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Sam Rohrer:                      As we discussed from a prophetical perspective yesterday on this program, the nations of the world are in transition in their alliances and coalitions with each other, and particularly, as we had talked about yesterday, as it relates to the Middle East and Israel. Now, the quickly developing coalition of Eastern versus Western nations has a biblical explanation, but it also has a geopolitical explanation from human perspective, where political and military pundits seek to explain what is happening. The global elite, such as those part of the World Economic Forum and their billionaire corporate financiers, are even arrogant enough to believe that they are manipulating all the changes, and to some degree, they are advancing evil plans to subjugate the entire world. Yet, for those who understand that God’s plan for nations always supersedes the plans of man, we know the next key events biblically and how they will unfold and conclude. Now, that was the focus of yesterday’s program.

Today, however, along with special guest Jeff Nyquist, he’s an author, geopolitical expert and coauthor of the book, the Chinese Communist Party, CCP is at War with America, he coauthored that along with Frank Gaffney with Center for Security Policy, and Frank, as you know, is a frequent guest on this program as well, but Jeff and I will focus on the observable changes in alignment, particularly in regard to Russia and China and the nexus with America. Before we’re done today, we’re going to give the latest update on the status of the developing China war in the far east over Taiwan and we’re going to give the latest on Russia and Ukraine, those two areas of potential skirmish. Now, the title I’ve chosen to focus the thrust of today’s program on is this, The Eastern Tyrants Arise, The Chinese-Russian Coalition, and we’ll bring all of those elements together in the balance of the program. With that, I welcome to the program for the first time now, Jeff Nyquist. Jeff, thank you for being with me.

Jeff Nyquist:                       Thanks for having me, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jeff, you’ve been in the geopolitical national security and military spheres for a long time now and it’s from this perspective that I’d like to engage the theme for today that I just set up. So from a big 10,000 foot level, more or less here, there’s clearly a developing formalization of coalitions underway worldwide. I’ve touched on that. We want to break that out as we go into the program. But from my perspective, it’s broadly East versus West, with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, for instance, in the Eastern coalition, and the Western globalist coalition consisting of the United States, you could put NATO or the European Union in there in Western nations generally. Now, that’s the way I have just described it. But here’s my question, do you agree with that broad observation that the world is dividing into broadly East, West coalitions? Secondly, if so, what are the primary underlying motivations that are driving these broad divisions?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, conflict is driven by different world views and also the desire for power. What we have is we had something that was called the Communist Bloc. We had in 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution started in Russia. So Moscow was the headquarters of the world revolution. Beijing in 1949, there was the Chinese Civil War, the communist won there. Then China and Russia became major centers. Marxism-Leninism is a religion that reflects a larger religion than most people believe, which is that there’s only the physical universe is real. There’s no transcendent God. There’s no creator. Man has to become God and solve the problem of his existence himself through science, right? Marxism-Leninism is supposedly a science.

So, what we have is the emergence of a political religion that is evolved out of the discourse of the 19th century and even the Enlightenment, the 18th century. It’s revolutionary. It wants to transform society. It is definitely the regime in China, is Marxist-Leninist, and it isn’t strictly in the East, though the major powers are in the East. It’s Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua. Many countries in Africa have been taken over. You’ve had three new Marxist presidents elected in South America, in Chile, Columbia and Peru. Marxists have been elected. You can make the argument that Joseph Biden is a clandestine member of the Marxist International because of his past associations. And so, you could say it’s an emerging religion that’s formed into a political religion and formed into a military coalition. Russia’s secret rulers are really the former Soviet Marxist-Leninist, the secret cabal that rules that country. So yeah, it’s the old Communist Bloc and you could say East versus West. Yeah.

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s interesting. Laying it out that way, a political religion, that’s really an important point. Let me ask you this question here next. Now, you mentioned you have folks like Venezuela and Cuban so forth. They’re not in the East, but the power blocs of this mentality, totalitarian mentality, Russia, China, primarily, that’s in East. So you’re okay with the East-West comparison.

