This transcript is taken from a Stand in the Gap Today program originally airing on July 27, 2022.  To listen to the program, please click HERE.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, on June 18th, just a month or so ago, I’m here in 2022, the CDC in a release authorized by Director Rochelle Walensky, said this, “All children six months through five years of age should receive a COVID-19 vaccine.” Going on, she said in the release, “Parents and the caregivers can now give their children six months through five years of age vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to better protect them from COVID-19. All children, including children who have already had COVID-19, should get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines have undergone and will continue to undergo the most intensive monitoring in U.S. history.”

With that statement, all people living in America are being instructed by unelected governmental bureaucrats now known to be heavily corrupted and compromised to do the bidding really, I would say, of big pharma and their special interests, with the goal of doing what? Well, to persuade or even compel all people to take immune-destroying mRNA shots for the rest of their lives, despite increasingly sick and dying people worldwide. Now, in rejection of the clear facts and compelling data, this corrupt cabal, these are my words, corrupt cabal just continues to double down. Predicted by many people years ago and proven, gene-altering COVID-19 jab carnage, that which we’re seeing great harm being done, the establishment just presses on, insisting on jabbing our children, our next generation as experimental victims in what’s appearing to be perhaps the world’s largest… I’m going to, again, my word, the most evil attempt to redesign and destroy worldwide the unique human body immune system, which God created very specifically.

Now, joining me today on this very important program will be my personal physician and Frontline Doctor, Gordon Donaldson. We’re going to talk about where we are and what we know to data post-COVID-19 shots, where according to a July 14th, just some days ago, CDC publication, they’re saying, whether or not it’s true is another question, but they’re saying 78% of all Americans have taken at least one shot. The whole world, they claim, over 12 billion shots have now been injected, permanently altering to one degree or another the immune systems of the great majority of the world’s population.

Because of the developing quantifiably devastating impact from these shots and the risk associated with any effort to genetically modify the entire world’s adult population, it is a very great concern that we will address, in part why parents and adult family members must resist the elitist arrogance attempting to urge us, possibly by compulsory law, I hope not, but the same impacts on children. The title I’ve chosen for today’s program is this, Protect Our Children Now: A Passionate Plea From A Frontline Doctor. With that, let me welcome to the program right now Dr. Gordon Donaldson. Gordon, thanks for being back with me.

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Thank you so much, Sam, for having me on board again and being willing to try to get the truth out, and so for your audience today, that is what we want to do. We want to get the truth of the matter out.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yes we do, Gordon, and that is the problem, but most people know, who do we trust? Well, we can trust this program because we base it on truth. I can trust you because I know who you are and I know what we’re talking about is actually evidentiarily supported. Now, keeping with what you and every good physician does relative to healthcare, before we go specifically into protecting the children, which we’re going to do in segment three, I’d like in this segment and in the next one to reform actually a diagnosis. Then, we’re going to do a prognosis of what happens in this post-COVID jab scenario.

Here’s my first question to you. In a general perspective, objective health data, what do we know are the consequences of people taking the shot, their overall health now, the ability to stop the spread of COVID as an example, which was the goal? Speak broadly. What do we know?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Well, one, and the mantra that has been from day one is the jab is safe and effective, and the truth of the matter is it is not safe and it is not effective. There will be many who will be maimed and many who will die from the jab, so we must, again, stand up and tell the truth. The simple… If we go into CDC’s VAERS data system that has now reported over 30,000 deaths and 1.5 million significant adverse events, and that is very underreported at best at one in 10 to the reality. The significant issue with the diagnosis is that it must be confronted and it’s not a pretty picture, but we have to face the reality. The reality of a lot of this is it puts a tremendous drain on our healthcare system from access to care, and the physical and emotional drain on the healthcare providers who are out there, especially those who care and see the reality of the situation.

