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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, the scripture tells us in many places that in the end days, global government will arise. A charismatic global leader will emerge. And what the Bible refers to as a beast system will dominate the governments of the world with the ability to literally shadow each person to the point of controlling that person’s ability to conduct the basic necessities of life, even to rewarding or punishing that person by approving the ability to buy or sell.

Now, we know this beast system will be economic because of the buy and sell component. It’ll also be worldwide. It will be ruthless and, at some point, will be linked literally to a global religion where buying and selling will be made conditional upon worshiping this world leader.

Now from scripture, we know that this fully mature system will be in place during the Great Tribulation or the time of God’s wrath, as the scripture talks about, upon which the antichrist and the anti-god rulers of this world where the justice of God will then fight against them and as talked about in Psalm 2 as an example.

Yet, it makes sense that before the day when the full beast system is actually implemented and the identity of the demonic global leader, the antichrist, is revealed, that there will be many advanced indicators, as this new totalitarian world slouches forward, preparing and conditioning the people of the world and the national leaders to do what? To bow before this tyranny and this beast system.

And like never before, we’re seeing signs of these prophesied events unfold before our very eyes and wisdom is needed in connecting these dots and real discernment is needed to reject the sensational, but be fully alerted to the real, the genuine, and then to initiate the biblical response. Today on Stand in the Gap Today, it’s my pleasure to invite back with us the honor Michele Bachmann. All of you know her, I am sure.

She’s now the Dean of the Robertson School of Government with Regent University, but she was formerly a Congresswoman from the State of Minnesota and a former candidate for US President. Michelle is, I think, uniquely qualified and equipped both in the areas of public policy and governmental experience, as well as she is an attorney by training. She’s a student of biblical prophecy by choice. Now, my title for today’s program is this, The Rise of Global Tyranny: The Collapse of Civil Liberties.

With that, let me welcome to the program right now, Michelle. Thank you for being here with us.

Michele Bachman…:       Sam, thank you so much. It’s always a privilege. I think this is the most important topic that people are discussing today.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, I think so too, Michelle. That’s why we’re all anxious to know what you’re going to say. Let me get right up in this, because we have a lot to go through today and hopefully in a sequential fashion to kind of lay out this whole narrative. But in the course of today’s program, I’d like to identify, for the sake of our listeners, this is where we’re going to go. The globalist goals and timing, as we’re seeing today.

Segment two, I’d like you, Michelle, to identify the source of the globalist mission, the methods, the motivation, kind of who’s in charge. In other words, identify some names and the structure. We’ll also talk about Canada in that structure because big things are happening there. Segment three, I want to get your perspective on how the European-based globalists relate with the emerging axis of evil, Russia, China, Iran, and Taliban, that we’ve talked about on this program.

And then in segment four, I want to connect the prophetical time clock as you see it and make application for our listeners, those who fear God, have eyes to see what they should be doing. Let’s go here, if we can. First question, in simple terms, Michelle, would you define the word globalism or globalist, what are we talking about, and also identify the globalist goal? Could you do that please?

Michele Bachman…:       Sure. The idea of globalism is really a denial of sovereignty of individual nations. We think of ourselves as Americans. That is our citizenry. We have an American government. Globalists tend to think of their identity or citizenship in something bigger than their nation. In terms of a governmental term, they think of it in terms of a global type government. We’re citizens of heaven that’s eternal, that’s bigger than our national citizenship, but this is quite different.

This remains earthly, but it’s people see themselves and identify with a universal or global system, not a national or American system.

Gary Dull:                           Michelle, as we study the scripture, we can see very clearly that globalists have existed for a long time actually, even back toward the days of Nimrod and the tower of Babbel. But it seems like today we are in an unprecedented time when it seems like so many people are working toward this global government. What can you say about the timing of the globalists to implement their what we’re calling the beast control system?

Michele Bachman…:       They’re full speed ahead. They have pulled out all the stops. I can literally hardly keep up with how fast they’re working. This is happening all over the globe, everywhere, in every segment of the world. We’re seeing it, in particular, through the UN has always had this. It’s their goal, the United Nations. The World Economic Forum, which you’ve spoken about many times, led by Klaus Schwab. They’re also a part of this.

But a lot of corporations have this globalist perspective and media outlets, movie entertainment outlets, have taken on this globalist perspective. They look in derision at the United States, for instance, but they’re every bit the globalists. This is coming so fast a pace that we have not seen the likes of this before. Just in this last week, we’ve seen the rise of globalism and the denial of protected civil liberties not only in Canada, but here in America.

