, then we were in trouble.

Tom Wallace:                We’re facing the same thing with Islam. Islam of course is nationless, but we have to ask that question. I think Judge Jeanine is being mistreated here, being scolded, and taken off the air because of that. I think her question was quite legitimate.

Gary Dull:                     Well, I agree. I sometimes wondered what’s taking place up there at Fox, and it will be interesting to watch to see what develops in this. Another question tied in to this Tom as it relates to Omar’s wearing the hijab. Was that a declaration of her commitment to Sharia Law in your thinking?

Tom Wallace:                Yeah. I mean, legally according to Islam, she has to cover her hair. She has to do that when she’s in public. She is being submitting herself, so she’s showing us identifying herself as one who is submissive to Sharia Law, even though she lives in the west, even though she can still dress modestly without the hijab. The hijab not only covers the hair, but it also covers the cleavage and stuff. You can still do that, dress modestly without the hijab but wearing it shows, “I am identifying as a Muslim publicly.”

Tom Wallace:                Now, I identify publicly as a Christian. I put my Christian faith above my national loyalty. God comes first to me as a Christian. If she wears her religion and lives her religion of Islam before her national side, then yes, we do have some concern as to where her loyalties lie. I think it does indicate that.

Gary Dull:                     So, building down just a little bit more, is her commitment to the Islamic ideology that we are seeing here, is that antithetical to the United States Constitution? Let me put it this way Tom. Should Omar even be in the United States Congress?

Tom Wallace:                Okay. Well, okay. Let me go and answer the first question you gave there on that there. Is it antithetical to the US Constitution? The simple answer is absolutely yes. You look at every nation out there that is under Islamic law, under the Sharia Law that practices it, and you’ll find that it is a government that is despotic. A government that is led by a supreme leader for the most part. If they truly follow Sharia Law, that’s what they’ll have, a dictatorship. The word Islam means submission, surrender, obey. They push this, “Obey this. You can’t question this. You got to just do it, and just live it, and just obey it.”

Tom Wallace:                Here in America, we championed something called freedom. Something called liberty. These are enemies to the whole teaching of Islam. Freedom, liberty, go look in their nations. Do you have it there? Absolutely not. So, if she is committed to Sharia Law, she is going to be against freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and so on there, or she’s a liar. She’s not going to be faithful to her religion and trying to deceive us.

Tom Wallace:                Should she be a member of the US Congress? In our country, we have a right to vote in to whoever we chose to vote in. I believe she’s got a legal right there, but a moral right for as a nation? No.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, let me jump in and ask this because there’s three Muslims now serving in the US Congress, two of which are Ilhan Omar that Gary was asking you about. She wears the hijab, but also one of the new freshman congresswomen is Rashida Tlaib, from Michigan. She does not typically wear the hijab. What’s going on there Tom? Why the difference?

Tom Wallace:                Rashida is not in a community, although she’s in an Arab community and you do see that hijab and the burka up there in that part of Michigan. I go there often. It’s just not as heavy on her community as it is for Ilhan where Omar is from. She comes from a Sudanese background up there in Saint Paul in Minnesota. That community is very big on the Sharia. This is where most of the recruits for ISIS that came out of the United States, most of the fundamentalist are up in that community.

Tom Wallace:                In Michigan, we have a lot of people as I was trying to explain in the first segment. They’re following a reformed version of Islam for the most part, but those up in Minnesota, those coming out of that part of the country are going to be more militant, more fundamentalist because they’re following more Mohammed’s Islam.

Tom Wallace:                If we look at it this way, real Islam and fake Islam, those who are following at the reformed, fake version of it there, they’re going to assimilate more to our country. Those who are following the fundamental version, they’re Salafist, fundamentalist, they’re not. If you cover up, it shows you’re becoming more devoted and you’re more fundamental.

Dave Kistler:                 Ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to Tom Wallace. He is the founder of Fortress of Faith. It is the ministry that God has given Tom. That is also the name of his radio program. Again, I am encouraging you to locate his program. Some of the terminology he has used maybe unfamiliar to you, but on a very regular basis, Tom defines those terms. His program is an excellent resource for you to seek out and listen to.

