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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to this very special Friday Stand in the Gap Today program. And this happens to also be why it’s partly special is that it’s the fourth in the APN Story Series that we began back in the 1st of September, and it’s where we’ve attempted and are attempting to recount the most significant events and highlight just some of the key people who through their obedience to the call of God laid the foundation that enabled the building of the walls of what is now APN, American Pastors Network, as well as Stand in the Gap Radio and TV Ministries.

Now, if this is the first time that you’ve joined us on one of these special programs, we began back in September and we’re continuing through this month of October up until our November 14th celebration event where we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary here at American Pastors Network. Our purpose to give thanks to God for what he has done, but God always chooses to use people and some of these that you’ve met in these previous programs.

Program number one we entitled A Word Fitly Spoke and that was Pastor Joel Long of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania who planted the first seeds of APN. And then we had on this program Pastor Dale Armstrong, Gary Dull, who you all know, and evangelist Dave Kistler. They were representative of a group of pastors, including one of our guests today, who laid the groundwork pastorally.

And then in part three, it was on Friday, September 29th we did this program, had on three people, Colin Hanna, who was the founder of Let Freedom Ring, and Debbie and Michael Hamilton of Hamilton Strategies, who together these three actually brought together the means by which the structure for APN could become a reality. Go back and listen to these programs. I think you will be highly, highly blessed. Well, today in program number four in this series, I’m entitling this From One to A Million, and you’ll understand why that title is that way by the time we get to the end.

But you’re going to meet three people, key people, who in their unique time, I’m going to say much like Queen Esther for such a time as this, played essential roles and have distinguished themselves not only I know with God, but certainly with me and our entire APN team. It’s our prayer and it’s our honor as well that I invite you to listen in on a conversation with the three of these people today that you’re going to meet and the part that they played in the APN story part four, From One to A Million.

All of us share the gratitude to these people and others who God used these past 10 years to, above all else, we wanted to express our appreciation not just to them, but ultimately to the Lord for whom all of us are in service. And with that, I want to invite in somebody who you may not know. Her name is Susan Loch. Susan, thank you for being with us on the program today.

Susan Loch:                       Hi, Sam. You’re welcome. It’s a joy to be here.

Sam Rohrer:                      Susan, so much I could say, but you and your late husband Alan embarked on a vision of what you felt God was calling you to do years ago and that was to get involved in radio, communicate truth. And I know that there are a lot of bumpy roads along that way. It’s that tough thing to act on a calling. Can you share just a bit about that calling and how it translated into you starting the station WFYL located here in Southeast Pennsylvania?

Susan Loch:                       Sure. Well, both Al and I love our country and had a great appreciation for what the Lord did here and the people who’ve gone before us. And Al was a real historian. He was a military historian. He served in the Navy aboard a nuclear submarine. He was an officer aboard a nuclear submarine. He was an electrical engineer. And when he got out of the Navy, we ended up starting our own business in electrical engineering. So he was very busy with that and I kept the books for it.

We were busy with that, but he also became very alarmed about what was happening in our country. I was too, but I was busy with our children. We have four children. And he began writing a Christian newsletter trying to inform Christians and churches in the Delaware County area about what was going on in our country, raising the alarm. He wrote it. He printed it. He hand delivered it to many, many churches and did this in addition to the work that he was doing for several years.

He began to realize there had to be an easier way to get the information out. That’s when he started thinking about radio. And I would say, “That’s nice. What would you like for dinner? How are we going to do that?”

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah. Well, Susan, that’s a great introductory story, and I recall, I didn’t know all of those things myself, but I know that the two of you did act upon a calling. That opened up what then became your ownership of station WFYL located here in Southeast Pennsylvania. I want you to move into this right now because God used you and Alan. He had brought three of us into contact and I forget exactly where that occurred first. You may recall.

