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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, at approximately two o’clock this morning, the initial marathon first day session of the impeachment trial against the President came to an end with presiding officer, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts sternly admonishing, as he said, both sides for, as he termed it, misconduct in the proceedings. Now the fact is, I’m going to withhold my comment on that, because it’s really more on one side if you were watching what was going on, but he laid out the rules for both. But effectively, adopting rules for procedure, that’s what happened there yesterday, that mirror nearly exactly the rules that were put in place during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. The Senate now has a framework for moving the process ahead, and it will be at long and tedious one.

Sam Rohrer:                      In fact, it’s going to be more tedious than even normal, and this is not a normal process because it’s so infrequently done, but as Trump attorneys, Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone made clear, as they said, the Democrats have presented bogus charges, they are violating the Constitution and the guidelines for this process, and they have failed to make any case in the House, and they now expect the Senate to do their work for them, but the Senate is not going to do it. So this sad saga continues, and while we will pray for God’s will to be done, and we are, and we’ll do that at the end of this program in the last segment, I’m not going to spend any more time on this issue today. Rather, we’re going to move to Israel because in the end, Israel and Jerusalem is where God has predetermined that the eyes of the world are going to go, and His, God’s ultimate plan for the nations are going to be concluded right there.

Sam Rohrer:                      Our theme today on our Israel update with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, is All Eyes on Jerusalem: Prophecy Unfolding. Now, we’re going to discuss today why the world’s leaders are gathering today in Jerusalem, why Hamas is attempting to create a riot on the Temple Mount, and get this, and why Vladimir Putin is visiting Bethlehem and is desiring to be a part of any Middle East peace plan. That’s right, Vladimir Putin wants to be a part of that. Well, all of this and more today on Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, I’m being joined by Dr. Gary Dull, and of course, our guest, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Jimmy, thank you for being on the program today. You are, I think physically, right now located in New Mexico. Is that right?

Jimmy DeYoung:              That’s right. In Silver City, New Mexico, Sam. That’s where we are. We have a network of stations that carry my broadcast, it’s the VCY America network. They have a powerful radio station that they’ve just been able to purchase over in Phoenix, Arizona, which reaches almost all of Arizona, reaches into New Mexico, over into the panhandle of Texas. So I’m here for 10 days, a different church every night, teaching the prophetic word of God, encouraging them to listen to the radio station, a great Christian radio station, great group of network stations as well. And we’re here in Silver City. We had a great rally last evening at the Bible Baptist Church. By the way, fellas, I found this out, Silver City was the hometown of Billy the Kid, killed the first man here when he had an illustrious career, and I want to get out of town as soon as we’re finished with this broadcast in case Billy shows up again.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, we don’t want you to wait around there real long, Jimmy. We really don’t. So tell the truth, and then move on, because there’s others who need to hear the truth. And glad to hear you’re down there with VCY America. I’ll just say to all of those on VCY America who are across the country on the many stations, VCY America carries our Daily Stand In The Gap Minute program on there, and it’s our privilege to be a part, with Jim Schneider, who hosts their talk show program in the middle of the day on many occasions, we’re with them. So you’re down there with great people, and so we put a shout out to VCY America folks who are listening to the program.

Sam Rohrer:                      Now, that being said, Jimmy, let’s get to what’s happening there in Jerusalem because that really is big news. What’s happening in D.C., is going to unfold, and that is big news, but bigger things I think are there in Jerusalem. 75th anniversary of the UN sponsored Holocaust Remembrance is today. Tell us what’s happening in Jerusalem, who’s there, and why are they gathering there, specifically?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Sam, this is really an exciting event that’s unfolding in Jerusalem. Actually, today is the beginning and tomorrow they’ll be participating as well. It’s what they are calling the World Holocaust Forum. They’re meeting in Jerusalem with the purpose of discussing the Holocaust and the significance that it had in the past, and also antisemitism, which is growing by leaps and bounds today. There are going to be 49 different countries that are going to be represented to mark this 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp, Auschwitz, which is a Nazi death camp.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Those attending with include Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi, President Putin of Russia, the presidents of Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Georgia, not the state, the country, and the Governor General of Australia, plus many others, 49 nations altogether represented by the high ranking leadership. Their focus is going to be how to stop antisemitism. Remember, again, I said International Holocaust Remembrance Day will be observed, and they are looking forward to that taking place. But this is the theme in this time of the year, as all this is going on.

