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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, if you’re following the news at all, I think you’re probably well-aware that we are in days of, I don’t know how other than describe it other than, national and global transition. With the strategic launch of COVID and its associated global lockdowns three years ago, the world was impacted in permanent ways. Share some thoughts.

Now, the strategically laid globalist elite plans for world government were evidenced at that time, and the timetable they gave that for implementation, they arrogantly stated and have restated. The influence in the coordination of these all anti-Christ political business and banking and religious leaders from literally around the world came out of the closet during that time. As representatives from all 194 nations of the world, the leaders of these nations all, fell into lockstep subservient. Wasn’t it amazing?

The pre-planned COVID dress rehearsal, as I refer to it, think it is that way, a dress rehearsal. It was a smackdown of liberty general and played out according to plan, their plan, they’ve stated it. And while this took most of the world by surprise, I’m going to submit that it did not take top leaders by surprise because they not only knew, they were intentional enablers. They’ve said that.

Now, in our own nation, whether Democrat or Republican, whether atheist or well-known religious leaders, all of them seemed to step in the line singing the same song, trumpeting the same narrative, and sanctioning the same deadly recommendations. From this chaos then arose, did it not, war in Ukraine, continuing the false Russian narrative, right? Joe Biden systematically set about and set into motion the collapse of America.

He’s in the process of that now, fatally undermining American influence, equipping our Islamic enemies, for instance, like in Afghanistan, making them the 8th largest military in the world. He destroyed relations with Saudi Arabia and OPEC, and thereby severing the United States dollars only collateral basis for value, and guaranteeing the collapse of the US dollar and the world monetary system.

I could go on and on, but it’s important to note that where we are now, where war and rumor of war, impending economic collapse, monetary upheaval, and as of last night, even the threat of a European banking cyber attack able to collapse European banking, and with it, the US banking system and world monetary order are all on the table right now and they’re converging quickly.

Now, in the midst of this though is the emergence of the Beast System. We’ve talked about it a lot. Beast System of control and surveillance under the banner of health, spearheaded by the Marxist led World Health Organization under the umbrella of the United Nations, but controlled by the money of Bill Gates and communist China. This is literally emerging. This system is literally emerging as we speak, not some years from now, but literally as we speak, having been launched in early June.

Now, today on Stand in the Gap, today, I and Leo Hohmann, investigative research and independent journalist and someone who’s written on some aspect of just about everything I’ve mentioned, will join me for commentary on the latest headline news of the greatest importance, which includes these things I’ve mentioned.

My title and focus for today’s program is this, The Beast System Emerging Amidst Chaos, Collapse and War. With that, Leo, welcome back. We have a lot to cover today.

Leo Hohmann:                  Yes we do. Thanks for having me, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      You’re welcome. Leo, and let me just, as a reference, Psalm 2, the Bible describes the condition of the world by describing nations and rulers as raging, the people generally plotting and conspiring in vain to do evil. That’s what it says. It says the kings and the rulers, I’m going to put in there industry, those involved in economy and finance.

The scripture says, they set themselves in defiance against the established civil order of society against God and his law, and they want to throw off the restraints that God’s put on them, and they’re arrogant in what they want to do. Sounds just like today.

Within that, I want to go here, because that’s the basis for what we’re seeing. But for now, you literally just released two articles on the theme of impending war on the European continent, surrounded and focused on Ukraine and Russia, war games literally underway right now. It’s significant enough. I’d like you to give an update on what you wrote and why you wrote that, please.

Leo Hohmann:                  Yeah, Sam, thanks. This war in the Ukraine has been presented to Americans as Russian aggression against a liberal democratic country of Ukraine, when it’s really nothing of the sort. Ukraine is not a liberal democratic, really in any sense of the word. They control the media 100%. They control the political parties that are allowed to participate in the political process, and they’ve operated since 2014 as really a vassal state of the United States, which in return for their obedience to the US foreign policy, they have been showered with weaponry and all types of aid and grift and graft and that whole story.

And the only reason Russia is upset with Ukraine is because it has been on terrorizing the Russian-speaking Ukrainians on the eastern part of the country of Ukraine bordering Russia’s border. And so they moved in what they called a special military operation about 15 months ago in February 2022, and they wanted to basically take control of these eastern portions of Ukraine where the Russian people are and stop the persecution from the Ukrainian government.