Just yesterday, President Biden put forward another emergency authorization for himself so that the United States government remains in a position of almost permanent emergency status. This is year three of COVID. Effectively, COVID is over. The pandemic is over. Even Bill Gates was talking about… He was in Munich and he was saying that Omicron is effectively a vaccine. He said that this is a sad thing.

He wanted everybody to be vaccinated, but he said Omicron is actually vaccinating people and it’s going to their T cells and B cells, which means their memory cells, which means that people have the immunity for life. He saw that as a sad thing. What Bill Gates has admitted, and he’s an individual who would be associated with this globalistic movement, he is saying himself that the pretext for this emergency powers has been rendered null and void.

It’s unbelievable to see what has happened here in the United States. There’s no reason for Joe Biden to put this emergency power. Everyone should be contacted. They should be melting the phones in Washington, DC.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, Michelle, we’re out of time here for the break. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us right now. Honorable Michelle Bachmann is our guest. Our theme today, The Rise of Global Tyranny: The Collapse of Civil Liberties. We’re talking about the globalist and what it meant. We just defined it. Their goal: world domination. Next segment, we’ll talk about really the structure. Who’s behind it and why?

Well, since the era of Nimrod and the Tower of Babble, we talked about that just briefly in the last segment, this is key, man centered and God rejecting humans have marked themselves by a rebellion towards God’s authority. They have done that because God has established authority over all mankind. After all, he is the creator of mankind. And God’s divinely ordered and ranked authority structure under God.

He made clear in actually Romans 13:1 where were told there that all authority is ordained or it means there in the Greek designed and commissioned by God. Therefore, God makes it clear that all authorities, including all civil authorities, kings and princes, they’re all included. Because he says in that verse, all persons are to be subject to the higher powers. That also is a Greek term.

That literally means every person without exception is to rank themselves within and under the higher societal authority as established by God, because there is no authority outside of God. Now, with no exception, all persons therefore, including all civil authorities being subject to and answerable to the God of heaven. That’s what it says in that passage.

In God’s plan, any person rejecting God’s prescribed order or operating contrary to God’s order is in rebellion to God, and they are, by definition, tyrants, dictators, and evil, and will fall under the judgment of God. Now, in all cases, where the evil, this group of people, those who rebel against God’s plan, where the evil bear rule, we know the scripture says the people will always mourn. But the opposite is also true.

Where the righteous, the God compliant, those who are appropriately ranked within and under God’s authority structure, when they are in authority, as Proverbs 29:2 says, the people rejoice and God’s blessings of security and plenty of food and good health, as called out in Deuteronomy 8, that result, and that’s why then the people in fact can rejoice.

Michelle, over our lifetime, globalists like Henry Kissinger, most US president, frankly, George Herbert Walker Bush, people remember him standing in front of Congress and aggressively promoting the New World Order, where the rule of law, as the original Bush president, he said it will prevail and other so-called inequities across the world would be made right. Well, the UN, as you said earlier, has been the face for much of this.

But in our day, the details of this New World Order, the Great Reset is what the students of World Economic Forum have said, and then promoted and funded by billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates, that’s all being wrapped together. Here we go. People wonder, who’s in charge? Who’s calling the shots? Bill Gates? George Soros? The United Nations? Joe Biden? Who? If you could, could you construct a hierarchical structure, Michelle? How is this whole globalist effort arranged?

Where’s the driving force, the head, of this whole thing? And how is this put together? Can you do that please?

Michele Bachman…:       Well, this began in the early 1970s. Klaus Schwab was putting together what ultimately became the World Economic Forum. What he’s been doing meticulously and methodically for the past decades is choosing influential leaders from all regions of the earth to go through what he calls his Young Global Leaders school. Justin Trudeau is in that school, the Prime Minister of Canada, also the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also is in that.

She is currently, as I said, she’s the one who just invoked the permanent emergency powers in Canada permanently, meaning that they can deny Canadian’s civil liberties at any time, which means Canada is a police state. She is on the board of directors of the World Economic Forum. Any of your listeners can go on the World Economic Forum website. You can see a listing, I went through it last night, of 1,400 alumni of the program. They’re not just government people. They’re people from the media.

They’re people from corporations. It is influential people in startup companies, in pharmaceutical companies, people who come through this program, a very intense program, and they essentially get brainwashed into the idea of the destruction of Western powers, the destruction of representative government that is elected by the people, instead folding into this globalist idea. Trudeau is a part of that.