Jeff Nyquist:                       Yeah, it’s an okay generalization.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay.

Jeff Nyquist:                       We used that term during the Cold War to describe the Communist Bloc. It’s the East Bloc.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. If that’s accurate enough, we’ll just refer to that as we go through the program in that regard, knowing that it’s not precisely East-West, but under the context of what we’re talking about. But here’s a question I have for you because a lot of people don’t know, Russia and China, North Korea, obviously in there, and then put these others into it as well, you’ve got Iran in there because they’re an Islamic totalitarian approach, but they have that in common. They are totalitarian. Iran is not Marxist, but they are totalitarian. What actually pulls them together into this coalition? Is it their common view of totalitarianism? Is it this religious world view perspective, or is it that the fact that they all hate the United States and the formerly Judeo-Christian underpinnings of the West?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, the feature of all these regimes is they’re opaque and they’re highly secretive, but I can tell you what a CIA expert on Iran told me some years ago and what I have seen evidence of the leading mullahs in Iran, the leading clerics. Many of them at the top were educated at Moscow State University during the Cold War. Moscow State University is where a lot of foreign students, Africans. I think Patrice Lumumba University, they had a program for foreign students and they were into recruiting them. A lot of people don’t know Lenin’s second speech after he took power in 1970-

Sam Rohrer:                      All right. You’re going to have to hold that up because we’re go into a break. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. Jeff Nyquist is my guest today. Eastern Tyrants Arise, The Chinese-Russian Coalition. We’re going to go and focus on Russia, now Russia and Ukrainian war, what’s happening, really.


Sam Rohrer:                      All right. Jeff, before I begin focus on Russia, Ukraine, what’s happening there, you were completing your answer about the question I asked you about when you come to the Eastern alliance, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, all that’s in that group, what primarily pulls their motivation together to form them as a coalition, their love for totalitarianism, as an example, or their hatred for the United States or maybe a little bit of both? Jeff, are you there?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Yeah, I am there. Specifically, you were asking about Iran. The other countries are communists Marxist-Leninist, but I was going to say that Lenin at the beginning of the revolution saw Muslims as a potential ally of communism. The Red Muslims in Central Asia quickly joined and they developed a liberation theology form of Islam, which is the form of Islam that rules in Iran. This goes together with the fact that the leading clerics in Iran, the leaders there, many of them were educated in Moscow and received this kind of combination of Marxism with their Islamic teachings. So I think that Iran is a unique case even in the Islamic world.

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s interesting. We could go much further into depth on that, but I’m not going to do that at the moment, but that is an extraordinarily insightful and helpful connection and I don’t think one that we’ve actually made or a guest has made on the program. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, hold that right there. Jeff, let me just shift here now and go to the Russia-Ukraine circumstance.

Russia invaded Ukraine, as we remember, officially, at least official date with February 24th of this year, but since that point, ladies and gentlemen, the world’s changed and it is continuing to quickly changed. We all know this and that’s why we spend time on these programs, but propaganda floods the airwaves and social media as both Russia and the West are using really, truly highly developed mind control techniques to try and shape world opinion and the opinion of their own populations as to why the war started, the objectives of the war, which side is more evil than the other perhaps, and what may or may not be the end of the conflict. All of these elements are a part of everything that we’re hearing.