Well, this has now exploded into that sort of border war, into a regional conflagration with United States pouring more and more sophisticated weaponry into the country. They’ve now put in leopard tanks, Abrams tanks, the Patriot missile system. Now, they’re talking about moving in F-16 fighter jets. This is going to spill into a wider conflict. And the reason we know that is because Ukraine is losing the war and Ukraine will eventually, they already are starting to run out of manpower, run out of weaponry.

The only way to defeat Russia, which is the purpose of this war in the west side, it is not to liberate or keep free Ukraine. It is to punish and put some hurt on Russia and replace Vladimir Putin as the leader of that country. That is the real reason for the war from the Western perspective. And because it’s failing, the only way that they can continue with that goal towards that goal is to widen the war. And that is what we see happening now.

More weapons going in, Putin is now moving nuclear weapons into Belarus, which is on Poland’s border, and Poland and Belarus have no love for each other. And so this could very quickly escalate into World War III and eventually a nuclear exchange.

Sam Rohrer:                      And with that, Leo will hold it right that lesion. Gentlemen, if you’re noting there was, it started yesterday, war games, about 250 planes involved. NATO, the United States, UK, all of them pushing again the envelope. You’ve got the circumstance that is developing there. I’m going to put it in the category, war rumors of war by design and that will fall into other things we lay out in the balance of this program. So stay with us. The Beast System Emerging Amidst Chaos, Collapse and War.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, if you’re just joining me today, Leo Hohmann is my guest, is his website with me often. And today we’re trying to combine a lot of major headline news events within a context that actually can tie together what I believe are not independent actions that are taking place around the world, but actually linked actions. The theme here today, the title, The Beast System Emerging Amidst Chaos, Collapse and War.

Now, in Matthew 24, looking for a frame reference here, biblically. The disciples of Jesus at that time in Matthew 24, asked him for the signs of his second coming. And Jesus had answered in that passage by saying that the primary sign would be deception followed by wars and rumors of wars, plagues and threats of pestilence, apostasy, the rise of a false prophet, accompanied by increasing persecution of true believers and Jews.

Now, that’s what that’s talking about there. But the Lord gave that 2000 years ago, and over these last two millennium, many people throughout that time wondered during their days whether those signs were evident in their lifetime, since there have always been some wars or rumors of wars and some earthquakes and periodic famines and plagues, right? But they weren’t, in those days. That’s not what Jesus was talking about. How do we know that? Because we’re still here and that wasn’t it, but there’s more than that, understood accurately.

What Jesus said then, is only now coming to fulfillment and it should cause us to sit up and take notice. Now, what’s the difference? Well, the difference is that that passage can only come to fulfillment after Israel, once again becomes a nation after God regathers them from the nations, which he did in 1948 and continuing up to this point. That’s what triggers. That event triggers the sequence of the end days events.

And because of that, these signs which come to a robust fulfillment during the seven-year tribulation period, obviously begins before that. The scripture refers to them as birth pangs. Birth pangs, prior to delivery obviously, and that comes after the rapture, I believe is what the scripture teaches.

Now, as I share this to help frame what we’re highlighting in the program today, headline news events, the kinds of what we’re talking about today are actually converging within this window of God’s prophesied end days with what we’re witnessing I believe, and should be viewed as birth pangs. And what about birth pangs? Birth pangs before birth are serious evidences. They begin and they end with delivery. They increase in intensity, they increase in frequency, and they end in delivery. So that’s the comparison. That’s what Jesus said to look for in the timeframe in which to consider.

All right. Leo, let’s go back then and just look at some other things in addition to what you commented on the last segment. But one of those things that just came out last night, and see if you have any comment on it, but there were some releases made publicly from a group called Anonymous and some others that kind of joined together, cyber hackers. Where they actually are a warning to take down European banking system within 48 hours. That’d be tomorrow. Anyway, any comment on that? Did you see that?

Leo Hohmann:                  I just read something briefly on it, that it was some sort of unholy trinity of hacking organizations. Three different hacking organizations coming together to try to pull this off. And from what I read, Sam, they were targeting the SWIFT banking system, which is the whole western, that’s what ties the whole, it used to be the whole world until the Ukraine war broke out and we put these economic sanctions on Russia and then other countries sided with Russia, and so they have figured out that they can live without the SWIFT banking system.

So now, it’s just mostly the US allied countries who are still operating within this SWIFT system, and that’s what’s being targeted by these hackers. And if they are successful, it would be a debilitating blow to all Western commercial banks, because they depend on this international SWIFT system to settle their accounts at the end of the day.

