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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to another week, actually, the end of the week, hard to believe here, on Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined today by Dr. Gary Dull as we recap this busy weekend as we are actually focusing on a program today of significance that I want to call your attention to here. And it’s this, because we’re going to be joined in just a moment by White House correspondent and founder and president of World Watch Daily, Bill Koenig.

                                             Now, the theme for today is this, Accelerating God’s Final Plans: American Presidents and Israel. Now yesterday, Gary was away. If you’re listening to the program, he was away attending a National Day of Prayer event while I was here joined by attorney David New as we were giving the history of how the National Day of Prayer came about and the amazing purposes for previous presidents, starting with President Harry Truman, and then further modified by President Ronald Reagan. Both of them, knowing the power of prayer, confirmed along with Congress the need to make official a national day of prayer.

                                             That was yesterday. And to the chagrin of globalists and other anti-God individuals and secular humanist of our day, we noted the reality that of our previous political leaders, they actually held and instituted a political theology when they established that National Day of Prayer, and we cited it yesterday. Two things, one, God exists, and two, national sin exists. That was a part of that document, and I encourage you to go back and listen to that program yesterday, if you happened not to hear it.

                                             But yesterday also we shared on this program how the passage of Joint Resolution 322, HR Resolution 322, back in 1922 and signed by President Wilson back then… In effect, it was the American version of the Balfour declaration concerning Israel. But it confirmed the will of the American people led by American political leaders, but unlike the Balfour declaration was clearly driven by an understanding of biblical prophecy in regard to God and Israel. And in that document, actually, a law, this joint resolution urged the establishment of a new state of Israel and cited a biblical prophecy Deuteronomy 30, Amos 9.

                                             And I quoted another one yesterday, Ezekiel 36:24, that states, “‘For my sake,’ God said, ‘I’m going to take you from among the nations and gather you from all of the countries and bring you back into your own land. And you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers. And you shall be my people, and I’ll be your God.'” Now, God said that in a Ezekiel, and it’s happened. The connection of the United States with Israel though, has been present in our national ethos since the days of the pilgrims and the Puritans who viewed the establishment of the United States as the new Jerusalem and the new Israel, they said, and they called on the God of heaven to establish this nation.

                                             They covenanted with him to advance God’s will in God’s way and to advance God’s plan of redemption, which, of course, includes the nation of Israel and the New Testament church, which has been grafted into spiritual Israel. We don’t have time to get in to all of that, but that’s what the Bible says. And from that time, until now, our nation has played an integral role in advancing God’s plan of redemption and furthering the light of truth and therefore of the necessity of recognizing and protecting the people of God, the Jews, and his nation Israel, and God’s eternal city Jerusalem.

                                             This incredible nature of our involvement is little known, but it should be known, and it should be rehearsed as it ties right into biblical prophecy, the end of days, and the events of our day. Today, with the help of Bill Koenig, the author of Eye to Eye, an incredible book recognizing the major events impacting America when our policies actually veered away from the support of Israel, I want to look back to the impacts of previous US presidents today in this program and bring into focus the impacts that are coming our way in the current Biden administration as we focus on this, Accelerating God’s Final Plans: American Presidents and Israel. With that, Bill Koenig, thanks for being with us today on the program.

Bill Koenig:                         Thank you, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      Let’s get started here. I’ve tried to lay down a foundation for the day’s program, and I hope that people catch it. But I want you to add your thoughts as to why, a White House correspondent, which you are, a Christian, a student of biblical prophecy, which you are, add to what I just said why you believe that there’s such a strong connection between America and Israel and the hand of God on our nation, either in blessing or judgment, and why it’s pertinent that we talk about this.

Bill Koenig:                         Sam, we have been raised as a Christian nation to be a friend and supporter of Israel. We have such an incredible relationship with the Jewish people, American Christians, Jewish people, the eventual establishment of a state of Israel. Moving back and just reviewing everything, I marvel for my 25 years of being a student of news and activities pertaining to the state of Israel, the significance of us presidents’ role in bringing things to prophetic final-day conclusion.