Jimmy DeYoung:              All the attendees are going to explain how their countries fight antisemitism. This is key. President Rivlin, who’s the President of Israel, told those leaders that are already gathered in Jerusalem today, that if we work together, you must know and understand our, the Jewish history, of the Holocaust. So that’s key, and that’s what they’re doing today in Jerusalem, a multiplicity of national leaders.

Gary Dull:                           Jimmy, we understand that Israel as a whole does not respect this particular observance. Why is that the case?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Gary, the Israelis have a different time, nationally, to honor the dead in the Holocaust, some 6 million who died. United Nations came up with is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and it’s a time to remember not only the Jews, and they were just almost an afterthought, but all of the others that had suffered. In some of the wars in the past, there have been as many as 10 million Russians that were killed. Now, that would be a part of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Jimmy DeYoung:              But you’ve got to understand the Israelis have a different definition for Holocaust, not exactly like the United Nations’ sponsored Holocaust Remembrance Day. They want to do this individually, they want to focus on the Jewish people, those that were killed, and those that are still alive. There’s a number of Holocaust survivors still alive. They’ll be a part of this. This year, it’s going to be April the 21st when they have their Holocaust Remembrance Day. They’ll proclaim never again.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, we’ve got to jump. We got to move now. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. We’ll be back with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung in just a moment.


Sam Rohrer:                      Welcome back to Stand In The Gap. I’m Sam Rohrer, and accompanied today by Gary Dull, and our special guest, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. This is our recurring Israel update. We refer to it, every other Wednesday, if you’re a listener of this program, every other Wednesday, we generally will have on Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, and we do this intentionally. We go regularly to Israel, to Jerusalem, to the Middle East, and all that’s happening around that part of the world because that’s where really everything unfolds throughout the pages of scripture. It’s where things started in creation, and it’s where things are going to conclude when Christ comes back and sets up His earthly kingdom, a physical earthly kingdom right there in Israel, right there in Jerusalem. So it’s important that we look at these things, and continually see how God’s plan is literally unfolding before our eyes.

Sam Rohrer:                      So there in Israel now, in the midst … In fact, we know this larger Iranian threat to wipe Israel off the map, and they have to watch for that and always aware of what’s taking place. On the ground, Israel has a security threat. They have a local enemy, more or less, who actually walks among them. They are a proxy of Iran, and they’re in the form of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization, and they are now calling for a massive gathering of 100,000 Palestinians. Now, get this, 100,000 Palestinians, that’s what they want on the Temple Mount. Well, you can imagine that that is something, there’s a strategy behind it.