Now, in the end, it’s not really Ukraine versus Russia, nor Russia versus Ukraine. It appears to me that in reality, it is West versus East or East versus West with Ukraine just being the playground for war, where neither Russia or the West really cares a whole lot for the Ukrainian people, thus guaranteeing that the war will continue until the objectives on one side of the other are accomplished. Now, that’s my quick overview. Jeff, focusing that on Russia and Ukraine, I just again gave my view of that, but you may or may not agree with that. What’s behind that conflict, that war right now seems to be much deeper and bigger than just simply Russia wanting to seize the farm land of Ukraine, as an example. From a big picture perspective, what and maybe who do you believe is really driving and continuing to grow this war in Ukraine?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was part of a retreat strategy after the failed reforms of Gorbachev, and they were attempting to create a liberal system in the Soviet Union to fool us. They did fool us, but they suffered more of a setback than they wanted. Ukraine was one of the chunks that broke off and they were controlling Ukraine. Look, let’s try to clarify here. The West is not a unified thing. It’s pluralistic. We have communists here in the West, in ruling countries pretending sometimes to be conservatives or liberals. And so, those elements in the West have been really cooperating with Moscow, even when they denounced Moscow, because they have to for public reasons.

A revolution, a number of revolutions, three revolutions really have happened in Ukraine. The Euromaidan Revolution was the latest one. Did you know that all the statues of Lenin in Ukraine were still standing when that revolution began and that from the last month of 2013 to April of 2014, there were hundreds of statues of Lenin torn down in Ukraine? Ukrainian people stood up. They did not want to be under the heel of Moscow. In the East, in the West of Ukraine, Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Ukrainians-speaking Ukrainians, there’s been a lot of distortions and falsifications about what happened in Ukraine, because basically people here don’t understand that part of the world. It was very inconvenient.

They tried to manipulate the Ukrainian Euromaidan Revolution by using the Obama administration to make sure that the communist would maintain control because Obama was a Marxist. He put Marxism in our justice department. He was trying to undermine the Ukrainian from the West. So the Ukrainians knew this. By the way, the Ukrainian, I talked to a former… An SBU guy told me, he said, “We decided to go with the Ukrainian people and break from Moscow.” So the Ukrainian people got lucky in that their own former Soviet, many of the Apparatchik said, “You know what, we don’t want to be part of this Moscow thing anymore.”

So, a real civil war began within the Soviet structures that were remaining from the Cold War. So what you have is Putin is attempting to force, by violent force Ukraine back into the Soviet Union. They want to put the Soviet Union back together again. When Biden says he’s sending 40 billion in aid, look, I’ve talked to many people, they’re not receiving 40 billion in aid. That’s a lie. It’s an outright lie. In fact, an admiral in the Pentagon said a couple weeks ago, “We never got an order to send $40 billion worth of stuff to them”. This is just what the administration is saying and what Pentagon spokesman are saying. It just isn’t true. We’ve given them some things and I think some of those things we gave them weren’t supposed to work so well.

Sam Rohrer:                      So Jeff, what you are suggesting and I can concur with what you’re saying about the Maidan Square involvement, because we, as an American Pastors Network and our team, we talk about a lot here, we’ve been involved in Ukraine on request of their governmental leaders and many members of parliament help give them instruction by their request on how they could become a more constitutional republic. As they told us back in 2014 and ’15, “We want to be what America was, not what America is.” So it confirms what you are saying, but also what you’re saying is by the Biden administration saying, “We’re helping Ukraine. We’re sending them these billions of dollars,” but in fact that it’s not getting there, it tells me that’s part of the propaganda machine of what’s happening, but Biden is doing is actually perhaps helping Russia. Clarify that. What’s really happening?

Jeff Nyquist:                       The supplies to Ukraine are a trickle now, and this is from people who are even hostile to Ukraine are admitting this. This is what former President Medvedev said. He said, “We are putting back together the glory Soviet Union.” He said that in not a tweet, but I think it was on their social media in Russia. It was withdrawn because it got so much criticism. They claimed that his account got hacked. But the defense minister in a videotaped meeting with generals and politicians said, “We are going to put this Soviet Union together and we’re going to have peace.” So this is what they’re doing. They want to be communist again, and the Russian people and the Ukrainian people don’t want it. They’re trying to figure out how to do it, how to go back to totalitarianism, full on Marxist-Leninist.

