Sam Rohrer:                  Well. Welcome to Stand in the Gap Today and on this program, today we’re going to focus on one of the greatest ideological threats to freedom in America and the Western world and that of Islam. Now, on Tuesday of this week, Dave, who’s on the program with me, actually spent some time going over a lot of this as well. This will be a repeat to some degree for some, but a whole lot of additional information, but it ties together. We’re emphasizing it because of its importance.

Sam Rohrer:                  Now, the other threat which is working hand in hand with Islam is atheistic Marxism. Now, fundamentally both are enemies of the God of the Bible. Both are sworn enemies of Israel, the United States Constitution, capitalism, private property, religious freedom, the sanctity of life both embrace a totalitarian control of nations and people where truth is discarded, life devalued and the state, and its power hungry leaders believe themselves to be God.

Sam Rohrer:                  The ideological struggle for supremacy in Washington D.C. That we see going on now and in this nation, in the media and beyond and the entire world, frankly, in the pursuit of globalism, which is the direction that’s going. That’s what’s opposing the borders and seeking open borders, all of that’s a part of globalism, all of that is being aided by Marxism and Muhammedism, making it personal by the followers of Marx and the followers of Muhammad. And we believe it’s time that Americans wake up. And with that I welcome you to the program, here, on Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer. I’m going to be joined today by Dave Kistler and a very special guest, and an expert on Islam and Marxism IQ al Rassooli. He’s a former Iraqi now living in exile. He’s calling in right now, live from an undisclosed location in Europe.

Sam Rohrer:                  He’s also the author of a trilogy of books entitled Unveiling Islam, The Many Faces of Muhammad and the Quran. And he’s eminently qualified to speak on this issue today with the recent rise in the prominence of Congress women like Ilhan Omar, Somali-born Muslim from Minnesota, and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from Detroit, Michigan, and their aggressive comments of hate towards Israel and President Trump in regard to a host of policies that he’s pursuing.

Sam Rohrer:                  We believe it’s time to examine these two women and most importantly, their ideological views. We’ll ask our guests to answer the question of whether or not it’s more accurate to refer to these two and to others that are with them as The Squad, or is it perhaps more accurate to refer to them and their ambitions more as a sleeper cell? That’s right.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, we’re going to talk about them, the comments now. Also a a sitting senator, actually senator from Colorado who asked the question, “Does the freedom of religion protection of the First Amendment actually apply to adherence of Marx and Muhammad who mandate the worldwide quest of totalitarian control and full submission of all people?” Then we’re gonna go to our special guest IQ Al Rassooli, ask him for his comment on the recent vote for Boris, a new prime minister, there in the UK, and the promise to move the UK through the Brexit process. We’re going to find out from him what’s actually more important, Brexit or other things. All of this today on this program. You don’t want to miss any of it. And what I want to welcome in right now, calling in from an undisclosed location [inaudible 00:03:47] in Europe somewhere is IQ al Rassooli. IQ, thanks for being with us.

IQ al Rassooli:               Thank you for having me.

Sam Rohrer:                  IQ, you’ve been on with us many times. You are a favorite guest for our listeners for our program and this issue today. I could think of no one better to focus on than you. Let’s get right into it. We’re seeing today, in the United States, increased voices of Islam and it’s being hastened, my opinion, Dave, and many others, the voices of Sharia, Sharia supportive members of Congress, the former Keith Ellison as an example, now, Minnesota AG. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan. These women in particular attempting to seize their public platform is congresswomen to literally challenge our entire way of life. And we’re going to talk about them specifically in the next segment. So hold your comments specifically, but you’ve warned about this before. You’ve warned us about what’s happening in Europe. You’ve warned us about the rise of Islam in America. This is my question to you. Thinking in terms of Islamic thought and Islamic strategy, in your opinion, what’s the most important Islamic event to have occurred say in the last 40 to 60 years, IQ?

IQ al Rassooli:               I listened to a talk by a gentleman who used to be a governor of Colorado. He gave a talk to the republican party on the 12th of July and in nine minutes, literally in nine minutes, did the same destruction of Islam that I’ve been asking for to meet with Hannity or somebody, in nine minutes. Whether he copied me or not is irrelevant. In nine minutes, he said in submission, that it is impossible for any Muslim to be both a good Muslim and a loyal citizen in America. That simple, literally.