But it was I think we’re over seven years ago now that I remember you giving me a call and maybe it was you or Al or both together and you said something like this, “Sam, we’d like to give you and APN an hour a week on our station where you could actually feature pastors preaching the way that you’re encouraging them to.” You remember that? Could you recall that time a little bit and your discussions and what the motivation was that led you to make such a I wouldn’t say a sacrificial offer?

Susan Loch:                       Well, we had had Mike Huckabee on from 12:00 to noon, excuse me, from noon to 3:00 PM, which was a wonderful show. He left it to run for president. Then there were other hosts, and there was a problem with one of those national hosts. The Lord has a sense of humor and has a wonderful way of working things out because he became problematic. And I remember Susan Vandenberg and I looked at each other and said, “He has to go.”

And as I recall then, we had already met you and talked with you. You’d been on the station for other things. And Al said, “Let’s call Sam.” And I think that’s my recollection of initially how it started. But yes, we just figured it would be a much better use of the airtime to have you and the pastors on.

Sam Rohrer:                      And you know, Susan, I do recall that as we approach here the first break, but the thing that really made an impact on me and our team, smaller then, at that point was, wow, Lord, are you speaking through Susan and Alan? We haven’t thought about an hour program a week, and that first one was what ultimately became Stand in the Gap Weekend. An hour a week, we thought, man, this is incredible. Well, do we have the time? Do we have the wherewithal? Do we have the commitment to actually do a program a week?

But we have to act upon this because God led these two individuals to provide time on their station. Susan, you planted the seeds, you and Al planted the seeds, providing an opportunity for an hour a week program on WFYL, your station there in Southeast Pennsylvania. And I want to talk with you in the next segment when we come back because that was only the first time that you responded to a burden that God put on your heart. We’ll talk more about that in the next segment.

And then we’re also going to meet through the balance of this program next segment another individual, a pastor who runs a radio network here in Pennsylvania, who God brought along right exactly in line.



Sam Rohrer:                      Well, if you’re just joining us, today is a part of our ongoing here in September-October into 1st of November attempt to share we’re calling it the APN Story. That’s our 10th anniversary this year. We’re talking about it a lot. We’re inviting all of you who are watching or listening who can to join us on November 14th, but we want to give God the thanks for what he’s done.

Because in these 10 years, incredible things have happened not because of who we are, but because of who God is. And that’s important, but God always uses people and you’re meeting some of the people along the way who through these years responded to what God was calling them to do at precise moments in time. And because they did what they did, we can be talking and watching and you can be watching us right now, as well as millions across the country. It’s an amazing thing.

Everything’s got a story. God tells us all through scripture that we are to recount, told the Israelites, recount where you come from. Never forget where you started. And that’s what we’re attempting to do. So I’m hoping that all of this is not only just informative, but encouraging to you as well. But let’s go back with this because we’re talking radio today, From One to A Million. You met the one, you’re going to talk to her again, Susan Loch from WFYL. She and her husband, now whom with the Lord, opened up the door.

They planted the seeds, first of all, to Stand in the Gap Weekend. But Stand in the Gap Minute Radio actually began, now on 800 stations by the way across the country and now in Europe, by the way, Eastern Europe is now carrying Stand in the Gap Minute in two different languages, it’s amazing, that actually began out of a discussion with Michael and Debbie Hamilton, I mentioned at the beginning of the program, and it went from there. But Stand in the Gap Weekend, that one hour per week, had a very specific birth.

You just heard Susan Loch share how that happened about seven years ago now. That program is now on over 500 stations across America, but that wasn’t the only invitation that came, because there was a second one that came from Susan and Alan Loch there at WFYL. And after that sacrificial invitation birthed Stand in the Gap Weekend, sometime shortly after that, there came an invitation from them again where they said, “We’re willing to provide an hour a day, noon to 1:00 PM, for a daily program.”

And that invitation totally unexpected just like the first one, but it was in God’s timing, according to God’s will, now Stand in the Gap Today. This program we’re hearing now is carried on over 500 stations as well, reaching all 50 states. It’s an amazing thing. So Susan, let’s go back into that. Share what you remember about the invitation for that daily program because this one was different.