This is something that has been warned about from the very beginning and it’s showing itself as a stark reality now, and I must say, I stand on the shoulders of many colleagues who I’m honored to be associated with like Dolores Cahill, Robert Malone, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Sherri Tenpenny, and the list goes on. As I like to say, those of us medical providers with our teams who are on the front line, fighting in the trenches, mucking through the swamp, it can consume a tremendous amount of our practice resources and time due to injuries from the jab, those being more susceptible to other illnesses or disease, and those getting COVID, sometimes multiple times.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, and, Gordon, I’m going to ask you about that in the next segment specifically what you are seeing personally because that becomes valuable information, but in an overall perspective, as we’re looking at it, there’s still denial from governmental officials that make any connection. They say, “No, you can’t take and connect these things that you’re finding in your office. This is not a connection.” How can you as a Frontline Doctor, do you, as an example, connect, what is being seen, what these numbers are indicating, and logically supportively make a connection to the jab?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Well, there’s a… Without getting too scientific, it is applying the Bradford Hill criteria to, number one, just the VAERS reporting system, which I must give kudos to Jessica Rose who has done that tremendously well in her data collection. Without getting into all 10 of the criteria, it is simply putting together how the jab and what has changed in somebody’s system and applying it to time what’s happening, and so that is the data coming also out of Israel and Britain.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, so as you know, most of you are listening to me are pretty informed. We’ve talked about these kind of things in the program, but if you’re following, you are seeing evidence from around the world, data from all levels perspective, all being supportive and increasing. That is a part of what is that general data. When we come back, we’re going to talk with Dr. Gordon Donaldson about what he and other Frontline Doctors are actually seeing in their practices.

Sam Rohrer:                      Our theme today, very, very important. I hope that you are listening well, take notes. You want to go back and listen to this program again and I know share it with family and friend, but our then is this, Protect Your Children Now, Protect Our Children Now: A Passionate Plea From A Frontline Doctor. Again, I’m talking with Dr. Gordon Donaldson. He has a practice here in Southeast Pennsylvania, my personal physician, been on this program before, but one of those Frontline Docs who are committed to his patients and practices medicine as a way of helping people. Anyway, I’ll just stop right there, but we’re going to talk about the COVID shot and this newest pressure to force it onto your children and grandchildren down to six months old. That’s absurd. I’ll just put that out there, absurd. We’ll go into that in just a moment.

As we go into this, we’re looking at now the culture post-COVID. Generally, we did that in the last segment. Then, we’re going to get just an input from Dr. Donaldson and what he’s actually seeing on the front line as a physician and relates to what other Frontline Docs are seeing across the country. It’s not just here in Pennsylvania. In our current age, marked by a rejection of truth generally, the attempt to silence or cancel those who speak the truth or even question the establishment elites’ narrative is astounding on one hand, isn’t it? We see that. You know that, yet the attempt to silence the truth has one ultimate consequence. It will ultimately fail if people who know the truth remain committed to the truth and move ahead, as we say here regularly, standing in the gap for truth.

Now, applicable to what we see today, I just will use this parallel. In Jesus’ day, if you recall the religious establishment and the civil government leaders of His day sought to silence the truth, Jesus Christ. They attempted to dispute His message and to disparage Him as a person. They sought to persecute His followers and they martyred millions over the years, yet the truth changed the world. It could not be contained. As we know from history and we know from today, the most impactful voice is the voice of a person who gives personal testimony as to what they saw, the results of what they did, and this changed the world.

Now, that’s relationship to the Gospel spiritually, but it’s always the same way. As a witness, you are free to say exactly what you see because it’s what you see. All right, Gordon, so let’s move on now to the point in what we just talked about, you, other Frontline physicians are actually seeing, you’re actually generating the numbers that often find their way into these reports we’re talking about as it relates to, in this case, health consequences resulting from taking the shot. I’d like to hear it from you, just as the early disciples of Jesus who went out and changed the world. What are you and others actually seeing in your patients? To what extent is what you’re seeing connected to the COVID jab?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Well, one of the things that I especially want to speak to, and I wish that everything that we saw did get into the data, but sadly it does not, and that if it would, this would be a very, very different picture in my view because the VAERS data system would be totally overwhelmed. It would be beyond, in my opinion, a shadow of a doubt that the relationship is there. To answer the question of what we are seeing, I like to use the analogy, and I talk to people and… Remember the different body systems from human anatomy section in your even grade school biology and high school biology? Unfortunately, in any one of those systems, we can see adverse events directly related to the jab.

Without going into a whole lot of specifics, it can be exacerbation of a chronic illness that one is dealing with like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reemergence of a cancer that’s been in remission, heart failure, cognitive decline, worsening of neurological conditions, thyroid issues and endocrine conditions. All of these can be worsened, so if anybody out there has that, they’ve got the jab, you must be aware of that to know what to look for if that is happening with you.

