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Sam Rohrer:                      With the advent of the disastrous Biden cut-and-run Afghan decision, which we’ve talked about so much on this program, and the resultant rise of organized Islamic terrorists, what we’ve seen has been dramatic. And it’s actually energized our enemies. With nearly 80 billion of advanced US military technology and equipment now in the hands of the Taliban, and the coalescing Islamic terrorist groups organized by Iran and its proxies ISIS, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and many more, these sworn enemies of Israel, the United States and Christians generally have ostensibly become, they really have, become almost a top ranking military force throughout all the world. It’s amazing. And with this empowering by the Biden administration and the United States, the world has changed. And the implications for war terror and destruction motivated by Islam, the so-called religion of peace, as stated by former president George W. Bush following the 9/11 incident, rings rather hollow, frankly. And this is the reason I’ve chosen to make the focus of today’s program here on Stand in the Gap today, Islam, terror, and little G, god of Allah. And one question we’re going to ask, what is Islam? Who is Allah.

And, with that, I welcome you to Stand in the Gap today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’ll be joined today by Dr. Gary Dull and perhaps the world’s leading expert, in my opinion, on Muhammad and Islam, that’s former Iraqi now living in exile somewhere on the European continent, IQ al Rassooli. IQ is also author of a three-part series on Islam, entitled Lifting the Veil, exposing the many faces of Islam and the Quran. And with that I welcome to the program, calling in from overseas right now, IQ al Rassooli. IQ, thanks for being with us again.

IQ al Rassooli:                   Thank you for having me.

Sam Rohrer:                      IQ, just a few short weeks ago, the whole world remembered the 20th anniversary. Wow, 20th anniversary of 9/11, where this nation and the world was awakened to the reality of Islamic terrorism. And yet we all remember, at least those who remember, remember. A lot of the young kids don’t remember, but I remember that then president George W. Bush used the occasion to transform America and the world as he launched the official, as he called it, the war on terror, and putting the world on a track, again in my opinion, to global tyranny. One of the most significant statements that Bush said then was, in regard to the Islamic terror terrorists involved in that 9/11, he said they were outliers, atypical, and a small fringe of Islam which he referred to, repeatedly, as a religion of peace.

So at our program today, I’m going to address several key questions, IQ. Is Islam a religion of peace? We’ll go there first. Why or why not? What is Islam? Who is Allah? Is Allah the same God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? And if not, why not? And what difference does it make? Those and other questions, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll deal with. So IQ, let me go right here to you first. I want you to start it off. Let’s deal with this issue. Is Islam a religion of peace as stated and continually repeated by George W. Bush and some others? So why, or why not?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Well, first of all, George W. Bush knows as much about the Quran as a pigs knowledge of the science of personal hygiene. And anybody with two brain cells of logic who has watched what’s happened since 9/11 to associate Islam with peace, you’ve got to be out of your mind to be doing that. To cut it short, in the Arabic language, Islam only means submission. I repeat the word submission. Because the root verb is aslama, which has absolutely nothing to do with peace, which is salaam. It’s very simple. Anybody listening trying to find out if I’m telling you the truth or not, Google it. I repeat alsama is the root verb, which means submission. It has nothing to do with peace. The word peace in Arabic is salaam. So that, throw it out of the window. And anybody who tells you that Islam means peace is either a pathological liar or a very stupid human being. That’s it?

Sam Rohrer:                      Gary got a question here for you.

Gary Dull:                           …others and so forth and so on that that Islam is indeed a religion of peace. Why is that? Why do they say that when history and the facts oppose that as a reality?

IQ al Rassooli:                   No idea. I can’t answer that. I can’t answer what there is in the mind of somebody who says Islam is a religion of peace when Islam started the slaughter started with Muhammad. There was never peace under Muhammad, never. And after Muhammad was dead, there was never peace by Muslims. In 100 years, the Arabs who came from the jazīrati l-ʿarabiyyah, from the peninsula of the Arabs, from the year 635 AD, in 100 years, they created an empire bigger than 1000 years of the Roman empire.

They didn’t do it with peace. They slaughtered hundreds of millions of people died because of them. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s a fact. Hundreds of millions of people died. They were subjugated. They murdered them. They plundered them. They enslaved them. The greatest enslaver in human history of Africans were Arabs and Muslims. For 14 million black Africans who survived to become slaves in the Americas, 5% of whom, only 5% landed in what was the American Republic. 140 million other Africans died. So 10 Africans died for every single one who survived to become a slave. And that’s only on the west coast. I’m not discussing the ones on the east coast and the North of Africa. These facts are available. All you have to do is Google them. Google Arabs, Islam, and African slavery. It’ll blow your mind. But it’s real. It’s a fact.

