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Sam Rohrer:       Well, hello and welcome to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to be joined today by Gary Dull, who’s in the co-host chair and we are really looking forward to this program today. And we are so glad that you are with us. And I want to encourage you to stay all the way to the end. Matter of fact, once we start, I know you won’t walk away, but really make it a point. This is a big program today. You know, if you’ve listened to us before that, we try to select the most substantive headline news. We try to get ahold of the most expert guests that we can find, the goal to bring to you, because we feel we have a duty to do so. Trustworthy analysis. And from a biblical unconstitutional filter, we take all these things. We believe that any news can be interpreted.

                              If we look at it through the right lens, that’s a biblical lens. And because we’re dealing with cultural issues or you’re in the arena of the constitution, and that’s why we do that. And so in these days, when deception is so enormous, it’s even more critical perhaps than ever. For today I know there are a number of events that I’ve looked at that we could comment on such as some of the despicable behavior that we saw yesterday of Democrat house members in terming, almost like the inquisition of attorney general Bar, two controlled media, completely shutting down the release of medical information by independent physicians and others gathered in DC to talk about the truth behind what’s happening on the whole COVID-19 policies. And they were completely shut down. I could talk about that and it’s worthy of, but we’re not going to go there. We’re going to go somewhere else today, a little bit more of a slice of life type of a thing.

                              We have a very special guest today who has written a bestseller entitled Trump-ography, Trump-ography, okay. And it’s a subtitle, How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency. We’re going to talk with a former liberal activist, literally now a Christian and an avid supporter of President Trump. And not only that, but biblical truth. We’re going to get an inside story on his life. His experiences into the real Donald Trump, and then we’re going to come back and talk about some other things at the close of the program related to this. Our theme today is this, one man’s journey and unlikely meeting Donald Trump and a change life. And with that, I want to walk him to the program right now. Gene Ho, spelled H-O. Gene, welcome to the program today.

Gene Ho:             Thank you very much for having me on and thank you for that wonderful introduction and truly what the journey that this has been for my life. I mean, is everything you talked about, liberal activists, big-time liberal and a chance encounter with Donald Trump and a whole change life for me, it’s just incredible.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, that’s what we want get into. It is truly exciting. I know from hearing some of your other interviews said before, I believe your mother was born in Hong Kong. I think your father, you said was on mainland China. You grew up in New York City area, but you grew up politically liberal. Let me just go into a little bit of a piece of Gene Ho’s life. Your parents came to the U.S. I don’t know why they came, but did their reason for coming here, did that influence your view of life and freedom and politics initially?

Gene Ho:             Generally speaking, no. And the thing with the Chinese culture, which is very interesting is that we are very non-politically inclined, for the most part. I didn’t grow up with any kind of particular politics. I did not grow up with any particular type of religion. So as my journey in life in entailed, I had very little to do with politics, except for I was the darling of the liberal left. I had a very large photography company. We sponsored all the things that you would imagine a liberal would sponsor the NAACP events, the LGBT pageants in their events. My organization was very liberal with very liberal employees working for me. So I was doing very well in life, basically living a very liberal lifestyle. And then it was just in a chance encounter. And then today my life has totally changed. And then the people that see me now almost cannot believe that I was the same person I was even 10, 15 years ago.

Gary Dull:            Well, we praise the Lord what Jesus Christ does in the life of an individual. So Gene, we rejoice along with you. But let’s talk a little bit about your book because even the title of it is quite intriguing. Trump-ography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency. And what really prompted you to write that particular book? And Jean, does the book focus more on the biblical principles you cite or Donald Trump himself, or both?

Gene Ho:             Basically, it’s like this. I had a chance to write this book and I could tell you and people listening in will know that I’m telling the truth here because I predated the campaign, which means I was there with Donald Trump before the campaign even became a campaign officially, meaning that I did not have what is called a non-disclosure agreement. So after I spent two years with Donald Trump, after that, I could have told some lies. There was a lot of money going around for people to say a negative book about Donald Trump. And I could have took care of all my financial problems and I could’ve lied. And I could’ve said, I saw Donald Trump doing this.

                              And he said this to me. He said that, but I decided to write a book about truth. And it talks about biblical principles that Donald Trump applied, and then that’s the first thing the liberals say, Whoa, what Bible principles, what Bible principles? But I was there. I watched the man and it also watched early on because I met him several times and wonderful Christian named Ben Carson. And Ben Carson is someone that if God was going to pick someone who would definitely pick Ben Carson, but I tell you, I saw firsthand and I more testimony to how I seen Donald Trump react to me how he reacted to other people and how I feel that God has used this great man to be the President of the United States.