IQ al Rassooli:               This was an event on … never happened before in the history of America. No public figure, no congressman ever stood up and said what this man said. For two and a half years I’ve been asking the same question. How is it conceivable that among 500 plus people in Congress, whether they are democrats or republicans is irrelevant. But how is it conceivable that not one of them stood up and said, “Hey, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib swore allegiance to the United States of America on the Quran, the nemesis of the American constitution.

IQ al Rassooli:               Not a single person stood up in these two and a half years or more, three years. Why? Why is that silence? Why is it allowed that Rashida Tlaib using expletives against the President of the United States of America and gets away with it? By the way, she did me a favor. I can’t use that language on your show for sure, but what it gives, that anybody in the United States of America, can use expletives now against anybody and no one can [inaudible 00:06:56] them. Because she said it in public twice and she got away with it. There was no sanction from her people and there was no sanction from the republican party. None.

Dave Kistler:                 Actually, let me jump in and ask you this. Because the point you’re making is a powerful one. I’m just curious to get your take and would love for our audience to be able to listen to your response. The President has said for two and a half, three years, in fact, since he started running, he said, “We’ve got a problem on our southern border. We’ve got MS 13 gang members coming across among the flood of people that are trying to get in illegally.” Last week there were 22 arrests made of MS 13 members. 19 of them were here illegally, so the President is being proved right. He’s now calling out The Squad. He sees something, I think, that you see that concerns him. Does he?

Sam Rohrer:                  Hold that answer IQ, I’m going to have your answer to that right when we get into the next segment.

Sam Rohrer:                  I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied today by Dave Kistler and our special guest IQ Al Rassooli. He is the author of a trilogy of books entitled Unveiling Islam, The Many Faces of Muhammad and the Quran. He is an expert on Islam and the Middle East on international geopolitical policies. He’s a former Iraqi now living in exile in Europe and he’s calling in live from an undisclosed location there. IQ, Dave asked you a question just before we went into the break about whether or not the President’s assertions or, do you think he’s aware, that mixed into these thousands of immigrants are not even migrants but perhaps insurgents coming across our southern border. Do you think he perceives that they could be embedded with actual terrorists and so forth?

IQ al Rassooli:               Good God. How is it possible to even … I’m not blaming you. How is it conceivable that any human being, any American citizen who has a home and the home has doors and they have gates and they have fences, why do they do that? To protect them. Of course the President is correct. Of course terrorists are coming through. What you are having always at catastrophe. It doesn’t matter what the democrats are saying about it, that there is no emergency. It is an emergency. You are the only country on earth today who is being invaded. Literally.

Sam Rohrer:                  And that’s-

IQ al Rassooli:               Can you imagine anybody going to Russia?

Sam Rohrer:                  That’s a great-

IQ al Rassooli:               Or China?

Sam Rohrer:                  IQ-

IQ al Rassooli:               Or Israel?

Sam Rohrer:                  IQ, that’s an absolutely wonderful thing that you’re saying and I’m just gonna leave it right there because that’s going to go into our next emphasis. As you said, clearly, does any nation have their doors open right now? You’re saying we are under assault. Let me walk into the next subject, here, that we’ve got to get your comment on. The US Constitution, ladies and gentlemen, and we talk about it a lot, outside the Bible. I believe, and I think most thoughtful people believe it to be the greatest document ever written. And if you put it in the context of human written document, it is the very finest. And it is that way because it’s based on the fundamental principles of freedom and liberty as identified in the Bible, fully consistent with Judeo Christian world view thoughts and on that hangs all of our entire Bill of Rights, starting with the First Amendment, the freedom of religion, assembly and speech.

Sam Rohrer:                  Now, as long as the citizens of our nation have embraced a Judeo Christian world view, the bill of rights and each person’s view of right, and wrong, duty, and responsibility that accompanies this Judeo Christian world view. When, as long as that has been in place, then freedom and unity has been able to be the result.

Sam Rohrer:                  But when the rise of ideologies like Marxism and Islam found their way by stealth into our national fabric, our institutions of higher learning, the media, then conflict has emerged. And that makes the question we deal with in this segment so pertinent. And that is this. Does the First Amendment of our Constitution guarantee the freedom of religion, and to all religions, regardless of their view of freedom? In other words, specifically does the First Amendment guarantee freedom to advance and act out on the tenets of Marxism and Islam?