Sam Rohrer:                      We’re going to talk right now with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung about the purpose for this gathering, and how and why it’s of such a major concern, but also how it fits together with unfolding prophecy, as our theme today on this program is All Eyes On Jerusalem. Jimmy, I just alluded to the fact that Hamas is calling for a gathering of 100,000 Palestinians at a couple of, actually, major holy sites, and doing so ostensibly under the banner of prayer. They’re going to get there for prayer, they say. But for what purpose are they gathering, and just exactly what is their prayer, Jimmy?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, let me just answer your last question first. Their prayer is not to the God of the Bible, but instead to Allah, which is the Islamic god. We must remember that. The god of Islam, the God of the word of God, the Bible, the Jewish people and Christians is not the same. Allah is a god who never had a son. Bible says in 1 John chapters 2 and 4 that anybody that says that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God in the living flesh was an anti-Christ. So they’re not praying to the God of the Jewish people, the Christian people, the word of God, they’re praying to Allah.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Secondly, the Palestinians are calling for this massive prayer gathering to stop the Jews from entering the two holiest sites for the Jewish people, the Temple Mount, that’s number one as sacred sites are concerned for the Jews, and the burial site for the Jewish patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that’s Machpelah Cave in Hebron. Quite interestingly, King David paid cash money for the Temple Mount. That’s in the word of God, that title being, The Bible. Also, Abraham paid cash money for the Machpelah Cave to bury his wife, and then he, and his son, and his grandson would be buried there as well. The Palestinian people are claiming that the Jews have no rights to these Jewish holy sites, they say the sites belong to these Islamic type people. Any connection to the Islamic activities of the world, and all the leaders, and all their faith has nothing to do with the Temple Mount, except with the fact that even Muslims debate whether Allah even got on … Oh, I’m sorry, Mohammed even got on that horse and went up into the seventh heaven from Jerusalem, and we don’t see any connection to Machpelah Cave.

Gary Dull:                           Well, for sure we know that Allah didn’t do it, right?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Absolutely.

Gary Dull:                           But anyway, Jimmy, last week a Palestinian preacher, as we understand, made a very bold prediction that the Temple Mount would become the headquarters for a new Islamic caliphate. Now, who was this preacher, and what was the message he was really sending to the world?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Sam, this preacher is the highest ranking Islamic cleric in the Palestinian Authority. Remember, the Palestinian Authority, headquartered there in Ramallah, just North of Jerusalem, is what the Palestinian people believe is their legislative body, with the President, Mahmoud Abbas. Now, this Islamic cleric speaks every single Friday. This is the sabbath for the Islamic world, as their holy day, Friday for the Muslims, Saturday for the Jews, and Sunday for the Christians. It’s also the main message for the Palestinian people that’s given. He goes up, and he actually preaches right there on the Temple Mount. You’ve got to remember, he is also teaching Islamic eschatology, and that states that the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah, will come back to life, and he’s going to go to Jerusalem to set up that caliphate that you were talking about. That’s a worldwide kingdom for the Islamic faith.

Jimmy DeYoung:              It follows pretty closely to the Christian eschatology that Jesus Christ comes back, headquarters on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for a worldwide kingdom, which Sam alluded to just a moment ago. That’s the truth, what Sam brought up, not what this preacher was saying on the Temple Mount. It’s going to be headquarters, their caliphate there, they say, in Jerusalem, and the Palestinian people, Sam, actually believe, I’m sorry, Gary, actually believe that they have a major role in making all of this happen.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jimmy, again, this is so critically important. And ladies and gentlemen, as you’re listening, we emphasize here a Biblical worldview, what the Bible says. Doesn’t it make all the difference in the world as we look at Jerusalem, and what is happening there, and when the president takes and acknowledges that it is the capital of Israel? All of that, as compared to an Islamic worldview that takes a complete opposite. Is it a wonder that there is conflict in the Middle East when you have really such completely opposing views? But that’s what we have to understand, we’re trying to lay that out, as we do on this program.

Sam Rohrer:                      Now Jimmy, the significance of that statement by this Palestinian preacher, we’re calling him, the implication that Israel will not exist, and the temptation to create a riot in Jerusalem, in effect, by saying that Jews have no right to pray on the Temple Mount, which that is an amazing thing. That’s a pretty high level of instigation. They obviously are looking for a conflict. They want trouble to occur there. Just a thought. Do you think, as a proxy of Iran, with Iran really, as we know, Israel views as their major physical threat, do you see any fingerprints, for instance, of Iran on this potential strategy by Hamas to make trouble on the Temple Mount?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Sam, you got to remember that the Palestinian terror organizations, both of the body politic of Israel, Hamas, located in the Gaza Strip, and then Fatah, which is a part of what is the operation for those in the area of Ramallah. These are the two factions of the body politic. Both of these are terrorist organizations. However, they are also proxies for Iran. I don’t know if anybody realizes this, but Iran funds the Palestinian terrorists, and the whole operation of the Palestinian government there in Israel, with over $300 million per year. By the way, I wonder where they get that $300 million from. Maybe that was that Islamic nuclear deal that President Obama put together, and gave them all that money he gave back to them. That’s what they’re doing. They’re funding, Iran’s funding the Palestinian terrorists who want to shut down the Jewish people from going on the Temple Mount, they want to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, and call it a place called Palestine. Remember also that Iran supplies all the weapons for the Palestinian terrorists. There’s no question, Sam, that Iran is going to be involved.