Sam Rohrer:                      So IQ, I’m going to ask you again, what Gary asked. A president of the United States, and he wasn’t the only one, George Bush, but others just love to insist that this is just not the way it is. It defies imagination. I think you use that word. Are they pro-Islamic? Are these people pro-Islamic or just ignorant of the facts? What do you think?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Well, to say ignorant today in this 21st century, the only time I can associate ignorance with somebody is somebody who can’t read and write, or who has no access to information. You cannot be ignorant when you can, literally, click a mouse, go to Google and you will have 20 billion pages of information.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you heard that because there’s a lot of truth to that. No one of us can actually claim ignorance on anything. The truth is there. It really comes down to our worldview and a choice. Do we believe the truth? Do we wish to reinterpret it for our own advantage? Okay, we’re going to go further into depth. When we come back, we’re going to start into that question of right now, who is Allah, anyway?

Sam Rohrer:                      Our theme today, here on Stand in the Gap today is this. Islam, terror, and the little G god of Allah. We just dealt with this question. Is Islam a religion of peace as G.W Bush and others said? We talked about it, no. My special guest, IQ al Rassooli, Islamic expert, author of the trilogy of books, Lifting the Veil, exposing the many faces of Muhammadanism and the Quran. He’s a mini strategist, former Iraqi, now living in exile, calling in from overseas to the program. We thought we ought to deal with this issue today because with the rise of the Taliban, and ISIS coming along with it, and all of the other sub-Islamic terrorist groups, it’s appropriate we deal with what in the world are we watching? So that’s the reason for this.

So Dr. Gary Dull and I are together here today and our special guest, IQ al Rassooli. So the question is, and we’re going to deal with it here in the next two segments, is who is Allah? Well in Exodus 3:15, when God was commissioning Moses for a task of his lifetime, leading the captive children of Israel from the of Egypt, God said this. He said, “Then after the successful Exodus from Egypt to the promised land.” Actually He didn’t say this. I’m actually putting this in because He said this, “For all the world to know, for the children of Abraham , Isaac, and Jacob, to specifically remember,” He said this, “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord, our God, the Lord is one God.” And he referred to God as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then He said, “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord, our God.” The Lord that’s in all caps. “The Lord, Jehovah God, the Lord is one.”

So when Islam makes the statement, the recurring statement, that Allah is God and Allah is the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac, well, when the Pope and many confessing Christians then stand alongside and they have, you’ve seen them,` I’ve seen them, and they stand along Islamic leaders in an attempt to project an idea of love and unity, they will make that statement. We all worship the same God. I’ve heard them. You have too. And they say, “We all worship the same God, the God of Abraham.” All right. Well, is it true? Is that an honest statement? IQ, before you go to that core question, which gets right to the heart of this issue about Islam, I want you to answer this question. How would you define Islam? You all already said it did not mean peace, but actually what is it? Is it a religion? An ideology? Or more? What is Islam?

IQ al Rassooli:                   It’s a cult belief system. The cult of Muhammad. That’s what Islam is. It’s not a religion. It’s a cult belief system. The cult of Muhammad. I repeat it because every single Muslim is mandated by the Quran to emulate one person. And that person is Muhammad. Who Muslims considered the most supreme creature that was ever created by Allah. Superior to Abraham, to Moses and to Jesus. Full stop. So when people follow the dictates of a person or emulate the actions and thoughts and deeds of a human being, it’s called a cult belief system. It’s not a religion. And most important of all, who is Allah? Anybody listening, just Google the name, Allah, and you’ll find out. Just Google it. Allah, was the name… I repeat, Allah, was the name of the supreme pagan god of the Arabs, the pagan Arabs, amongst 360 other gods and goddess of Muhammad’s Quraysh tribe, centuries before Muhammad, falsely, but deliberately metamorphosed him into the God of the Bible.

In fact, any of our listeners can Google this and will also find the Allah had three daughters. Are you with me? He’s a god. But he had three daughters called al-Lat, al-Uzza and al-Manat. Google it. By the way, these three names were the basis of the Satanic Verses problem that in 1979, with the Iranian revolution, they put a $20 million penalty if somebody murders the author, Salman Rushdie. These are definitely the same, the Satan Verses. By the way, ask any Muslim why they have on top of their mosques the minarets, and their flags, the symbols of the crescent moon and the star. I guarantee you that not one in 10 million Muslims would know the correct answer. In short, Allah was the name of a pagan God. Full stop. That’s it.