Sam Rohrer:                  For example, in America, we’re going to deal with that. IQ, You are not a US citizen. I’ve already told our listeners your background, but you are a friend of freedom. You are an expert on Islam and Marxism. You’ve warned against the rise of Islam in America and their plans to subvert and take over the reins of power and in simple terms I’m going to ask you, yes or no. Does the first amendment guarantee the practice of a religion that embraces such total exclusion and a redefinition of freedom such as Mohammed and Islam does?

IQ al Rassooli:               The answer is no.

Sam Rohrer:                  All right. Now I’m going to hold right there. I want to play a clip, ladies and gentlemen. Earlier on the last segment, IQ mentioned a statement by this individual that I’m going to play, made a statement about Islam and the First Amendment that he believes to be one of the most important statements made and in this speech CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, demanded after they heard some of these comments demanded that Senator Cory Gardner from Colorado, Donald Trump, Jr. and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, all who spoke at this Freedom of Religion Conference, they asked them to come out and repudiate this anti-Muslim hate, they’re saying, spewed by this state senator, let’s listen right now to two minutes worth of what he said.

John Andrews:              Now I want to talk for a minute about what freedom of religion does not mean. I’m going to speak with tough love, from the heart, with no animosity or disrespect toward any individual, please hear me carefully. Suppose somebody originated a belief system that claimed exclusive right to revelation, the command from above, and harness that aggressive claim to a burning sense of victimization. The wound from within. What a loose cannon that would be. Suppose its claim of revelation included a totalitarian political economic system, not subject to reformation, set forth in a holy book, not subject to revision.

John Andrews:              Suppose its legal scholars and clergy insisted the day is coming when that book must govern all mankind on penalty of death to whoever would refuse to submit. And suppose finally, this belief system had been around for over a thousand years, deepening its victim complex, its rage, reinforcing its unbending absolutism, and its dreams of global conquest. Until today, it commands the allegiance of a quarter of the earth’s population on every part of the earth’s surface. Yes, I’m talking about the belief system called Islam. It’s true. We all know Muslims are likable neighbors, or capable coworkers, deeply decent patriotic Americans who humbly love Allah.

John Andrews:              That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this absolutist totalitarian world view and political doctrine, the demands, everyone, you and me included, ultimately submit or die. So here’s the hard question for all of us as freedom loving Americans. Put it in terms of that bumper sticker, the one that says co-exist. How can aggressive dominant Islam and its supreme law, Sharia co-exist with friendly, tolerant America and its supreme law, the Constitution. I don’t honestly see how it can

Sam Rohrer:                  Dave?

Dave Kistler:                 Yeah, Sam, I’ve not been something that direct and that powerful a long time. IQ, Wow. I want to get your take on that specifically. He created a distinction, IQ, between aggressive, dominant Islam. And then he said there are Islamic neighbors that we all have that love America, that are committed and loyal to America. Do you agree with that component? And if you do, tell us, and if you don’t tell us why not.

IQ al Rassooli:               Well, [inaudible 00:15:12] yes or no. I love the way he said it because he wasn’t aggressive. He was being decent. My question to him would have been, it is inconceivable based on Sharia that any Sharia compliant Muslim can be both a good Muslim and a loyal citizen among Americans. He didn’t want to go overboard. You’ve got to understand this. I can. I’m politically incorrect to the nth degree. I don’t have to be correct, because I don’t have to be politically correct. I spent 30 years of my life studying, researching, and understanding Islam. I destroy Islam in less than 100 seconds. No problem at all. I’ll give you an example. Now, every Sharia compliant Muslim is the eternal and mortal enemy of every human being who is not a Muslim, called kufar infidels.

IQ al Rassooli:               Currently, 80% of humanity comprising all Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, agnostics, pagans, et cetera. Two, he says Muslims are mandated their Quran to either subjugate all of humanity, Sharia, or be exterminated. Therefore, fearing Islam is totally irrational and not fearing Islam is utterly irrational. That [inaudible 00:16:31] an oxymoron and a meaningless expression. Third and final, therefore, it is impossible. I’m repeating it. It is impossible for any Sharia compliant Muslim to be both a good Muslim and a loyal citizen, among non-Muslims, kufar infidels. If you calculate the time, it’s less than hundred seconds. Okay, and I wager the sum of $200,000 that no one can prove any of my statements wrong or untrue.

