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Sam Rohrer:       Well with a full new year straight ahead of us and our entire lives to this point now in the rear view mirror, there’s a natural inclination for all of us, the human mind generally sure to wonder about what will happen next. And based on the life-changing events of the last few years and the human threats of war and sickness, all couched in deception that we see around us every day, it perhaps even adds more intrigue to the natural aspect of what events will mark the most significant months and so forth in the year ahead.

Well, for the believer, and I’m going to say the God-fearing person, this is what prophecy is all about. Prophecy is there to tell us what we need to know, when we need to know it. And from God’s perspective, he tells us in his word what we need to know about what he’s already done, what he is doing and what he will yet do as it relates to him completing his promised plan of redemption as he’d promised all the way back in Genesis 3:15 to all human beings and all ages.

But this promise also includes that promise in Genesis 3:15, it includes the series of judgments against the devil himself who is the original cause of all sin and evil and lies and death and destruction. And since all biblical prophecy revolves around the Jewish people, Israel, the nation, and Jerusalem, the city, it’s right that we look to the unfolding events touching on Israel and in the Middle East. Now why is that? Well it’s simply because that’s God’s prophetical plan.

Now it’s also why we here, at the beginning of 2023, will devote every other Wednesday as we’ve done for the last many years on this program to Israel, prophecy and the Middle East. And we’re going to do that starting today, here, this Wednesday, the 4th of January, with Bill Salus, founder of Prophecy Depot Ministries, website he has That’s where you can go to find a whole host of materials and resources that he has. But he’s with me today and the theme I’ve selected for today’s program is this: the peace treaty that triggers the tribulation.

Now according to biblical prophecy, the actual trigger to the start of the final seven-year period of the Church Age preceding the start of the 1000-year millennial reign of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem is a peace treaty or a covenant between some individual later identified as the anti-Christ and the leaders of Israel. Now this Tribulation Period is marked by an outpouring of God’s wrath on the earth and to the Gentile world, it’s known generally we’d call it the Tribulation Period. But to the Jews, this period of time as prophesied in scripture is known as the time of Jacob’s trouble. Now it’s this period of time that based on all the prophetical signs is literally unfolding before us. And that’s going to be the focus of our discussion today between Bill Salus and myself. And with that, Bill, thanks for starting out this program and this focus with me this year. It’s so great to have you back.

Bill Salus:             Well, Sam, thanks for having me. I think we’re going to have a few shows this year. They’re going to be very interesting.

Sam Rohrer:       I think we will. There’s so many things happening. There’s a reason to anticipate that. Now Bill, I want to have you lay out some things that you believe based on what we already know, what has happened and what is in the works actually may make this year of 2023 so amazing.

Now, you wrote a book some years ago, but boy is it current. And I think you entitled it Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation, and really poignant. Prophecy never goes out of date, but the fulfillment of it comes into focus and I think it’s what we’re seeing. So anyways, any comments on that book briefly, but just give us an overview if you could. What do you think may happen in 2023 prophetically that is significant about Israel and the Middle East?

Bill Salus:             Absolutely, Sam, I’m sure. The book Apocalypse Road is the second book in a two-book series. The first book was Revelation Road, and what I did was I combined a novel with a commentary in both of those books because we talk about these prophecies, Sam, and they’re interesting, but how is it going to affect the family when they go through these things? So the goal of that series was to put a family through the prophecies that are happening, setting up to happen now will happen on in through the tribulation and that sort of thing. So that book is very interesting. It covers quite a span of prophetic time.

Now shifting our attention to 2023, there’s a potential that more than convergence of signs and stage setting that we’re seeing going on over the last several years, especially during the COVID pandemic period of time, we might actually see the literal fulfillment of a biblical prophecy or maybe prophecies plural in 2023.

The signs are pretty clearly evident especially with what’s going on in the Middle East with the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu forming right now. And it’s been in May of this year, 2023, this is going to celebrate its 75th anniversary. And so I think and that was the last literal fulfillment of a biblical prophecy.