Gary Dull:                           And I think that that’s important to bring out because there are many people who do not realize that. And I think we’ve all heard people say over and over again that Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We’ve heard that stated many, many times over and over again by many people who don’t know the truth. But my question to you, IQ, is why is it that so many people confuse Allah, with the God of the Bible? I mean, I can say without a doubt in my own mind that there’s a Satanic influence behind that, but on the practical level, when we know who Allah is, and when we know who Jehovah is, why is it that there’s such a confusion amongst people on who Allah is today?

IQ al Rassooli:                   I would call it confusion if you talk about the only men and women in the world. But there is absolutely no confusion when you have a person like the Pope, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, or the other leaders even in America, and in Europe, and in England, religious leaders who also say the same thing, that Islam is a Abrahamic religion. Well, it isn’t. Because Allah it’s most definitely not the same as the God of the Bible. The question is, how do I prove it? Again, it’s very simple. I prove everything based on the Quran. I never take anything out of context. I never pervert anything. I don’t have to. The Quran provides all the ammunition I need to destroy it.

Give you an example. The Quran is that Allah revealed the gospels to Jesus. If somebody wants to know Google the following. Al-Ma’idah, chapter five, verse 46, and I will recite what it says. “And in their footsteps we said, Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming the Torah, which is the law of Moses, that had come before him. We sent him the gospels, Injil. Therein was guidance and light and confirmation of the Torah that had come before him, a guidance and an admonition to those who fear Allah.” This is verbatim from the Quran. Allah says that he revealed the gospels to Jesus. Now anybody with two brain cells of logic who knows anything about the new Testament and the gospels would know that the gospels will never reveal to Jesus, that all four gospels were written 50 to 90 years after Jesus was dead and resurrected. So if Allah is the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham, how can he be so wrong and give Muhammad such a lie? Simple question.

Sam Rohrer:                      That is a simple question, IQ. And just for the sake of this, go back just a little bit. You said that Allah, when Googled, you’ll find that he was a pagan God in the Arab world. Where did that come from? What faith system back at that point? A little bit about what was this pagan god? What was his supposed powers at the point he came about in the minds of the Arab world years ago?

IQ al Rassooli:                   In every religion, you have a hierarchy of gods and goddess. You have Jupiter as a supreme God, let’s say of the Romans, or Zeus, the supreme God of the Greeks. Allah was the supreme God of the pagan Arabs. That’s it. Simple. I didn’t create it. You can check it on Google and you’ll find it is true what I’m telling you. It’s in the history of the Arabs before Muhammad. But Muhammad hijacked this idea because he wanted to create, for his followers, a belief system similar to that of the Jews and the Christians.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. And hold the that, because we’re going to go to Muhammad in the next segment. But you did bring up something. I don’t think you flushed it out. Do it again. You said on the top… The minaret on top of Islamic mosque, there’s the moon and the crescent, but most Muslims don’t know what that is. What is that?

IQ al Rassooli:                   In fact, they are the two daughters of the Allah. The crescent is al-Lat, and the star is al-Uzza. Al-Uzza was the planet, Venus. So the star represents the planet Venus. Al-Lat is the name of the crescent of the moon in the Arabic language.

Sam Rohrer:                      So that takes it, basically, back again to what you’re talking about. Those are reflective of little G gods, which you’re saying was reflective of the god of Allah, which has nothing to do with the God of the Bible. So you’ve got stars and moons as worship things, therefore supporting the whole concept that Allah is a little G god. Right?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Right.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s an amazing thing. So when we hear, repeatedly, by people who ought to know, “Well, we serve the same God. The God of the Bible, the God of Abraham is the same as the God of Allah.” Really? What do you call this? Well, I call it extraordinary demonic, deception and counterfeit. Well, how can you say that? Well, because we’re hearing it right now from IQ. And he’s telling us right from the Quran and history. When we come back we’re going to go now into, all right, Muhammad. Who is he and how did he get into this picture?

