This transcript is taken from a Stand in the Gap Today radio program originally airing on June 11, 2020. To listen to the program, please click HERE.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and joined by the entire team today. Gary Dull and Evangelist Dave Kistler. And we will be joined in segments two to four with special guest, returning guest, John Guandolo. He’s the president and founder of Understanding the Threat. The only organization in America providing the training and the tools to leaders, police, and citizens. And how to identify and dismantle Jihadi terrorist networks in their local communities. John’s a former FBI agent. He’s a friend of ours. He’s a defender of moral and constitutional law and he’s going to be with us, as I mentioned in segments two to four, to focus on one of the leading national issues today, one of grave concern, and that is the developing narrative by too many people in this country of defunding our police. And for some, eliminating them altogether.

                                             Our theme for the program today is this. The left’s war against our police, their gain America’s pain. And if you’ve recoiled at such defund, the police proposals as ludicrous, dangerous unconstitutional, immoral, you’re right, because it is. But today in practical terms, we’re going to discuss this issue in terms of who’s behind this push. Why is this outrageous thought even being pushed and why now? And then we’re going to conclude with what God says about law enforcement, government’s role in law enforcement, its purpose, and why this concept must be fundamentally rejected. But before we go to John, I want to invite in right now, pastor Cliff McManus. He’s a member of Samaritan Ministries International. He’s also pastor of Creekside Bible Church in Cupertino, California. Welcome to the program Cliff.

Dave Kistler:                      Thank you, Sam, for having me. Pleasure.

Sam Rohrer:                      It’s a pleasure to have you on. And Cliff, Samaritan Ministries is really a wonderful healthcare sharing ministry. I’ll put that in there. And they’re also a sponsor of Stand in the Gap Today. Along with American pastors network and our entire Stand in the Gap media effort. And we want to give every reason possible for our listeners and pastors and others to choose Samaritan. Now, as a pastor, you’ve chosen not to be insured by a typical health insurer, but to become part of the Samaritan Ministries health care sharing approach. And before I ask you why you chose Samaritan and experience just a couple of facts, I think it is extraordinary, Samaritan Ministries, providing excellent cost-sharing, serving over a quarter of a million individual members, 82,000 plus member households.

                                             They have experienced dramatic cost savings while lifting up fellow members. We say often through cards, encouragement, and others, and they’re growing biblical community, this is an amazing thing, provides approximately $30 million a month in medical needs, person to person, all told since they’ve begun about $1.8 billion. That’s incredible. So Pastor McManus, when did you choose to become part of the Samaritan family? And why did you choose Samaritan?

Cliff McManus:                 Well, I’ve been a pastor for about 30 years and it was seven years ago in the midst of Obamacare and the rising costs year to year where a premium went from $120 to $600 to a thousand dollars to $1,600 a month. And at that time we had a couple of families in our congregation. We’re doing this thing called Samaritan Ministries. I didn’t know what it was. Then they told us the cost of it and the philosophy of it and how it was Christian oriented. And that resonated with me. And so my wife and I began to look into it, but we didn’t know, is this really going to work? Because it’s not a technical, traditional insurance program, but we watched this couple that we totally trusted for about a year and a half. And they were able to have two children. Deliver two babies through Samaritan Ministries and have all their needs met. And they were a reference. And based on that, we decided to commit to doing Samaritan Ministries ever since. So it’s been about seven years and it’s been wonderful.

Dave Kistler:                      Pastor Cliff, this is Dave and it’s a delight to have you aboard. And by the way, want to say this, you don’t sound old enough to have been in the ministry 30 years. You have a very young sounding voice, but I do want to ask you this question. Obviously you’ve been very pleased with Samaritan Ministries and I’m just curious if you’ve been able to recommend it to others or maybe others in the church or others may be within your orbit, have heard about it like you did from someone and maybe they’ve signed on as well. Has there been any of that that’s taken place?

Cliff McManus:                 Yeah, recommending it was, I was really cautious about that because of my platform as a pastor and also healthcare is a very personal decision, but when people inquired or asked, we definitely promoted it and told people how it could be a blessing. I actually kind of aggressively promote it now to pastors, because I train pastors, and we recommend our pastors at our church to take advantage of it. They don’t have to, but it’s an option. I’m on the board of a seminary out here in California and for our pastors that teach there and work there, we also recommend it because of the benefits of it. And they have been blessed as a result.