Dave Kistler:                 Well gentlemen, an Australian senator has been strongly criticized after he blamed the New Zealand shooting on Muslim immigration into that country. Following the attack which of course left 49 people dead at two different mosques in Christchurch, Fraser Anning is the Australian senator’s name, tweeted the following statement, “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?”

Dave Kistler:                 In the statement shared by the Australian journalist on Twitter, the Queensland senator also wrote, “As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views, but this is all cliched nonsense. The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

Dave Kistler:                 Well of course, his remarks were denounced by the UK Home Secretary who accused the senator of stoking extremism. Australian’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the remarks by Senator Fraser Anning blaming the murderous attacks by a violent right-wing extremist terrorist in New Zealand on immigration laws are disgusting. He said, “Those views have absolutely no place in Australia, let alone the Australian parliament.”

Dave Kistler:                 This Australian senator has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism, and then there is a widely distributed now video of a young man throwing an egg at the back of the Australian senator’s head, then him in turn, turning, and reaching out, and punching at the young man. That’s brought about some legal action and suing that is still yet unreconciled. So, all of this is a hot topic in the news.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, I want to go to you and I just want to ask you candidly. This Australian senator blaming in part what happened in New Zealand on immigration policy that allows people to come to New Zealand, whose beliefs are antithetical to the laws of New Zealand is an important topic to bring up because, we again as you well said have now Muslims serving in the US congress. We have huge communities of Islamic ideologically committed individuals now in the United States of America. Is there any legitimacy at all to this senator’s statements?

Tom Wallace:                First of all, I would say what he said was not wise especially the timing of his statement just after this shooting and all that type of stuff. It’s a very volatile topic to deal with in the first place. Then, when you have an attack like this here just happening, especially where now Muslims are the victims. The Muslims are going to use this as the victim card.

Tom Wallace:                They love playing the victim card in this because it makes them look good and better in the eyes of people instead of being the villain. Often, they’re seen as the villain perpetrating these crimes, but the media silent on that. When it does come out, when it does get reported, the Muslims always have a bloody nose over this type of situations. Now, here they look like, “Oh, we’re the poor victims here.” So, this guy’s comment right now was not very well-placed.

Tom Wallace:                Let me answer your question by quoting John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy said back in 1962 on the 13th of March. He was addressing the Latin American diplomats that were at the White House. He said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Let me say that again, and then I’m going to explain why I’m quoting this. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Tom Wallace:                What was our president saying? He’s saying, “Those who do not allow discussion and allow different views to be expressed, and discussed, and talked about in a sensible peaceful manner. If you don’t create an environment for dialogue on divided positions, if we don’t allow that to happen peacefully and allow that dialogue, then you’re going to force people to violently act on what they believe in. You’ll make that inevitable.”

Tom Wallace:                What’s happening, I’m afraid and I regret to say this, but I believe that the media, and our government, and the western government is not allowing people who have legitimate concerns about Islam and its teachings, and the followings that those who follow that. They’re not allowing us to speak out without being pushed back and painted as Islamophobes, and hatemongers, and everything else there. Anytime we make any address on that, they jump on us. Some people have had enough, and unfortunately is forcing them to violence.

Tom Wallace:                Now, I don’t condone this at all. Please don’t take this as saying that this should be then our natural result or we have legitimacy to respond with violence. That’s never going to be legitimate and we’ll never condone that. It is a concerning thing. This topic of Islam is becoming so divided and so polarized, and unless they allow the true examination of Islam to be proclaimed, and voices that oppose it without being pushed back and treated as if we’re villains and Islamophobes for making an examination of this religion and this teaching. It will force our nation maybe one day to come to more of a violent reaction to there, and I’m afraid that’s going to happen if this continues.

Tom Wallace:                I don’t know if I’ve answered your question very well David. I’m sorry, but I think senators and politicians who do see the problem are getting frustrated. They get condemned when they make a question, “Hey, we’re allowing a lot of these people with an ideology that’s an antithetical to our national belief system here, and that’s creating a problem for us here, and that’s why some people are reacting this way violently because we’re not allowing them to speak up on this without treating them as if they’re the plague.”

Gary Dull:                     You know Tom, this might not be the question that you might have been anticipating me asking, but I’m going to play off of your answer to Brother Dave’s question. We say that there’s a lot of media out there today, and there are a lot of politicians out there today who simply seemed to be blinded to the truth of what Islam is all about. My question to you is why is that blindness there or is it a blindness? Is it something that they understand what they’re doing that they don’t want the truth of Islam being promoted across the country, and they’re trying to shield the citizens of this country of understanding what Islam’s all about?