The Chinese are there. They never did the reforms that the Russians did. And so, this is part of the drama. In order to go to world war though, they have to use nationalist themes, so they use Great Han nationalism, the communists in China and they talk about this new Russia thing in Russia to manipulate their people to fight. But in Russia, their people aren’t falling for it. You see the morale of their soldiers are not really sufficient and this is one of the problems. So in a way, America and the West, we’re blessed because we’ve been given a kind of respite. The Ukrainian people are fighting really a war for us because the longer they hold out, the more chance we have to straighten things out here, but we’re not really succeeding in straightening out our problem.

Sam Rohrer:                      That is a wonderful point. We’ll get in more of that. We only about a minute left. But here, very quickly, Russia has now evidently moved a lot of S-300 missiles into the Black Sea from their Syrian operation. It looks like there’s that massive buildup taking place in Belarus with a broader effort of Russia to come into Ukraine. What is going to happen? Is that taking place? Is that buildup actually real? I mean, what do we see?

Jeff Nyquist:                       It looks like they’re building up to renew the double development attack they did in February. Remember, the attack from the north and the south, they’re trying to surround Ukraine and cut it off from the outside world and collapse it. So they looked like they want to renew that attack.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. One last quick question. If we don’t finish, we’ll go into the next segment. Strange to me that President Zelenskyy of Ukraine reached out to China to ask China, who is in league with Russia, to help them rebuild in Ukraine. That didn’t make any sense. Can you make quick sense out of that?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Yeah. Yeah. He’s trying to get Europe to jump in and do it. This is just a tactic. You see, he’s showing, “Look, we’ll go to the Chinese.” “Oh no, no, don’t do that. We can do that.” So he’s really trying to show that, “Look-

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. All right. So you’re saying that there’s not really a connection with Zelenskyy and China, as much as Zelenskyy trying to use China to motivate Europe to help.

Jeff Nyquist:                       Right.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. All right. That’s great clarification. Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back,

Sam Rohrer:                      We’re going to shift now. We’re going to go to the Eastern theater. We’re going to talk about China and Taiwan and what’s happening in the South China Sea taking place there. Is there war coming with U.S., China and Taiwan?

Now, moving to China, and we will bring Russia into it because really the two are working together. We’ll connect those dots even more in the balance of the program. Our special guest right now, if you’re just tuning in, is Jeff Nyquist. He’s on with me because of his longstanding geopolitical intelligence, military involvement, done a lot of writings had written a recent book, quite good. I have not read it yet, but I have read some about it. The Lies We Believe, that’s the name of… The Lies We Believe, and it’s available on Amazon. He has a website, jrnyquist, N-Y-Q-U-I-S-T, You can find information about him and things that he’s writing and so forth. You can find it there.

I’m going to say now, putting on Taiwan, that’s where we’re going to head right now, while the confusing and some would say bait-setting visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan some weeks ago, we all remember that, it seemed at that point that it almost from that point, it vaulted the China threat over Taiwan into lead international headlines. Since that point, it seems like the heat has just been tuning up and speeding up over there because China has been practicing and they’ve been planning for an invasion of Taiwan, though you see long before Nancy Pelosi ever went there. But now, with their effective blockade of the island, we’ve talked about that on previous programs, they’ve effectively blockaded an island of Taiwan, who is dependent on outside fuel and outside food.

They’ve blockaded them. They’ve been doing massive live fire drills, actually firing missiles over the island of Taiwan, of which I’ve made probably 20-some trip to Taiwan in the past for business purposes. They’re doing that. With that happening, they’ve also in essence, some would say, they’ve already launched a war. They’re taunting the United States and our ships that are there. So a lot is going on, but by so doing, they’re also threatening other countries who are friendly to Taiwan and the United States in the South China Sea. Obviously, something is underway.