Gary Dull:                           Pastor McManus. I assume that you’ve been quite pleased with your experience with Samaritan and this is sort of a twofold question. Number one, would you do it again? And would you recommend it to other pastors as well as other people who are listing across America today?

Cliff McManus:                 Yes, I would recommend it. After seven years, one of the main reasons I’d recommend it is because the organization itself has integrity. They have a statement of faith. They’re consistent with it. Actually know who the leadership is of the organization and they are solid Christians. As a matter of fact, one of our elders at our church is now a board member of Samaritans and he’s contributing and he also appreciates the leadership team that’s intact. I would also recommend it just by practically speaking. You’re going to say we were saving about 11 to $12,000 a year on medical care. And then I asked my wife about a month ago “So it’s been seven years. What do you think of Samaritan Ministries?” “It’s great. Love it. Glad we did it.” “What? Why?.” And she’s the one that pays the bills and does all that stuff. “And what’s one of your main reasons?” And my wife said, “You can choose your doctor and you can keep your doctor. For real!” Which I thought it was hilarious. Because that was the promise of Obamacare that fell through.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, brother. That is exactly correct. I’m glad that you shared your view. And again, we’re just about out of time, but you’ve been positive. It’s been seven years. You’ve had people in your own congregation that have experienced. Been through that process. You’re saying that that is pleased and you are confident in recommending it to other pastors and any of our listeners I would assume. Quite a testimony. And I really appreciate you being willing to take just a few minutes of your time to be with us on the program I Stand in the Gap Today. Thank you so much. And ladies and gentlemen, you can follow up on what Pastor McManus has said.

                                             The website is where you can go. And when you’re there, seek out information. Inquire. They’ll get back to you. It might just be the perfect thing and the perfect choice for you. When we come back, we’re going to bring in John Guandolo and get into our main discussion, the left war against our police. Who’s behind it?


                                             Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by the entire team, Dave Kistler and Gary dull and our special guest today is John Guandolo. You recognize that name. He advises governments, the US, and others on matters related to national security, specifically the threat from the global Islamic movement. And he’s authored a number of books, including Sharia: The threat to America and a host of others. And I could say a lot more, but I won’t at the moment, John, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today.

John Guandolo:                Thank you so much for having me once again.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, it’s great to have you back and the theme that we’re talking about today has got to be addressed. Others are, I know, but we need to address it. And I couldn’t think of anybody better than you because when I look around, and all of us here and our listeners, see and hear some of these ‘defund the police’ demands with big-city mayors suggesting extraordinary reductions in local law enforcement budgets, or in some cases, even the complete elimination of local police. I personally recoil. And I think all of us do on this program do as well. Because when I hear that to me, something not only smells, it stinks. When I see headlines such as one, just appearing in The Wall Street Journal that says “Americans are more troubled by police actions in the killing of George Floyd, than by violence at protests, polls, fines.” And then it goes on to say underneath of it that “80% of Americans feel our nation is spiraling out of control.”

                                             This whole thing begins to get all mixed up. If it’s spiraling out of control, why do we want them to eliminate or defund our police? It leads me to ask, at such time, John, who’s behind this draconian call for the defunding or total elimination of local police. I mean, could it be the gangs, the mob, the sex traffickers, the drug lords, are they wielding so much power and influence? Who are the wolves? Who I like to put in this perspective, who are the wolves who want unfettered access to the sheepfold? Who are the foxes who want an open door to feed on the chickens? So let’s start here. I want to go right to you, John, because you know, from our previous programs with you and others, we’ve talked about information, warfare tactics being waged against our nation.

                                             We’ve talked about nefarious, enemies of freedom here, and that they’re engaged Marxists, Islamist, Globalist. Establishment elites are in this mix. We’ve also talked about funders of turmoil like George Soros. Now we find the Communist Chinese parties involved in propaganda here in our media. So all of that being put together, from your research and your experience, who now are the primary players in this particular current defund the police, save the wolf, slaughter the sheep initiative?