Stand in the Gap Weekend, you provided time, but this one you actually sacrificially agreed to be the means in the studio by which this program was first recorded and then became available to other stations across the country. What do you remember about that?

Susan Loch:                       Yes, we geared up along with you and your hosts, Gary and Dave. And yes, we all worked very hard to make that happen. I remember when we had first talked with you, you said, “We’ve talked about this, but we’re not really sure how to do it,” but you did with the one hour, and then the Lord just really put it together beautifully. It was a lot of work for all of us, but it was a challenge and it was fun. It was rewarding.

Sam Rohrer:                      Susan, again, I cannot overstate the importance of what you did. And like I say, because providing time is one thing, but you provided the mechanism, the studio. There were a lot of things that we had to struggle through there at the beginning, like anything that’s new has to happen, but God worked in and through that. And I want to come back to you at the end of the program to ask you another question as we conclude. But that brings in a person called Pastor Denny Mallonee.

And Pastor Denny is a pastor at Faith Baptist Church. He’s founder of and general manager of Wonderful Faith Bible Ministries Radio Network right here in Mid-State Pennsylvania. And Denny, you were one that I’d met before APN actually became an entity as well. And you were the first radio station manager, I believe, to carry the original Stand in the Gap Minute program, then Stand in the Gap when it became reality Weekend and Stand in the Gap Today. Do you recall that?

I want to know a little bit about you, first of all, about how God called you into the ministry of Christian radio and a bit of it then how that translated into you saying, “Hey, if you guys give the program, I will carry it on my stations.” Recall some of that.

Denny Mallonee:              Okay. Well, Sam, I first met you, you were running for political office. You had already served in the State House for nearly 20 years, and you ran for governor. And then, of course, you ran for Senate. I thought we almost made it, but I was so thrilled, a Born Again believer with a character and the convictions that you had that could become our senator. I was so excited. But then it didn’t happen. And I thought, Lord, you got to have something better. You never take away from something that you don’t have something better.

And I remember some of us pastors were meeting and we started a pastor’s network in Pennsylvania, and then we had requests, you begin to get requests to have the pastor’s network expand nationwide. Any other state that wanted to join it. We had state chapters and then we talked about and prayed about this program, Stand in the Gap Today. Sam, it’s one of our most popular programs. Everybody loves it. And I just praise the Lord for how you actually serve the Lord, the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, and we talk about the news and what God says about the news.

That’s what you say a lot. And I just praise the Lord that God had opened the door years ago back in 2004 we first went on the air. But I had a fellow in the church that did engineering work and he said, “What do you think about starting a radio program?” And I said, “I think you’re crazy.” And now we’re crazy. But God opened some doors and this is a wonderful opportunity. We’re in all of or parts of 19 counties here in Central Pennsylvania and reaching out, but also live-streaming anywhere around the world.

And it’s so amazing. I meet people from other states who listen through our live stream to Stand in the Gap Today. And we just praise the Lord for what God has used you to do. And I know God had this and has you in this place for such a time as this. And I just praise the Lord for Susan and Alan and the vision they had and that they could make it available so we could start broadcasting it right here.

Sam Rohrer:                      Denny, let me come back and ask you this because you were a pastor, you are a pastor. You responded to a call in your life to pastor a church, to start Christian radio. Alan and Susan responded to a compelling in their heart to communicate the truth more broadly. God led them to radio. I’d been involved in radio when I first got out of college, but as a station manager, not on the air.

But when American Pastors Network came into legal being around September approximately of 2013, this whole aspect of Christian radio we’re talking about now began to unfold, that it was not something that was in our thinking. The Minute program I talked about, that was happening, that was easy to do, write a Minute program and record it. But when Susan called and said, “We’ll give you an hour a week,” all right, now that becomes work. And you say, “I agree to do that.”