So Jeff, let’s shift here now to that part of the world. We seem to be witnessing, again, propaganda and psychological threats being thrown by Communist China toward the U.S. I saw the other day, they’re actually making fun of American ships as being old relics of the past. The U.S. is throwing things back and parading ships that actually go faster than they appear to go and that kind of thing. So there’s some kind of battle of words, at least, going on, but it doesn’t seem like it could take much before an actual shot is fired and then you have real war. So from your perspective, are we watching a made for TV drama where neither side will ultimately do anything other than boast and brag, or are we perhaps even on this side already at war in the South China Sea, just not calling it war?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, the Chinese Communist believed themselves to be at war with us at all times for decades, but they’re have been using their relationship with us to get into our capital markets to get technology to be able to build up their military and to also subvert our government and system. The siege tactics against Taiwan, they were trying to intimidate people. Initially, flights were canceled, maybe some ships turned around, but when they didn’t actually open fire on any aircraft or ships, the trade with Taiwan resumed, but the Chinese are trying to intimidate. There’s been some sabotage on the island of Taiwan. There’s been rumors of a military coup, that the Kuomintang has been co-opted by the Chinese and it’s going to overthrow the government, this kind of thing. Again, psychological pressure and warfare.

The Chinese fighters escorting Russian bombers up to South Korean and Japanese airspace, even violating South Korean airspace here some days ago. Their ships violating Japanese waters, sailing around Japan. These are to wear out the vigilance of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States so that when they do start the war, they will achieve complete surprise because China is mobilizing for war. That 57-minute tape on May 14th that got smuggled out of China of the transition from normal to war basically chaired by the governor of Guangdong province and the head of the military district, the general in charge of it is pretty clear. The ramping up of military exercises means that we will not be able to tell which is an exercise and which is an actual attack coming at us and our allies. So that’s what’s really going on there.

Sam Rohrer:                      That is an interesting scenario. Let me ask a question as a follow-up in this regard. It’s not gotten a lot of attention, but two ports, at least in China, the largest port in China shipping as I have seen, they’re saying 80% of the goods from China that going into Europe and the United States come from this port, and if what I’ve read is correct, over a million small businesses in China are exporting out of there, they shut that about four weeks ago, they said for COVID purposes, but they also sit indefinitely. Now, I’m not sure if that’s still shut or not, but I see that.

And then I see another port shut there in China that they say because of energy purposes. Their water is low. They’ve got a drought in China and their hydroelectric is not generating enough. And so, they’re using that as an excuse, but I also look at that as a potential military strategy because that puts pressure ultimately on Europe and the United States when they shut the flow of goods from China to them. Is that part of the war footing that they’re using to prepare their people? Is it part strategy to put pressure on the West saying, “Hey, look, we can do more to you guys than you think”?

Jeff Nyquist:                       I think it’s rather they’re adjusting their economy and their people. The COVID thing is a complete diversion. They don’t have a real problem there. They’re using it to be able to get control of their population. They want to impose food rationing. They want to impose general economic rationing. They have to transition their economy from normal to war, which means they’re not going to be exporting dust anymore. They’re going to be fighting us. That’s the plan. So how do they shift? It’s almost like think of how 1.4 billion people, they’ve been producing all these goods for the West. They’re going to cut us off, which is going to damage us because it’s going to damage our supply chain, but also there’s reciprocal damage when you’ve been trading with somebody.

So, now, they’re doing this transition that they want to maintain social discipline so they don’t collapse, but that the pressure on us will be enormous economically as they gear up to attack. I don’t think their attack’s going to be Taiwan. Taiwan will be blockaded. I think their attack will be against the United States and its other allies. What I was told by Chinese sources was they intend to invade the first and second island chains and beyond, and that the Russians will be helping them and the Russians intend to invade Alaskan parts of Canada.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. That’s good. Let’s go right there for a little bit, because that was going to be my question. China sent people, troops, trainload of things up into Russia for their exercises some weeks ago. Russia is now showing up in regular fashion with China aircraft, as you said, violating airspace of Taiwan and Japan and so forth. And so, there’s this connected military effort between China and Russia. That was going to be my question. What is really going on? And then you bring up the idea about Russia thinking about military advances against Alaska. [inaudible 00:27:49] has discounted it as nonsense. You’re suggesting that it’s not nonsense.