John Guandolo:                Well, first of all, as always, thank you for having me and you couldn’t have teed this up any better. And I appreciate that as well. Let me first say, before getting into the meat of the main question, that at the beginning you said polls show that. And I want to remember, these are the same Marxist Communist leaders in the media who said Hillary Clinton was leading 98% to 2% against Mr. Trump. You know, that was the, excuse me, not percentage of voters. That was the percent chance that she would win. And also had the polls, her crushing Donald Trump and all of that nonsense. Among other things that they lie about. You know, the media lied about Benghazi. They lied about Russia collusion. They were absolutely complicit collaborators in that lie. They lied about George Floyd. They lied about why the riots are going on.

                                             They’re still lying. They are liars. And I’m talking about traditional media. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN they’re liars. And we need to just say it flat out. They lied about COVID. You know, CBS was using fake news footage from Italy to say that this was a horrible situation in New York. You know, the media reported that things are catastrophic at Brooklyn hospital. It was like a war zone. And of course, we had people go down there and actually film it. It was as quiet as a park on a Sunday. So they’re liars. So first of all, we need to start out with what you just said. This is information warfare. It’s about controlling the message and the narratives. And there is a lot of misinformation intentionally put out to support hostile movements, counter-states, the Islamic, and the communist counter-state here in the United States. So that’s the first thing that has to go on the table to understand that they seek to control the narrative in this, right?

                                             The narrative that George Floyd is a reformed church-going great man, that is a crock of crap. That’s a lie. It’s a flat out lie. He was a thug. He was a violent criminal. And he was on meth when they arrested him. So spare me. And I think we need to just be, I just listened to a conversation this morning with good patriotic people just spewing that same nonsense. They’re lies. So before I start blaming, or from an intelligent standpoint, putting out who’s behind the defund police, let’s first identify some of the most dangerous players and are putting forth narratives that directly support our enemies. How about the secretary of defense, Mr. Esper? How about General Mattis? Admiral Mullen, George W. Bush, Nikki Haley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff this morning, Admiral Millie, this morning, overtly comes out against the President of the United States.

                                             This is [inaudible 00:14:23] and treason at a time when the country is at war with identifiable enemies. And these people need to be held accounted. And so far the President hasn’t done it. And he is pretty much, in our estimation, is almost standing alone up there. He’s got millions of people behind him, but he’s not organizing. And he’s not actually rallying the troops to action. It’s not the time to wave the flag and rah rah. It’s time to start crushing enemies. The leaders of this defund police movement are communists and Jihadis. Their Muslim brotherhood organizations like the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Society of North America. They’re designated terrorist groups like Hamas [inaudible 00:15:11] the council on American Islamic relations. They are leaders of communist organizations like black lives matter and Antifa and as this country has done in the past, we should round up the leaders and execute them for trying to revolt and overthrow the government. And if this doesn’t happen soon, we will lose this. That’s our assessment. How’s that for brevity and clarity for you?

Dave Kistler:                      John, let me ask you a question. Wow. All I can say is, wow. Yesterday it came out in the news. Some of the things that some of us were aware of from the very beginning with respect to George Floyd and that is that he and Derek Shovan, the officer who had his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes, actually did know each other. And they actually worked together during their off duty time at a bar or a club that is, as I understand it, actually burned down during the riots. So now I want to ask you this. There’s a lot about George Floyd that is not coming out in the press. You alluded to much of it. He did have meth in his system when he was arrested. He also had fentanyl in his system as well. And so this narrative to try to make him a hero is inaccurate on its very face.

                                             I’m just curious because we’re talking about Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’re talking about the very state where Keith Ellison, a Muslim, who was a former member of Congress, whose son is the president of the Minneapolis City Council. Also a Muslim. Are now talking about defunding the police in that place. Do you have any evidence that Sharia or some form of Sharia is going to be that which replaces the police force in Minneapolis?

John Guandolo:                Well, absolutely. What else is going to replace it? The Attorney General of the United States, excuse me, of Minnesota, is a Jihadi. He is a suit-wearing Jihadi. Whose close friend is the leader of Hamas in the United States [inaudible 00:17:01]. That would be Keith Ellison. It was a strategic clue. And we actually talked about it. If y’all remember on the show previously that, Keith Ellison, here he is sitting on as a member of Congress, representing Minneapolis in the US Congress. Number two on prominent committees and he steps down to become the Attorney General of the state. Now, why would they do that? They don’t do willy nilly. So yes, he has personally taken charge of this investigation for a reason. Because they don’t do willy nilly. And when in Minneapolis-St. Paul where the primary control is by the Jihadi not by the communists. The communist hold, many of the offices like governor, like mayor, like lieutenant governor. But the people in charge on the ground are the Jihadis in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the communists are working directly with them.

