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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, despite what appeared to be anyways, with those who are watching the election results in Virginia last night, and what appeared to me as I was looking at it to be perhaps some last hour maneuvering in Fairfax County, in Richmond in Virginia. Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin actually defeated the incumbent and a very liberal Democrat governor incumbent, Terry McAuliffe. If you’re listening right now, you probably are aware of that. That is big news of the day. We’re going to give some comment on that.

In Minneapolis though, citizens there roundly defeated an effort to eliminate the Police Department. They were going to take and redo that entire thing that effectively eliminate the Police Department. The people voted that down. As we are speaking right now, less visible and expected than Virginia was the governor’s race in New Jersey. As we speak, that is too close to call. It’s so close. That’s an amazing thing. So there is other evidence across the country that more than just these, that people perhaps are speaking out, and their engagement is evident in a number of different ways.

Now, for this, I say we can and should be thankful, but all of this though is happening in a much broader unfolding of historic worldwide events, and we talk about those things a lot on this program as well. For all these things, we need to pray. In this program today, we are going to do just that. Our title for today’s program is Converging Events Occupying in the End Days.

With that, I welcome you here to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined by Dr. Gary Dull, and in just a moment, by a woman who’s dedicated her life to the truth and who’s distinguished herself as a congressperson from the state of Minnesota, a former candidate for US president, and now the Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. She’s also a person who knows and fears the God of heaven, and she’s a person who pursues wisdom and truth, and someone I count as a personal friend, and certainly, she is a friend of this program, Stand in the Gap Today, and the American Pastors Network. That woman is Michele Bachmann.

Now, at this point, I would normally welcome in Michele, but I just got an alert from her that she’s still tied up in a meeting, and so she will join us on this program as soon as she is able. Then, we will go into some very, very specific things that we have planned in addition to praying multiple times on this program. But, Gary, let’s go here. Live radio is one of those things where you just have to adjust with the flow, and we will based on Michele’s schedule, but you were looking at what happened in Virginia as well. Your thoughts as you look at what took place there, and if you’ve listened to any commentary from across the country of which there’s a lot, how do you respond to that? What do you think that message is coming out of that election?

Gary Dull:                           Well, Sam, if you want to liken it to a hurricane, I would like to say it’s a cat-5 hurricane that has hit Virginia because of what took place down there between McAuliffe and Youngkin. I think that most of the people thought originally that Terry McAuliffe would be once again swept in as governor of the state of Virginia for the second time. He wasn’t really running as an incumbent. That would not be the official way to explain what he did. He was a former governor and of course, now was running again.

I think that many people thought that he would win and win handily. But in the last couple of weeks, maybe the last month, he has been going down, and Glenn Youngkin has been coming up. I’m glad that Glenn Youngkin won the election. Of course, I think it all centered around what McAuliffe did was it a couple weeks ago at that town hall, where he basically said that he did not think that parents should have any input on what the school board would determine will be taught in their children’s classroom. I think that that was a sad statement.

I’ll tell you what. I think that shows something about his own thought and mental capacity because if a person was running for governor, I don’t think that that would be something that he would want to admit. But the fact of the matter is I am glad for what took place down there in Virginia. I am also glad for what is taking place over in New Jersey, a state neighboring us here in Pennsylvania. To see that there is a tie there is an indication to me that we are seeing an expansion of the red moving across the United States of America, and I’m thankful for that, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah. Well, I am too, Gary. As I’m looking at that, I’ll tell you what my thoughts were. You mentioned the situation of the governor’s comments, really, which was an anti-parent perspective talking about the kids, the children, but those comments, if you recall, actually came out from the secretary of education of this Biden administration, who said the same thing. Gary, what they are saying, to me, in my opinion, has been a grand display of arrogance.

On Monday’s program, when you and I were here with Sam Faddis, former CIA station chief, and we’re talking about the actions of Joe Biden relative to emboldening and funding terrorists overseas, the Taliban, and all of that. There is an arrogancy in this administration, and it seemed like they were coming together. I’m calling maybe a convergence of events, and if we get Michele on here after a while, we’re going to talk about that on a larger scale as well. But I don’t think these folks actually know it, that when they attack parents and when they put forth this government philosophy that we own the kids, that it really flies in the face of the fundamental underpinnings of a Judeo Christian culture.

Even though we’re not following the law in this country right now, constitutional rights are being trampled regularly by this administration and many, many of the governors. They are running into the headwinds of what God has established as the pattern, and so I look at that, and I say, “Well, I think God has permitted that to happen, and perhaps he will bring to put out of power of someone of equal arrogance here in New Jersey.”