To speak specifically to two on the extremes which we are hearing about out there right now is one of the most prominent ones, myocarditis and pericarditis. It is readily acknowledged that the jabs do cause that, and not only is it in adults, but in the younger set, and to that we are speaking to today. The sad reality of that is those who get myocarditis and pericarditis based on data from others who have gotten it in the past not specifically from the jab, they’re, number one, damaged for life, and they carry a 50-plus percent death rate over the next 10 years of their life. It is very significant, and especially when we’re talking about our young people.

The other one that has emerged and you will hear is that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, SADS, and that is directly correlated to the jab because, again, timing-wise, there can be no other reason for it. We are talking healthy people, healthy young people. Now, remember SIDS and how we dealt with it? We now have SADS, and we must deal with it, and so to that end, it is important that we be aware of that and to make it a frontline thing.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, Gordon, let me follow up real quickly. Let’s quantify this. You’ve identified it could be in any area of the biological system, from the circulatory to the endocrine to whatever, and so take note of that. Just out of curiosity, maybe you have this number, maybe you don’t, but if you could put an approximate percentage of the number of patients that are coming in, and again, you’d have to maybe make it exactly yours, but as you talk with other Frontline Docs, is there an approximate number of the number of patients that are coming in to Frontline offices right now that have problems related to the COVID jab?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Well, I can speak to myself and what I see, and I will be honest, it can be frustrating because at least one-third to one-half of my time is spent around these specific areas of those who are dealing with exacerbations of their chronic illness because of the jab, those who are hospitalized because of the jab, those who get recurrent infections because of the jab, those who are coming in with new issues in their body systems because of the jab. It can take a tremendous amount of time and resources, and it is draining on the emotional and physical well-being of our Frontline workers, and I talk to my… and I’m including my team as well.

Sam Rohrer:                      I can imagine that, which takes me to another question here. I have sensed this, Gordon I have seen this term. I’ve talked to a lot of people across the country, and when you hear the kind of numbers that you are saying and I’m reading across the country, it would indicate to me that there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions if 78% of Americans have had at least one shot according to the CDC, that there are a lot of people who are in a degree minimal to great degree of difficulty. I’ve heard someone use this phrase, “It’s as if we’re witnessing these many people now suffering in silence.” That phrase gripped me. Do you think that’s a fairly accurate description of what you’re seeing?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         It absolutely is, and I could go into story after story and we could spend the entire time talking about that, but it is especially those who are out there who will go, they will see their specialists. They’ll be hospitalized, and we know that it is directly related to it because of the clotting that occurs which affects the heart, which affects the lungs, pulmonary emboli.

I’ve had three, four patients just in the past week who were hospitalized and then they come back and they come into my office and they say, “You know what? I wish I had never gotten the shot, for one, because I know that that’s what it’s from. Number two is, when I was in the hospital and I brought that up to the physician, it was just poo-pooed and it’s all in my head. That can’t be possible.”

Yes, there are many out there who are suffering in silence. That is obvious because of the millions who have reported it, but if that is a tenfold, only a one in 10 reporting, which is low, that means that there are probably 30, 40 million out there who are suffering. Again, with that, we must acknowledge that and we must show empathy and love, but accept the reality of it as well.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, Gordon, in some respects, I’m glad I’m not a physician because those who are on the front line have a very difficult job of often telling people you are sick, and then you go from there, but until we tell them the truth, and I relate it even as someone in the pulpit, we talk to somebody about The Lord, unless we are willing to tell the sinner, “You are spiritually sick, you are spiritually dead,” that’s a very strong term, “You will go to a burning real live hell unless you accept the solution of Jesus Christ.” That is a very difficult thing, but unless we say that, the person can never be healed.

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Absolutely, and that’s the one thing that I’d like to address it in that way with patients. Number one is listen and talk about it, but quickly they must acknowledge it, just like an alcoholic, a smoker, or anybody else. Until you acknowledge the possible issue and the source of your problem, you will not be open to the cure.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we want to do on the program, we try to do. Tell the truth, use the Biblical example of how Jesus dealt with people physically and spiritually, and that brings us into what we’re talking about today here, the physical consequences now of what we’re talking about of this shot. When we come back, we’re going to swing and make application. Now, in light of these things we know about adults, why we got to be concerned about our children.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, in light of the data, which is overwhelming of which we’ve only referred to just small portions of it today, again, our them today is Protect Our Children Now, and this is in relationship, now, we’ll get into it specifically, but the decision by the CDC, which I referenced in segment one, to now approve again the same kind of thing, emergency use authorization, which is not approval. Circumventing all aspects of law and testing have now said kids, children, infants six months of age and older should get the COVID shot. That’s in light of the fact of all of what we are now finding to be these millions of adverse reactions on the parts of adults across the country.