Sam Rohrer:                  IQ-

IQ al Rassooli:               What more can I tell you?

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, IQ, you’ve made that challenge many times, not just on this program, but elsewhere. And up to this point, no one has accepted your challenge. And it’s because you are going to the very heart of the mandate, the mission of the Quran and Mohammad. That’s why in your book, you wrote in the trilogy of books, ladies and gentlemen, you can go to Amazon and you can find these books, or our website. I think we have a site on there, you can find it. But it’s called Unveiling Islam, The Many Faces of Muhammad and the Quran.

Sam Rohrer:                  IQ, you’ve often referred to the real problem, you’re talking about, the Sharia compliant is Mohammedism. Is there any difference between Mohammad Islam and the Quran? Put it together so people understand where the real problem is coming from in this aggressive action and mandate to subdue the rest of the world?

IQ al Rassooli:               Okay. Any time you hear anybody speaking about moderate Islam or the moderate Muslims, aggressive Muslims, militant Muslims or extreme Muslims, then you know that the person who’s talking is absolutely stupid. There are no shades in Islam. Why? The Quran says in no uncertain terms in chapter two, verse 256, it says unless a Muslim is a Jihadi Muslim, he’s not a Muslim. You can’t change this. No human being can change this. And for 1,400 years, any Muslim who tried to change an iota of the Quran was was either executed, or he’s murdered, [inaudible 00:18:39], exiled, or in prison for life.

Sam Rohrer:                  All right, we’re going to leave it right there, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the basis for what IQ knows. This ideology inside of now is stating.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied by Dave Kistler, and you are joining us right in the middle of our program on a very, very, very important topic. And I’ve entitled this today. The theme is a squad or a sleeper cell? And we’re talking about Islam. We’re talking about a number of different things relative to that. Our special guests, IQ al Rassooli, author of the trilogy of books, and I’m telling you I’ve read them, you really need them. You want to know the real inside story in a simple way. Read these books Unveiling Islam, The Many Faces of Muhammad and the Quran. Think you can find it on our sire,, or you can find it on the internet as well. And for most of the stations carrying this program, probably heard the little bit of information, the spot that we just ran.

Sam Rohrer:                  There’s a publication that we offer, What Every Christian Must Know About Islam. It contains a lot of the quotes from IQ who’s with us right now and others, and for a gift of any amount you can get that. I encourage you to go to our website, and order that. And let us know you’re listening, but this will help a great deal and the understanding of this most specific topic we’re discussing.

Sam Rohrer:                  Now, one of the things I know, and I think you all know as you’re listening to me now, it’s difficult for Americans and Christian Americans to separate, oftentimes the Christ-given mandate to love others and to care for their spiritual wellbeing and to be concerned for that person’s eternal destiny. We have to do that. That is a mandate that is distinctively Christian. We must do that. But then there’s a point to where an ideological or a passionate pursuit of a religion or a review and an anti-God world view such as Marxism and Mohammedism, those who hold to that are really, they’re soldiers on their quest to fulfill their ideology.

Sam Rohrer:                  If their ideology, which it is, is to destroy freedom, Christians and Jews, and if they could, the God of the Bible himself, then how do we balance these things? And we don’t have time to get into all of it, but the role of government does become involved in that. But how we deal with it as individuals certainly factors into it as well. But the rise of these two activists, Muslim Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, along with the Marxist promoting views of AOC.

Sam Rohrer:                  The American people right now are being confronted with an ideological aggressivism that’s attacking the Constitution, Biblical morality, and Christians, and Jews and these four, these two we’re going to focus on, now, they’re a part of what’s earned them the designation of The Squad. But is that the most accurate description? Because a squad basic says how many they are. But if we talk to them, and we’re going ask IQ al Rassooli right now, that when we listen to these individuals, they tend to be far more just a view. They tend to be on a mission. And to demonstrate that, here’s just a very short piece from congresswoman Rashida, Tlaib in Michigan just a couple of days ago at the NAACP. This is how she started her speech to that group.