Sam Rohrer:       And ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to identify in the last segment of this program, we’re going to identify some of those leading principles that caused Gene to write that book. We’re going to talk to him about what were those principles that he identified and make some application of why they were essential and how he’s viewing as we know, the rise to the Presidency of this current President, but then I am sure and I don’t even know what he’s going to say, I have to tell you that I don’t know what he’s going to say, but I’m sure there’s going to be application to all of us, probably from those principles. Our guest today is Gene Ho. He’s an author. He’s a speaker, he’s a professional photographer. He was the Trump team photographer. And he’s the author of a book that we’re just referencing to slightly here, Trump-ography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency.


                              Well welcome back to stand in the gap today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Gary Dull today and our very special guest Gene Ho speaker and author of the book, Autotypography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency. And our theme today is this, one man’s journey, this man’s journey, Gene Ho, an unlikely meeting, Donald Trump, and a changed life. You know, no time in America or perhaps world history has the entire system of communications been so controlled the content so shaped and the clear and identifiable strategic goals literally because we’ve talked about on his program before. Brainwashing through highly developed propaganda techniques, it’s never happened quite like today. No longer is truth the basis for reporting, no longer is truth the objective guideline for reporting analysis or interpreting of the news. Frankly, news is no longer based on organic happenings, but almost like one large choreograph display of carefully crafted statements intended not to inform and lead one toward independent thinking, but toward an intoxicated blind, a following, we have to intentionally work hard to find the news behind the news and the truth in the midst of deception.

                              And we try to do that regularly on this program. And we’re going to go there right now. Gene again, so great to have you on board today, you have a website at Gene Ho,, which I think talks about this book and a lot of things, but you know and you’ve already referred to it, the mind games I just referred to, to which were all subjected revolve around everything, but they really do revolve around the person of Donald Trump. There is so much out there, he’s positioned regularly as a supremacist or racist, a bigot, a whole host of other things, but you were there and saw that man, as an individual, as you said in the last segment, before he ever became a candidate, Trump. You’ve continued on in varying capacities. I’d literally like you to share just a little bit about the real Donald Trump. What did you expect when you first started taking pictures for him? And how did that develop as you further got to be with the man Donald Trump?

Gene Ho:             Well, one of the things that’s important to understand about me was that I was a very much a liberal, I was by far not leading any kind of Christian life. I would be the furthest that you would want to call a conservative without going into it of course. My lifestyle was not in accordance to anything that you would consider a Christian. But one thing that I have always been big on is I did not like liars. And when I was first with Trump and met him and started taking pictures of him and saw how he treated me and as a minority, how he treated other minorities. And then I would see how the mainstream media would weave this lie in that he was somehow a nasty person or that he was a racist. I’ll be honest, I don’t like liars. You could call me back then.

                              And you can say, you’re this [inaudible 00:10:53] sinner, or that [inaudible 00:10:53] sinner, you’ve done this, or you’ve done that. I never liked liars. And so the more I seen the mainstream media attack, Donald Trump on this, the angrier I became and the more I decided that I wanted to support Donald Trump. And once again, I must say with the mainstream media, when they were inventing this narrative, that somehow Trump is a racist. Why wouldn’t they even take the time to ask me someone who is not only a minority, but someone that saw him interact with people backstage, not in front of the camera. Why didn’t they ask me these questions? Why is it that most people in America never even met me or even heard about me when, when all this happened, I should have been an all the TV stations, the CNN and MSNBC, how come no one knows about me? Because I’m telling the truth.

Gary Dull:            Well, praise the Lord for the fact that you do tell the truth, because the truth is something that’s truly needed today. And you have the opportunity and have had the opportunity to see Donald Trump behind the scenes. I know I’ve had the privilege of being in his presence a couple of different times. And one of the things that I’ve observed about him, Gene, is that he seems to me a fellow who likes to listen to people. And hears them out when they have a thought or concern to bring his way. Is that something that you have observed and do you see that on a regular basis with him?