Sam Rohrer:                      Welcome back to Stand in the Gap today. I’m, Sam Rohrer accompanied by Dr. Gary Dull and our special guest, IQ al Rassooli. Our theme, very pertinent for today in light of all that we’re seeing happen, particularly, precipitated by the Joe Biden administration, relative to what happened in Afghanistan and the rise of Taliban, and with it the rise of all Islamic terrorist organizations. So I was asking this question. Islam, terror, and the little G god of Allah. So we’ve dealt with this. A religion of peace? No, not by definition. It means submission. Islam means submission. Salaam is peace, but not Islam. That’s submission. Started with, last segment, who is Allah. Allah’s a god. An old god, little G, of the Arabs. But that now brings us to another major element of this because Islam, while it recognizes Allah, it also swears to what they say to be Allah’s prophet. Well, who’s the prophet? Muhammad.

So who is Muhammad? What do we know about Muhammad the man? What does Islam and Muhammad believe about Jesus Christ, the Messiah? And is Jesus Christ God, as the Bible says that he is? Or as according to Islam, he is something else. So, IQ let’s go further into this because, as you said, and the Bible says Allah is not God, capital G. Not the same at all as the biblical God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is a little G god. That makes Allah a counterfeit God. And as you said, it makes Islam a cult, not a religion. All those things you’ve said. So what about the person of Muhammad? Can you share about Muhammad now, the man, and his supposed relationship to this false god of Allah,

IQ al Rassooli:                   This man Muhammad, by the way, there are now books coming up to say that Muhammad didn’t exist. That all the Quran verses were created later on after he died. I don’t agree with them. Nobody could have created a man as perverted, as Muhammad. No human mind could have created a perverted person like Muhammad. He had to be a real person. He had no choice. Because the verses of the Quran, when you study the Quran, not read it, only study it, and told you I was studying for years. When you study it, you will find out that the Quran, in fact, is like an autobiography or an alter ego of Muhammad.

Anything that Allah knows, Muhammad knows. And anything that Muhammad knows, Allah knows. And anything that Muhammad wants, Allah grants. How is that possible? It is only possible when one comes to the conclusion that every single letter, every word, every verse and every chapter in the Quran are the products of Muhammad’s imagination. The secretions of his work mind, representing his alter ego, but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah, and Jibreel supposed Gabriel to give them the order of sanctity and divinity.

There is no doubt about it in my mind. Nobody revealed anything to Muhammad. When you read the Hadith, his companions, the people who believed in him always said, “Rasul Allah, you know as much as Allah. What you know, Allah knows. What Allah knows, you know.” I’m talking about 1400 years ago. Even his little child bride that he raped when she was nine years old and he was 53 years old, she became a young woman, a teenager. She said, and it is in the Hadith, “How is it possible that everything you want, Allah grants it to you?” Can you imagine this? 1400 years ago, a 17, 16 year old girl came to the conclusion that nobody is willing to accept.

All we know about Muhammad, all what we know about what he said and the verses that he mentioned, is that he received revelations from Allah, through the angel Gabriel. But we don’t know whether angel Gabriel, Jibreel, they call him Jibreel, but we don’t know whether Jibreel is actually angel Gabriel or Satan, because the verses of the Quran are all corrupt. There is no logic. There is no decency in them. There is not a single verse in the Quran that in any way, shape or form is either equal to or superior to anything that he plagiarized, plundered, pirated and or perverted from the Bible. Nothing.

Gary Dull:                           Well, without a doubt, IQ, we would realize, and we know for certain that the angel Gabriel would not have revealed anything to Muhammad in the sense that he did. So obviously I would agree with you that it would be Satan, not Gabriel that did this revelation, if indeed anything was given to Muhammad. But let’s look at Muhammad for just a moment. What motivated him to do what he did, do you think? I mean, did he have a hatred for Christianity? Was he looking for world domination back in those days? Was he trying to exalt himself? What would you say was his real motive in doing what he did to lead people down this cultic way?

IQ al Rassooli:                   This is what sharia is all about. Islam has only one purpose. Every single Muslim on planet earth has only one purpose in life, one. I’m talking about every single Muslim. Not just ordinary. Not just so-called moderate Muslims. Every single Muslim is mandated in the Quran to subvert humanity to make them either submit to sharia or be exterminated. These are not my words. These are the words of Muhammad 1400 years ago. So when I try to destroy the cult belief system of Islam, I have to destroy it with their own words. I don’t have to… I don’t create things that from my imagination or my perception or the way I think, or is in my opinion. Not at all. As I asked in the first case that I showed you, how is it conceivable that if Allah is the same as the God of the Bible that he deceived Muhammad about the gospels.