What we saw this week, the complete utter destruction of the parliamentary constitutional system that was Canada. That’s gone. We witnessed that this week. Now, Joe Biden yesterday did the same thing by invoking the Emergency Powers Act. Many people in the United States have already gone through this Young Global Leaders, Bill Gates being a part of that effort as well. These people believe. They truly believe. This is completely in the open. It’s not secret. It’s not hidden.

We think of conspiracies behind a closed door. This is an open conspiracy, if you will, an open agreement that people want to effectively have a global police state where elites are calling all the shots and there will be a complete… That’s the rise of global authoritarianism, but it’s also stripping away from everyone else our once protected civil liberties. We had a full scale example of that this week in Canada.

That’s what the World Economic Forum, that’s what globalism in to do to every nation on earth, take away from the people our voice, our right to representative government. Justin Trudeau was all too eager to give up the people’s right to have representative government. That’s what they were doing in Australia. That’s what’s happened in Austria. It’s happened in Germany. It’s happened in Italy. It’s been happening in one nation after another. Liberties are often gone in Muslim nations and communist nations.

How many nations are left? The globalists have been extremely effective. And as I said, all stops are removed now. They are advancing a pace. And that’s why I say here, to any listener in the United States, I would encourage everyone to melt the phone lines of their Congressman and Senator and tell them they need to stop President Biden from reinstituting the emergency powers for the United States government.

We saw that that allowed Justin Trudeau to freeze the bank accounts of people making $50 donations to the truckers. Anyone who disagrees with Justin Trudeau was beaten up on the streets, run over by horses, or had their bank accounts stolen, or they were confiscating private property from them. Don’t think that that can’t happen here in America. Canada is a first world country, so are we. With the emergency powers once again given to Joe Biden, that could happen to us too.

Gary Dull:                           Well, I thank you for that warning. One of the questions that I have as we’ve heard you talk, and I think you’ve done a very good job in explaining what’s going on here with this New World Order, and even what we’re seeing, taking place up there in Canada. It’s a lot like what took place years ago under the Chinese Communist Party when students were crushed as they protested against China and their civil liberties were really brought to not.

My question to you though is, what in the world can the average person in America, in Canada do to push back on this? I think many of us are very concerned about what’s going on. We know as we read Bibl prophecy that things are going to take place like this more and more as we draw toward the rapture and the second coming of Christ.

But right now, where we are right here today, what can the average person who’s concerned about this do to push back particularly as to what we’re seeing taking place here in America, Michelle?

Michele Bachman…:       The first thing is to know what is the truth. The corporate media is all a part of this silencing effort. They’ve effectively pulled a blackout curtain over any of the news that’s been going on in Canada. You don’t see it. You didn’t see the mandates that have been going on in Austria, Germany, Italy, the internment camps down in Australia. The government has pulled an effective blackout curtain so that the people can’t know what’s going on. We need to know what’s going on.

We need to support the truckers who are the good guys in this scenario, who are simply standing up for their freedom, realized what was happening. They’re the truckers. They’ve been trucking to through this whole pandemic. And now when the pandemic is over, Justin Trudeau is saying, “You get an injection of the vaccine or you can’t work.” Well, 87% of Canadians are injected. And let’s understand, these vaccines didn’t stop people from getting COVID. They didn’t stop people from transferring COVID to other people.

Last month in Scotland, 87% of the people who died in the hospital from COVID were already vaccinated. There is no scientific basis for forcing the truckers to do this. What does that tell us? We’re at an irrational lawless time. That’s exactly what the Bible said would happen in the last days. For those who are believers in your audience, there is nothing more important right now than transmitting the gospel to as many people as you know. There’s a whole lost world out there.

We need to be transmitting the gospel, but we also need to focus on scripture. We need to understand eschatology, what the Bible says about these last days.

Sam Rohrer:                      Michelle, I’m going to interject right there because that’s a perfect setup. Ladies and gentlemen, we do need to know what the Bible says. That’s why we are doing what we’re doing on the program today. And from an eschatological perspective, the sequence of events that God lays out, yes, important to know that and we will pull those pieces together in the last segment. Now, in the next segment, we’re going to talk about how the Russia and the China pieces fit within all of this.

If you’re joining us right now, we’re in the middle of the program. This is Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Dr. Gary Dull today and our special guest, the honorable Michelle Bachmann, who is now the Dean of the Robertson School of Government with Regent University. Our theme today is this, The Rise of Global Tyranny, and with that comes the collapse of civil liberties. We’re all sensing what’s going on. We can feel it, but we’re not getting any help in understanding it from the controlled media.