Here we go now as we talk about children. If it seems like there is war against our children, there is, and if you don’t think there is, you need to understand there is a war against our children. Since God implemented His plan of life and living long ago in the Garden and then after the Flood, He commanded people to go out and multiply and have children. Why? Well, children are a gift of God, number one, but each child is made unique in God’s image and each one of them has a valuable soul. Why is that important? Well, because each person’s made in the image of God. God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to come to die for what? Because of the souls of men. Well, the devil and all works of inequity have sought from the beginning any way possible to disrupt the plan of God.

In days of old, babies were regularly sacrificed on the altars by the tens of thousands to appease the demonic gods of Moloch or Baal, Old Testament days. You remember that? In modern days, the proponents of death attack our children by lobbying for the right to kill our babies in the womb, but now, with the facts and the data, which our known about the dangers presented by the mRNA gene-altering COVID-type shot in adults by the fact that we know that, we just talked about some of that, the same people are now desperate to jab the arms of our entire next generation, our children. With failed tests, no clinical trials, our children are… Again, parents, adults, are being offered and requested to offer up their children on the sacrificial altar of experimental gene-altering, that’s the best way I can describe it.

Okay, Gordon, let’s go in here. In light of everything that we’ve discussed so far, and the known harm being created in adults and adolescents who have taken the shot, I know from talking with you personally, you are passionate about wanting to protect the health and the lives of our most vulnerable, our children. Here’s my first question. Why should parents refuse to allow their child to be jabbed and, like a mother bear, guard their children from this experimental shot?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Number one, and most importantly, is that, and I will say it emphatically, the jab has only harm and no benefit for the children. It is genetically-modifying, and so their genetics are modified for the rest of their life, in what way only time can tell that one. To kind of take it to a level, and that’s in any upstanding society, the role of adult is to protect the innocent children. It’s only in pagan societies where the children’s well-being is sacrificed on the altar of expedience for adults, and so there’s really only one statistic that we need to know. Even as we speak, the number of children under the age of 19 who have died from COVID is only around 700, and almost every single one of them had a comorbid condition, so really it was they died with COVID rather than from COVID.

The hospitalization rate in these children is infinitesimally small and would be considered zero at 0.0008%. The main government agencies that are supposed to be looking out for the public interest have been exposed as nothing more than captured entities by the pharmaceutical industry to do their bidding leading to massive profits for the pharmaceutical industry. The whole policymaking process is to get these approved for children based on fraudulent studies from the industry, which overlooked the bad parts, massaged the data to make benefits appear from bad data. All of the studies were small, they were short in duration, they were crossed over and massaged to make them try and show benefit.

I believe that the encouragement that I find is I believe more adults are becoming enlightened to the criminal enterprise of big pharma, with the government agencies, and we have to stand up and not allow them to dictate our healthcare or that of our children. They need to be held accountable for it. As Dr. Malone and Robert Kennedy, we need to rethink the whole vaccine enterprise, and it may go up in smoke and look at the data in science. In a logical, reasonable, and questionable, rational way because those are all on our side. We must stand up for our children as the next generation and not allow them to be sacrificed.

Sam Rohrer:                      Gordon, I hear a phrase, “Protect our children, keep your hands off my kids,” because you’re stating a couple of things. One, we know it is now known by adults, by Frontline Docs, by all of the data collection that is collecting data, even though they’re suppressing it, the numbers are staggering on the impact on adults. All right, the promises that were made, you take this, no COVID. No transmission of COVID. No going to the hospital. Well, now that’s a big line now, so people ought to be more aware.

Now, we have children. Children don’t even get it. You’ve already said nearly zero, statistically zero. That’s a problem, and yet we’re going to jab the arms of our children down to six months? Are you kidding me? Now, ladies and gentlemen, there’s one thing here I just want to put. There is part of a reason here. There’s a lot of money involved in this, very clearly, but under the emergency use authorization, since now the CDC has said this is approved for kids down to six months old, if that’s actually begins… Actually, I think since it is beginning, there is an immunity from prosecution that occurs for the pharmaceutical companies. Now, they can get this vaccination, which is not a vaccine, on the agenda with all of the other vaccines. Now, it becomes a part of the system.