Rashida Tlaib:               Yeah. I’m not going nowhere. Not until I impeach this President.

Sam Rohrer:                  Got that? I’m not going nowhere until I impeach this President. All right. IQ, this comment and others made by her and Ilhan Omar, in particular, to me manifest not just an opinion, but really kind of describes a mission. Do you think that at least these two, and maybe the group, wholly as a group together, should be more described based on their mission as a sleeper cell than on the number of them being a squad? What do you think about that?

IQ al Rassooli:               First of all, you’ve got to separate the two Muslims from the other two. AOC and [inaudible 00:23:08] are not relevant. Really, they are more stupid. Their mission is completely miscalculated. They have no brains at all and I am being very nice to them. The most important ones are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. This war on the Quran leads you to the American Constitution, which is completely and utterly useless. You can’t swear on the Quran and be a loyal citizen. You can’t be a Sharia compliant Muslim like in Ilhan Omar who wears the hijab, so it’s 100%, she’s Sharia compliant, and be as loyal citizen. The tragedy in America is that nobody in Congress from over 500 people, whether they are republican or democrat, stood up and said, “You can’t belong here. You are an anti-American. They’re not only anti-American, by the way. Islam is against 80% of humanity which is not Muslim.

IQ al Rassooli:               They are the enemies of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians Pagans, agnostic, and atheists. [inaudible 00:24:15] the Jews, by the way, the frontal display of Jew hatred by the two despicable anti-American Muslims, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib is, in reality, a red herring. A complete and utterly calculated destruction because as Sharia compliant Muslims, they are equally and as especially, they hate every human being who is not a Muslim. That’s simple. It’s not complicated.

IQ al Rassooli:               You will have to concentrate on these two. The other two are irrelevant. They are the sleepers. In Jihad, there are two types of Jihadis. The War Jihadis, which are the ones who murder people left, right, and center. Invariably civilians who have no guns to defend themselves, but the most important part of the sleepers are called the silent majority Muslims. The fact that they are silent, as Mohammad said 1,400 years ago, silence means consent.

IQ al Rassooli:               That is why since 9-11, you have never heard of, or seen any number of American Muslims demonstrating outside in the streets shouting, “Not in our name, never.” And never in Europe also. The question is why? Why aren’t so-called majority nice Muslims demonstrating and shouting, saying, “Not in our name.” The simple reason is because it is in their name. What they’re [inaudible 00:25:46] are doing is exactly what is demanded and commanded in the Quran. They tell us that ISIS is an abnormality. On the contrary, ISIS is the most perfect Islamic entity, more perfect than al-Qaeda. Because al-Qaeda followed the Quran word by word. ISIS follows the Quran letter by letter, dot by dot, and comma by comma. And again, $200,000 there is nobody can come against me and prove me wrong. Back to you, sir.

Dave Kistler:                 IQ, let me jump in and ask you a question. That was powerful, and Sam and I completely agree because we, not like you to the extent you have, but we have studied Islam as well. Tuesday on this program, my twin brother who’s been a historian for 35 years and Islam has been a major part of what he studied for those 35 years, said there is a methodology for dealing both with Ilhan, Omar and Rashida Tlaib to leave, and that is for their particular House of Congress, their particular chamber. The House of Representatives can do anything from censure them to actually remove them from office. And what he said, the chances are unlikely that that’s going to happen, but it could be done if it could be proved that these women, and the members of Congress convinced, that they are the kind of threat, IQ, that you know well they are.

Dave Kistler:                 Now, I want to ask this question. One of our good friends who’s been on this program a number of times is Dr. Frank Gaffney. He says, there’s three stages in which Islam takes over a non-Muslim country. The first stage is accommodation. The second stage is agitation. They agitate for their rights. They do what happened in Colorado when the state congressman spoke so clearly and adamantly about the ideology of Islam and what they want to do. Of course, they agitate back and demand an apology from everybody that spoke along with this state senator. And then the third stage is subjugation or the Jihad follows. My brother said this, IQ, I want to get your take on it. He said, he thinks, we’re at the end of stage two getting ready to go into the third stage. Are we that close to the subjugation stage in the United States of America?