We know that. You know that well. Well, how do we understand what’s going on? Well, we have to find out. What does the Bible say? And as Michelle in the last segment said, really it’s truth. If what we talk about on this program, the only antidote to deception is truth, and the truth of God’s word is the only truth that exists. Therefore, that’s what we try to do on this program.

Now, connecting further on this, in a general sense, we’re talking about globalists, we’ve defined them and put some names on it and talking about what’s happening in Canada and what just happened just in the last couple of days with Joe Biden extending without basis at all the national emergency, which effectively allows the executive branch of this nation to make law, that’s what it does, which thereby definition is lawlessness because executive branch does not have the authority to make law.

We are in days of official lawlessness. That happens to be just exactly what scripture says we will see. But let’s go here now. In a general sense, all globalists and all tyrants, they do share some points in common. For instance, I thought of this, think with me, they all share an anti-Christ view of God’s design for authority and accountability. I mentioned where that came from, Romans 13, the principle there.

Globalist and tyrants, they all reject God’s view of those in positions of authority as being servants of God as described in Romans 13. They all share a view of human life as dispensable and cheap, with human aspirations for freedom as misdirected. They all view themselves as being smarter and better than all others under their control, because they believe that they’re only equipped. Nobody else is. All tyrants share the common view that they are literally God, and they align themselves with others who share the same mind.

Tyrants also share a common view in that they don’t really trust the other tyrants. And if given a chance, they would destroy the other tyrants since all of them envision themselves as alone capable of ruling the world. Now think about that. Michelle, let’s go here. Can you describe the relationship between the world’s emerging tyrants who threaten civil liberties, but do it in this perspective. I mean, this is how I think about it. Tell me if you agree, disagree with this.

But you got European globalists, the United Nations, the Georgia Bushes who talked about it, the Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum. You’ve got that as a group. And then you’ve got Chinese communists, Russian imperialists, you’ve got Iranian and Taliban Islamists, who are also seeking worldwide caliphate, in their terminology. They all want the same thing, but are they in agreement and what are they in agreement about? Where are they at odds with each other?

Are they in agreement in world domination, but they differ in strategy? Put some of these pieces together, could you please?

Michele Bachman…:       Sure. There’s also the European Union. The European Union has their goals as well. They like globalism. They remember the whole Brexit argument. They didn’t want England to break away from the EU. They wanted all of them together. That was a big conundrum as well. When you look at Communist China, remember, Russia is communist too. There’s a lot of communist nations in the world. Communist China has been on a tear to be the hegemon of the world. They want to be the dominant nation in the world.

They’re well on their way to that status. They’re in about year maybe 68 or 70 of their plan, but they’ve fast forwarded with the presidency of Joe Biden. He is allowing them to have their way. This is really Communist China’s time. However, they’re not alone in that. Russia has a very small population compared to Communist China, and they’re a dwindling population. They’d have a very difficult time being the leading power of the world.

It’s curious to me that the Biden administration and the Democrat progressives in America have tried to put up Russia as this big evil bogeyman. They’re not a nice nation, but they’re not the threat to the United States. The threat to the states is China. There’s no comparison, but there’s also threats that come from the tyrants. The number one state sponsor of terrorism since 1979 by our state department has been designated as Iran.

Iran has said that they seek to annihilate Israel in something under 20 years from now. They have their goals as well. I really think of Psalms 2. The nations are shaking their fist at a Holy God. They’re roiling. They’re roiling against each other. They all want to be dominant. They’re like rats on raw meat trying to get everything they can.

But at the same time, you have this absolutely demonically, satanically inspired World Economic Forum that even Putin was one of the Young Global Leaders, believe it or not, that Klaus Schwab put in his World Economic Forum Young Leader Program. All of these influencers are in every region of the world. I was looking on the website last night, looking at how brilliant the plan is, but it’s satanically Luciferian brilliance.

It’s Satan’s brilliance of bringing the world to a point that the Bible talks about, where the nations will reduce their own power. It might be through war. It might be through plague. It might be through disease, through famine. They’ll reduce their power, and then there will be so much disharmony. We’re seeing it like never before, division here in America, all over the world, division in Canada, everywhere. People at each other’s throats. What does that cry out for? A man with a plan, a man that we can trust.