So we’ll see as we look at it, but Gary, I agree with you. I think this is important, and I would encourage all of us who are listening right now, either part of this program, that in fact, we look at this and we say, “Thank the Lord for what appears to be a change to the good,” but I would caution. Let us not think that if this happens, that it came as the effect of just super political strategy. If this happens, it’s God’s hand that’s in it. I think our response and how we look at that will determine what else we may see come down the road here in weeks ahead.

All right. Now, I just got a note that Michele will be joining us right after we come back from the break. So you are listening to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied by Gary Dull, and we will be joined in just a moment by the former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, now Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University.


Sam Rohrer:                      Since the Bible is comprised of nearly 30% prophecy and it’s given to us by God himself so that we can know and understand his revelation to man, it makes sense that if we want to truly understand the times and how we should respond to these times, that we must evaluate the times with a newspaper in one hand and the word of God in the other. Unlike the time when Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24 and other places recorded in scripture of what to expect in the days prior to his return, we are now 2,000 years closer to his return.

Unlike many God-fearing people of past years who looked towards Christ’s return as we all should in any age, the signs they saw in the past were primarily singular signs. Like perhaps they lived during a time when there were wars and rumors of wars, and so they pulled out that piece. But today, it seems that literally, every warning sign prophesied by Christ are all on the table moving at once. A term I like to use is the “converging.” Literally, it’s a converging. So what are these most significant converging end-times events that should grab our attention as people who fear God and want to do what we’re supposed to do here on this side of eternity. Now, Michele Bachmann, you are now with me. Thank you so much for being a part because I want to go right into that issue with you right now. But anyways, let me welcome you officially to the program.

Michele Bachman…:       Thank you so much, Sam. It’s a thrill to be with you and your great audience.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, we are glad to have you here. On the first segment, we talked a little bit about the election in Virginia and so forth, but we’re not going to go there. I just put that in that there are some big things happening. We don’t know where that’s all going to go, but in many respects, they’re dwarfed if we look from the big perspective of what’s happening around the world. That’s why I said what I just said. That’s why I want to go that way with you a little bit here, but this is my first question to you.

I know, Michele, that in your past elected positions and in your post-elected positions, such as the co-leader and the co-founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, for example, that I was able to be at with you a couple of years ago, you have a distinct perspective on what is happening not just here in this country, but globally, and from your perspective is what I want to look at right now. Are we to the return of Christ as the scripture foretells? I want to know, from your perspective, what are you looking as the perhaps most indisputable converging end-times events about which we should all be aware? What would you say?

Michele Bachman…:       Thank you, Sam. I think our source of knowing where we’re at in God’s time table is clearly the word of God. That is the definitive source of what we look at. So we look at the scripture as a guide stone to where are we in God’s timetable. Once Jesus Christ was on this earth, he himself said that we are living in the latter days. That’s been 2,000 years. One thing that was foretold is that the Jewish people would return to the land. In 1948, we all know that the Jewish people began returning to Israel. The modern state of Israel was birthed in a single day just as scripture said it would be. The prophet Ezekiel said that one day, Jerusalem would come back into the hands of the Jewish people. That happened in 1967.

So those events that were foretold thousands of days, thousands of years ago have occurred within our lifetimes. Think of that. That is remarkable. Those events had to happen. Since that, the scripture said that the end-times would be like a woman in labor. The frequency of end-time prophetic events would occur. They would occur slowly, but then they would speed up, and then they would be more frequent, that it would be more intense signs that it’s coming and more frequent. Now, we’re seeing the intensity coming at a level that equals the book and the word in the scripture known as suddenly, “Suddenly, events will start to happen.”

I think your audience would agree that within the last 20 months in particular, we’ve seen a pickup unlike anything we’ve ever seen before primarily instigated by this global pandemic, but also, other events that have come into play. We can talk about a few of those. Some of those would be the advance of technology at a pace that we haven’t seen before. One thing I would like us to talk about during the course of our conversation, I want to bring up some of the new things that are happening in technology that clearly point to the coming of the Lord. Also, with our ability to be able to communicate with each other instantaneously anywhere across the earth. I have experience with that nearly every day of my life speaking to people all across the earth. That was never possible before.