Yes, the stage is setting for many things, but literal fulfillment of biblical prophecy that’s what I’m thinking about my radar this year. I will caveat by saying this though, the former newscaster, Dan Rather, had made a statement when he was asked about a future event and he’s a newscaster. He doesn’t know biblical prophecy. He said he, “Who lives by the crystal ball learns to walk on a lot of broken glass.” So I always caveat, listen, these prophecies will find fulfillment. And the question is, well, you know, how soon, because God is so long-suffering, Sam, as you know as a pastor, that we can’t push the prophetic calendar pages forward at our own fancy. He’s going to execute his vengeance and fury and part of his wrath in the tribulation when the time comes, right, when he’s deemed the time has come.

But what I’m looking at right now is that this new right-wing government that’s being formed around Benjamin Netanyahu, to me, they’re going to start to stir the pot. This national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, he just went to the Temple Mount a matter of fact yesterday. He’s going to be interested in giving Jews equal rights on that Temple Mount. Right now, it’s controlled by the Muslims. In 1967, after the six-day war, Israel made a colossal mistake and gave control over the Temple Mount to Jordan through this Waqf, the BAQF Antiquity Society. And ever since that time, Israel’s been regretting it. But Ben-Gvir’s going to want the Jews to have equal rights, access. They’ve even petitioned recently, I think it will not fall on a deaf ear with Ben-Gvir. They want to do the next Passover. They want to sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

Now they do petition this every year, but they think that Ben-Gvir’s going to go forward with it. He’s going to probably change the status quo on the Temple Mountain and that we know will happen ultimately because there will be a tribulation temple, a third temple will be built there. So it can’t be the way it is right now. Is this going to be leading into him changing the Temple Mountain status quo? The other thing we’re watching closely is the Smotrich, the de facto prime minister of the West Bank, he’s going to liable go and annexing territory-

Sam Rohrer:       Okay and with that, Bill, we’ll hold it right there ladies and gentlemen. Rights for Jews, Temple Mount, annexing property, all of those things could be on the table this year. When we come back, we’re going to get right into now the treaties, talk about treaties with Israel and the treaty that triggers tribulation.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, this is not only our first Wednesday program of this new year, this is also an Israel and prophecy Middle East update focus, which if you’ve been listening for any length of time, you know that we tried to do that every other Wednesday. And then we do it because it is important we believe in tying together headline news with the events of the day. And you really can’t understand the events of the day without looking at it from biblical principle perspective. And you can’t look at what’s happening historically without looking at biblical prophecy, which also happens to be about a third of the word of God. So it’s important to God. It’s important to us. So that’s why we do that.

Now today we’re going to look at the peace treaty that triggers the tribulation. When it comes to human civilization, there are two historical phases of national existence. One element brings the worst of disaster. It’s called war. According to 2 Chronicles 6:34-38, young King Solomon prophesied a series of national judgments in seven prayers that he presents to God back in that passage. But the last of which is war and national collapse. But Moses recorded the same pattern in Deuteronomy 28, about 365 years before Solomon, where God said there that if a nation once knowing that God of heaven turned their back on him, that God would turn blessing to judgment. The final component of which would be war and national collapse.

Now the other historical phase is called peace. By some definitions you could say peace is the absence of war. Peace treaties have existed throughout time. We know that. They are made and they are broken. In the end, the only peace that’s going to survive for any real length of time comes by obedience to God himself in this age and God is the one who blesses nations and makes even our enemies to be at peace with us, right? But only the Prince of Peace will ever rule for an extended period of time. And that will be in the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus Christ rules as king of the world and he does so with a rod of iron.