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, a Russian Duma member said they are planning to take Alaska back. Other Russian officials have talked about it. In fact, a little more than 20 years ago, the Russians passed laws of how they would govern Alaska. They set up the structures for governing it when they get it back. There are signs in Siberia saying, “Alaska is ours,” that have been posted on the internet. What Mr. Wang of Lude Media, basically a defector, a dissonant who had worked in the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army told me was that the Russians are hiding the best part of their armed forces with some special equipment to assist the Chinese when the war begins and that it will begin with the surprise attack on U.S. military bases in the Pacific, and very likely begin with nuclear strikes against the U.S. nuclear deterrent in North America.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. So what you’re saying is that some people are aware of it. You’re saying they have stated it. You said China is basically already at war. We’ve talked about that. They’ve been with us at war for a long time, but you are aware of this. You’re stating it and others are, but our own leadership in Washington, are they aware, are they not aware, or are they complicit?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, they were warned 30 years ago when Colonel Stanislav Lunev, a GRU officer or colonel, defected in March of 1992. He carried with him information about China and Russia getting together at the end of the Cold War and creating a strategic plan, at the end of which they would combine and attack the United States, they would invade north America and they would divide the territory between them. Lunev said that Russia would take Alaskan parts of Canada. China wanted the lower 48 states to keep the Chinese-

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. Just hold it right there, I’m going to have you complete that when we come back in the next segment.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to complete the program with Jeff Nyquist by now taking this Eastern coalition that we’ve described, Russia, China together, focus on the U.S. We’re going to talk about now this nexus, what will happen. I’ll have Jeff build it out.

Before we wrap up this program, I just want to, again, thank all of you for listening to us today. Special guest is Jeff Nyquist. We’re really focusing on this matter. Well, I’m titled to program the Eastern Tyrants Arise, East, West. We’ve talked about China, Russia, North Korea. We’ve explained that. Jeff has talked about that. We focused on Russia and Ukraine, and what’s really happening there. We just talked about China and Taiwan, and together, China, Russia gunning for the United States, have made it very, very clear, problem is you have Marxists who are in positions of authority in many Western countries, including right here in the United States. It’s been a very sinister and demonic strategy by the atheistic communist and Marxist over the years, but they’re really embedded. Now, we see things certainly beginning to happen.

Now, before I go back with Jeff, if you’ve not contacted us, what I ask you to please to do that. Let us know you’re listening to the program. Let us know what you think about the program. Let us know how it is helping you in your thinking or awareness of issues. All of that information is very helpful., good place to go, or on your app, Stand in the Gap app. You can do that, communicate to us. When you do, also put a gift in there for us. Partner with us financially so that we can continue to not only do what we’re doing, but to grow the communication of truth, as we know, is more important now than ever. So please do that, then we thank you for it in advance.

All right. While the West demonizes Russia over Ukraine, and even right now, there’s a mild taunting of China over their threats to invade Taiwan, this Eastern coalition we’ve described broadly as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, but as Jeff has said, that mentality that is underneath them, Marxism, atheism, an anti-God, a totalitarianism is not just the Eastern nations, but it’s also down to our South, in Venezuela and Cuba and many other places throughout Africa. So it’s not just East, but the brain center of this is there. So we’re just using that in a general sense, but that coalition is strengthening. It seems as their hatred for the United States, in particular, and the West, and I’m going to say it’s primarily the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of the West, that they are lusting for totalitarian control of the world.

For the West, many of those positions of Western leadership, Marxist thought. There’s a new Europe alignment happening as well, a strengthened NATO, a lot of discussions about even a redesigning of Europe, but there’s a coalition developing, United States, Australia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, that’s all there in the South China Sea in anticipation of a conflict with China. But as we just talked about, China and Russia are formally together and they are moving forward. So the world is changing, bottom line. We’re trying to figure out and get the latest update.