Gene Ho:             Yeah. And this is one of the main points about it. I was never a political photographer, but I was always a photographer that photographed celebrities. And when I photograph celebrities, I have a 30 year career in this. I give the celebrities what I call the photographer’s code and it’s very simple. I say to the celebrity, I say, listen, when you’re done talking to this person and you don’t want to be around this person anymore, give me a sign, just take your left hand and put it on your chin and just shake your head. Like, “Yep, I’m listening to you, oh yes, I’m listening to you.” Give me that sign. And that’s my cue as a photographer to go in there and say, “Oh, excuse me, we’re a little bit late on time. We got to go, we got to go.” And I pull them away from that to allow the celebrity to maintain their dignity as the good guy.

                              And I would be the bad guy. When I was with Trump, I would always give him a photographer’s code and he has never used it with me. In fact, when I thought he was done with someone, I would even step forward as to say, “I’m going to cut in now, I’m going to cut in now.” And Donald Trump would put his hand in front of me, like no, and back off. And he would talk with that person because he really does talk to the person. He listens to the person as if that person was the only person in the room. And I saw that as a stark contrast to all the other celebrities that I photographed.

Sam Rohrer:       You know, Gene, I really do think that kind of thing you’re talking about, says a lot about a person, many dignitaries and others won’t even stoop to talk to anybody unless they think that person has something that they can contribute to them. And that’s kind of what you’re saying right there. Let me ask a question, I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before and just thinking about it. There are a lot of lies, you’re talking about lies, there are a lot of lies that are told and continued to be told about this man.

                              Could be about him, his family, or whatever that may be. And I don’t like to repeat lies because they get stuck in people’s mind. On the other hand, we’ve heard the lies repeated so many times. I don’t think they’ll get stuck anymore than they are now, but this is the question I want to ask you. If you were to pick a lie that you think is perhaps most egregious or however you want to describe it and dispel it, what would that be? Dispel what you think is probably one of the biggest lies that have been the most harmful or the most deceptive put out by the media relative to this President.

Gene Ho:             One of the things that I’ve seen that the media has done is that the media has tried to portray Donald Trump as a person that’s a loose cannon that he’s like, “Oh, what does he do next, he doesn’t know what’s going on.” You know what? Also, Donald Trump plays into their hands in a sense. And let me explain a lot of times, Donald Trump will even purposely misspell things on his Twitter. And then people say, “Oh, well, look how dumb our President is, look how dumb.” But in fact, this President is perhaps and honestly speaking, and I met a lot of people, perhaps one of the most brilliant minds that I have ever seen.

                              I’ve seen this person, Donald Trump from the beginning of the campaign to the end of it, and how he has outmaneuvered all his enemies and how he has outmaneuvered people for however, he needs to do it, to accomplish what his goal is. And sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes he’ll do something and then people will say, “Oh my goodness, what a dumb President we have, this President’s so dumb.” This President, this man is perhaps one of the most greatest thinkers, the greatest mind that I have ever seen in all my career as a photographer, he is a genius and he knows what he’s doing. And that’s why I feel so confident in him as being our President.

Gary Dull:            Behind closed doors behind the scenes, Gene, how does he respond to those lies that are brought to him? I mean, day after day, after day, how does he respond personally behind closed doors?

Gene Ho:             You know what? I had the privilege and the luxury, not only of seeing him on the campaign trail and not only at the VIP photograph sessions that were private, but at times I had, I had access to his green room. So I’ve seen him behind the scenes. I’ve seen him in public meet up, private meetings. I’ve seen him in private meetings where it was only him, people he was talking to, and the secret service. One of the things that I can say is, I don’t think that Donald Trump seems to be bothered by anything that we read in the press. It’s almost like as if it’s water off a duck’s back. This President is very agenda driven, very results driven. And I learned a lot from that because in daily lives and what we do, there’s a lot of distractions that come about.

                              But one of the things that I’ve seen about Donald Trump is he really, really doesn’t let things bother him. And I was there. I was there without repeating it. But when some of these things, I thought there were days that, that Trump would never get elected, things back then with the tap of phone call or the taped conversation with the entertainment tonight, I was there for a lot of that stuff. And the thing is he just kept going and let the distractions and the things in the past not bother him, but he was always thinking ahead, and I’ve seen that. We, even in the country that we are in now with all the problems, I am fully trusting that Trump knows what he’s doing and that he will steer us out of this.

Sam Rohrer:       That’s interesting Gene, great insights.