But until then, we must study peace and war as it relates to Israel who’ve always been somewhere in the middle of that process it seems. So Bill, in your book we’ve referenced your Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation. You devoted some attention to historical aspects of a peace treaty specifically regarding Israel. For the record, would you cite just a couple of them, the most important ones leading up to the present time as they relate to Israel and pertinent biblical prophecy because they did more than just reestablish the state of Israel 1948, didn’t they?

Bill Salus:             Absolutely. In the last century we had some very significant …

Sam Rohrer:       Treaties.

Bill Salus:             Treaties, excuse me.

Sam Rohrer:       Yeah.

Bill Salus:             Continue our talk in later. I just wanted to say false covenants because that’s from your topic. For instance, we had the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed on June 28 of 1919. That ended World War I, very significant global-impacting treaty. Then in November 29th, 1947, the United Nations did the Partition Plan which reestablished the Jewish State of Israel, which happened in May 14th of 1948. December 13th, 2007 was the Treaty of Lisbon, which established the constitutional basis for the creation of the European Union. So now we got, these are three monumental agreements of the 20th century that were significant because World Wars, re-establishment of the state of Israel and revived Roman Empire are all relevant end times prophetic topics.

But as notable as these three accords were, Sam, they’re going to pale in comparison to I believe in this century. I don’t know how much further down the road, maybe not too far down the road, a fourth coming covenant, which is predicted in the Bible. It starts with tribulation. We find this in Isaiah 28:15 through 18 and Daniel 9:27. We call it the false covenant because it’s based on lies and falsehood, but it is a seven-year covenant that we find in those passages.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay and so that sets it right up. So let’s just talk about that right now because we can look back and see all the things that you mentioned. All of them fundamental, all of them foundational, but all of them bringing us to the point of what the Bible puts emphasis on. The Bible doesn’t talk about the Versailles treatment, but it does talk about this one here that triggers the Tribulation Period. Would you identify the parties to this treaty yet to be made and what we know about the basic components of that treaty?

Bill Salus:             Absolutely. The two proof texts that I just quoted, Daniel 9 and Isaiah 28, they give us a lot of details. Many of the listeners may not be familiar with the other important prophesy in Isaiah 28:15 and 18. They may be familiar to Daniel 9:27. Daniel 9:27 will tell us this seven-year contract, the term. It’s confirmed by the anti-Christ. He is the confirmer of the covenant. He’s a political figure who Israel will trust and some of their party will trust, much like Israel, trusted Bill Clinton, to broker a treaty with Jordan and Jimmy Carter to broker treaty with Egypt. There will be, the anti-Christ will be a political figure that Israel will trust to confirm this covenant and it will enable temple sacrifices. We’re told to be sacrifices and offerings. And Daniel tells us in the middle of the seven-year period, the anti-Christ will void out that covenant. He will actually go into the temple and do the abomination of desolation.

But that doesn’t tell us who the other parties are. The other parties we’ll find out in Isaiah 28 and the motivation, why is Israel even going to get involved in this covenant, which turns about to be detrimental because it starts the seven-year tribulation time clock ticking, but the other party is Death and Sheol we’re told in Isaiah 28:15. So he said, “Well who are they? We got to put a face on them.”

Israel’s motivation and to even get involved in the covenant is because Death and Sheol are the perpetrators of what’s called an overflowing scourge. And this is in the “Seal” judgements we’re told this the pale horseman, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse shows up as Death and Hades. Apparently, they’re perpetrating an overflowing scourge. So what are they doing? And we find out also in Isaiah 28 that this whole covenant is based on lies and falsehood. And in Isaiah 28:18 it will actually be annulled.

So Sam, we’re given very important details between those two sets of passages. But then you have to do your homework to find out well who’s he talking about? Who’s Death and Sheol? What are they doing on the world scene at the time that’s so grievous to Israel that they want to involve themselves in a false covenant for their security and protection?