Now you’ve got to do a program every week and it’s got to be good or people are not going to listen to it. And then the Today program, wow, that was something that internally we said, “Is it possible?” And I said, “Can we actually do that?” That was beyond our expectations. But God used you, Denny, to right after Susan made those invitations, you were right there to say, hey, look, God’s called me into Christian radio. I’m a pastor.

I’m committed to the vision of APN, and I will add, somehow find a way within my programming network to add the Minute which, you had already done, and the Weekend, if you do it, and the Today, if you do it, which gave us internally the motivation to say, well, you know what? Maybe God does have an open door that he’s opening here for that. Denny, are you glad that you got involved in Christian radio when you did years ago?

Denny Mallonee:              Yes, sir. I am thrilled. I’m thrilled to be crazy, brother. I’m telling you, God has opened doors and there are so many people that I meet from day to day in my travels who listen to WFBM Radio Network, but even more so people that I run across that listen to Stand in the Gap Today and they love the program. It is their favorite program, and you don’t do anything else around noon time. Stand in the Gap Today is on and we’re going to listen. I praise the Lord for that attitude among some people.

We have a factory over the hill from here, Houghton Brothers Lumber, their lunch break, all the guys gather around the radio and listen to Stand in the Gap Today. That is precious. But we have a message, the message of truth to spread all around the world. Our country’s in trouble and we need voices like yours, Sam, and the various guests that you bring onto the program. I mean, they add so many important truths. And we’re just so thankful for them. We’re so thankful that we can be a part of Stand in the Gap Today.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Denny, let me say again to all of you who are listening, ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to what makes up and what brings all of this. It didn’t just happen. But let me say to all of you who are listening and watching, there would be of no value if you weren’t listening and watching. You’re a part of this. Everybody plays their own part. When we come back, we’ll talk further with Denny, and then you’re going to meet an individual, Pastor Ricky Pfeil from Kingdom Keys Network.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, throughout scripture there’s the illustration. And do you recognize this? The illustration of the planting of seeds, of cultivation, and then harvest. God, the creator himself, he established this pattern for the earth by specifying that from creation till he returns, there will be spring and fall, wintertime and summer, the four seasons. He specified that the earth is to be stewarded by us and cared for. And if done according to God’s will, God’s way, God said that he would bless those efforts and he would bless the fruit of man’s hand with bounty and with food abundant.

It says that in Deuteronomy 28 and many, many places. But in the New Testament, this analogy is applied to the planting of spiritual seeds, the seeds of the gospel, the purpose for which this church age in which we now live was established. And as the Apostle Paul made clear in 1 Corinthians 3:6, you recognize this passage, he said, “I planted, Apollos watered, but it’s God who gave the growth or the increase.” So it is with all true Christian ministries, there is someone who planted seeds, there are many who watered, and then there is at some point a bounty, a fruit that is developed.

And many times that fruit is never seen. It’s not seen perhaps for a long time. But the point of it is, which is what we’re trying to relate here with this ministry, American Pastors Network and Stand in the Gap Radio, that it has had many people who have planted seeds at the right time. There are others who have come along and who have watered, and then there are many others who have helped to build the walls. All of that which now makes possible the ability for us to speak now, radio, live stream, and then TV, which we’re going to deal with next week as a part of the next story.

All of this didn’t just happen and it’s certainly not because of me and it’s not because of any one person here. It’s because of all that God has done through many people yielding their abilities like Esther’s at appropriate times. Denny, let me go back to you before I bring in and introduce Pastor Ricky Pfeil.

And that is this, many times you have stated to me that as long as we remain true to our mission and communicating a biblical truth, that you would find a place on your stations for our Stand in the Gap programs, which you have done, and you as a part of the team and us have tried very hard to remain true to the authority of scripture and God’s word and to produce programs that are excellently done, which requires a team. There’s a guy behind the scenes here named Tim. You don’t see him, but he’s here.