                                             I mean, when this current governor, Governor Waltz, was doing his transition after he got elected, he brought the leader of Hamas in Minnesota, Gilani Hussein, from CARE to actually participate as one of the handful of people on his transition team. So the people that are driving this are Jihadiis and the communist are working directly with them. They’re working together at the ground level. And as we talked about before at the international level, but there is no doubt that they will put a happy face on it. They’ll call it something like a civil security force. And in no time at all, they will be adjudicating Sharia. They will enforce it[crosstalk 00:18:53].


Sam Rohrer:                      All right, let’s move back now to our guest here. In attempting to understand things that defy common sense, such as, the cry to defund or eliminate local law enforcement. It’s critical to start with the question as we did here today. Identify the who. But then the question to follow must quickly shift to the why. Why is it being done? Why is this narrative and change being advanced? And why would such a dramatic paradigm shift to eliminate potentially local law enforcement? Why would that even be contemplated without the fear of instant rejection or repudiation by the people generally? Or the politicians? You used to have, at least at one point, an objective media. But clearly, we already understand. We don’t have that. So now you as the why, but I’m going to put because of what’s happening as the why now? Is the entire push a coincidence?

                                             In that it occurs in the midst of totalitarian COVID-19 lockdown policies and the economic carnage that it’s produced. Is that a coincidence? Or is it strategic that this outrageous demand occurs exactly at this time? And that the appearance of orchestration and preplanning and coordination with the George Floyd situation that is implemented, it appears, orchestrated had to have been in many parts of it, similar to the unfolding of a worldwide common implementation of COVID-19 policies. These things don’t just happen. Can’t physically. As we’re seeing. So John, let’s go back here to the why part of this focus now. We’ve looked at some of the who. You’ve identified some. I’ve recited some. The players involved. But now let’s go to the why. Why is this being done? Why is there a call for defunding of local police and even the elimination of police in some areas?

John Guandolo:                Well, because we have an enemy that has a strategy and a doctrine and they’re following it. And what we’re witnessing is textbook Marxist communist doctrine. That’s it. What they’re doing. What they’ve done in the nonviolent realm. Since even before Donald Trump came in and was inaugurated. They were using US intelligence agencies. The director of FBICA, the director of national intelligence. Unlawfully. We know unequivocally now. Unlawfully. To spy on the President in order to bring him down, a duly elected president, that’s treason. And conspiracy to overthrow the government and sedition among other things. And the people involved should be tried for treason and executed for it, in my opinion. Then we have, as you said, everything else. The Russia collusion, the impeachment, COVID-19, and now this. This, what we’re dealing with, has nothing to do with race or racism, nothing at all.

                                             This was an operation launched because of this event. And whether this event was intentionally done timed, and they were ready to go. Or they, because we already knew they were ready to go, and they were waiting for the event. There are a lot of details that certainly point to that this whole event was coordinated. And based on my understanding of decades of working these issues, this is not at all something that’s far-fetched. But putting that aside, this is the intentional Marxist communist doctrine that they are simply fulfilling. And the fact that you have four-star generals and senior cabinet officials regurgitating communist talking points about centuries of America’s systemic racism, which is objectively factually untrue. Untrue. Look at today’s world. There is no systemic racism in the United States today, and there is no evidence of systemic racism against black people in the United States today.

                                             So let’s put that on it. So that’s another lie, right? George Floyd, not an angel. Lie. He was a thug. This comment that we’re systemically racist, no factual basis, but who’s driving these communist organizations? Black lives matter? Communist organization. Antifa? Communist organization. So that’s the why, because they actually have assessed that what they thought was going to happen. I’m not sure they assessed it was going to happen as easily as it did, but what they assessed was going to happen is if police chiefs were going to cower in a cowardly way, surrender their cities. Say “burn down my city, and I’m not only going to let you burn down my city. Instead of thumping you on the street, putting you in handcuffs, I’m going to get on my knees and stand with you. Cause I’m so fricking stupid, weak, and cowardly. That’s what I’m going to do. And then the four-star general running the Pentagon is going to do the same thing. I’m going to publicly say it was wrong for you to hold up a Bible at a church while you’re using the military.”