Now some people think that, well that’s got to be the covenant that comes together to end the peace treaty between the Arabs and the Jews. But when you look at Isaiah 28 and Daniel 9:27, you don’t see anything dealing with anything relevant to the Arab-Israeli conflict. If anything, you see aspects of the revived Roman Empire because the anti-Christ comes out of the people out of the Roman Empire it says in Daniel 9:26. The anti-Christ will come out of the people who destroyed their city and the sanctuary, which would be the temple and the city of Jerusalem. And that was the Roman Empire, 70 AD.

So we have important details to find out. Well, if it’s not the Arab-Israeli conflict, which I think ends with the shows we’ve done in the past, we talk about Psalm 83, the Israeli defense forces go to war, they win wars, they defeat their Arab enemies, which I personally think when we talked about it in the first segment that Ben-Gvir’s going to go and change the status quo on the Temple Mount and Smotrich’s going to go into the West Bank and he’s going to sign in his territory. I think that’s going to lead to the prophecy of Zechariah 12:2, which says Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to all the surrounding peoples, the Arab countries around Israel that are actually involved in the Psalm 83 confederacy. And it says when they lay siege on Judah and Jerusalem.

So I think what’s going to happen is the Arab’s are going to start to flip out here and maybe as soon as this year as they see change is going on in the Temple Mountain, as they see Israel moving forward in annexing territory in the West Bank, as they see the hope for a two-state solution and the Palestinian’s future sort of waning away. And I think they’re going to lay siege on Judah and Jerusalem, which I think then leads to and here’s the mistake in that.

Zechariah 12:6 says, and this is related to the cup of trembling in Zechariah 12:2, says in that day, Sam, I’m going to quote the verse. “In that day when they lay siege on Judah and Jerusalem”, I will make the governors read that as these Israeli defense forces of Judah that would be Israel like a fire pan in the wood pile and like a fiery torch in the sheaves. And they, these are Israeli defense forces, shall devour all the surrounding peoples on the right hand and on the left geographically and proximity, right those people around Israel roundabout. But Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in their own place.

I see that as connecting to that Psalm 83 confederacy prophesy we talked about. We’d ask the listeners to go back in the archives to find that. And I’ve got books written about this stuff. I write about it in the Revelation Road and Apocalypse Road. But Sam, I don’t see that this can go on much longer. God is ultimately going to curse those who curse Israel. He’s been very long suffering to date, but at some point he’s going to, these things are going to happen. Jerusalem’s going to be a cup of trembling. And if Ben-Gvir continues to move forward with his agenda on that Temple Mount.

Sam Rohrer:       Yeah, Bill, I’m going to interrupt just because I have about a minute left. I’ve shared with some of our listeners before, I was in Israel the 1st of December. I was there and I went to the Knesset. I heard Benny-Gvir, I was right there in front of him. I’d listened to him speak. He was part of the 14-member coalition of the Ultra-right as called that was holding out and preventing Benjamin Netanyahu from forming the coalition.

I know then from what was discussed, that they are wanting changes related to exactly what you talked about, the Temple Mount, worship, just as you said, rights for Jewish people. They are pushing behind the scenes for imposition of religious rule, Talmudic governance there at least in Jerusalem, even the Sabbath day rules being imposed in Jerusalem.

And as I heard those things, Bill, I’m saying, “Wow, isn’t this amazing?” Because we know it goes right to the heart of what we’re talking about here today. Worship on the mount and what you are suggesting, what we’re saying here is the substance of this treaty soon to be made. I think as you’re saying as well. It just seems like it’s right around the corner, but it does start the Tribulation Period. It is significant, ladies and gentlemen. And with that, what is transition from here and stay with us. We’ll be back and I’m going to talk with Bill now breaking out a couple of the points that he made that are in this agreement what’s meant by scourge, what’s meant by the scorning leaders. We’ll talk about these things and you’ll find how relevant it is.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, if you’re just joining us, we are midway now in our program Stand in the Gap today here my guest is Bill Salus, he is the founder of Prophecy Depot Ministries and our theme is this: the peace treaty that triggers the tribulation. Now we’re talking about that. I’m not going to go back and review what we’ve already done. If you’re just joining us, pick up this program and listen to it on your app, Stand in the Gap, put in that phrase you can download or go to our website at

But one thing I just want to put in here at this point, one of the things that we try to do in this program is to bring the most relevant headline news and evaluate it, analyze it from a biblical perspective.