IQ al Rassooli:               Yes. Frank Gaffney’s right. He’s telling you the truth. For God’s sake, he’s been saying it for years, but everybody was [inaudible 00:27:59], no. Everybody … The leftists in the media as usual, pooh-poohed him. He is telling the truth. You have a few dozen people. Literally, a few dozen people, in the whole of the United States who have been telling Americans the facts and the truth about Islam. By telling the truth about Islam, does it make you anti-Muslim? You are telling the truth about Islam. You are revealing the truth about Islam. It doesn’t make you anti-Muslim. Islam is the enemy of Islam.

Sam Rohrer:                  Say that again?

IQ al Rassooli:               [crosstalk 00:28:34] a way.

Sam Rohrer:                  Say that again?

IQ al Rassooli:               Islam is the first enemy of Islam. Why? Because the Quran and [foreign language 00:28:41] self-destructs. They self-destruct. There is no truth in any of them. All you have, in the whole of the Quran, all you have is Jihad, Jihad, Jihad. You will not find the word love that we know in the Judeo Christian tradition. Love between man and man, between love, between man and God, and even God an man. You will not find the word love anywhere in 70,000 words in the Quran. Go and check it.

Sam Rohrer:                  And do you know what you’re citing there, IQ, you’re just citing one point of dramatic difference and contradiction between the world view, the Islamic world view and the Judeo Christian world view just by saying the god of Islam is not a god of love and there is no such thing as love in Islam. You just cited one. You could start a whole lot more, couldn’t you?

IQ al Rassooli:               Of course.

Sam Rohrer:                  Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned. We’re going to be going now into our final segment. We’ll listen, IQ al Rassooli. And again we offer this booklet for a gift of any amount. What Every Christian Must Know About Islam. A lot of these things we’re talking about are in here, especially made for you, a gift of any amount. Go to our website, You can request, you can order it there and take care of that matter. I encouraged you to do that.

Sam Rohrer:                  We’re going to move now into our final segment, ladies and gentlemen, again, I just remind you, go to our website, for a gift of any amount, you can get this book that we’ve specifically produced here, What Every Christian Must Know About Islam. Very simple questions and answer format. Lot of information here from our guest, IQ al Rassooli, who’s with us right now on this program. We’ve talked and looked at this issue here in this nation, that as our guest has made very clear on this program before, and as we’ve seen over the past years, many would call it the immigration into Europe, but basically the assault on Europe by Muslims moving there from the Middle East has changed the landscape of Europe. That and a host of other things there have also now moved the United Kingdom to a position where now, within Europe, within the United Kingdom, there is a very heavy Muslim population.

Sam Rohrer:                  We all know that they voted some time ago to exit Brexit. Just recently, there, they had an election of a new Prime Minister. His name is Boris. Some are calling him the Trump of the UK. There’s some similarities. It’s not a direct comparison, but there’s something happening there. I want to get your input on this part first, IQ. A lot of people are watching. This individual has come in. It’s a divided circumstance there as well, but he has promised that he is going to take the UK out of or through Brexit and leave the European Union. Will that happen, and what is the attitude in the sense in the ground there, in that nation? If you can comment on that please.

IQ al Rassooli:               Boris Johnson is the best choice because he’s unpredictable like Trump. He, too, is looked upon as a clown, but this ground will get on with the President very well and to the advantage of Britain. Theresa May wasted three years on useless talks, especially after Trump advised her how to go about them. Because she went to the unelected European Union career autocrats, globally to them. Unlike Trump, who dictates the terms pending compromise, she, like all the western political elite underestimated Trump especially since she was being fed despicable and insulting information by ambassador to Washington who hated Trump. Let me inform our audience the following. President Donald J. Trump is a three dimensional chess master who is conducting the business of corporate America by and with his Tweets. And all those who underestimates him are destined to either the dustbin of history or to oblivion. I don’t take my words back. And in 2020, he is going to be elected with a landslide. That’s my prediction.

Sam Rohrer:                  Interesting- [crosstalk 00:33:13]

Dave Kistler:                 Well, ladies and gentlemen, you heard the prediction from the lips of IQ al Rassooli. IQ, you are not the only one who believes that. Others have said the same thing. And I pray that is the case. Let me ask you this question. Because this is a critical point. What is happening in the UK right now is obviously of great importance. Brexit is of key interest in of great importance, but is there something much more important than that going on in the UK and in Europe right now? Something more important than Brexit.