Jimmy DeYoung:              And let me just remind you again, we were earlier talking about Islamic eschatology. The Mahdi comes out of Iran, and then he goes to Jerusalem. Just again, a rehearsal of that Palestinian part they’re playing in Islamic eschatology, preparing the Temple Mount for the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah, to come to Jerusalem. That’s a part of this whole thing, and it’s all orchestrated out of Iran, following through the Palestinian leadership, shutting down the Jews from being able to have an open entrance into their most sacred spots. The Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where their temple is going to be for their Messiah, and of course, their capability to worship there, and there’s going to be a temple, that ultimate temple for the Jewish people and the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, is later on. There’s another temple going to be up there that’s going to be up pretty quickly, and it’s all ready, if you go up on the Temple Mount. The Palestinians see this, they’re doing everything they can to stop it.

Sam Rohrer:                      But at the same time they’re doing that, Jimmy, we know that Jewish leaders, our friend Yehuda Glick, and others are there saying, “We are going to be praying on that Mount.” And so I think we can logically expect there to be some friction if in fact this 100,000 appear on the Mount, don’t you?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Absolutely, there’s going to be a conflict. Sam, I was up on the Temple Mount not too many years ago when there were 100,000 Palestinians up there. We tried to come off, Judy and I, I think, were the only Christians in the area in the whole city. As they were coming off the Temple Mount, it was body to body. It was a little bit scary. But that’s what it’s going to be like upcoming pretty quickly. Oh, Yehuda Glick, by the way, he was at a site where the Prime Minister Netanyahu was speaking, interrupted the speech by the Prime Minister to say, “And remember, Mr. Prime Minister, we’re going to build a temple on the Temple Mount.”

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a lot happening, and again, we’re looking here in Jerusalem, in Israel because of what is taking place. But we’re going to move now to the rise of Russia. The rise of Russia, Biblically, in the Middle East is significant. Well, there are things happening there. Vladimir Putin, himself, is now visiting Bethlehem, and wants to be involved in the peace process.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, welcome back to Stand In The Gap. We are now mid-point in the program. Our emphasis today is Israel update, All Eyes On Jerusalem: Prophecy Unfolding. Without saying, it’s prophecy unfolding before our eyes. That’s why we’re looking at Jerusalem. Before we get into this effort of the next focus on the rise of Russia and things that are clearly happening, clearly happening with the nation of Israel, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, that really just fits hand-in-glove with what the Bible says is going to happen, and we bring that forward, I just want to encourage all of you who are listening to us that you go to our website,

Sam Rohrer:                      Now, go to that site, I encourage you, and sign up to be a part of our 52 Tuesday prayer initiative. We need prayer by God’s people, those who know how to pray, those who are in right relationship with the Lord, and to whom the Lord will hear their prayers, to pray for this nation, to pray for God’s people in this nation, for our leaders in this nation, for pastors in the pulpits of this nation, that truth will be lifted up, all of the things that we really need to pray for.

Sam Rohrer:                      We’re trying to put together a prayer army of 10,000 prayer warriors, we’re saying, across the country, people who will faithfully prayed, being reminded every Tuesday when it rolls around, that down the road here, at the end of this year, November 3rd, there will be a national election where we have an opportunity to vote for who are going to lead us. We’re going to have to make a determination. We’re saying, let’s choose to walk in God’s pathway, as He says, before we get to the point of making a determination for whom we’re going to vote. Let’s vote to walk. As Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” 52 Tuesday prayer initiative. Please be a part of it. Promote it with friends, ask all of those who you know, know how to pray, to be a part of this effort. God will hear it, so be a part.