Now, I always have a challenge in deciding which theme to highlight on this program, not just on the prophecy program, but throughout the week because there are so many things that we talked about. Now my own personal opinion, most of what we hear talked about in general news is not worth talking about because it doesn’t really make any difference at the end of the day. Everybody’s dealing with symptoms. I’m tired of dealing with symptoms, but let’s talk about what God talks about because now we know we’re dealing with the real issues. And when we talk about headline news that connect with biblical prophecy, you’re talking about real news.

And so I personally discount most of what I hear. I don’t really care. I mean it’s important to some extent but not nearly as important as the things that God says are important. And that’s what we’re talking about today. This is what he says is important. So continuing on in this according to scripture in Daniel 9:26 and 27, and Bill Salus referred to it in the last section it says in part, and after the 62 weeks, Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself. And the people of the prince who shall come shall destroy the city in the sanctuary. That’s what Bill referred to in the last second. Go back and listen to it. Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week, a week of seven years. That’s the Tribulation Period now, but in the middle of that week, three and a half years in said he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. That’s why we’re saying that that peace treaty and what’s being talked about now with changing the rules on the Temple Mount goes exactly right to this in real time.

Now the fact that the breaking of this peace treaty involves the temple obviously and worship and stopping Jewish sacrifice and offerings, it means that the original treaty involved the elements of worship and some kind of protection for the Jewish people. And herein raises the question of why Israel’s leaders make such a horrendous error by agreeing to the treaty.

Okay Bill, let’s get into it because you cover all this a book. We’re going to pull out just a few items here and I’m going to encourage people to go to your site and buy the book. But you identified a few elements that Isaiah picks out in Isaiah 28. One is a phrase that he mentioned that the leaders of Israel who agree to this arrangement are scornful men. What’s important to know about what this means? Scornful men, what is that?

Bill Salus:             Well, if you read the entire content of Isaiah 28, it talks about leaders in Israel at the time that are basically unaware of what their position in biblical prophecy. They’re not aware. Of course, they’re still looking for the Messiah to come. They don’t believe Jesus Christ was a messiah. They don’t understand that the New Testament needs to be connected with the Old Testament, et cetera. They’re stuck on the Talmud and the Torah, et cetera. God from his perspective Isaiah calls them scornful rulers.

But Isaiah 28:15 tells us the other important ingredients of this covenant that we talked about. You just read Daniel 9:27. Gave us some of the important details. But what’s interesting we’ve got to figure out is who is Death and Sheol because that’s one of the other signatories. What are they doing? They’re perpetrating what’s called an overflowing scourge in Isaiah 28:15. And that is panicking the Jewish people on their goal to hasten the coming of the Messiah to have their temple if it’s already built by that time.

And I don’t personally think it will be by the time the seven-year covenant is confirmed, because I believe the seven-year covenant, the true content of that false covenant, and there’s three clues I can point out, time permitting, is so they could build a Jewish temple. Their goal is they want to build a Jewish temple. So because they want to hasten the coming of the Messiah, one of the things they think the temple will do is that they have the temple that the Messiah will come. So they’re going to want to push toward that.

I rule out the fact that it’s not the content of the covenant has anything to do with the Arab and Jewish conflict because we talked about this in the past segment. Once Israel takes out militarily through the Israeli defense forces the Arabs around them, they don’t need a treaty for that. They’ve already resolved that conflict militarily, not politically. This is deeper. This is dealing with something’s going on in the world. I believe this happens after the rapture of the church ’cause I’m a pre-tribulation rapture believer and death in Hades, whoever they are is perpetrating an overflowing scourge.