Sam Rohrer:       Ladies and gentlemen, our special guests, Gene Ho. He’s author and speaker and author of the book, Trump-ography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency. Just talking a bit about the inside view of the real Donald Trump, the kind that you don’t get in the regular news. But we’re back now at the middle of our program and we thank all of you who are listening to us today for being with us. This is Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Gary Dull and our special guest today, Gene Ho. Author speaker and as I referred earlier, written the book, ography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency. And we just got a few insights from Gene on the real part of the man, Donald Trump.

                              In this age of lies and deception, it’s so difficult to really know anything about what you’re hearing. That’s why we say you got to go back to the Word of God, start there as an anchor and it helps to give some clarity in our own minds relative what the truth is. We’ve talked about some of those things, but the truth, which is so important should affect all of our lives. It affected our guest’s life. And we’re going to find out about that in just a moment here. When I think of truth, I think of John 8:32, actually that verse, as I’ve said, many times actually is written right on the ceiling of the General Assembly of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, where I served for a long time. That verse up there on the ceiling, everybody can see it, it’s amazing. But it says this, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

                              You see truth generally is required for civil freedom. For those who have ever known true freedom and who seek the truth, they soon come to realize that truth starts with and resides in Jesus Christ. Who said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” It ultimately is agreeing with God about who he is and what he says when you get right down to it. That is the truth. And that ultimately brings us to the truth that God loved the world so much that he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, who voluntarily agreed to sacrifice his life so that a wayward and sinful humankind could be restored spiritually into a perfect relationship with God. That’s what we call redemption. And it’s free to all who pursued the truth and embrace the truth culminating in the person of Jesus Christ.

                              Now, Gene, I’m going to go to you now in your book and your book title, which was, I’ve already said, Trump-ography, you identified biblical principles. We’re going to do that in the next segment. But you use that as the byline, which tells me that you came into contact at some point with truth and the truth of biblical principles. So we’re going to go there, like I said, in the next segment with you at defining that, but I want to know, where and the process and how in the process of your journey, as it did bring you into contact with Donald Trump and the capacitor talking about. How did all of that bring you into contact with the truth of Jesus Christ?

Gene Ho:             Well, this is really interesting because I just started talking about how I didn’t like liars, but I was actually lying to myself and I was lying to my staff because for the two years that I was with Donald Trump, I was ashamed to publicly admit that to my photographers. So when they would say “Gene, oh, Donald Trump is such a racist, how could you be working for them?” And I would say, “Ah, no, this is just a job, I’m just doing this, this is just a job.” Because I was afraid of them leaving me. But on the night before the election, what I did was I went home and I took my Facebook page and I turned it into public. And while I did that, I said, “Hey, everybody, the world, I’ve seen this person for two years, I think he’s wonderful, and I endorse him for President of the United States.”

                              And so that truth came out. But then my world came crashing down on me because after that, all my photographers started to quit on me. There was a boycott sent upon my business. I was going bankrupt in the process. And on top of that, the IRS was auditing me. I’ve never been audited by the IRS, but suddenly I’ve been with the Donald Trump for two years. And then suddenly I get audited twice within a two year period. And it was really bad. I was going bankrupt.

                              My life was falling apart, even though I would have been in the prime of my life with all this stuff going on and I’ll never forget it. It was like a pregnancy. And at the nine month mark of this audit, I went into the IRS audit and there were three people there. There was the IRS agent, my CPA and myself. And I didn’t know what else to do. My life was falling apart. And I said, I pulled up a fourth chair, an empty chair. And I said, Jesus, if you want, please sit in this chair and watch what they are doing to my life. And at that point, the IRS audit went away. The investigation with me went away and I decided at that time that I was going to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ.

Gary Dull:            Wow, that’s quite an interesting testimony. And boy, I have a lot of questions that I can ask with regard to that, but I’ll just start with this one. How has that changed your life since you’ve come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, particularly in the fact that you’ve got a relationship with not only Donald Trump, but other what we would call celebrities. I mean, you see the good, bad and the ugly. How has you coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, changed your life personally?

Gene Ho:             One of the things that’s been the biggest change is that during the time when I was part of the campaign, I was traveling alone and then I would come back and I still had my business. So I would be a wedding photographer on the weekend and then go to the campaign. So I was hardly ever seeing my family. But you know, if you were asked my wife at the time, are you a Christian? She would say, of course I’m a Christian, of course, but we weren’t Christians. She wasn’t living in life as Christians.