                                             One of the key moments was when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, was president. He promised the king of Saudi Arabia that if Israel ever wanted to become a state that he would let him know, and he put that in a letter to the king of Saudi Arabia. One week later, seven days later, he died in office, replaced by Harry Truman.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Bill, I want you to save the rest of that story, if you don’t mind, for the next segment when we get in to actually begin looking at these presidents, but you also have written this book I referred to, Eye to Eye. Lay down the principle of that book and why you wrote it as it layers down on this program as we lay out the involvement of previous presidents. Is there a direct connection that you’ve seen?

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely. That the covenant land of Israel in Genesis 15:18, the Lord has a covenant with Abraham, and this land is special because it’s his land. No leader, American president despite our support of Israel or any other leader, European leader, when they attempt to divide the land of Israel, there are enormous catastrophic events. In other words, attempting to put an Arab state in the biblical heartland of Israel, Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, there are enormous record-setting catastrophes that I’ve documented, over 127 in my book, Eye to Eye. Also, every leader, every foreign leader, every Middle East leader that’s attempted to conquer that land or divide that land has also had catastrophes come upon them.

Sam Rohrer:                      So, what you’re saying, Bill, again, the pertinence of us looking at that principle, Genesis 12, where God promised Abraham, “You bless the nation of Israel, I’ll bless you. You curse the nation of Israel, I’ll curse you.” That’s exactly the principle you said you’ve identified and laid out in the book Eye to Eye.

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely. In Genesis 12:3, God’s intent is those who bless Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants, they will be blessed. Those who oppose or curse Israel, there will be consequences. [crosstalk 00:07:29] this book.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen, the United States has played, as I laid out, a key role in the alignment and the help with Israel. That’s what we want to lay out in the program today because it’s all tied into God’s plans, and when US presidents… We’re going to start tracking it back, the early years, the middle years, and then well end up talking about the current days and how this all connects. It really is a remarkable thing. We want to give glory to God for what he’s doing.

                                             Welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied today by Dr. Gary Dull and our special guest, White House correspondent, president and founder of World Watch Daily, which you can find at And his name is Bill Koenig. My theme today is this. We’re trying to connect some dots here. Sometimes, folks, getting the big picture is really important in helping to put together the details, and sometimes it’s good to back up. We’re backing up today a little bit.

                                             I’ve entitled this program today, Accelerating God’s Final Plans: American Presidents and Israel. Now, if it sounds a little bit like prophecy, it does and it is. That’s what we’re looking at. Before we get into our beginning to look at some of our early presidents and the impacts they had, I want to share a very quick note I got from a listener, just came in this morning. The appreciation of this speaks to what we’re talking about today.

                                             This individual said this. “Thank you for speaking the truth about the anti-freedom movement of the United Nations, the Vatican, the papacy, and Marxist politicians in the United States.” And it talks about the prophetic element, which is what we were dealing with that day. Went on to say, “We were the most blessed nation in this Earth’s history. Satan has hated America for that, and his fake news campaign about the founders and the history of America has poisoned many people’s minds.”

                                             He’s said, “Thanks for being on,” and this is a new station that’s just recently in Southeast Pennsylvania, WBYN, 107.5, and goes on to say, “and may we look unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.” Thank you so much for that comment, and it ties right in with this next segment, because the role of the United States in the furtherance of the gospel has always been connected to the image of light. Think about that. The gospel is referred to as the light, is it not?

                                             Governor Winthrop in the earliest years as a nation, he prayed to God that our nation would become, as he said, a shining city on a hill to shine forth the light of truth. In the Old Testament, Isaiah 10:17 says, “And the light of Israel shall be a fire, and his holy one for a flame.” Well, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is revealed in John to be that light, that true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The scripture also says that those who fear God and keep his commandments and align with his plan and doeth truth, comes to the light.

                                             And those who hate the light love darkness, and their deeds will show it. It’s in this picture that God promised Abraham, “Those who bless you, Israel, I’ll bless.” Why? Because they, in essence, further God’s plan for the light. “Those who despise me,” God said, “actually despise the light, and will curse you and Israel. I will curse them.”