Only thing is, there’s a problem with already the ones that are there, which is why, Gordon, you just said the whole idea ought to be revisited, but let’s go back here and just quickly identify this. If you look at children, babies, their immune systems are strong. They are also developing, and you say you’re going to give them a gene-altering shot. Where is it most likely based on what we’ve seen with adults that they will experience greatest harm? Again, just build that out a little bit so we get an idea. What is the harm? You said there’s no benefit. It’s all risk. What would be the harm that we know? What would be the potential long-lasting harm that could occur to a child who gets the shot?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Well, first of all, in the harm is we know that there are those down to that age group, babies, infants, who are getting the jab who die, so that is one harm and that’s the worst case scenario. The other one is that the young children who are getting the myocarditis/ pericarditis. It’s giving them a death sentence over the next 10 years of their life. We have the issue of the young people who are out on the pitch, and we know that across the world, we’re probably close to a thousand athletes who have died playing sports. What has been their average age? 23, and so that is significant. We know that it is very young.

Also, going forward with the harm, we don’t know that total answer, and we will never know that total answer. I mean, it can be from reproduction, it can be from the systems, any of their systems that can be involved, so we don’t really know the total harm, but we do know that, again, the child’s immune system is robust and it is best when it is confronted with the illness itself. That’s why the whole vaccine entity needs to be confronted. It is better for children in many cases to just get the illness because their system will take care of it, and that is the best God-given system we have, the innate immune system. That’s the one that’s going to have memory for life in many cases, and that’s where we need to go with it.

Sam Rohrer:                      Gordon, boy, just in the last minute here, there’s a thought that’s come into my mind because when I look at the system, the corrupt system, truly led by people who have very clearly by their own mouths, they’ve rejected God, they’ve rejected the Bible, they’ve rejected absolutely truth, so many cases I’m seeing them want to play God. They think that they can actually take the system, this body, this immune system that God made and they can make it better.

Just the other day, I saw where these same cabal folks are now saying that in order to control global warming, they have this system they’re going to put up there in space and make this magical plastic-type film the size of Brazil and position such a way to reflect the sun back so they can change the climate of the Earth. I’m saying, “How arrogant. How arrogant do you think you can be that you are going to change the weather that God controls or improve upon the human body system by gene-altering something that God designed.” I think there’s an attitude behind this, too, don’t you? I mean, it just bothers me.

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         Absolutely, and so one of the things that I want to say is the concern is the doubling down, and the United States of America is the one who’s doubling down the most when we have European countries who are actually backing off on giving the vaccine to children.

Sam Rohrer:                      Interesting, so ladies and gentlemen, we are a part of the problem, or we are a part of the solution. Truth will set you free we’re trying to present. Then, we come back, we’re going to conclude with now some hope and a healing as we move from diagnosis to prognosis to prescription. Stay tuned.


Sam Rohrer:                      As we enter into the final segment now, like we generally try to do, particularly when we present information that is of a sobering nature, and there’s a lot of that to present, but you know, when I read the Bible, as you do, it’s full of sobering information, but there always will conclude with there is hope in healing in Jesus Christ. That is important for us because the world has no hope to offer, so we need to understand. We can be part of the problem by keeping our mouth shut on matters of truth, or we can open it up and become part of the solution.

That’s effectively what it means by being salt and light, so I just want to say as we enter into this final segment now with a prescription, really, in light of what to do in light of what we’ve just talked about, that you take this program because of its relevant nature, listen to it again. I would encourage you to do that, and then share it with friends. Pass it along to family members, and go to our website and search out and you can find or on your app, the series that we do on health because we’ve been talking about the issue we’re talking about today going all the way back to December, well, actually before, but in December of 2010. We talked about some of these things about, what would happen when I had Dr. Delores Cahill on with us.

She talked specifically about what would happen from the perspective of herself as a microbiologist and researcher, and she’s been just right on the money, again, because understand, so I’m with… I just encourage you to do that. Now, let’s move right into… We want to have time for Dr. Donaldson to share prescription now. In Luke 5:31, Jesus says, and I find it’s interesting, He says this, “They who are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.” Now, in this passage, Jesus clearly talking about spiritual sickness as a result of sin because in the next verse He says, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” He’s talking about spiritual sickness, but He’s using a real life example of physical sickness because the people then knew about it, and He’s just doing that to express a spiritual truth, something that Jesus did so well.