Now we say, well who’s Death and Hades? Well it’s interesting. Death and Sheol is the Hebrew word. Hades is the Greek word for Sheol, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. So after the first horseman, which would be the anti-Christ we believe. The second one is the fiery red horse, so there’s wars going out throughout the world. The third one is the black horseman, the third seal, the third horseman of the apocalypse, is famines, scarcities and pestilence is the results of world wars per se.

And here comes this entity as a fourth horseman, the pale horseman. And it says when he opened the fourth seal, I heard this voice from a living creature, the fourth living creature. And I looked and behold a pale horse and the name on him that said on it was Death and Hades. Interesting. They apparently show up, the other signatory to the false covenant show up in the fourth horseman.

And it says and power was given to them over a fourth of the earth to kill with sword, with hunger and death and beast of the earth. Now some people say they kill a quarter of the earth, but that’s not technically what it says. It says power was given to them over fourth of the earth to do something. So they have control, in my estimation of a quarter of the earth to perpetrate their killing campaign, which we find out in the fifth seal that happens after this, the dissidents, especially if they’re the believers, fifth seal saints are called, they’re killing those people who dissent from this.

And I believe Death and Hades is dealing with the global religion. Matter of fact it says you know in the Bible, death deals with material departure of a being from its body and Hades is concerned with the immaterial aspects of a person after death, which is their soul. And presently when someone dies, Sam, their soul is delivered to his destination whether it’s either in heaven if they’re saved or presently they go to Hades if they’re not. So it’s got a religious connotation. They come on the scene. I believe it’s the global world religion and they’re killing people. They’re namely Christians who become believers after the rapture, the fifth seal of saints.

And we find out in Revelations 17:6, the mystery of Babylon of the ecclesiastical world religion, the harlot world religion. It says that she is drunk with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus. And I connect through a serious study. That Death and Hades is actually the global religion of the harlot world religion. And they are killing, blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus. So past campaign of killing and a future campaign of what is happening, the martyrs of Jesus. And I think the Jews’ concern is that they do not want that to read and they’re killing also the martyrs of the Jews.

This entity, Death and Hades, it has control over a quarter of the earth. And a killing campaign, a Christian killing crusade, at least they may be killing anybody else who dissents, but they’re certainly killing believers who come onto the scene after the rapture. And the Jews don’t want any part of that to come on them. They’re interested in bringing their messiah forward and building their temple. And I’ve got some clues on what that is, but why it is the temple, if we have time, Sam, we should go over that.

Why I think the true content of the false covenant is they want to stop the overflowing scourge from Death and Hades, probably the harlot world religion that’s on the scene at that time. And they want to build their temple. And when they build their temple, they’ll hasten the coming of the Messiah who they don’t believe was Jesus Christ. And when he comes, he will take, get rid of that harlot world religion that scourge, that Death and Hades is perpetrating and he will usher them into their messianic kingdom, the millennium, which is a high point of Old Testament prophecy.

So their goal at that point and biblical clues support this is to build their temple and bring forward the Messiah. And Isaiah warns them about that. He says in Isaiah 28:15, 16 and 17, after he’s told about the false covenant, he goes, listen, behold I lay in Zion, a stone of a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation, whoever believes will not act hastily. I will also make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line. They say hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies and the waters will overflow the hiding place.

So what he’s saying to them is don’t act hastily with this covenant. You think you’re going to bring the Messiah but I’m telling you, the Messiah has already come. The tried stone we’re told in 1 Peter 2:4-8, the precious cornerstone is Jesus Christ, Matthew 21:42, the sure foundation, 1 Corinthians 3, they don’t know the New Testament these scornful leaders. He’s warning them that Messiah has already come. And so he’s laying out these idioms for building a temple, the measuring line, the plumb, et cetera, the tried stone, the precious corner. He’s telling them the Messiah has come and symbolizing all these things that’s Jesus Christ and you’re going to act hastily.