                                             So, Bill, in this segment I’m going to look at the historically early and the middle years, I’m putting it, as I put America into this series of events as connect to Israel and start here, if you would. Take these two individuals, President Roosevelt, you started to speak about, and Truman. In the early years, right at the time both of them came right at that time when Israel became a modern state on May 14th, 1948. What are the significant events with those two?

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely. FDR, as I said in the other segment promised the king of Saudi Arabia that if Israel ever want to become a state, he would support it… I mean, he would let him know to stop it. Seven days later, FDR passed away in office replaced by Harry Truman, who despite many members of his administration not supporting a state of Israel, thinking it would be a very significant break. Secretary of State Marshall and others said, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it. This is something you don’t want to do.”

                                             He supported Israel becoming a state. With his Christian background, with his mother’s influence in his life, he had the opportunity to support the state of Israel. May 14, 1948, that reality became an important part of biblical history.

Gary Dull:                           That’s very interesting, and, Bill, I’ve heard those stories about Harry Truman, how not only did his mother give him influence, I should say, but he actually also got other advice and sought some scriptures on what he should do. Thank the Lord that he did, but let’s advance just a little bit to what we might refer to as the middle years, that is between president Eisenhower down through Nixon, Carter, and Reagan. Can you share some other incidences and examples, how they further connected the actions of the United States with Israel, from the biblical perspective?

Bill Koenig:                         Well, it’s so interesting, Gary, everyone had a role positive or negative. General Eisenhower was furious at Israel, the Brits, and the French, that they had an interest in gaining control of the Suez Canal. Eisenhower found out about that and chastised them and basically stopped the movement of 100,000 Israeli troops to do such a thing as that. So, his relationship, he did not support that.

                                             Then we were followed up by Richard Nixon who had an incredibly important role because Israel had been secreted attack in the Yom Kippur War, and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, “Don’t send aid right now. These Jews needed to be taught a lesson,” as a Jew himself. But Nixon said, “No.” His mother, a Quaker Christian who was very supportive of the Bible and of Israel, believed that one day her son would have an opportunity to do something politically that would be significant for the state of Israel.

                                             He and General Alexander Haig who’s deeply loved in Israel today, got on it quickly, sent a bunch of arms and equipment to Israel that many people say was a key part of their being successful in the Yom Kippur War, which was eventually brokered by Kissinger and the Russians, which developed UN Resolution 338. Then the covenants that Jimmy Carter negotiated with Sadat and Begin was a very significant event, and in a lot of ways, one catastrophe after another followed those agreements that he had between the Egyptians and the Israelis giving a large part of the land back that Israel had retained in the Yom Kippur War, the Sinai, back to Israel.

                                             But after that, Carter was defeated in the election, and from that point of brokering those deals, the Camp David Accords, things got really bad for him. He ended up being a one-term president.

Sam Rohrer:                      Then that stepped into Ronald Reagan followed him. Was there anything significant that occurred in the administration of Ronald Reagan relative to Israel that you can recall?

Bill Koenig:                         Well, yeah. Secretary of State Schultz was really pushing an agreement, some type of agreement. Nixon… Excuse me, Secretary of State Schultz was really supportive of doing something. Reagan was a big student of prophecy. I have some friends in California that said that Reagan loved prophecy. He was fascinated by it, but every time he’d start talking about it at the White House, his staff Don Regan and others would try to get his attention off of that.

                                             But reluctantly he was pushing forward. He did want to see peace in Israel and the Middle East, and he reluctantly went forward. So, what was interesting is when the Iran-Contra scandal broke, it stopped the Reagan White House efforts on trying to put a peace deal together with Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arabs.

Sam Rohrer:                      But that later came on. We’ll talk about that in the next segment, because we know that that has now come about. But there was another president in there in those middle years I want to look at it, and that is George W. Bush, because that was an eventful eight years there for him. Wasn’t it?

Bill Koenig:                         Without a doubt, the eight years of… Well, George W. had a significant role, but his dad, George Herbert Walker Bush, is the one that started the peace process with his Madrid Conference in October of 1991, as the Perfect Storm was sending 30-foot waves into his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, as he’s at a podium calling for Israel to give up this land they obtained in the Six Day War.