Sam Rohrer:                      On the program, now two weeks ago, we covered in detail the recent moves by Vladimir Putin to make Russian constitutional changes, in effect, allowing him to join the ranks of, as I’m saying, of the other three axis of powers, the axis of evil powers, including Iran, North Korea, and China. He put them with Russia. The other three of these nations, the leaders are already there for life. They’re totalitarian dictators, atheistic governments, or at least antichrist governments in the case of Iran, but they’re all there, they’re all aligned together, they’re all aligned against Israel together, they’re all aligned against God together. It’s very interesting. So Vladimir Putin has now made changes so as to put himself in a leader for life position. But the scripture talks significantly about the influence of Russia in the Middle East, and into that, Vladimir Putin has been walking for nearly 20 years as their leader. But now, he’s getting involved in, as almost like a pursuer of peace.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jimmy, I thought it was interesting that Vladimir Putin is visiting now in Israel, there as a part of the Holocaust observance, but he’s also stopping by Bethlehem, of all things. This seems highly symbolic and significant to me. What do you think about that?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, Sam, the meeting, of course, in Jerusalem on the Holocaust Forum, and all those 49 other national leaders, international leaders from across the world there today, Wednesday. Tomorrow, the next day, Thursday, is going to be when Putin is going to just drive about three miles from Jerusalem over to Bethlehem. Those listening may not understand Bethlehem is so close to the city of Jerusalem, but he’ll drive three miles and meet with the Palestinian leaders there in Bethlehem.

Jimmy DeYoung:              You know, Vladimir Putin has several purposes. He wants to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Fatah. Now, remember I told you there are two factions in the body politic of the Palestinian people. Hamas, they’re located in the Gaza Strip. They come out of Egypt. About 28 years ago, they came out of Egypt. They were connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. But the Fatah organization, which is now headed up by Mahmoud Abbas, who’s also the President of the Palestinian Authority, this organization was started 55 years ago by Yasser Arafat, and actually he went into Bethlehem to establish this other faction, a resistance group in the Palestinian body politic to try to use an arms struggle to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Vladimir Putin wants to renew ties with these Palestinian leaders.

Jimmy DeYoung:              There’s been many visits by Mahmoud Abbas, for example, President of the Palestinian Authority, over to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin there. But other Palestinian leaders have done that as well. And Putin wants to renew both economic and military ties. Vladimir Putin also wants to be a part of the Middle East peace process. They understand what Donald Trump is getting ready to do, to announce his peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Vladimir Putin wants in on that.

Gary Dull:                           You know, Jimmy, there are some strange and interesting things going on in the world around us today. This, of course, is one of them, where you have Vladimir Putin who wants to be a moderator for peace on the world stage. That’s almost an oxymoron, in my thought. It’s just about as comical as President Xi in China providing privacy protection for the Christians in China, and we know he’s not doing that. But my question to you is why are the Palestinians seeking Putin’s involvement in this process, and can he deliver anything at all?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, Gary, you’ve got to remember the Palestinian people really hate Americans. And this is so ironic, because the number one funder to the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Authority, is the United States of America. They looked the gift horse in the mouth, the Palestinian people did, when President Trump proclaimed Jerusalem as the political capital, and then move the U.S. Embassy into Jerusalem this last couple of years, and so that’s caused them to have a real hatred for Americans, and especially Donald Trump. They don’t trust the Americans about anything they’re doing, especially the peace process. Therefore, they want Vladimir Putin at the peace table.