There are others involved in this. There’s a satellite people who make this proclamation possible. There’s a lot of people behind the scenes. I’m trying to highlight that. So Denny, just from this perspective, you already commented on it, but why were you and why are you so committed as an individual, a pastor, a general manager of a radio network, and our stations to be so committed in partnering in this relationship that you’ve been?

Denny Mallonee:              Well, praise the Lord, Sam. You know, like you said, we are a team. A lot of people behind the scenes here. We’re just a little old country church. And when we even presented the idea of having a radio station, a radio ministry, people looked at me like I had three heads maybe, but we prayed and trusted the Lord. We had no idea how we would even do anything like this. And it’s just amazing how God put all these pieces together and made this happen. And I thought, here is somebody standing for truth.

And Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” And we have a lot of people that are in bondage to sin, in bondage to some of the evils of our society, many different vices. We can’t get into all that now, but they need to have an answer and the answer is in God’s word. And you bring that out on your programs, many different subjects that you have covered down through these years, very informative. Very well done, well presented.

Some of the guests that you’ve had on here, experts in their fields who take a good biblical position, and we need people to have a biblical worldview. They won’t have a biblical worldview unless they come to know the Lord Jesus, unless they come to know the author of the scripture. And so we praise the Lord for the team that works together. You have the team. You mentioned Tim, and bless his heart. A lot of people don’t realize all that he does. What a blessing he is just to produce and keep things here.

And Susan and Alan, what a blessing to even have the vision to help get this thing started. And I just praise the Lord for the folks that work behind the scenes. We’re all in this together. And people, our listeners who support, some send a little few dollars, some send more just to keep all the radio stations on the air so people can hear Stand in the Gap and the important truths that are presented. Sam, it’s just an honor to work with you and to be able to be a part of this radio ministry of Stand in the Gap.

Sam Rohrer:                      Denny, you have been such an encourager and we all encourage each other. They’re either encourage givers or they’re energy sappers. You’ve been an encourager. Thank you for that. Let me move on here now because not long after Stand in the Gap Weekend and Stand in the Gap Today became a reality with Susan and Alan Loch planting the seeds, I’m going to say Pastor Denny Mallonee came along and quickly watered these programs, it allowed to continue to grow, that the first non Pennsylvania radio network then to take and add these programs, it was started by Pastor Ricky Pfeil.

He and his wife in Texas and Oklahoma started a radio station or network now called Kingdom Keys Radio Network, of which we’ve now been able to partner for these so many years. Pastor Ricky Pfeil, thank you so much for being with us today on this momentous program.

Ricky Pfeil:                         Oh, well, thank you for asking me to be a part of this program. I’ve been enjoying what I’ve heard so far.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, Ricky, I want our listeners to get to know you, your network of about I think over 14 stations there in Texas and Oklahoma. They know your voice well, but other people across the country have never heard of Ricky Pfeil probably. But you have your own story. I’d like you to share just a piece of that. You were a pastor too. You also were led to begin a dynamic Christian radio network broadcasting now Texas and Oklahoma. Can you just share just briefly about how God called you and your wife to start Kingdom Keys Network?

Ricky Pfeil:                         Well, it is true that I’m internationally unknown, but we had a dream. This was a childhood dream of mine. I used to daydream about this when I was in elementary school, about fifth and sixth grade, about being on the radio. I would pretend I was on the radio and use my pen in class to very quietly under my breath announce what we were studying, whether it was geography or math or whatever. And as the years went by, it happened. It was just a God thing that it happened because I had no idea how to make it.

But one day I was working part-time in a Christian bookstore and the manager asked if I’d be interested in being a DJ on the Christian radio station nearby. And I said, well, yes. And so he called, made an appointment, and they hired me. And that was back in 1970. So I’ve been in the ministry 55 years and started in radio 53 years ago with that first station. And now we have our own network. That started 37 years ago with one station and now it’s eight stations and six translator booster stations, total of 14.