I’ll give you another one now. Again, Google it. An-Nisa chapter four, verse 157. I’m reciting what the Quran says. It says, “That they said we killed Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah, but they killed him not, nor did they crucify him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubt with knowledge, but all the conjecture to follow, for a surety they killed him not.” I want our listeners to understand the magnitude what I’m telling you. Muhammad says that Allah revealed to him that Jesus did not die on the cross, yet all four gospels. But in the earlier verse, Allah says he revealed to Moses to Jesus. All four of them say that he died on the cross and was resurrected on the third day. So how is it conceivable if Allah is the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham to mislead or to deceive or to lie to Muhammad? I want to know.

Sam Rohrer:                      So according to this, IQ, how would Islam, Muhammad view himself then, related to Jesus? Jesus to Muhammad, is Muhammad above Jesus in the Islamic view?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Of course. Good God, I just told you.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. I want you to clarify that.

IQ al Rassooli:                   [crosstalk 00:27:30] …superior to Moses and to Abraham. Not only to Jesus. He is superior to all of them. He was the most perfect human being ever created.

Sam Rohrer:                      What you are saying is that the prophet Muhammad, so-called prophet Muhammad, according to Islam, and according to Muhammad is superior to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, therefore he did not rise from his sins, and therefore he is inferior. Jesus Christ is inferior to the prophet Muhammad in the Islamic religion, in the Islamic cult?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Yes, in the Islamic belief system. It’s not a religion. Calling it a religion is an insult to religions.

Sam Rohrer:                      I wanted to clarify that. So ladies and gentlemen, listen to that. So is that not the definition of a cult? How can anyone, therefore, then say that Allah is the same God as Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the Bible when Muhammad is superior to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ did not die and did not rise from the dead as the son of God? Now, where do you find alignment in that, ladies and gentlemen? So, IQ, again, all right. So we’re back on that. So one asks question. We don’t have much time left, but who came up with the word Islam as a religion? Was that Muhammad? Where’d that come from?

IQ al Rassooli:                   No, Islam? All it means, as I said, submission to one God.

Sam Rohrer:                      Who came up with that?

IQ al Rassooli:                   That’s what that means.

Sam Rohrer:                      Who came up with that? Did Muhammad?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Muhammad, yes. But the concept of submitting or believing in one God was not bloody Muhammad. It is in the Bible.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, hope you’re hearing that. Out of one man’s mind, we come up with the word of submission and we say, “I am superior to Jesus Christ therefore…” What’s Muhammad saying? He’s God. Wow. All right. That puts it in context a little bit. When we come back, we haven’t been able to defeat Islam on the battlefield, have we? Is this ideology defeatable? If it is, we’ll find out about how to do that next, when we come back.

Sam Rohrer:                      So when it comes to Islam, all right. Following 9/11, the laws of the entire Western world were set on a path ostensibly to, as we recall, to wage a war on terror. All right. Well, 20 years later, how’s that gone? With literally billions and trillions of dollars spent to wage this war, countless abridgments to the constitutional freedoms of travel and speech, religion, justice, and law, all of that was experienced by the American people and the other citizens of the western world as many of our US presidents and other political leaders have declared. Well, they’ve said it’s necessary if we’re going to fight this war and win it. All right, so how’s it all gone? Has terrorism gone away? Have the threats of the Islamic terrorist nations toward Israel, the United States and the Western world subsided? Or as we’re witnessing with the Biden turnover of the Western world to the globalist in alignment with Islamic terrorist and communist nations, is that now stronger than ever?

So the question is if Islam and its inherent principles of and totalitarian laws, meaning submission by its definition, if it’s to be successfully confronted, can it be done on the battlefield? Or is this a losing battle as we’ve seen for these last 20 years or more? So, IQ, when it comes to defeating Islam, it clearly has not worked on the battlefield. At least not the way that it’s been fought for these last 20 years. So how can the battle be won? Can it be won? If so, how?

IQ al Rassooli:                   You cannot win against Islam with guns and bombs unless you exterminate all of them. And since nobody is intending to exterminate all of them, the best, easiest, and the cleanest way of destroying Islam, and we are discussing here, the belief system. I don’t want anybody to pervert my words. We’re discussing the destruction of the belief system of Muslims, not Muslims, I make that clear.