                              She’d never even read the Bible like we have now, but now my life has been changed because now when I go out there, I travel with my family, with my small children in tow, who is, they are homeschooled. And we traveled around the country happier than ever. And my wife said it best, she says, “Do you know Gene that all this time that we were never alive?” And I said, “I know we were never alive.” But now we are happier than we have ever been before. And I feel, I mean, you talk about the truth setting you free. I feel free. I feel like I’m living. I feel like I’ve been born again, but actually alive now. So this has really changed my life.

Sam Rohrer:       And gene, all of us who are listening, I mean, Gary and I who speak regularly about the truth. Gary’s an active pastor in his church. He preaches, that’s all of our people who are listening for those who have trusted in Christ as their savior, they would say the same thing, “Hey man, Gene, I feel free too.” Because that’s exactly what truth does and in this climate and culture, in which we live, we are all feeling so oppressed. And our freedom is being limited because truth has been thrown out culturally. So the only thing that can bring it is exactly what you are saying and what we’re saying, but what a difference it makes.

                              Now, let me ask you this question. I don’t know if anybody’s asked you this publicly or not, but when your life changed, when did it change in the process of your time with the President? So tell me [inaudible 00:26:02] when that actually occurred. And are you close enough to the President where you have ever been able to share what has happened to you with him, or, you know what I’m talking about? Just give us some ideas here relative to that.

Gene Ho:             Well, let me start by saying this. I am still very close to the Trump campaign. They have been calling me almost every day, this month, but I’m also very close friends with Lara Trump in particular. She is wonderful. She has invited me to Trump Towers and I have shared some of this with her. But one of the things that I want to really tell your listeners, and this is, I feel adamant about this. You have to understand that when I was in Satan’s world, I was Satan’s beloved. I was like a son to him. Whatever I wanted in the world would be mine. I was 30 years old with two homes, three cars in a stretch black limousine with my own driver.

                              And that was me. That was my life. So without going into details, you could just imagine what a single man at 30 is going through. I was very much loved by Satan and the world. I will tell you, and I will tell you today and I said it before, given a choice between being Satan’s beloved for God’s beloved. I choose every time, the glorious light of our Lord Jesus Christ. And if I had the choice and I’ve had, I could’ve, I could have still sided with Satan. I choose to side with Jesus Christ.

Sam Rohrer:       Gene, when you say that, it makes me think of the man from the Old Testament called Joshua, who stood before the people. And they were at a point of decision in their national life and their people’s life. And he stood as a leader and said, as for me and my house, we choose to follow the Lord. You know what? And that’s what you’re talking about is a choice. Do you think the President has actually, has he talked to you about choosing to follow God’s path? Or how do you think that directs him in his life when you have to stop? [crosstalk 00:28:18]

Gene Ho:             No, that was the other part of the question that I didn’t even answer. Do you know this whole time I was with Donald Trump, all this spiritual revelation came after this, all of this came after Trump already became President. And then the attacks upon me came. And when the packs upon me came, that’s when I turned to Jesus, that was with him. I did not watch Donald Trump and say, “Oh, I want to be like him because whatever.” No, all of this happened with a timeline after.


Sam Rohrer:       As we move now into our final segment, I just want to take just a brief moment here to ask all of you who are listening. And I’ve got numbers of comments from people during this program saying, “Wow, good, people need to hear this, appreciate what we’re hearing.” If you do find that to be that kind of response in your mind and heart, could I ask you to take the opportunity to move this program? And when it gets an archive form on our website,, or off of your iPhone, our free app, that’s there stand in the gap that you can take and forward that along to your friends. How often you get to hear the truth from someone who’s been very close on the inside. First, someone who happens to be at this point in time, yet the Leader of the Free World, our President, who has all of the efforts going on in the deceptive media and all of the stuff that’s happening to us all, how often you get to hear someone who shares like Gene Ho has shared, and then talk about his own personal life and his journey to Christ.

                              This is a wonderful thing. I encourage you to do that. So talk to your friends, don’t keep the truth bottled up. If this is truth that speaks to you, let others know like us on Facebook. That’s a great way to take and promote the program or however you communicate it because we all do it differently. However, that may be pass it along, pick 25 of your friends or more, and let them know about what they can hear on this program today. Well, when changes come into a person’s life because of the encounter with truth, and especially when that encounter culminates in the embodiment of truth and the person of Jesus Christ, we call that salvation. And when that happens, change will occur and the Bible tells us that. And when there is no change, it’s a good reason to ask the question of whether or not there’s even anything there that really changed.