And we’d find in Isaiah 28, 15-18, that this covenant will be annulled and it’s overflowing scourge perpetrated by the now, the anti-Christ is going to come through and sweep through there and that covenant’s going to be annulled. And that happens in the middle part of the tribulation when Daniel says he will go into the temple and do the abomination of desolation.

Sam Rohrer:       Well it’s very interesting as you’re talking there and I’m thinking all the way through that in every case, fundamentally the core issue is worship. God created us to worship him. The devil said, “Oh, don’t worship God.” It can be better for him. Sin comes into the world and all these things unfold. The temple, what we’re talking about now, Jewish rights as we speak temple not worshiped is all about worship. The anti-Christ is all about worship. The false church is all about worship. Babylon, ladies and gentlemen is worship. That’s when we really begin to talk.

And so I say, who do you worship? Where is your worship? And who do you trust? That’s what all this is about. And that’s what God wants us to focus on. When we come back, we’ll summarize what we’ve gone over with some warnings and conclusions, both to Jews and to Christians.


Sam:                     Well before we conclude this program, just want to say again, Bill Salus has been my guest today. He is the founder of Prophecy Depot Ministries, website: We’ve referred to one particular book that was written in some years ago, but it really applies well to today Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation. If you go to that website, you’ll find access to a whole lot more resources and I think that would be a good thing to do.

Now, one thing again, before I get into it here, I want to thank all of you who took the time to write to us last year. We had just shy of 300 new listeners from all around the country who either shared financially to one degree or another, committed to praying or in any way communicated with us. That’s a wonderful thing. I’m going to share from time to time as we go along some of the letters that we received in December. Because I said if you would write to us in December, I would look forward to sharing some of that information.

Well one of them that actually pertains to our discussion today, let me get it here. I’m looking at it on my computer and I rolled down through it. Here we go. This is from Patty and John. I’ll say Patty and John here from Pennsylvania. And they said this, “Thank you so much for being courageous in your truthful radio and TV broadcast.” They’ve listened to both. They say, “It’s so hard to find broadcast that are biblical to the core.” I really like that phrase. And they said, “Since the pandemic and before we’ve been saying that the only truth that is left is the Bible.” So true. And then she says this, “You emphasize that the truth of God’s word so consistently and you’ve done so from the time I began to listen.”

Now here’s the part I think really applies to today. She said, “Please keep up the great work of weaving biblical prophecy with the current world events. There is so much that is going on.” And she conclude by saying, “Our spirits are lifted up having programs like yours that are truthful.”

Well I want to thank Patty and John for their comments and say if what they said resonates with you, take the time to sit down, jot us a note, said I can share some of that with others who are listening because you can be a blessing to others across the country by sharing some of what God’s doing for you. And I’ll share it on the air.

With that, Bill, as we examine headline news. We’ve done that today, Israel peace treaties, soon coming treaty, which scripture says will trigger the Tribulation Period. The Jewish leaders are warned not to do it. They do it. They believe a lie. They think they’re protecting themselves, but they actually open up the floodgates of persecution from the anti-Christ himself. And we see all of these things happening right now with the current administration in Israel. God having brought the nation of Israel to where it is right now over the last century, all preparing the ground. And we see all of these elements right now literally happening before our eyes. It’s an amazing thing.

So in light of what we shared today and a whole lot more that’s in the book that we didn’t even get to, but here’s some warnings. I’d like you just give a bit of a warning or a summarization of what to learn from what we’ve talked about. Speak first to Jewish people who I would say are God-fearing.