One that I would like to mention that is really very recent, and I loathe to even bring this up, but it is the collapse of the United States as a superpower status. I hate to say that because every day of my life that I woke up, the United States was a superpower. But I believe in the last 18 to 24 months, we’ve seen the United States slide away from being the economic superpower on earth, and I believe in August, when we witnessed the tragic, inexplicable collapse of the United States and Afghanistan, that signaled to me, the collapse of the United States as a military superpower.

Now, I say that with full acknowledgement that the United States remains the possessor of the greatest weapons on earth that we have on the shelf, but we lack the political will to use those weapons or to know how to use those weapons. I believe that we are willingly, intentionally seating away our superpower status, which again is what the Bible predicts, that there will be a one world government in the last days. In order for that to happen, the United States has to lose its status and position as a superpower nation. For those of your audience who are familiar with the World Economic Forum, one of their goals is to see the United States no longer a superpower. Tragically, I believe under the leadership of Joe Biden, that has been achieved, that the United States of America is no longer the economic and military superpower on earth.

Gary Dull:                           Michele, this is Gary. You have really given this entire program outline right there. You said a lot, and we appreciate that very, very much, but I want to go back to what you said there at the beginning, and we can touch on a number of those things that you just brought out. But you talked about the matter of the development of technology and how that the development of technology lets us believe prophetically that we are getting closer to the return of Christ.

I could remember not too many years ago, actually, reading where the Bible said that when Christ comes, every eye shall see him. Of course, that’s when he comes back after the tribulation to establish his kingdom, and I always tried to figure out how would that happen. But of course, we know that technology is allowing that to be very, very possible right now. What are some of the technological developments that you are seeing going on in the world today that indicates that we are drawing closer to the return of Christ? That’s an interesting statement that you made there.

Michele Bachman…:       Well, it is, and I am the Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. Many of your listeners may know Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. Pat Robertson began CBN Ministry and also Regent University. It was Pat Robertson who God spoke to, to launch a satellite in space that would spread the gospel all across the world. That happened in the late 1970s. Never before was the gospel heard all across the world until that went up. Again, that was the late ’70s. That was about 43 or so years ago when that happened. But since that time, hundreds of millions of people have come to Christ just through the ministry of CBN alone, let alone all the other ministries because of that. That’s a positive sign of his coming, that the gospel is being preached across the world. So that’s a positive indicator. There’s also the negative aspects of technology, and some of those are actually almost horrifying in the scope, in what they’ll mean. I can go ahead and begin to talk about some of that or…

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah. Go ahead, Michele. Go ahead. You got a couple minutes in this break. Go ahead and build that up, please.

Michele Bachman…:       Okay. What I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention is an announcement that was just made within this last week by Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook. Facebook has invaded nearly everyone’s world for good and for evil, and the head of Facebook announced that they will be rebranding and renaming their corporation because their company is taking on a whole new focus. It’s dealing with technology in such an invasive form of our lives that literally Mark Zuckerberg seeks to alter reality for users. What do I mean by that?

The Bible speaks at the end days that there will be a powerful delusion that comes across the world. I believe that one way that powerful delusion may be used by this new company now called Meta. In the Hebrew, the Hebrew version of Meta means death or dead, and I thought that was very interesting when I read that because Mark Zuckerberg envisions, if you just look on their videos, an immersive experience that the user won’t just be posting cat videos on Facebook. Now, literally, all around them, they’ll see literal 3D, four-dimensional holograms, and they’ll be living in an alternative world, an alternative universe. This is incredibly dangerous for especially young people to think about because it removes us in reality and allows us to be highly subjective and easily controllable by any other possible source. I know that…

Sam Rohrer:                      I’ll just hold it right there. Michele, hold it right there. It’s a good place to break. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, and you’re just hearing the voice there of the honorable Michele Bachmann, now Dean of the Robertson School of Government in Virginia Beach at Regent University. We’re talking about converging end-times events. We’re going to continue on that a little bit, and then move into how should we occupy now in these days.


Sam Rohrer:                      Our program theme today is this, Converging Events Occupying in the End Times. Now, in the last segment, our special guest, Michele Bachmann, now Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University was just listing… and we could spend an entire program, more than just one segment on identifying the many, many things that are happening. Literally, a converging of, really, every one of those aspects in scripture that the Lord told us to look forward to that would be in place and occurring right prior to his return.