                                             Well, apparently General Milley hasn’t read his constitutional oath because it says all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the president has legal and constitutional authority to use the military to quell an insurrection, which is exactly what’s going on. The fact that General Milley hasn’t already been fired makes me very worried for the President of the United States. So this is where we are. These are coups. This is a coup, these people are participating in a coup with the communists. And here’s the point. Marxist doctrine says it doesn’t matter whether General Mattis or Admiral Mullen or Mark Esper, Secretary Esper, the secretary of defense, or General Millie. Even know that that’s what they’re doing and Lennon called them useful idiots.

Sam Rohrer:                      Let me just jump in here, John, if you don’t mind, because our time is running out in this particular segment and you’ve explained to us the why, but my question is why is it being done now? Is there such a hatred for America out there that this is just sort of coming to the surface now as it is, or does it in any way tie into what Barack Obama said back in 2007 and eight when he was running for the presidency when he said that he wanted to fundamentally change America, do you think that that’s a buildup that’s coming out right now?

John Guandolo:                What we’re seeing is the intentional result of decades-long, in the case of the communist movement, almost a hundred years. In the case of the Islamic movement in the United States, we’re talking about over 60 years and their efforts and they’re coming to fruition right now. That’s what it is. And the reason it’s happening now is because they thought Mrs. Clinton was going to be elected. And it would have happened in 2016. But Donald Trump, who is a natural anticommunist, natural anti-Jihadi stood up and spoke the truth and is rebuilding America’s founding principles. And so they have to launch now and you can see they’re very overt because they feel like they have to be because they can win this right now. And I would agree with them. If we don’t take drastic aggressive action.

Sam Rohrer:                      And that takes us about to the end of the segment here, John, we could go a number of places more, but actually I’m not going to ask you the question here, but I know that in Congress, the Democrats have introduced legislation that would weaken police efforts and so forth. I guess I will ask you a quick one here. We have a couple of seconds. Do you think that’s actually going to get any progress there with what that effort is in DC?

John Guandolo:                To me, it appears that the communists and the Jihadiis are getting everything they want. So if I were them, I would be going full throttle and asking for the world because you’ve got four-star generals rolling over on their back and letting them in the door.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard the input from John. I mean, doesn’t, it seem like everything is on the table? The more outrageous the demands? It seems at least the media, because of their narrative, is making it all known. These things are on the table. These are a matter of grave concern.


                                             Well, welcome back, as we move into our final segment now. We’ve been talking about the defunding of police narrative, the elimination of law enforcement. And whenever there is, I’m going to use these, words such bizarre talk. Now, obviously I’m indicating a bias. I can do that. Particularly when it comes to something that is of, well, let’s put it this way, not just practical common sense but biblical common sense. So, at the same time that this talk is happening, there are many who are involved, who should know better, who are aligning with those who are bent on destruction of property. Of innocent people. And the destruction of livelihoods of innocent law, abiding citizens, which have been caught up in these demons-

                                             Now I wouldn’t even call them demonstrations. These are evidences of rebellion. Some that are a part, that are appropriate. Understand what I’m saying, but very clearly when you move to attacking those who are in a position of maintaining authority, when you destroy property, when you attack innocent people, obviously it’s a different matter. And I wouldn’t even be a part, frankly, I wouldn’t even be a part nor want to be caught in the presence of those who are involved in those kinds of actions. So we got an issue, but what’s it say when political or religious leaders succumb to the peer pressure of lawbreaking organizations, such as Antifa and black lives matter? And stand with solidarity with organizations who call for the dismantling of a critical component in the justice system? And that God-ordained function of civil authority. So, John, I’m going to ask you to keep it brief two minutes, cause I want to go to Gary and Dave as well, but from a purely practical and functional perspective of civil government and its inner workings, you work with law enforcement.

                                             Now you’ve already evidenced a lot of things. If somebody has been with us from the beginning, they have no doubt where you’re coming from, but you were with the FBI, which is a part of the federal justice system. Now if local law enforcement, as we know it to be is defunded, weakened or eliminated, as some are calling for, what happens to our constitutional freedoms and the protection of those freedoms, which are supposed to be the purposes of those who take the oath, be they law enforcement or in office, to support and to defend the constitution? What happens in reality, John, if we weaken eliminate or defund law enforcement in America?