Now I know a number of Jewish folks, I have a couple of rabbis with whom I’ve become personal friends. We talk about prophecy, they’re studying Old Testament prophecy, they’re looking ahead, but as you say, they’re looking for Messiah to come the first time. I’m trying to say, “No, he’s already come,” but there is an awareness and I think God’s doing something there. So what practical sense, what warning or conclusion would you offer to what I’d say God-fearing Jews today? And then if you want work that right into then what remnant Christians, believers who are alive today should do and respond to as a result of what we’ve talked about.

Bill Salus:             Yes, Sam. Thank you. To the Jewish people who are still thinking the Messiah is yet to come. My first advice and you’re studying the Old Testament and you should be, is to read Isaiah 53, the Messiah coming. He’s coming as a suffering servant first. That was the first prophecy found that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. And he’s going to come as a lion of Judah. And that’s the second advent and he’ll be a second coming. Isaiah 53 was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls right around the time Israel became a nation. Read that, but let that speak to you. Also go online and find the 300 plus prophecies that the Messiah fulfilled. There’s no shortage of those being listed on the computer that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, fulfilled when he first came. Do that before it’s too late. And you know the censorship of online commentaries and bibles is taken off. That’ll be coming down the road.

Also, go to Daniel 9:27, 9:26, Daniel 9:24-27, excuse me. It talks about 70 weeks of Daniel. It talks about 69 weeks that you can count out and measure from the time that Nehemiah issued the decree to go back to Jerusalem and build the temple. Build the temple. You can count 483 years. These are weeks of seven, you can do the math. 173,880 days exactly to the T is when Messiah presented himself in the exact fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27.

You know, you need to look at those kinds of things to understand the Messiah has already come. And pretty soon your leaders are going to build a temple and hasten the coming of a Messiah who has already come. He’s not going to come. Some random guy’s not going to come as the Messiah. Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

To Christians, as we see the temple, the inklings to build that temple, which we know will happen in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And if we see that they’re wanting to do that and that the covenant that’s going to start the Tribulation Period for seven years, the true content of that is going to enable them to build that covenant. And there’s three clues I want you to look at. We just read Isaiah 28:15-18, Revelation 11:1-2, Revelation 11:1-2 and Daniel 9:27. He actually goes in and stops the sacrifices and offerings. Those are three clues that the content of the false covenant is dealing with the Tribulation Period.

And if that’s the Tribulation Period and the false covenant is about to be initiated down the road here pretty quickly because they want to build the temple, the false covenant enables them that then you need to realize that Jesus Christ is going to come get his church, his bride out before the wrath of God comes out in that Tribulation Period. He’s going to get us out of here before that covenant gets confirmed. And if that covenant is about to be set up and ratified so they can build their temple, then you don’t have much time left. You’re living on borrowed time.

The good news is Jesus is going to come and get you real quick and take you out of the twinkling of an eye in 1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4. But the thing is, you got family members and loved ones that are going to be left behind and you know who they are. Friends, people in your sphere of influence that don’t know Jesus Christ. They don’t know the gospel. It’s not a time to be worrying about your day-to-day cares and affairs. God will take care of those for you. You need to be witnessing to your loved ones and letting them know that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. And no one gets to the Father, but through him in John 14:6. And this is the time of the hour. The urgency is upon us right now.

Sam Rohrer:       Bill, that’s an excellent summary. Thank you so much for that. We’re really about out of time. And ladies and gentlemen, just a concluding thought, I guess, I have as well. If we really believe what the word of God says, prophecy that we’re talking about becomes ever more pertinent as we see all the elements converging. But as Bill made clear, the things that we’re seeing happening are signs of Christ’s second coming and the tribulation. The rapture has no signs. It comes at any time. That’s why we must be ready at every moment.

But knowing that we have friends, we have family members who do not know the Lord. Oh, they don’t want to be left behind. They really don’t. And I hope that you are concerned and make priorities, priorities. Bill Salus, thank you so much for being with us today. His website, ladies and gentlemen, for the book we talked about and so much more. Thanks for being with us today and Lord willing, we’ll see you back here tomorrow just 23 hours from now.