Literally, as we’re saying, there’s a convergence of these. We talked about technology. We have talked about Israel being back in the land on this program. On other programs, we’ve talked about the alignment of nations arising out of other passages of scripture, Ezekiel 38, 39 and others, and a whole lot more. Even as Michele just said, the major change that’s occurred in the role of America, in the positioning of America. Now, she hasn’t said it, but I’m just going to say it. But as America slides from its position of prominence, it reminds me of what comes right off the pages of Deuteronomy chapter 28, where God says to Israel, “I will make you the head and not the tail. But if you forsake me, I will make you the tail and not the head.”

It’s exactly what is happening, and what’s that leave with? Well, that leaves Israel with nobody to look to. As we talked in another program here, Israel reaching out right now to Vladimir Putin, Russia, to be the go-to person because they can’t count on America anymore. Wow, unbelievable. So these are amazing things that are happening, but I want to go here because I want to focus a little bit on… Now, what do we do? How do we live in these times?

In the parable of the nobleman is when I think of in the scripture. The nobleman was leaving for a far country, as you know, and Jesus emphasized the principle of personalized God-given gifts and abilities, and the concept of careful stewardship of those gifts, and living with the expectation that this nobleman would soon return. Well, while there are many applications of this parable, it does speak to Christ leaving for heaven and the ascension following his resurrection. His command to his followers to act as salt and light in the culture, and to go out and make disciples of all men, teaching them to observe, to do all that God commands, his written word.

In this parable, Jesus concluded in that example with the all-encompassing command to all true believers, “Occupy till I come.” Now, some translations put that, “Engage in business until I come.” Number of applications, but it certainly does go beyond the strictest sense of being an entrepreneur. That’s for sure. So, Michele, let me go back to you. There are some of things you were talking on examples. If there’s something that you want to get out on the table, to put in, do that. But if we could, shift a little bit perhaps to this because in these days, many people are confused, and they’re, I’m going to say, unnecessarily discouraged as we see the rise of lawlessness and corruption. But I’d like you to speak to both the attitude and the actions that should direct all who fear God and seek to keep his commandments, and who truly want to occupy till he come in the fullest sense. Can you speak to that? How do we respond to these things now that we’ve identified just some of them?

Michele Bachman…:       I’ll be happy to. Again, I think that scripture is our source just as scripture teaches us what the time clock is that we can look at. We don’t know the day or the hour, but we know the season of the Lord’s coming. So too, the scripture speaks to us about occupying, and what we need to do, and how our master should find us upon his return. One of those examples is the 10 virgins that we should be living our lives in such a way that our lamps are full, that the oil in our lamps are full, that we are pure before the Lord.

Again, none of us is righteous. That’s why the only righteousness we have is taking on the mantle of Jesus Christ’s righteousness. So that is a call for salvation for each one of your listeners personally to come to salvation in Christ, but then also to share what salvation means to everyone around us, so that we can be about our Father’s business, actively walking in his spirit, being filled with his spirit, and sharing and living in his spirit in these days. We are living in miraculous times. I truly believe, as we see the delusion in our cultures increase, so too the truth of God’s word will stand out even brighter than it ever stood before. That is a part of our occupying, not to repeat the lies. It’s a very strong delusion that’s being sent on our earth right now. We have to make sure that we aren’t repeating the lies.

One example would be the issue of gender, that we’re told that there is more than male, female. That’s absolutely a lie. It’s not true. The Bible says we are made in God’s image, male, female. We have to make sure that ourselves, our children, our churches, our seminaries, our schools don’t go along with these powerful delusions. Instead, we speak truth. If we can just remember to not repeat the lies that we’re being told and to speak truth, right there, that is a strong foothold for every believer that every believer can do. Speak truth. Don’t repeat the lies.

Gary Dull:                           I think that’s a very good admonition given, Michele, and I appreciate that very much. Let’s dig down a bit deeper into that though. We know that speaking the truth is important. We know that the Bible tells us that the church is the pillar and the ground of the truth, and tied in with this concept that Sam brought up about the occasion there in Luke chapter 19, where we are challenged to occupy until as it were the return to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Is there one special element of the truth, the absolute truth of God’s word that it is important for us to get out today? There are many elements. There are many subjects to deal with. But if you were to take everything that we are facing today that’s going on in the world around us as the pillar and the ground of the truth, what is the major theme that Born Again believers all across this nation and around the world should be portraying as it relates to the truth of Almighty God?