Tom Wallace:                Well, 2 Peter 3:5 uses a term of people who reject God. It says that they are willingly ignorant. They choose to be ignorant. They don’t want to look at it. They’re sticking their head in the sand and pretend that my way is okay, and pretend when it comes to Islam, they’re saying, “Oh you know, even though all these terrorists are Muslim and all that type of stuff there,” but the popular bandwagon to be on is not condemn it, not to blame Islam for what they’re doing because no one wants to be treated and be called an Islamophobe, a hatemonger, and all that type of stuff. It’s fear. Out of fear, people are afraid to speak out because if you do, you get slammed and you get pushed down.

Tom Wallace:                I mean, my ministry has been marked as a hate ministry by the Southern Poverty Law Center. We don’t hate Muslims. We have a problem with Islam. The Bible says and to earnestly contend for the faith, and there’s a religion out there that’s teaching my faith is wrong and inferior, and that their religion is superior. My Bible is corrupt, and their scriptures are … I have the right to challenge that, and to test that, and to defend my faith. When I do, I’m called a hatemonger. We don’t hate Muslims. We want them saved.

Dave Kistler:                 Ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to the wise words of Tom Wallace. He is the founder of Fortress of Faith. He is a friend of Stand in the Gap Today. Tom by the way, I think we’re in good company because if I’m not mistaken, the Southern Poverty Law Center has also considered the American Pastors Network to be a hate group as well, which of course we are not. You are not. They just label us that way and label anyone with whom they have disagreement as a hate group.

Dave Kistler:                 Our theme for today’s program is Islamophobia or Islamic Friendly: The Danger Ignoring the Truth. I think from the last segment if you were with us, Tom Wallace stated about it as clearly and as compassionately, but yet at the same time is directly as it can be said that if you stand up and speak out at all in the United States of America with concerns about Islamic ideology, where is that going to take our country? The adherence to that ideology, are they a danger at all?

Dave Kistler:                 If they serve in the United States military, is there and should there be concerns if someone is committed to Islamic ideology with their serving in the United States Congress? Are there concerns there? Those are legitimate questions that can be and should be in a constitutional republic, they should be addressed and there should be a climate conducive to their being answered without there being a violent reaction on the part of those who want to label anybody who ask the question even as being Islamophobic.

Dave Kistler:                 Is the United States of America, are we Islamophobic or are Islamic friendly, and what is the danger of ignoring the truth with respect to the religion called Islam, this ideology called Islam that has a 1,400-year history of moving across the globe at the edge of a sword? That is the reality of how they have moved. Tom has created a wonderful explanation on this program between true Islam, and ISIS has been said by many including our friend IQ al Rassooli, Dr. Mark Christian, both of whom have been on this program many, many times, my friend Dr. [inaudible 00:29:36], Tom Wallace. ISIS is the purest form of just following the teachings of Mohammed to a tee.

Dave Kistler:                 Is there an Islamic Reform Movement, at least an attempt to reform that religion in America? Yes, there is. Those who are not as rabid, as Tom has accurately described, but to question the legitimacy of someone serving in congress, serving in the military if they’re rabidly committed to this ideology, those are appropriate questions. They’re legitimate questions to be asked. So, we’re trying to deal with that today on this program.

Dave Kistler:                 Tom, I want to go to you, again thanking you for being on the program today. What you’ve shared has been absolutely powerful as it always is. You know a gentleman as do we, called Dr. Frank Gaffney. He for years has been with The Center for Security Policy. Shortly after 9/11, he said that Islam advances in a host country that is a non-Muslim country, a country that they would love to see turned into a Muslim country. It advances through three stages.

Dave Kistler:                 According to Dr. Gaffney, those three stages are these. Accommodation, kind of, “You’re okay, we’re okay.” It’s what the 9/11 hijackers did. They lived among the citizenry of the United States. Nobody had a clue they were going to perpetuate an act of horrific terrorism until they did it. That’s the accommodation stage. Number two, the agitation stage. Every Muslim at that point in a host country begins to agitate for their rights. They never let any slight against the Prophet Mohammed or against the religion of Islam go unchecked or unchallenged. That’s number two, the agitation stage. Then, the third stage is the subjugation stage.