Sam Rohrer:                      And of course, Leo, we know that hacking is done all the time. We’ve been in a cyber war with China and other things for a long time and there have been threats to that extent, but there’s movement. The reason I bring it up and ask for your comment, was that whether this actually comes about or not, it’s one of those things that is a possibility. Hackers do exist. Banking systems have been hacked before. There have been things that have been done, and this is coming into this window right now, where there is pressure on the American dollar and nations are leaving.

For instance, you may have some comment on this. I saw yesterday that Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, actually requested official entrance into the BRICS nations. That’s Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. In their alternative to the US dollar system, he ask that France be admitted into that system. Mexico’s already a part of it.

I think there’s now 40 some nations around the world that have already aligned themself with BRICS, meaning they have moved themself away from the US dollar. There’s a lot of movement and as I said, transition. Have any comment on your observations on that in movement within world monetary system relative to the US dollar?

Leo Hohmann:                  Yes, absolutely. I believe Egypt and Kenya, I read yesterday are also now wanting to be part of BRICS. And so it is a process of de-dollarization, which the US government has denied is going on up until yesterday. Just yesterday, our treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, was testifying before a house committee and she admitted for the first time that de-dollarization is taking place. But she said that it’s going to be very slow, going to play out very slowly and gradually, and the US dollar will still be supreme in the end.

So she tried to smooth it over and make it sound not nearly as bad as it is, but she did acknowledge it for the very first time. And I think it’s all going, this is why we are heading towards World War III, Sam. We have, the world is now bifurcated. It’s broken into two camps, the US, NATO and other allied countries. China, Russia, and their allied countries with, and it’s not just military but financial.

Some will buy into the China-Russia side on the financial question with the dollar, while still trying to claim that they’re on the US side when it comes to military because they want that military protection. But eventually it’s going to end in World War III because this is a battle between east and west over who gets to control the new world order. As it shapes up this new digital world order.

All of these countries, as we can talk, I think you’re going to bring up later in this program, are on the same page when it comes to digitizing the world. The only question is, who will be at the head of the table controlling that digital world? Will it be the US-Great Britain and its allies or will it be China-Russia and their allies?

Sam Rohrer:                      And Leo, you said that exactly as I am seeing it. We’ve said a lot on this program, you and other guests with me, that we’ve had an east-west alignment. It’s developing, it’s quickening now. The currency change we’re talking about is really quickening. And as more and more people France, European countries saying, “We want to become a part of…” What? BRICS? Which includes, really? Russia and China? I thought we were fighting them? There’s a lot of things going on, right?

I’m going to go into this piece because I think it’s significant. Because in this cyber threat we just mentioned that has now been issued. We’ll find out by tomorrow night whether or not it actually happens. However, it is being said already by the opposition to that, that it is a threat really by Russia because they’re trying to push back against NATO.

Now, my sense is I don’t really think that, I think it’s coming from beyond, but here is the question. It was Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum last year, I believe who said very, very clearly, he said there would be a cyber attack that would take down the financial system. Now, is this it? And how would this and could this fit into a Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum reset opportunity, if in fact that would happen? I mean, do you find that to be odd coincident?

Leo Hohmann:                  No, I absolutely do Sam. I believe it was during the Cyber Polygon event last year where Klaus Schwab made this comment that there will be, he didn’t say there might be, he said there will be a major international event involving a cyber hack on the financial system, that he said would make COVID look like a, quote, “minor” disturbance in terms of its effect on the global geopolitical structure and the coming great reset as he calls it.

You titled this system, The Beast System Emerging. I thought that was interesting. Before it can fully emerge, it’s in the process. It’s building out the superstructure and the infrastructure. We see it all around us with this digitization, but before it can fully emerge that Beast System, the old world order has to be destroyed. And I believe, that’s coming through a major cyber attack or EMP attack and World War III. And on the ashes and fallout from those major tectonic events, we will see the Beast System emerged.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Leo, what you’ve said, I’m just going to say ladies and gentlemen, what Leo just said, we’re trying to state as objectively as possible. That’s not just his idea. Those are the very words that have been shared by these globalists. Going all the way back to the bushes, we got to get rid of the old order and bring in the new, it’s been underway for a long time. We’re seeing it though, like birth pangs, evidences of it increase in frequency and intensity. Knowing the scripture allows us to connect these and bring to clarity that which otherwise would appear confusing.