Sam Rohrer:                      I want you to build that out a little bit here. Now, when you look at Israel, and we know that these prophecies were fulfilled. She was born in a night and the resolution back in 1922, which Harry Truman was a part. We already cited him, and he was a part of the National Day of Prayer. I think these two are not coincidental, but many would state when you look at Israel that she is there against all odds. That’s a phrase that is often used, and I would agree with that.

                                             Build out again what you just said when a nation blesses and furthers Israel, blessings come, but when they move against Israel counter God’s plan, then curses come. Build out again what you said about the waves that hit the shores up there in the northeast.

Bill Koenig:                         Well, this was a big event. George Herbert Walker Bush promised the Arabs that would join this coalition against Saddam Hussein and Desert Storm, he promised them to join them in a peace conference that he would sponsor with the Russian’s Gorbachev co-hosting that. This was his deal. We’ve got to remember, Bush went from the highest approval rating in history at around 90 to 93% depending on the poll, to being out of office about 14 or so months later after the Madrid Conference.

                                             He sponsored the Madrid Conference, October 30, 31 to November 1, 1991, and literally at that time, the famous storm, the Perfect Storm, rather than going west to east, went east to west and was sending 30-foot waves into his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, as he’s calling on Israel, Sam, to give up this land they rightfully obtained in a war of self-defense.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, that book Eye to Eye, which you can get, and I’ll have Bill tell you where he can get it before we’re done with the program, cites these direct responses of God Himself to actions of our presidents, of our nation, when they engaged in anything that was against God’s plan relative to Israel. It is significant. When we come back, we’re going to talk about now the latter years, Obama, Trump, and Biden.

                                             Well, if you’re just joining us now, we are in the middle of our program, Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and Dr. Gary Dull with me today is quite normal. Really enjoy Gary being on this program, and he’s actually going to be leading the program next Tuesday. But our special guest today is Bill Koenig. He is a White House correspondent of 25 years or so, I believe, and he has also written a book entitled Eye to Eye, which I’d encourage you to get. You can probably just go to Amazon and look at that.

                                             He has a website also,, which provides really some of the best information, latest up-to-date information about the Middle East but really focused on Israel as well, and that’s where we’re talking about today because our program is entitled this, Accelerating God’s Final Plans: American Presidents and Israel. We’ve broken our presidents into the early years, FDR and Truman, and then the middle years, LBJ, Carter, Reagan, and so forth.

                                             We’re going to shift in this segment to now consider the latter years, and I put these together, Obama, Trump and Biden because, well, things really have started to happen. Understanding and believing biblical prophecy which makes up such a sizeable portion of scripture, is really key to understanding the time Jesus commands us to know, and we are to be aware of what’s happening. Now, considering the exact and the precise fulfillment of past world events in light of prophecy as it relates to the first coming of Christ, for instance, should make all of us who are believers more excited than ever about what immediately lies ahead.

                                             And these past observations of what has happened in exact fulfillment should also persuade the unbelieving to consider the compelling evidence that scripture lays out regarding the first coming and to really look carefully at what the Bible says about Christ’s second coming, because as exactly as it occurred in the first, the prophetical elements will occur just as precisely in the second.

                                             The fact is, it revolves around Israel and Christ’s ultimate physical return to rule the world from the physical city of Jerusalem. It’s what makes what we’re seeing today all so much more impactful, and I’m hoping that you get a flavor, ladies and gentlemen, as we’re walking through that we are in eventful days. I have no other way to describe it.

                                             So, Bill let’s move right now into our consideration of US involvement as I’ve entitled this program today, because after George Bush on the scene… And I want you to shift right here because things really began to crank up, it seemed, with the election of Barack Obama. In fact, when he was elected within months of his first election, I felt something significant was happening, and I know I made a public comment on it that I felt that God had raised up Barack Obama. That’s number one, he didn’t just happen. God raised him up.

                                             But I felt the purpose was… And I believe now looking back, it really was true. But I said I think God raised up Barack Obama to align the nations, the biblically prophesied nations, for the Lord’s return. So, I want you to share some highlights of the Obama administration as it relates to Israel and things that he did that really started to speed up the completion of prophecies the Bible talks about relative to Israel.