Jimmy DeYoung:              And I want to tell you this, Vladimir Putin is very eager to be included there at the peace table. In fact, earlier this year, Vladimir Putin offered to hold an international peace conference in Russia. This would be for all the parties that are involved, and all interests in [inaudible 00:26:31]. Vladimir Putin, to the Palestinian people, is key. The fact that he’s going to the city of Bethlehem tomorrow to meet with the Palestinian leaders, very significant for them. They would waited … They are so excited about seeing what the President of Russia is going to offer as it relates to the peace process and the supply of military weapons to their fight to destroy Israel.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, I am too, and I find the emergence of Russia, again as a nation, Biblically prophesied, going to be a part, a rise in the importance and influence of Russia, and there is Putin right in the middle of it. For all of those who are praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and interested, obviously, in what our president may do, and again the whole issue of his peace treaty proposal has kind of backed off in the last month, superseded by other things that are happening. But from a prophetical perspective, go where you want on the significance of this emphasis on the peace process tying in with the rise of Russian influence in the Middle East as we see prophetically.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Sam, let me go to the scriptures. I always like to not offer my opinion as much as I do to present the word of God to our listeners, and to help them understand exactly what God’s plan is for the future as it relates to Israel, Russia, Iran, all of these different players that we’re talking about. Remember, Ezekiel 38:2 mentions Gog in the land of Magog, who is going to go in and lead an alignment of Islamic nations to try to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Now, when you’re looking at the scriptures, look at Ezekiel 38:2, and it says Magog. That’s the place, that’s the piece of real estate. It also says Gog in the land of Magog. Well, that’s the personality. He’s the leader of this Russian alignment over the rest of the Islamic world to try to destroy Israel.

Jimmy DeYoung:              In fact, go back to Psalm 83. Psalm 83 is a very interesting verse. There’s a gathering of the enemies of Israel. They’re in a council meeting, they come out of the council meeting and here’s what they say, “Let us wipe Israel off the face of the earth, that her name be forgotten forever.” When you start to put the players, they’re going to join with Gog in the land of Magog, it had to be Persia there in chapter 38 verse 5, modern day Iran, and I could go on with the rest of the list. You read these passages, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, Daniel 11, you’ll know who they are.

Jimmy DeYoung:              This alignment of nations, Sam, is forming today. These prophecies are ready to be fulfilled. And the fact that Vladimir Putin is in Jerusalem today meeting with world leaders, 49 world leaders, leaders, presidents, prime ministers, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, all of these people, and then will leave there, drive over three miles to Bethlehem, meet with these Palestinian leaders, it speaks volumes. If we’re just simply watching the upticks of this whole thing, it works right into the prophetic scenario found in God’s word.

Sam Rohrer:                      It’s almost a bit of a precursor, isn’t it Jimmy, when all of the rulers of the world will gather in Jerusalem, but for other purposes later, isn’t it? It’s amazing.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Absolutely.


Sam Rohrer:                      The rise of Russia in the end times is clearly foretold. We were just talking about that a little bit on the other side. Jimmy, you referred to Ezekiel 38, and mentioned a passage from Psalms as well. But the significant rise, this is what I want all of you who are listening to really grasp, it’s an amazing thing. The rise in the influence of Russia in the Middle East in just the past 10 years or so is enormous. I mean, I think before that, they had no presence in the Middle East. But their rise, of late, 10 years is a pretty short period of time, is not coincidental. And as Russia’s physical presence has increased in the Middle East, their leadership, their influence of their leadership is increasing, as we were just talking, now, that the Palestinians are actually seeking to get Russia’s involvement in a peace process, and Vladimir Putin is visiting Bethlehem right now, wanting an increased role.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, put that in context with the fact that warnings are now coming from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who’s put himself in a position now for leader for life, they’re also increasing. In my opinion, we need to link these two together. So in this final segment, before we close this program in prayer, I want to consider Putin’s very recent warning to the world of a looming world catastrophe. Jimmy, we’ve talked already about it. Putin has been involved in actually leading Russia for about 20 years, but the last five years, and particularly the Middle East has really seen enormous coming forth, Russia’s military strength has enormously been enhanced and they’re, as a nation, are increasingly belligerent when they are tempting, flying into our space, almost hitting our Navy ships, they’re becoming rather arrogant, I think. So now he warns the world of a looming Middle East war, and war catastrophe. What did he say, Jimmy, and how significant do you think this is here?