Sam Rohrer:                      In biblical prophecy, and the reason we go here often is because you really can’t understand what’s happening in the headline as of the day the news without looking at scripture. But in biblical prophecy, regarding this whole issue we’re talking about, rise of the Beast System, the people involved, and the evidences of it.

The Lord tells us in Daniel 9:27, if you had a chance, go back and just read that entire section from Daniel. But he says there, that a relatively unknown political leader, in other paths, if we know he has great charm, he has very persuasive abilities, he will arise likely from out of the European Union type of a scenario up in that part of the world, at a time of great global unrest and Middle East trouble. I’m going to say increasingly like we’re seeing today.

Now, this individual will affirm among other things. He’s going to make peace treaty, meaning there was a preexisting one, a framework of some type. He will affirm a preexisting peace framework with Israel that will, along with it, provide some military or political guarantee for the safety of Israel for seven years. It’s a seven-year agreement he makes with him. And this agreement will likely include support to rebuild the temple and start sacrifice on the temple mount, from other pieces of scripture that becomes obvious.

Now, this act will be proof positive that this person is in fact the Anti-Christ. And this act will not only prove that, but it is actually what officially starts the seven-year tribulation period. Now, halfway through this time, according to Revelation 13, the Apostle John gives the precise account that the Anti-Christ and false profit will emerge. He’ll come on the scene, and he’ll demand linkage, it says in Revelation 13.

Linkage of some preexisting world economic and tracking system, which must already be in place. He’s going to link it to mandatory worship of the beast statue, which he causes to speak, that’s in the temple in Jerusalem. And the scripture tells us that he’s going to link it, so that it’ll be mandatory for people to evidence some kind of worship, that in order for them to buy or sell or travel and assist Beast System, that of global control, that has literally been launched just waiting for an excuse for global implementation and just adopted by the globalist World Health Organization led by the Marxist director there. Again, financed by World Economic Forum folks and globalist Bill Gates and Communist China and currently pushed and encouraged by the Biden administration.

Now, all right. Back to you Leo, because this is the emerging Beast System within the framework of what we’re just talking about. Monetary transition, economic transition, you’ve got the war peace. All of these makes no sense unless we look at scripture. But you’ve written extensively on the Beast System, the World Economic Forum role and usurping national sovereignty.

We’ve talked about it on this program. I have many times and you have, and you’ve written three articles, all in your website, that people can find. But if you could summarize briefly where we are right now with World Health Organization status following the end of May meeting in Geneva, which they just concluded less than a month ago now.

Leo Hohmann:                  Yeah. At that meeting in Geneva, Sam, we had our own Michele Bachmann there in person watching it, witnessing it, taking it in and taking notes. And she said that there was absolute agreement among all the nations on this handover of national sovereignty to the World Health Organization when it comes to public health emergencies. And they want to change the international health regulations that have been in place for decades. They want to pass a whole new treaty at the next World Health Congress in Geneva in 2024. No nation stood up, she said, and voiced any disagreement towards those two pathways of draining national governments of their sovereignty.

So the question to me becomes, who will control this World Health Organization when it gets this immense new power? I think again, that’s why we’re seeing World War III coming to the fore because there will be a major war over who gets to control this new apparatus that is coming in as a one world global system, Beast System, if you will, that will attack us and attack our sovereignty both nationally and personally. Our personal sovereignty.

Are you able to reject certain health treatments? Are you able to get by in society without having this QR code digital identity? These are all questions that will come to the fore, and who gets to then control that digital identity control this new monetary system you mentioned, which will be the central bank digital currencies. We don’t know because we don’t know who’s going to win World War III, but I can guarantee you that it’s going to come to pass based on what we saw at that health assembly in Geneva just a few weeks ago because no nation opposed it.

Sam Rohrer:                      And I’m glad you mentioned that because Michele said, and I had a big discussion with her and we’ve talked about on this program actually just shot a couple of TV programs on it as well. But one of the amazing things it was that she saw, being former member of Congress and having been involved in a lot of votes, she said, “I’m sitting there watching and all of these representatives from the 194 countries, including Israel, including the United States, all the nations of the world. And they’re going through these 300 amendments.” She said it was almost as if they were mesmerized, just kind of sitting there with solemn faces, stone faces. None one of them opposed anything, and it just happened and I’m thinking, “Wow. And that’s how, ladies and gentlemen, things occur.”