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely, Sam. Let me set the stage here. George W. Bush, when he took office, he did not want to get involved in the land for peace process. He was convinced by King Abdullah from Jordan and Hosni Mubarak from Egypt in April of 2001, to get involved. That summer, the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah was furious at George W. thinking he was siding with Israel. We were getting over a million barrels a day from the Saudis. Secretary of State Powell said, “You better do something to get the Crown Prince back on her side.”

                                             George Herbert Walker Bush, the father, called the Crown Prince who was… They’re very close. He did not return his phone calls. They got very worried, and Prince Bandar the Saudi ambassador of the US started negotiating on getting George W. Bush and Crown Prince Abdullah on the same page. For 17 days prior to 9/11, they worked on a very comprehensive peace plan that was going to be dividing Jerusalem, giving up Judea and Sumeria, and also a two-state plan.

                                             Washington Post said on 9/10 that deal was done. It was completed. Bandar was celebrating at his home in McLean, Virginia, and the next day 9/11 happened. The God of Israel did not produced the evil of that event, but He did not restrain it. That led very significant, Sam, to prophetic wars, the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the alignment of nations in the Middle East. They wanted to do something with Iran. Rumsfield was ready to, but he was called off by the State Department and the CIA and Secretary of State Powell.

                                             They didn’t do anything, but that accelerated… Those wars, the cost of those war, the casualties and the money to our government helped lead up to the election of Barack Obama. It probably had as much to do with him being elected as anything else, but then, again, Obama, as you mentioned, filling a prophetic role, had no legacy in the Middle East, despite all the efforts that Clinton and Kerry, as Secretary of State’s supplied in the Middle East.

                                             He worked out a deal with Iran on this nuclear deal with four other nations in Europe and then Russia, P5+1, the United States, and what this did is it brought the Sunni countries closer together to Israel, aligning the Sunnis soon as against the Shiites, which are the Iranians and the Saudis, which is the largest Sunni country; brought them prophetically together. In many ways, that was probably the most significant prophetic thing or event that Obama did during his time in office, which further moved the prophetic ball down the road.

Gary Dull:                           These are exciting things to be considering, Bill, and I’m glad that you’re with us to share this with our listeners and folks. These things that we’re talking about today should cause your ears to perk up a little bit from the prophetic perspective. But, Bill, after Barack Obama, God raised up Donald Trump to be there in the White House, and things changed, particularly as it related to the nation of Israel. Why don’t you share with our listeners some significant events that took place in his four years of the presidency?

Bill Koenig:                         I’d like to say, Gary, that no president did more for Israel than Donald Trump combined. You can add up all the great things that all our presidents did, but Trump did one thing after another. Clinton, George W., Obama, all promised to move the embassy from Tel Aviv, our embassy, to Jerusalem. Trump did it. Trump fully endorsed Israel’s right to the Golan Heights. Trump’s Secretary of state Pompeo said, “We have studied for a year. Israel has the legal right to settlement communities within Judea and Samaria. They are not violating law.”

                                             He went all the way back to the San Remo Agreement, which is the law in the books, 1920, ’22. I’m sorry, 1920. He also stood up against Iran and said, “The Iran nuclear deal is bad. We’re backing out of it.” They supported Israel at the International Criminal Court saying, “You go against Israel, you’re going to be dealing with us, too.” Moving off the UN Human Rights Council, both the United States and Israel backed out of that because of this anti-Semitism they had.

                                             Then he had a wonderful Secretary of State, Nikki Haley, who was probably the most… I mean, sorry, UN ambassador, probably the most effective UN ambassador we’ve ever had when it comes to supporting Israel and remarkable, remarkable efforts on Israel’s behalf.

Sam Rohrer:                      I looked at that, Bill, during Trump administration. I’m saying, “What is God doing in this?” Because as God used Obama to align the nations, ladies and gentlemen, remember, Russia came into the Middle East because of Obama actions, but you needed Russia there in conjunction with Syria and Iran, Ezekiel 38, 39. It’s all there. That is a legacy of Obama. But then look what Trump did. In my opinion, I think God used the Trump administration and began to separate sheep nations from goat nations because when the embassy was moved, the whole world, including the UN, lined up against it and the United States. Only two other countries were for it.