To destroy the belief system is in the battlefield of knowledge. The total knowledge of Quran and total knowledge of Hadith. You can destroy Islam. And the way to do it is simple. Let the Muslim bring 12 of the best Islamic Scholars in a debate against a person like myself or somebody who knows as much as I do. In one hour, I will send them back to their mother’s wombs faster than the time it took them to come out. And that’s not a boast, that’s a fact. For 14 years, I have been challenging Muslims to debate me, or to prove me wrong. 14 years. In public, in writing. This is my 1,848th radio interview with America. 1,848. I’ve not had a single Muslim debate me or prove me wrong. It cannot be done. Not because I say so. Because I’m using their own books, their own scripture to impale them with it.

Gary Dull:                           Well, let’s just jump right into that then, IQ, as a follow up on what you said, because we’ve heard you say many times on this particular program that you can dismantle the fraudulent claims of Islam in public debates. And you’ve offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for people to disprove you or to really debate you. But you’ve had no takers, at least up to this particular point in time. So I’m wondering if you can, for our audience now, identify the top three Islamic claims. What would they be? How can they be refuted and dismantled? What would those top three Islamic claims be?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Well, you destroy them for claiming Allah is the same as the God of the Bible. You destroy them for claiming that Muhammad was a prophet. He, Muhammad, in the Quran says, “I have no ability to prophesize the future.” But they call him a prophet. He, by the way, he never prophesized anything. He never made any miracle. He did not commit any miracle or anything. But they call him a prophet. I destroy that also.

You bring any characteristic that they want to talk about, I’ll destroy it. How do I destroy it? With their own words. With their own scripture? I just did it with you now, too, in the last half an hour. How is it conceivable that Allah is deceiving Muhammad on two of the most important items that you can verify in a microsecond on Google? How could he say that he revealed the gospel to Jesus. The gospel will never reveal to Jesus. Jesus never wrote the gospels. How could they say that Jesus did not die on the cross, when he, Allah, says that he revealed the gospel to Jesus and all four gospels say that he died on the cross and was resurrected on the third day. I don’t need more than that. Let them find an excuse or explanation of what we are talking about. How can they cover it up?

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. IQ, I’m going to ask you that question because we have dealt with that, the claim that Allah is God. We’ve been through that on this program. He’s not, it means a little god. You say Google it. He’s an Arab god from a long time ago. All right. Secondly, Muhammad, as a prophet. You said he never did the works of a prophet. He makes claims. He basically counterfeits himself and places himself above Jesus Christ, which is anathema to anyone who would consider truth. So you’ve identified those couple of things. So let me ask you this. These points that you’re saying which are so… Well, it would appear to be so simply identifiable just if somebody were to check. How many Muslims who have been going to mosques, maybe for their whole life, are these questions that are ever brought up, and do you know? Are Muslims generally encouraged to seek the truth? How are these either hidden or not pursued by someone who follows Islam?

IQ al Rassooli:                   First of all, Muslims are instructed by the Quran, by Muhammad. When I say the Quran, I always say it’s Muhammad’s Quran because I know who author it. Muhammad instructed his followers, never to question the Quran. And there was a reason for it. During his lifetime, people, Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs, were asking him questions about it, but he declared in the Quran from the Bible, which was wrong. So to shut them up, he made it clear in the Quran. He mandates through Allah that nobody should question the Quran. By the way, some of the greatest authorities on Islam, the ones who translated the Quran to English, or whatever it is, any other language, 80 languages, never questioned these things. And I’m talking about… They’re not stupid people. They’re very intelligent and powerful people. They never question anything about the Quran. They just take it as it is. As they say, take it or leave it.

And nobody ever questioned the same thing. Find me a Western historian, an Islamist who says what I just said to you. You won’t find anybody. I’m not bragging. I’m not boasting. Find them. I would like to know who it was. Because I couldn’t find anybody who says that Allah is not the same as the God of the Bible and prove it. And not prove it from conjecture, not prove it from an opinion, prove it based on the Quran. By the way, I’ve got 20 other items in the Quran that discredit Allah completely. 20 other items. When you have another show, I will give you the 20.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, IQ, we’re at the end of the program. And really, we may have you back and do just that because of the significance of, ladies and gentlemen, as we say often on that. And when you know the truth, the scripture says, “The truth shall set you free.” If you never pursue the truth or question, you will never know the truth which sets one free. That’s the essence of what we’re talking about here today. IQ al Rassooli, thanks so much for being with us today. You will be back. Gary, thank for being here. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us. Take this information, this program, listen to it again. Share with your friend. See you back here tomorrow.