So now you have that, but here’s something we got to mention here, Leo. After the delegates left Geneva meeting, after they’re all gone, a committee of the European Union announced a formal adoption of their system, which they have been testing, which utilizes QR codes appears to be the very same thing that the World Health Group said they were going to do, but obviously the plan was already known about, it was already being tested and it appears the World Health Organization has embraced it. Therefore, talk about that a little bit.

Leo Hohmann:                  That actually goes back to November of last year at the G20 meeting in Indonesia, when the health minister, this was when I first reported that, “Okay, it’s definitely coming.” Even though I’d warned about it previously, back in 2020 and 2021. We knew for sure in November of 2022 that digital health passports, digital health certificates, whatever you want to call them.

The QR code on your phone, where it was coming, because at that G20 meeting, they announced at the end of it that all the nations, and these are the 20 most powerful economies in the world, all of those nations said, “We want this.” And so now, we come to six months later and they hold this World Health Assembly and they’re on board with it just like the G20 was on board with it. So we know it’s coming.

The question is, when and what do we do about it? And June 5th, now a week or so after this May World Health Assembly in Geneva, Dr. Tedros, the head of the WHO held a press conference, came out and said that he had signed an agreement with the EU, European Union to adopt their QR code system in a quote, “digital health certificate network” and if you listen to what he said at that press conference, unfortunately it was not widely reported in the US media, but it is going to go beyond just, “Have you gotten the COVID vax or not?”

He said, this is a, quote, “For the,” quote, “global public good.” Quote, “This soon, after we will expand this infrastructure by incorporating other uses such as a digitized international certificate of vaccination, routine immunization cards, digital cards, and international patient summaries.” Unquote. These are his words, not mine.

So when people saw this and it wasn’t widely reported, just mentioned. So they think, “Oh, that’s just the EU doing this.” No, he told us, “This is going to start with the EU, but our plan is to expand it both in terms of geography and its geographical reach and also in terms of what kind of data will be added to this QR code. Eventually, it will be a complete digital dossier on every human being on the planet.” That is the goal.

And that will be your social credit scoring system, where you will not be allowed to participate in society. You will not be able to buy or sell, you will not be able to receive government benefits of any type if you’re a retiree unless you have this digital QR code on your phone. And eventually, Sam, we’ve talked about this in the past, the goal is to transfer it from your phone to your person.

You’ve all know Harari, who is the leading spokesman for transhumanism and this global digitization in the world. He’s the top advisor to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum. He told us point-blank during COVID, it was important because that was when people accepted this digital surveillance of their comings and goings in their entire lives. He said, the next step is to put that surveillance, quote, “under the skin.” Unquote.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen, again, we cite these things for the fact that they are there. Nothing that we have shared is speculation here today. All of this is either what God says and what we see happening clearly in front of us. Now, the connecting of those things is what we’re trying to do. Connecting the dots, and that is important. So when we come back, we’re going to say, “All right, now we’ve laid a lot on the table. All right, breathe deeply. Okay, what do we now do about?”


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, as we conclude the program, both in this program today and through all of our Stand in the Gap today and Stand in the Gap TV programs, it is my goal and that of our co-host to try and restate again and again a couple things.

One, the absolute necessity of looking to God’s word as our guide, not the media, not government, not anybody else, but the word of God as our guide, our source of all truth, not a source of truth but all truth and not as a filter through which we observe life events, but the only filter through which we must observe life events. Obviously, we state that a lot here, right? Because there is a distinctive difference between those who actually believe what God says and those who say they do, but don’t live that way.

Now, tomorrow on this program, George Barna is going to be with me and we’re going to be talking specifically about major changes that have occurred in, well, people in this country who say they’re, for instance, they’re Christians, but don’t live that way. I’m not going to go down that road right now, but it’s the application of a thread that weaves through that. And I would state intentionally, many times the principle that we cannot make sense of the nonsense around us or bring clarity to demonically created deception and confusion of the day without looking at unfolding headline world events through the lens of biblical prophecy, biblical worldview.

However, put that in the positive. We know with confidence that when we do look at life through the filter of a biblical worldview, and we do take what God says as authoritative and unchanging, and we do allow what God says to shape how we perceive what is happening around us, that we will not be confused or driven to fear or made to be perplexed.

Now, that’s a positive thing. That is a great thing. And in these days, when we see scripture literally being unfolded before our eyes and the world rushes into fear because that’s what the demonic pressure, the devil wants people to do. Run into fear, not to God, but away from him. We as God’s people just simply can’t be among that group of people, but with confidence that God’s in control and that he’ll bring these kings of the earth and these nations who rage against the God of heaven as Psalm 2 says, and we started to program with, that we look at what happens there.