John Guandolo:                Well, first of all, Americans are responsible for their own safety and security. Individual Americans. So if a family is not armed and willing to deal with defending their life, because since you’re coming at it from a couple of different angles, the right to life is our right, because it’s an unalienable right. Because God gives us our life. And so we don’t have a right to protect it. We have a duty to protect it and therefore we have a right to bear the tools to do so, which has been the understanding in the Western world for centuries long before the Republic. So the right to keep and bear arms long predates the establishment of America and exists with or without a constitution, with or without the nation.

                                             The police are meant to keep order. The constitution requires that all States operate under a Republican form of government. And an important part of government is police enforcing the law and citizens obeying the law. It’s one of the three key principles of our victory strategy. Speaking truth boldly and loud about these threats. Re-establishing America’s founding principles and obeying the law and police enforcing the law. Because without that, and the communists know this, by attacking the family, by attacking Christianity and by attacking order. Law and order. You create the conditions, chaos, in which either communism or Islamic Sharia can dominate.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, I’m going to hold you. I have to cut you off right now. Because I want to go to that. You established that point. Well, Dave, let me go to you. From God’s perspective on the role and the duty of authority, including civil authority, Romans 13 talks about, actually, God giving the sword to law enforcement to government. Question here can God’s design and the constitutional design that John was talking about for praising protecting those who do well, bringing justice to those who break the law. Can that be fulfilled with a diminishing of the aspect of law enforcement and just identify a couple of consequences, for example, if God’s design as he laid out is not implemented?

Dave Kistler:                      Well, Sam, I think we’re already seeing the outcome of ignoring God’s design and not limiting God’s design. When you can have riots in the streets and the burning of buildings and the destruction of property. There was one image that just is in my mind of a dealership, an automobile dealership, where expensive automobiles were set on fire by these looters and anarchists that broke in and did that. And it’s not that the value of those cars makes it bad it’s that it was not these looters and riders property.

                                             The 77-year-old officer who was gunned down trying to protect a pawn shop of a friend and died in the street as it was being filmed. That African American retired police officer, retired captain deserves to be recognized as well. And so all of these things that we’ve watched for 10 of the 13 days that all this has been going on are the consequences. But Sam, let me say this. When Romans 13 says this, “Let every soul be subject to the higher authorities” verse two “Whosoever therefore resisteth the authority or the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they shall receive to themselves damnation.” or the word damnation means judgment “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil, without them be afraid of the power, do that, which is good. And thou shalt have praise of the same.”

                                             So, Sam, there is a legitimate fear of component that comes with law enforcement. And if we take them out of the way, Sam, there is no restraint on anyone to stop them from doing anything. And then we have total anarchy in our country.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Dave, excellent. Gary, let me go to you for some final words. In the end, if God’s design for the purpose of government, as Dave described, as John alluded to, is thrown away and if the law-abiding citizen cannot expect protection and justice from the criminal and the wolf well then what ends up filling that void? Gary?

Gary Dull:                           You know, I wish I had time to develop that because Psalm 11 gives that question and answer. It says in Psalm 11:3 “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” And many people say, “Well, that means the righteous just throw up their hands and say, there’s nothing to do.” No, no, there’s a lot to do. You turn to God. I would encourage everybody to study Psalm 11 because verse four goes on to say, “The Lord is in His Holy Temple.” And when you read down through there, if everything be destroyed, including the law enforcement here in the States, God still sits on his throne. God sees what’s going on. God sorts out between what’s right and wrong sin and righteousness. And then God sends judgment. And so it’s very important that we, as Christians, pray for revival, we participate in the governmental process and then we prepare for whatever is going to come along. But Psalm 11 gives that answer and it’s worth everybody’s while to study it through and practice it in their individual lives.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Gary, you took us exactly where I want to leave our audience today. We look around; we see what’s taking place. We should. If we read the pages of scripture, we know that to any nation, having once been blessed of God, walks away from God’s principle. God says, “I am going to awaken you. I am going to judge that nation.” We’re no different. We’re seeing that. God’s people hold the key. You and I need to go to God and repentance on our knee, seeking the face of God, praying for those in positions of authority, that they would bow the knee to the Lord and do his work.