We haven’t experienced in our lifetimes this level of disquiet, not just here in America, but all over the world. This global pandemic was part of it. Bill Gates in his comics in Munich said that next time, next time there’s a plague, how does he know another plague was coming? The Spanish flu was a hundred years ago. We haven’t seen anything like that for a hundred years. And yet, he was saying that the next one will be worse and we’ve got to get everyone vaccinated within six months.

We can’t wait two years. You can find it on YouTube. He just said that in Munich. There is a plan for this coming together. There are certainly people involved. Very interestingly, all of these facts completely line up exactly with what the Bible predicted. That’s why for believers, we can’t be ignorant of the times that we live in. The Bible doesn’t leave us ignorant. It’s very specific on what is about to come. Not to induce fear, but rather hope, love, rejoicing. This is literally the greatest time in all history to be alive.

If you aren’t convinced that Jesus Christ is Lord today, I don’t know what more it will take because the Bible is being proved every day in front of our eyes.

Gary Dull:                           We talk about that often here on Stand in the Gap, Michelle, how the Bible is being proven, prophecies being fulfilled, and these are exciting times in which we live. I’m wondering if you can even become more specific and maybe connecting the dots here between what we see taking place between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, China, Israel, and Iran. So much is going on around this today.

Of course, every day when we pick up the newspaper, we can see some things taking place that I believe is thrusting, is closer to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But if you could just in the moment or two that’s left here in this segment, connect those dots between the axis of evil and the current threats of Russia and Ukraine.

Michele Bachman…:       Well, if you look at Ezekiel 38 and 39, it looks like the players are coming together. In all of human history, we never saw an alliance with Russia, Iran, with the countries that are laid out in the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario. And for the very first time, about four years ago, an alliance began with Turkey, with Russia, with Iran. It never happened. And now that alliance is there. I could go into great detail about some of these things that are happening, what Turkey is doing. They’re putting a charm offensive toward Israel.

But the scripture tells us that from the North, that the nation that comes down from the North, the purpose is to bring war against Israel. The people in Israel will be so fearful. They’ll feel like everything is over. And yet, the scripture promises that the enemy will be dying on the mountains of Israel. And God himself, no one else, will have the full glory for taking down that onslaught. Are we at the state of the Ezekiel 38-39 war? We might be, but I invite the listeners to search the scriptures for themselves.

Again, have a newspaper in one hand, a Bible in the other. We’ve never been in a time like this before, where we can literally discern the times almost day by day.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you’re feeling and sensing that in the midst of talking about this, which by itself can be disturbing, if we looked it from the pages of scripture, it can be tremendously affirming and trust building because we’re seeing amazing things that God has laid out coming to view before our eyes. Now, in the end, we’re going to ask this question in the next segment of Michelle. Now, what do we do with all of this?

One of the unique efforts that we make here on Stand in a Gap Today compared to nearly any other news commentary for program across the country is that we always overlay the scripture and biblical prophecy on top of headline news. In other words, we look at the news through the filter of God’s word, so that we can put into context what’s happening with what God says about what’s happening. Now on this program, we try not to ever let you hanging or to be fearful. Why is that?

Well, because we believe that the word of God speaks to every issue of life for all people and all time. And if we believe that, and since that is what God says and that’s what the Bible says, then that is why we must not and we are not led to what the world develops, and that’s a spirit of fear to the contrary. Power and of love and of a sound mind is what that gives. But it’s conditional upon us, fearing God, keeping his commandments, trusting in him, not ourselves. That’s why we do that.

We don’t ever like to leave this program by presenting any kind of news with letting people saying, “Well, there is no resolve, or there is no hope.” It’s always to the contrary. Even in the midst of the greatest of difficulty, there is always hope. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they stepped into the fire, did they not, confident. “That’s fine, king. Throw us in there. God will take us out if he wants. But if he doesn’t, that’s fine too. “Now, that’s confidence in the opposite of a spirit of fear.

That’s where we’re going, and that’s what we want you to develop and encourage each other to have that attitude. Michelle, in the first segment, I asked you to give your perspective based on your know of the world, the word of God, and so forth, to give some indication of not just what the globalists mean, the globalist goal for world domination, but the timing and that kind of thing. We have referred to and we’ve touched briefly on it that all of this, the knowledge of biblical prophecies, what brings this into perspective.

Speak a little bit about that as to what is happening, the speed of what’s happening. You’ve already spoken to that, but pull some more of that together here as we wrap up this program.