And there is one of those in New Mexico. You mentioned Texas and Oklahoma. We have one in New Mexico. They’re all 24/7. They’re all simulcast.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ricky, I’m so glad for all the communications that you and I have had over the years. Here in the last minute or so in this segment, I want to ask you this question because with you and I, I believe it was Michael Hamilton that I’ve already mentioned, Hamilton Strategies, who first connected you and me at that point, Stand in the Gap Radio. And can you recall that time and how God prompted you now to add, I think, Stand in the Gap Weekend and Stand in the Gap Today on your stations? Why did you do that and are you glad that you did?

Ricky Pfeil:                         Well, I am glad that I did. I hadn’t heard of it before and didn’t know you, and I don’t really know Michael Hamilton except through the telephone. But I wanted to… I was very interested in your format and the type of subjects that you deal with and the commitment you have to being scripturally accurate. And you have a passion for everything you’re doing, and that fits in with my dream.

So that’s how we started. We weren’t able to put it on live at the time that it comes on live, so we started putting it on in the late evening. And then I would use it for a filler when I was gone from my live morning program. I’d used the night before your program to repeat at 6:00 AM the next morning when I was out of town.

Sam Rohrer:                      And then, thank the Lord, it was early this year that you were able to take and move the Stand in the Gap program to actually be live on your stations, which happens to be 11:00 to 12:00 Central Time. So praise the Lord for that. Now, Denny and Susan and Ricky, one more segment. When we come back, I want to pose a question to all three of you. Begin with you, Susan, and then we’re going to walk down the line and have you look back now and make some concluding comments as we wrap up this program today, From One to A million.


Sam Rohrer:                      From one station, here’s the idea, one station, WFYL, Susan and Alan Loch, to now millions of listeners. Well, before I go back to our three special guests today, I hope that you’ve really enjoyed this program, getting to meet Susan Loch, planted the seeds radio, Pastor Denny Mallonee here in Pennsylvania, a network of three stations that was right there at the beginning to say, if you come up with a program, I’ll add it to my network.

And then you met Randy Pfeil, general manager of Kingdom Keys Network in actually Texas and Oklahoma, who for a long time now has been walking alongside carrying the programs. Now these three individuals are key because they were early in the progress, early in the development of Stand in the Gap Radio. And they have played very important roles, and they may not have known until today the exact precise role that they have played. So I’m thankful to them and I’m wanting to thank them again for the role that they have played because it was instrumental.

Now, from that time, obviously there have been a lot of other networks. Our weekend program, for instance, carried on the entire American Family Network. Our weekend program, the daily programs carried on the national Calvary Satellite Network, CSN Network. And there are others across the country. I don’t have them on today, but they came later in the process, but all part of building the walls. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot of diligence. It’s a lot of blessing of the Lord, and that’s who I really want to be.

Make sure we’re thanking him today for what he’s done. For all of you now who are listening, if you’re in the part of Pennsylvania or you can drive a couple hours or whatever, join us on November 14th because at least a couple of these individuals, Susan Loch, she’s going to be there, you can actually come and meet her. And if you don’t know her, come get a chance. Denny Mallonee is going to be there, going to get to meet him. And Ricky, you’re in Texas, we haven’t talked.

I don’t think you’re going to be here, but if you would, boy, what a surprise that would be, brother. But nonetheless, there’ll be a lot of folks here, some of our guests that we’ve had, our team, co-hosts, of course, George Barna and Michele Bachmann. All of this will be an exciting evening and I think you’ll be blessed. So do plan to come. All right, Susan, let me go to you first because I’d like you just to look back to the specific decisions you and Al made. We’ve gone over some of those.

Now God’s used you to launch Stand in the Gap Weekend and Today, now heard in all 50 states. You didn’t have any idea about that when you did it. God has taken and multiplied what you planted. Any final thoughts that you would have or comments about that involvement that you had then which has now led to really what God has done in a tremendous way?