What’s God’s response when those things happen? God who sits in the heavens shall laugh at them. Why? Because these little created beings who think they’re God and think they can control the world won’t, though they’re arrogant and brazen and proud, God will bring them down, as he says in Psalm 2, that will happen. And he was going to do that ultimately at the end of the tribulation period. Although we see times of justice, times come and go in our lives. It will ultimately happen permanently at that point in the Middle East.

So what’s the bottom line takeaway? Let’s be confident in all that we see, because we know how it ends. Jesus Christ, king of kings will rule. Now, that’s where we need to go. So it’s always good to know how we end because that helps us to manage our way through what we see.

All right, now, Leo, we’ve laid a lot down here. This is a rather heavy topic. That’s why I wanted to go and say there is hope, if only if we trust in the Lord and know what he says. But from a human perspective, as we look at this, how do you see things unfolding other than what we’ve talked about? And I want you to go to again, how a God-fearing person should respond. Again, there’s only so many ways to say trust in God, but it’s important to walk through this again as we see these things unfold.

So what do you see happening perhaps to the extent that you can comment, and then how should people who fear God respond to these kinds of things as we see them unfold?

Leo Hohmann:                  Yeah. Sam, great question. I think they’re going to continue to come at us to try to nudge us at first into this new world order Beast System. They’re going to do that. How are they going to do that? Basically, they’re going to do it through our money and our finances and our healthcare. Those are the tracks that I see.

There’s others like transportation as well. They’re coming after the gas powered vehicles and stuff like that, having to do with transportation and energy and food. Food is another one. But I think the way that they’re really going to coax us in at first and eventually try to bludgeon us in is through our money, financial bank accounts and our healthcare. Those are the things that people feel like they really can’t do without. And so they’re going to hit us at our most vulnerable spot.

And as far as what do we do, I think scripture tells us, “Come out of her, my people.” It says in Revelation, we are all dependent, Sam, to one extent or another on this system, this one world system. And that is increasingly, see, God is being gracious right now in showing us how evil this system is.

If you look at all what’s been put on a clear display in the media, both conservative and mainstream media over the recent months, it’s showing us what these companies really stand for. Bud Light, Target. Even companies we thought were Christian oriented, like Chick-fil-A showing their true colors. They’re more dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and what all that encompasses than they are to serving anything that is truly righteous or godly or biblical as we would see it. And so, “Come out of her, my people.” We are all dependent on that system, so we all need to come out.

Some people work for companies that are thoroughly embroiled and intertwined with this Beast System. You’re going to have to think about alternative means of employment. I’m sorry to say that, as the years and months and years go by, I don’t say you need to go in and walk in and resign tomorrow, but we need to detach ourselves from this system and trust, as you said, God, for our provision.

No matter what that may mean, you may have other skills that you can deploy in other avenues to make a living rather than working for Target or Bud Light or any of the other globalist companies, Microsoft, AT&T, and they’re all the same, basically. These big, huge corporations.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, Leo, that’s a good way to conclude. And ladies and gentlemen, it does come down to a matter of trust. There are some things that you can do. We’ve talked about it before. There are some things planning wise, and I don’t have time to get in all of this, but what does scripture tell us to do? There are certain things, all right?

Make sure your family is intact. Make sure, first of all, your relationship with Jesus Christ is present. And then if it is, evaluate. “Am I living holy life? Am I fearing God and keeping His commandments? Is that a primary concern?” If not, there’s a problem that needs to be.

How about church? Are you involved in a Bible believing church? We can’t exist without the truth. On our own, we study, do we fellowship together? That’s what the Bible commands us to do. Why? Because we need other believers. And when times become difficult, where do you go? Do you run to government? Lots of people did during the last three years, right? Or does family, immediate blood family, your friends that are close, your church family.

These are the times as God has designed the family of God, where these relationships become extraordinarily important in where we together meet each other’s needs the Bible command. Those are the kinds of things that must be done, and I would encourage us all to do. Think through those relationships with God and with others and say, “Where am I and where it’s weak, strengthen it.”

All right, we’re done with today’s program. A lot here, thanks for being with us. Leo, thank you for being with us. His website, ladies and gentlemen,, all host of articles that are there. Go there and read it and support him if you can. And if you’re led for us, Go there, pray for us. Support us as well.