Dave Kistler:                 According to Dr. Gaffney, he said the subjugation will take place either one of two ways via the violent jihad or what is even more sinister, the stealth jihad. Now using those three stages, accommodation, agitation, subjugation, Tom where are we in the United States of America right now on that continuum?

Tom Wallace:                Well, we are still in the accommodation moving into the agitation stage. We are getting little bits of the agitate where they start to agitate against our culture. We call this the creeping Sharia. I call it the cultural jihad. We’re accommodating. They’re teaching us to accommodate them to live and let live on their end. We’ve got to let them live the way they want to, and then they’ll start agitating against our culture and so on this. We’re getting a little bit of that.

Tom Wallace:                Europe is certainly in the agitation stage, moving into the subjugation stage. That’s what I’ve been trying to warn everybody about. It’s a process. It’s a slow process. Muslims see their game as a slow game. The way I put it, I had a couple stages. Immigrate, pro-create, agitate, subjugate. The immigration stage, we’re still in there and they’re pro-creating. While we’re killing babies in the womb, they can marry up to four wives. The average number of kids they’ll have per wife will be four to five kids.

Tom Wallace:                So just do the math. We’re killing the babies in the womb. They’re outnumbering us. By the year 2040, they’ll be more Muslims in Europe than non-Muslims. The newspapers had been reporting that for a decade now. We better wake up because that stage, what’s coming here though is coming fast. I’ve been back in the States for a decade now, and my mind is spinning at how quickly things have been developing largely thanks to President Obama. He helped them incredibly. He moved our country into an Islamic-friendly nation, and has made it almost impossible to speak out against it without being treated as a troublemaker.

Tom Wallace:                The media has taken up a Muslim-friendly stance. Now, the current government is … President Trump, I think should be doing more to protect us against Islamic threats. Personally, there’s many people who they could prosecute. We’ve got evidence and stuff against that Obama stopped. The prosecution of CAIR, and ISNA, and many of the different Muslim terrorist organizations that are operating here in front of us here under … We have evidence against them.

Tom Wallace:                Bush was starting to prosecute them but Obama stopped it, and Trump hasn’t restarted the prosecution. I wish he would. There’s still a threat here, but we’re in the accommodation. Agitation stage is beginning.

Gary Dull:                     Tom, let me ask you. What is the answer to this whole movement, this issue that we’re seeing? We’ve got the media who seems to be pro-Islamic. We’ve got many politicians who seem to be pro-Islamic. We even have pastors who won’t deal with it in their pulpits. The question really is, is how can the Islam ideology dangers be most effectively exposed here in the United States?

Tom Wallace:                The solution is a spiritual solution, Gary. America, we’re not in trouble because we have a financial problem, or education problem, or our immigration problem. All these issues that we have out in our nation are symptoms of a spiritual problem. Why is God allowing Islam to grow, and to become powerful, and to become an enemy to America and destroy us? Because of our sin. We have a national sin problem here. We cannot continue killing the babies in the womb and expect God to look the other way. We cannot continue to legalize sin in our nation, marrying of homosexuality and all that types of stuff, and expect God to continue to bless us. He’s bringing judgment our way. The solution to it is repentance.

Tom Wallace:                We got to get the pulpits of America preaching God’s word. We’ve got pastors with the backbone of a banana, and they’re afraid to speak out against these issues that are harming us. We need a Holy Ghost repentance before we can have a Holy Ghost revival. We need to repent. We need to fall on our knees before God, and realize that God is going to destroy our nation with Islam if we do not repent and turn back to him. This is what I’ve been preaching for the last decade. That’s the solution. I can’t give you any other solution other than that. It’s a spiritual problem, therefore God is the only solution for that.

Dave Kistler:                 Ladies and gentlemen, again you’re listening to Tom Wallace. Excellent, excellent statements Tom. We concur completely. The problem with America is a spiritual problem and so it demands a spiritual solution, and the answer is repentance of our sin. A wholesale turning of our hearts, and our homes, and our lives back to the God of Heaven, and acknowledgment of him as the sovereign in our life and in our nation. If we do that, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, there’s a promise of revival.