Michele Bachman…:       Sure, Sam. The Bible speaks of no man will know the day or the hour when Jesus Christ returns, but we will know the seasons. We will know when the fig tree is beginning to leaf. And what that means is we’ll know when we see these prophecies coming true. Never before has the world ever been in a position where the technology was available. This is a very recent phenomenon. For instance, one scripture is that the two witnesses will be killed and they’ll be lying in the streets in Israel.

Yet, three days later, they’ll come to life and every man on earth will see it. That wouldn’t have been possible until just the last few decades. With the iPhone, just realize, the iPhone wasn’t even invented until about 2009. I mean, think of that. This is all very recent phenomena. And yet, this technology is now available. The internet, Skype, all of this is available so that we can do a show like this. All of these things came, and yet the persecution is rising at the same time. We know that this is coming very, very close.

That’s why it’s important that we keep our heads above us and not despair and not get overwhelmed because we’re the ones who are rejoicing. The Bible says in the Book of Revelation, Maranatha, Come, Lord Jesus. We are to rejoice at his coming. Sam had asked me about, how do we know? I look at the scripture that says that in the last days, it will be like birth pains. When a woman gives birth, her pains come closer together and they are far more intense.

I will tell you, this last week, it was literally every moment new things were coming out in the news media about what was happening with these closing end times events. It is coming so fast. And I have noticed this from when I was a young girl and came to Christ and how these events have been speeding up. But now it’s at a different pace. It’s at a different pace that I’ve never seen before, where I fully expect that Jesus is at the door, and it could be anytime that he comes back.

And that’s why we, as his bride, we need to be like the 10 virgins with lamps full. We need to be ready. We need to be witnessing. Our personal lives need to be ready. There’s things we can do on a practical level. Like I’d mentioned earlier before, call your Congressman and Senator. Demand an end to President Biden’s emergency powers. That is completely wrong on his part. Go on social media. Support the truckers. That’s the first resistance we’ve seen in the world and that sparked in Israel.

Now there’s a convoy of 40,000 truckers in Israel. In France, there’s a convoy. We’re told by the State of the Union Address, the United States may have a convoy. In fact, I think the people in DC are so afraid, they’ve resurrected the fence around the Capitol again. Because what do they fear? They fear people who resist their Satanic agenda.

Gary Dull:                           That’s right, and that’s concerning to all of us. We’re just down to the few minutes left here, Michelle. I appreciate everything that you’ve shared with us on the program today. We talked about the fact that our listeners need to get prepared and need to stand up and need to make a difference. Let me just ask it to you in this way.

Specifically, how should each and every one of our listeners respond to the message that we’ve given them today from the spiritual perspective? Speak to our people from what the word of God says about being prepared for a time such as this.

Michele Bachman…:       Well, I would encourage everyone to start a Bible study in your church, start a Bible study at home, and invite people to come in. If you are not in that situation, go online and start a Bible study yourself. Learn what the word of God says about the last days. It is probably the most exciting study there is. The Book of Revelations is the only book of the 66 books in the Bible that says there is a blessing for everyone who studies the Book of Revelation. Get that blessing. Be prepared.

Be prepared for yourself spiritually to be right with God, know him, witness to everyone in your sphere of influence, your family, and then start to reach out to others and invite them to come in. Tell them you don’t have to have a spirit of fear. You would have to have a spirit of a sound mind and love. Remember, Jesus’s banner over us is love. Live in love, live in peace, and occupy until he comes.

If I knew that Jesus was coming tonight, I’d be planting a tree, and I’d be here at Regent University teaching the next generation of students about what godly government is about. I’m going to occupy until my savior comes.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Michelle, we have less than a minute now. Close us in prayer, please. Would you do that?

Michele Bachman…:       Oh, Holy Father, you are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. You are the God who created us. You are the God who died for us, and you are the soon and coming King. Marathon. Come, Lord Jesus. I pray that you would unite our hearts together as the Body of Christ so that we would be one, even as you and the Father are one. We magnify your name, and we can’t wait for your soon appearing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Ladies and gentlemen, what an easy thing to do. The Lord will reward us. He tells us in scripture. Michelle just reminded us. Studying the Book of Revelation and the Lord’s return. Looking forward to the Lord’s return is another reward, a crown that will be given. Wow! But let us be active about sharing the good news and the light of the gospel in these days of deception and darkness.

But boy, do we have an answer, and I hope that you do and that you’ve accepted Christ as your personal savior. If you have, be bold about the faith and the truth. Stand in the Gap for truth, ladies, gentlemen. We’ll see you back tomorrow, Lord willing, 23 hours from now.