Michele Bachman…:       We need to loudly proclaim that God is real. God is alive. Heaven is real, and he’s coming, but we also need to recognize that Satan is real. Satan is a liar, and there is a future of eternal damnation for those who do not choose God. It is the same lesson since the Garden of Eden from the very first page of the book of Genesis, but we need to continue to let people know how real hell is and how real heaven is because that’s where we’re going to spend all of eternity, not just this puff of smoke time here on earth. That’s where all of eternity will be spent, and so much of the delusion is that this is all there is. This world, this life, this is all there is, and there’s very little time spent anymore even in our churches on all of eternity, heaven and hell.

Sam Rohrer:                      Michele, that is excellent, and we have a couple minutes left. I want you to pray up, and we’re going to do that. Ladies and gentlemen, in the next segment, we’re going to spend most of that segment in prayer. So I want you to be prayer yourself that you can pray along with us because that is an essential element in what we do. But, Michele, what you were talking about there to Gary’s question, the fact that there is a reality of God and God exists. The reality of heaven. The reality of a real live separation from God, hell. That made me remind a mutual friend of ours, of yours and mine, and all of us here, George Barna.

Just in a recent survey, it said 69% of all Americans say they’re Christians. That’s interesting. 35% say they are Born Again Christians. 28% say they’re Evangelical Christians, but of that 35% and that 28%, Born Again, Evangelical respectively, well over half, 55% or so, do not believe that the Holy Spirit or the devil are actually real. They’re figments of one’s imagination, concepts. Wow, what a lie, and it goes right to the point of what you are saying. Michele, if I could, give a comment, and then there’s about a minute and a half left. If you could just close us in prayer, pray some of these things as we’ve talked about. I think it would be appropriate.

Michele Bachman…:       Every individual will come to the throne of Jesus Christ, and there is only one question that will be determined at that point. It is, do we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord? All of eternity will rest on that issue, what we have done with that question. Every human being will bow their knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It will have happen, but so too is the reality of hell. We can’t even begin to fathom how horrible an eternity in hell would be, and it’s time that we grapple with this in our life. Rather than wasting time, we need to grapple with reality, and heaven is real just as hell is real.

So, Father, I come to you now with everyone who is listening to the sound of my voice. I thank you, Father, that your initial plan for all of mankind was an eternity with you on this world, but man sinned, and man was in need of a savior. So you came to this earth and lived a perfect life for each one of us. You died for us, and then you rose again, and you are now at the right hand of God, the Father almighty.

So I pray for those who are listening right now, Father, that they would choose to follow Jesus, to believe that he is the son of God who walked on this earth. I pray, oh God, that those listening would reject the wild and the lies of the devil, and that they would reject what his plan is for them, which is an eternity in hell, and instead, that they would choose life and choose it in its fullness. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. We’ll go through this break. We’ll come back, and hopefully, Lord willing, all three of us, Gary, and Michele, and myself will pray to close this program. Plan on and join us next segment.


In this segment, we’re going to spend most of the time in prayer in conjunction with the theme today. It’s converging of events, and then to how that we should respond to this occupying till he come, which we just talked about. We’ll go into a little bit more of that and give an example here, but I’ll just share just a couple of lines from a letter that I’ve received the other day. A woman said this, “I look forward to your program. A week ago, you did an hour of prayer,” which we did the entire program we did on prayer. She said, “I found that’s such a real blessing. I prayed right along with you. I prayed with you about the concerns of our country, and our government, and the world. I prayed with you about our families, and I prayed for my children. Then, I prayed for you all there.”

What blessing that was. Well, we’re going to do that again here in this segment. So let me just… Three thoughts about prayer. Prayer and scripture is commanded. It is, pray without ceasing, but it’s also identified as a privilege and a special right for all who have a son-to-father relationship with God himself through faith in Jesus Christ. What Michele just talked about in the other segment. James 5 talks about the power of prayer, and that’s good because the needs in our nation are immense. Unfortunately, most people look everywhere it seems, except to God for help. Where are you looking?

Until God’s people start and finish on our knees, there’s really no power, and there’ll be no help. Power and prayer must be marked with a commitment to obedience of God’s word, a genuine attitude of humility and repentance, and a singular dependence on God alone. When people depend on organizations, they get what organizations can do. When people on people, they get what people can do. But people depend on education, they get what education can do. When they depend on government, they get what government can do. But only when people depend on God alone and come to him in prayer on his terms will they get what all and only God can do. So are you praying, ladies and gentlemen, and are you praying on his terms obediently?

Michele, I want you to lead us in prayer and our listeners right now, but I know you and I had talked about some things you have been doing. I know you led your school in 40 days of prayer and fasting. You may want to share something about that and something other happened as well that… Why don’t you share what God is doing, and then lead us in prayer then after that, and Gary will come behind you and follow you in prayer?