Jimmy DeYoung:              You know, Sam, I’d have to say, anybody that looked at Russia as a relationship to the Middle East would have to realize the major player in the Middle East, that very important region of the world, has to be Russia and Vladimir Putin. This goes without saying. It’s an absolute tangible evidence of how Bible prophecy is quickly coming together. Putin has a great influence because he is the Islamic world’s best friend. When you look at the close ties between Russia and the Islamic nations, providing the technology and technicians for Iran to have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, the same thing, propping up Bashar Assad in Syria, what’s going on there, and the activities with the other Middle Eastern nations of helping them to have a nuclear capability, all of this understanding giving the foundation for the great influence that Vladimir Putin has. Russia, remember, is the biggest arms dealer in the world, and their focus, of course, is on the Middle East itself. This fact shows that Putin pulls the strings, and therefore will lead his plan.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Now, what Vladimir Putin recently said, it was last Friday, he announced to the world there’s going to be a catastrophic Middle Eastern war that’s going to come about, and very quickly. Remember the scenario, the Russians take charge of the alignment of nations, those Islamic nations, as the lowest common denominator, they will then head towards Jerusalem to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the earth. All the passages we’ve already mentioned have already been in the process of coming together, being played out. By the way, it’s a catastrophic event that brings the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, and he comes out of Iran, a major player and a partner with Russia in what’s going on. Vladimir Putin sees he has an opportunity to take charge of the entire world, leading this coalition to wipe out the Jewish state of Israel.

Gary Dull:                           Jimmy, do you think that any of the Israeli leaders, or even American leaders, are aware of what the Bible says about prophecy and about Russia’s involvement there in the Middle East, and that Putin is there involved right now? Do you think that they have any idea what’s going on? And are they taking this as seriously as they should?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Gary, I’ve got to tell you, I have personally talked with all the prime ministers since we arrived in Israel back in 1991. For these 29 years, Judy and I have been there as journalists, but also as missionaries endeavoring to lead people to Jesus Christ, both the Arabs and the Jewish people as well. In talking with these men, they understand Ezekiel 38. Now, they may not understand it in detail like you and I would be able to do it. I’ve got to tell you, there are rabbis all over the state of Israel that teaching on the subject. When you look at some of the newspapers, many times you’ll see headlines that Israel is preparing for the Gog Magog war, so they do know, understand what’s going on. They understand that Putin is a major player in the Middle East. They understand, the Israelis recognize that, and they’re much aware of that single bit of information.

Jimmy DeYoung:              As I would look at the United States, however, I would have to say that U.S. leaders, I don’t think they are really aware of Biblical prophecy. I had a opportunity on this tour for VCY America to be in Tucson. A long-time friend of mine, Pete Rice, whose uncle was John R. Rice, and his daddy, Bill Rice, he was holding in Indiana an evangelistic meeting, and the pastor there invited a young member of the Indiana legislature to give his testimony. His name was Mike Pence. And I heard you, during the break, say if anybody would know in the leadership of America about what’s going to happen, it would be Mike Pence. I would have to agree with you. In fact, when he was Vice President, Pence came back into Indiana, that same area where the rally was at, and asked the pastor, “Hey, how’s old Pete Rice doing? He’s trying to get up and have an opportunity to pray with the Vice President.” That would be exciting.

Jimmy DeYoung:              But let me just remind you, I said this when I spoke at the Pentagon, and I spoke to a group of generals, I said, “Today gentlemen, you are making decisions that are going to affect tomorrow. Today, you better understand what’s going to happen tomorrow. America may not be aware of Bible prophecy. Somehow they’ve got to get tuned in to what God’s word says because that’s an absolute. That is what’s going to happen.”

Sam Rohrer:                      Thank you, Gary and Jimmy, for being with us today. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us today in this program.