IQ al Rassooli:               Of course. It’s the rise of Islam. It’s the rise of Islam, Muslims are taking over Europe using our freedom to destroy us with. By the way, I want Americans to understand something, whether they’re Christian or not. When I said to you a few minutes ago that Islam self-destructs, I’ll explain to you why in one sentence. Every Muslim, the tradition of every Muslim is we love death. While you infidels, non-Muslim, love life. I end the conversation. I don’t need to add more than this. Anybody who loves this more than life cannot be a religion.

Dave Kistler:                 All right. I-

IQ al Rassooli:               Islam is not a religion.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay. IQ, I want you to build on that just a bit. You made a statement there. That’s a dynamic statement. Islam loves death. Christians love life. Now, we can take and show from the Bible why, in fact, life comes from what God gives. We can make that clear. Can you cite specifically Hadith, the writings of Mohammad, or the Quran? Where do you find the ability to claim that Islam loves death?

IQ al Rassooli:               It’s in the Quran.

Sam Rohrer:                  Say it, please. Tell us.

IQ al Rassooli:               Oh, I don’t have one on the tip of my finger, at the moment.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay, go ahead. [crosstalk 00:34:59] Go ahead. Go ahead and describe- [inaudible 00:34:59]

IQ al Rassooli:               But if you want I will e-mail it to you.

Sam Rohrer:                  Go ahead and describe it, then, for us. Build that out because as Dave and I were just talking, but we communicate with each other during the call and the program here, we were saying, and Dave made a statement that where there is no love, there is death. Now, you stated-

IQ al Rassooli:               Of course.

Sam Rohrer:                  Build out on that just a little bit, because I’m afraid our listeners don’t understand how that could be. Because we can’t understand somebody who loves death.

IQ al Rassooli:               It’s simple. Because in death, the martyr, or the [foreign language 00:35:33], or the mass murdering person goes to Mohammad’s paradise, where he can have as much sex, as much food, as much drink, which was prohibited for him in life. That’s what happens. That’s exactly why they love death.

Sam Rohrer:                  All right. So, then you answered a good amount of that. Ladies and gentlemen. Again, IQ’s book, Unveiling Islam, The Many Faces of Muhammad and the Quran. That’s one place you can go, the trilogy of books He’s written. He does go into detail on that. And then the book that we’re offering for a gift of any amount, What Every Christian Must Know About Islam answers a lot of these same questions. IQ, deliver a message right now, if you could, to Americans generally, and I want you to give a message to those who are in office also who have an ability to actually impact the laws of this land as it regard this man we’re talking about right now, the rise of an ideology that is in direct competition to our U.S. constitution, freedom of religion and everything that’s contained in our Bill of Rights. What do you say?

IQ al Rassooli:               The beauty of America is you have the freedom of expression, the freedom to express yourself. Every American listening to this program and agrees with us, should e-mail their congressman or senator why they have not addressed the fact that it had a Ilhan and Rashida Tlaib swore on the Quran, which is the nemesis of the American Constitution and they still allow them to be in the Congress. It’s simple, it is simple. This is not racism. Islam is not a race. Don’t be afraid.

IQ al Rassooli:               Muslims win because we are afraid of them, or we are made to be afraid of them. The minute we rise up, Islam is on the retreat to oblivion. No question about it. None. Zero. All you have to do is Google Quran. Google al Rassooli. A-L-R-A-S-S-O-O-L-I. That’s myself. Everything you want is free of charge. I don’t ask you for money. I don’t want your money. I don’t need your money. It’s free of charge. All the information is available on my website. All you have to do is e-mail or Twitter your congressman, and senator, and representatives, how do they allow Sharia compliant people to be in the government of the United States of America or anywhere in the United States of America. Simple question.

Sam Rohrer:                  All right, and with that ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to conclude this program. That’s one thing that you can do. If you have neighbors next door who are Muslim, do witness to them about Jesus Christ. Yes, love them because they don’t know what it means, but they do appreciate it. They do want that, but they have never seen it. We can manifest that, keep that in mind, but also the ideology. Be aware that it is contrary to all that we have and love in this nation. We must be aware of that as well. IQ, thanks for being with us today. Dave, thanks for being on the program with me, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us today.