In reality, we know that Jesus is the great physician because He alone is capable of healing not only the soul, but also the body. The very character and nature of God is one of healing and hope and redemption and eternal life, so it is right that as people we seek to help others, to bring hope to others and to bring physical and spiritual healing to others. That’s how I want to end the program today in talking with my special guest, Dr. Gordon Donaldson, Frontline Doctor, bold and Godly.

I can say that and I’m glad I can say that. As we look at the physical consequences for those who have taken the COVID shot now experiencing great difficulties and, sadly, many suffering in silence, and to present counsel and hope, not only to those in this category of people, but also those who have not taken the shot, and for all of us to understand why we must all do our part to protect our children who are under assault by those who care nothing for the truth and nothing for life. All right, Gordon, now’s the time for the prescription. What would you say now in light of these things people should do?

Dr. Gordon Dona…:         In light of this, I want to just try to go down through this and I am not going to go into detail on a lot of these points because the information is available. It’s available on this website and others, but one is that as I mentioned earlier, as with any alcoholic, anyone who is addicted to smoking, drugs, whatever, first is to acknowledge that there’s a problem. My plea would be to wake up and acknowledge that, number one, we’ve been lied to and deceived, such that many in ignorance, I will say, fell for getting the jab and, again, have buyer’s remorse because of it.

From here on out for those, I will go directly to that. Those that have gotten the jab or a booster, number one, do not get any more because with each additional jab, you are making your immune system weaker and you will be more susceptible to illnesses coming down the road, or more susceptible to chronic symptoms becoming worse in the system. There are those out there who believe that because this is the spike protein, and remember, COVID-19 is a form of a constellation of symptoms caused by spike protein and not the virus, which we addressed on a previous radio program, that actually the system will become a chronic COVID-19 system. You can have any number of those symptoms that will become chronic.

Go back to the basics. Optimize the immune system, whether you’ve gotten the jab or not. This is done with supplements and healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. Then, if one starts to have symptoms of any illness, double up on the supplement regimen and be aggressive with hydration. If the illness progresses beyond two to three days, then search out a medical practitioner who will be willing to prescribe the known beneficial medications, especially Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, and these antivirals are not beneficial. They have not been shown to be beneficial in the illness.

For children, we’ve talked about children under the age of 12, have them on a regimen of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry. If someone has gotten the jab, be aware of an increased incidence of infection for you and that it can happen multiple times, so again, you must treat and especially be more aggressive in treatment. Look out for any new or unusual symptoms or worsening of a chronic condition that you may have, which can be related to the jab. Again, seek out treatment for that. The treatment and detox is very individualized, but the cornerstone right now is a longer course of Ivermectin, which we have known to be beneficial from the very get-go, and then adding some additional supplements to it.

If someone has gotten the jab and wants to know their system’s basic status, get the battery of blood tests that are on the website and address any abnormalities that come up there aggressively. Then, we need to maintain the control population, so those who have not gotten it, absolutely refuse because those who get it are now not part of the control, but it is the control population who have not received the jab that are going to be by far and away very influential in how we compare things going forward with what we are seeing out there.

Then, finally, keep the faith. Do not have a spirit of fear. Put your trust in The Lord and be willing to be courageous and stand for the truth. Educate yourself about the truth from programs like this or from those who are out there, Dr. Malone, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Delores Cahill, all those who are out there. Learn the truth. The bottom line is this. We are not fighting any virus, mandate, government agency, or the jab, and as I talk to people, we can only truly understand this when we realize this is ultimately evil against good. It’s the diabolical against the Divine, and it’s Satan against God Almighty, but remember this, it is The God Almighty who will win in the end and that is the key.

Sam Rohrer:                      Gordon, right up to the final window, thank you so much for that. Ladies and gentlemen, can I remind you that we will take this prescription, more or less here, and we will take and put this on our website so you’ll be able to see that and all the other protocols that we’ve had before all remain, they all still work. Still follow it. We’ll put this on. We will also in the matter of a few days, we will take and get this program transcribed and we will put the transcription so you can actually read it as well. You can find that on our website,