                                             Now, think about it. That’s just my perspective, but, Bill, we don’t have a minute. But now we have a Joe Biden in office, and as bad as he is policy-wise from perspective of what is right, we also know that God has raised him up. What do we see happening, and do you think that he’s accelerating even further these end time events?

Bill Koenig:                         No. Absolutely, Sam. What happened, January 28th last year when Trump introduced his plans, the United States and Israel were on an economic role, incredibly good times, and then the next day the COVID-19, the coronavirus panel, was established at the White House. COVID-19 and all the pandemics, the lockdowns, and everything that that did to disrupt our economy and our nation and nations around the world led to vote-by-mail. I’m still convinced to this day that the election was stolen from Trump, and it led to President Biden, or led to the election, according to the states and electoral commission, President Biden.

Sam Rohrer:                      Now, in 30 seconds, what’s he doing relationship to Israel that’s speeding things up, do you think?

Bill Koenig:                         His actions in terms of calling Putin a killer, his saying that Turkey is responsible for the genocide of Armenians, is moving Turkey and Russia closer together; and also they’re attempting to negotiating something with Iran. That is bringing those three key members of the Gog-Magog force together.

Sam Rohrer:                      There you go, ladies and gentlemen, it’s right off the pages of scripture, and you can see it, and American presidents and America continue to play a key role in Israel. It does and it should affect how we think. When we come back, we’re going to talk about how all of these things ought to affect how we are thinking and living.

                                             In this last segment, I’m going to be asking in just a moment Bill Koenig our special guest to give his thoughts based on all that we have talked about today, what he’s doing in his mind, how he’s responding, how he’s preparing, and as a result of what you may consider. I’m going to ask Gary the same thing. Just before I do that, though, I’ve already shared one comment from a listener I just got, and we’re having so many come in. It’s just wonderful.

                                             I got another one here that I am sharing. This is short. This is a person. Her name is Shannon. That’s all I’ll give, and she’s from Washington state. So, first one I shared is from Pennsylvania. This is going to go the West Coast, and she shared this. She said, “I listen,” and we’re on CSN Radio network. She said, “I listened to CSN.” And she said, “Your program is so wonderful,” three exclamation points, underlined.

                                             And she said, “I love your programs so much,” explanation point again. And then she included a gift. I generally don’t share what people give. I’m going to share this to give you an idea. She shared, first-time giver, $500. You say, “Wow. Wow, you guys ought to be rolling in money.” No, no, no, no. It’s not. Some give. I share that with you because of this. I’m hearing from more and more listeners who are saying, “You know what? We are in desperate days,” and we are.

                                             Well, you know what? What you have and you’ve put away that you think that you’re going to keep for retirement 10 years down the road, we may never get there. There is a need for the proclamation of truth today, and if God is blessing you through this program, take what you have and invest it now while you can. Perhaps God will lay on your heart to invest of sums of that type or more. There are a lot of things that we feel led of God to do in this program that we just simply need funding to do it.

                                             So, join us in prayer. Join us financially. God will bless you for it. I know that He will. Go to our website,, and you can give online or on our free app. Just download it on your smartphone, Stand in the Gap. So I’ll just say that, and I’m going to move on.

                                             Throughout the pages of scripture, the Lord makes it clear, and we’ve already referred to it, that God raises up rulers and He puts them down. We’ve talked about that. Our own presidents are an example. He raises up nations though, and he puts down nations. Why does he do that? So that he accomplishes His will. His will will be accomplished either through or around anyone who stands in His way, and I think that’s important.

                                             So, we all have a choice. We work in conjunction with where God’s going, or we oppose Him. I don’t want to oppose Him. In the book of Acts, the apostle Paul made this point when he was speaking to the Greek on Mars Hill. He said, “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that He is the Lord of heaven and earth, hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth. And it’s God Who hath determined the times, the dates, before appointed,” this is God’s plan we see executedly, “through and the bounds of their habitation,” talking even the boundaries of the nations.