Michele Bachman…:       Amen, Sam. Well, Regent University was birthed out of prayer from Pat Robertson and fellow believers. Robertson School of Government also was birthed out of prayer. I became the dean of Regent… at Robertson School of Government January 1st of this last year, and I went immediately to my knees because I didn’t know what to do in this position. I cried out to God. Over the course of the year, God led us to hold 40 days of prayer and fasting. We added to our numbers every single day. We knew that we were supposed to do this. We did this according to the biblical calendar during the period of time known as Teshuvah in late August and during the month of September, and it yielded great fruit.

I wanted to share with your audience a tremendous miracle that occurred that was brought out of prayer. Just two weeks ago, I was invited to speak to the Senate in the country of Italy. I came as a former member of the United States Congress, but I also came as the Dean of a graduate school of government here in the United States. I went to talk to them about the importance of nations supporting Israel. But during that time, some of the senators looked like their dog had died or like their best friend had died, and they began to share with me that a bill was about to go through the Italian Senate, and it was scheduled to pass. There was only six or seven senators that were opposing this bill.

Here was the bill. If someone would refer to the book of Genesis in public in Italy, they could be subject to six years in jail. You heard me right? If someone was to refer to the book of Genesis in public. Now, remember, this is the law of the Vatican. If someone would refer to the book of Genesis, they could go to jail, and this came as an impetus from the LGBT community. They didn’t want anyone pointing to the book of Genesis for male, female as gender exclusive, or for the definition of marriage, or any of these foundational issues that are in the book of Genesis.

These senators were very upset, and so for two days, we prayed together. We talked this through. We prayed more for two days. Again, only six or seven senators. It was just impossible. They told me the vote was going to be the following Tuesday after I had left. We continued to pray. I took other believers. We walked through the streets of Rome, prayer walking, asking the Father for his hand of intervention. I came back to America. I shared with groups of believers here in the United States what was happening. We prayed. I prayed with the dean of our law school here at Regent University.

40 minutes after that prayer, I got a text message from the senator in Italy. The vote had been kicked from Tuesday to the following week on Wednesday, which was a good sign they were having trouble, and he contacted me with photos, Sam, I’ll send them to you, of absolute jubilation. They won that vote. They defeated that bill, which was an absolute sure thing. At the very last minute, the Vatican weighed in and encouraged a no vote on that bill. But this would’ve been done, that it would’ve been in the land where the Apostle Paul was in chains about to see the Caesar. In this land, they were about to outlaw speaking of the book of Genesis, but it was defeated.

That’s how anti-Christ that was, and I heard from that senator just this morning. He said, “Sister, continue to pray. Now, there’s an effort to bring forth a euthanasia bill in Italy.” So I say to that, the spirit of God heard us when we cried. The Bible says that he hears us when we cry. The word of God says when we draw near to him, he will draw near to us. So, my brothers and sisters that are listening to this call right now, we can know with full assurance that our God is alive and powerful. He hears us when we call. We need to seek him with our whole heart, and he will surely be found. If he answers prayers for Italy, surely, he answers prayers for us as well.

So, Father, we come to you now in boldness. You say in your word in Psalms 1:21, “Who ascends to my holy hill, he who has clean hands and a pure heart.” Oh, God, not one of us has clean hands and a pure heart, but we ascend, oh God, through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. When we receive you, you put your mantle on us, and we can come boldly before you. So, Father, we do. We come to during these days when our nation is such that we no longer even recognize it. We thank you for the positive election results from last evening. We thank you for answering those prayers. But Lord, look at the extraordinary circumstance we were put in to get that type of an outcome.

So, Father, we bow before you. As you’ve said all through scripture, you want us to see the depths of our sin. You want us to weep and mourn over the sin that is in our midst, and so Lord, we do. We come before you, acknowledging, confessing, repenting, turning from the sin in our own life, but we stand also as proxies for our sinful nation. We ask, oh Lord, that you would hear us when we cry out to you. We cry out to you, oh God, for the United States Supreme Court, which will be hearing the Dobbs case, Lord, and have that opportunity to effectively overturn Roe versus Wade that has seen the deaths of north of 60 million innocent babies in the United States of America alone. Oh, God, we repent and confess the sin of slaughtering the blood of innocent Americans, Father.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, amen and amen. Stand in the gap for truth as God gives you strength.