                              But the written truth, as we know, is found in the Bible, it’s the truths that are there can take the form of commandments or can take the form of what we call principles, guiding truths that come off the pages of scripture. Gene, again, I want to go back to you as we kind of wrap up the program now and go back to the book. That’s where we started the program with. You talked about how biblical principles paved the way to the American presidency, ostensibly, referring to Donald Trump, becoming President. But could you identify for us a leading principle that you wrote about in your book that really stood out to you and in your opinion, what was that greatest principle that you identified and how did it actually pave the way for this man to become precedent?

Gene Ho:             Well, I’ll just talk about one in the book I wrote, I talk about stories about Donald Trump and also stories about characters that we know of in the Bible. And one of the characters I talk about was a man named Jonah and everyone remembers them and the stories, “Oh, he got swallowed up by the whale.” Well, but here’s the interesting thing about Jonah, which is the most interesting thing. He was a reluctant messenger. When you read the story and reread it, actually, Jonah was probably perhaps one of the biggest cowards in the Bible. God says, you go preach to Nineveh. And he was like going completely the opposite way while going, wherever God said, he would go the opposite. Well, the point of this is in many ways, Donald Trump, although not a coward, but Donald Trump was a reluctant messenger.

                              I’ve heard him early on many times saying, listen, I don’t need to do this. I don’t need to do this. I could just go off into the sunset, play golf and just not even worry about this, but here’s the principle involved. Donald Trump answered the call, just like Jonah answered the call and he was reluctant. Even Donald Trump was reluctant. He didn’t need to do this. He didn’t even want to do this. If someone else could have got the job done, he would have said, go at it, go for it. I’ll support you. But my point for all of us, for me and your listeners is if you feel that call, answer that call the fire burning in your soul, what God is telling you to do, answer it and don’t run away from it.

Gary Dull:            Very good. And I think so many times as Christians, Gene, we do run away from what God calls us to do. So let me just dig a bit deeper into what you have said there. Number one, do you personally believe that Donald Trump has literally sensed God’s call upon his life to be the President of the United States of America? And secondly, what biblical principle or principles do you see in Donald Trump that has equipped and will equip him to continue as our President?

Gene Ho:             Well, you know what people always ask me and then some or other Christians have said, “Oh, how dare you, he’s such a violent man, he said this, he said that.” And I always tell them, because I too read the Bible and I read about God’s beloved and God’s beloved was David. And David was not only an adulterer, he was a murderer. David was a murderer. He murdered the husband of Bathsheba. And yet God can use someone like him to accomplish his purpose. And God can use someone like Donald Trump to accomplish his purpose. And God can use someone like me and you and the people listening in. He can use whoever he wants and it’s not our job to tell God who He can use, or He can’t. Because I could tell you this much, David, King David doesn’t qualify according to what all these other, some of these Christians say, he doesn’t qualify at all. Not the adulterer, not the murderer. He doesn’t qualify. But God said, I love you, David. I will build my Kingdom upon you.

Sam Rohrer:       And Gene. What a reminder, you said two things. I’m going to give you a final word in just a moment here. But you said two things in this wrap up segment. One, you issued a challenge that if a person feels God’s call on their life. And certainly in these days, we try to challenge people on this program. We are confronted with evil on all sides. Well, if we are true believers in Jesus Christ, we should understand we are light to be light and we should be salt. Salt actually burns when there’s a cut, but it preserves. And it helps to heal light dispels the darkness. Both of them describe the kinds of days in which we’re in and the people I’m urging. All of you are listening. If you feel oppressed, if you feel challenged, I think as we all are by many things that are happening, don’t retreat into the closet.

                              Don’t put your light under a bushel to the contrary, speak it out, live it out more with boldness than perhaps ever before. And this, the second point that Gene made, regardless of who you are and what your background may have been and what has happened, redemption can occur and a new beginning. It can happen for all and God can use anyone who’s willing to be used. That’s how I summarize what you say, Gene. And we’ve got just about a minute left here. Any parting words that you would want to add to what I’ve just said to our listeners today?

Gene Ho:             Absolutely. Friends support this show and please support me because I could really use it. My website is, And you can also follow me on Facebook. Just find me with Gene Ho. Follow along. There’s a incredible journey that we have and we’ll take it together.

Sam Rohrer:       Gene Ho, thank you. Thank you for being with us today. You can go to his website.