So Jeff, we started the program with me asking you about what’s really behind this Eastern, Western view and we’ve just went through that a little bit. But in this alignment of nations, it is clear that China is the dominant player from a macro perspective, but you actually took us back to Moscow and actually some instruction there of Islamic leaders in Iran. So you kind of went the direction of Moscow being the center, perhaps. I’m not going to put that word in your mouth. I want you to clarify it. But from any geopolitical perspective, the clouds of war, world war are forming. Now, here’s my question, rather direct, are war clouds actually forming, or are we literally already at war, but a different kind of war, as China has said, where they’ve described it as an asymmetric war? Are we at war or are we about to go at war?

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, two years ago that China declared it a people’s war on the United States. That was more than two years ago. Yeah. I mean, low intensity warfare, yeah, we’ve been at war. People who don’t realize that China and Russia are the enemies of the United States and that they are aligned with each other, you hear all these people saying, “We want to play the Russia card. We need Russia to be our ally.” You’ll hear this from people like Steve Bannon or Jack Posobiec, but it’s not really realistic because they’ve made their decision. They’ve been allies for a long time and even secretly before we even knew they were. So this is my counsel to everyone. You have to accept the reality here. These countries are together. They’re coming after us. The economic warfare is going to be severe and it’s going to be if we don’t just simply collapse and give up, they’re going to come after us with real weapons, and that seems to be the direction they’re pushing everything.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. Then here, go this direction then. The real problem is that what you described people can see increasingly, but the World Economic Forum, as an example, very Marxist, I think. They’re thinking they’re totalitarian. They’re trying to do what they want to do to take over control of the world, actually citing some of the surveillance techniques that China has perfected as they want to incorporate as part of a new world currency, as an example. They’ve actually cited China as the model. Is the World Economic Forum and the Western globalists put it that way in your mind? Are they really distinctly different from the Eastern, China, Russian coalition? Are they good cop, bad cop going the same place using each other where advantage, but then at the end of the day, they will go after each other, depending? Try to straighten out that anomaly.

Jeff Nyquist:                       Well, you’re talking about the World Economic Forum as if it’s a power or it’s a country or it’s something like that. It’s not. The World Economic Forum is just simply a forum and it is a communist front. I believe it’s a communist-front organization. I think that Klaus Schwab is an agent of Russia and China. He’s part of the international communist movement. Look, ever since the Soviet Union collapsed, every Marxist in the world claims he’s a populous or a left-of-center Democrat, right? Nobody admits they’re a Marxist. Putin doesn’t admit it. Even the Chinese leaders look shyly around and… What was it? We heard some years ago, the Chinese president said that he was a model himself on Abraham Lincoln. I mean, it’s ridiculous. And then we have people like Obama, who was mentored by a Marxist, claiming to be just a Democrat.

No, no, these are socialists. Their new religion, they want to take the whole world there, so what you have is you… The West is a mixed bag. There’s good billionaires and bad billionaires. All billionaires are not communist. All billionaires aren’t conspiring to take over the world. Globalist is a label that is just used as a slogan. There’s no real thing there. The real thing is in Beijing, in Moscow and the front organizations, the communist groups that are working with them in the West. Those groups are in governments, in Europe. They’re in forums, like the World Economic Forums, and in Washington. It’s all a mixed bag. If they own the West, they wouldn’t need to go to war, they wouldn’t need to do this. The problem is you could only get so far with agents in front organizations. To take the West, they have to actually move on the West at some point. You can have a trader within a government, but that trader can’t take over the country by himself. His own bodyguards would arrest him, right?

Sam Rohrer:                      Jeff, we’re out of time. This has been a fantastic program. Thank you so much for being with us. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m just going to give you one quick resolve. What have we been talking about again? What we talk about all the time, world views. There is a God-centered world view that produces freedom and morality and discipline and character, and then there is a Marxist godless worldview. This is ultimately what we’re talking about. That’s why we need to, as we say here, pursue the truth, embrace it, biblical truth, embrace it, and then stand in the gap for truth.