                                             Reason, that they should seek the Lord. That’s the purpose that people should seek the Lord. And he said in the times of man’s ignorance, at times when men were not looking for him, he overlooked. It says but he now commands all people everywhere to repent. This is what scripture says because He, God, has fixed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness, by a man whom He has appointed. And who is that? That’s Jesus Christ. And of this, scripture says, he has given assurance. Ladies and gentlemen, what God has said will come about. We’ve just given a look back on the nation of Israel and how we’ve played a role.

                                             Bill, two minutes, please. In light of what we’ve shared today and in light of God’s promise that He’s fixed a day, literally referring to the second coming and of course, Israel, when he comes back, he’s going to rule here. What do you say to people right now who are hearing this, people who fear a God, saying, “How do we consider these things and put it into context?” I’m going to say, how should these things be considered and, therefore, people live?

Bill Koenig:                         We’re living in the most exciting time in biblical history, Sam, and we’re blessed to understand Genesis to Revelation. We know the markers in the Jewish prophets, in the old Testament, and what Yeshua, Jesus Christ, gave us in the New Testament along with the book of Revelation. We know what to watch. W. A. Criswell is a former pastor, he’s passed away now, but at First Baptist in Dallas. He used to always say, “If you want to know where things stand biblically and prophetically, watch what’s happening with the city of Jerusalem, God’s time clock, and the nation of Israel.”

                                             And we are watching this distinctive role, which we’ve covered today, Sam, of us presidents involved in bringing things to final day completion, and since Biden has taken office, we have seen an acceleration. A one world religious order, one world financial order, one world political order, the technology that could make the mark of the beast possible in Revelation 13, on and on and on, it’s accelerating; and it’s accelerating with the person we have in the White House, the World Economic Forum, and the leaders of the world that are calling for things that we know about, because we can read about them in the scriptures, that point to our Messiah, Jesus Christ’s, soon return.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Gary, I’m going to go to you because you have a church. You are speaking and preaching to your people. I know you deal with things prophetically, but how would you respond to that? Speak to our listeners as you would to your own congregation. What do we do? How should we live in light of these things?

Gary Dull:                           Well, Sam, my mind goes to the book of Romans 13:11, and following where it says, “And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent. The day is at hand. Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light.” And what that teaches us is that we are certainly getting closer and closer to the rapture, to the return, the first stage of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                             It’s important for those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ to really live for Him these days, to shine as a light for him wherever He has put us, because what the world needs today is the light that the Lord Jesus Christ being revealed through his people. That is those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ. So, let’s live for the Lord. Let’s be the salt and the light that God would have us to be. Stand for the truth of the word of God as we are, according to I Timothy 3:15, and give that right response and revelation as to who Jesus Christ is through our lifestyle.

Sam Rohrer:                      Thank you, Bill, and thank you, Gary. Ladies and gentlemen, just a few thoughts from my own. I was on a call this morning, actually interviewing a pastor for another purpose. We were talking, and we talked about these days in which we live. Many call it a crisis. Well, these are perilous days. They are. But you know what? Times of crisis and consternation have two sides of it.

                                             One is a crisis that leads to retrenchment and a withdrawal and fear. The other realizes that with every challenge in Christ, it’s the other side of it, a challenge that leads to opportunity. May I suggest that this is the best time that perhaps… Well, it’s the time we’re all living, right? But it may be the best time in the history of the world for those who have the light, the light of Jesus Christ in their heart, to actually let it shine. It’s becoming increasingly easy, is it not? You have to work at not letting your light shine.

                                             Don’t do that. Let it shine. Stand in the gap for truth, as we say, and God will take and do great things in these days. For He’s not given us a Spirit of fear by no means, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. May that be where you are, and hopefully you were encouraged by today’s program. Go back and listen to it, Share it with your friends.

                                             Our perspective in these days is critically important. Having God’s perspective is essential if we are going to live and be the salt and the light we’re called to be. Thanks for being with us today. Have a great weekend. Be in God’s house physically and have a great weekend. We’ll see you back on Monday.