Susan Loch:                       Well, Sam, I’m just in awe and intensely grateful to the Lord for anything that he allows us to do. Any small thing is totally amazing. He doesn’t have to use us. He does. I think I mentioned, I went into the radio business reluctantly because we had another business. I didn’t see how it was possible, so I kind of went in very reluctantly. But a few months into it, the Lord impressed upon me that he wasn’t forcing me to do this.

He was entrusting it to us. And that was totally different. That was a wake-up call to the calling and that changed everything for me. So it was just such a joy and a privilege to be able to connect with you and the others on the Stand in the Gap Network.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Susan, I want to compliment you on something and say that one of the things I have found in my time in office and my length of time that I have lived is that real leaders are not always those who stand in front of people and make big speeches, but they’re the people who are faithful in the small things that God will then take and multiply. You’re in that category. You really are in that category. Because the blessings that came out of it, God did. You didn’t do it, but you did respond to the thing that you did and look what has taken place.

And I encourage all of you who are listening and watching, you may think that things that you have done or do, the things God calls you to do, act upon them when he calls you to do it. You have no idea how God will take and bless it until we stand before him one day. And we’re only showing just a piece of this, but there are going to be many blessings in heaven, many blessings in heaven. I know that from talking to listeners all across this country and changed lives, but it all had a beginning.

We’re sharing part of that. Denny, let me go to you. Now that you’ve been running Stand in a Gap Minute and Weekend and Today on your stations from the very beginning, you already shared just a little bit about some of your listener response. But as part of your calling as a pastor to begin the radio network that you have, our programs being a part of it, how have these helped to further your ministry and to help your listeners who I know you consider to be a part of your flock?

Denny Mallonee:              Yes. Well, Sam, people need to hear the truth. And when we first heard about wanting to get Stand in the Gap program put together, I thought, this is going to be great. This is going to tell people truth that they need to hear. The news media is not going to tell people the truth. And we use AFR News on our radio station because we don’t want to have people listen to lies and falsehoods and fake news they call it. But people need to hear the truth and the Bible is the book of truth. And what you do is based on Bible truth.

We just finished a mission conference taking the word to the world, tell them now, and Stand in the Gap is a program that tells people what they need to hear. Now, so many people I have met day after day, week after week that said, “Thank you for carrying Stand in the Gap every day. We learn so much that we should need to know and hear through that program.” I mean, people come and say…

You may have had some guests on and they talk about medical things, they talk about political things, about different needs, and they’ll come and say, “I never knew that before. They really helped me understand something.” And people were always thanking us for this program. It’s aired at noon time every day. And so for you and Gary and Dave and Jamie, we thank the Lord for those and the guests that you have. What a blessing.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Denny, we thank you. And boy, I could keep listening to you, but we don’t have a minute left. And Randy Pfeil from Kingdom Keys Network. Ricky, I don’t know why I call you… It’s Ricky. Now that you’ve been running these programs for some time on your stations, what can you share about your listeners and how this program has helped you in your ministry, to your flock there with Kingdom Keys?

Ricky Pfeil:                         Yeah. Well, I had to say amen to what Denny said. He’s got so much information on so many different subjects. Our people that listen here, they listen for information. They don’t listen for entertainment. They don’t listen just for edification, but for information and for biblical worldview of everything. And so your program is greatly appreciated. We’re happy to have the Weekend program, the Daily program, and the One Minute feature. And I have featured segments of your program at other times through the years many times. Thank God for it.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Randy, I mean, again, don’t know why I call it, Ricky, thank you. Denny, we’re about to end the program, thank you. Susan, thank you for all that you all have done. Well, because you did what you did, God has been able to do great things. And for us right now to be communicating to literally millions of people across the country on this program the communication of truth. God bless you all. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you get a little better of a view.

Everything’s got a beginning. In the beginning God. Well, in the beginning of this network, God led, people responded, and now you are able to hear the truth. I ask all of you, if God has blessed you through this program at all, let us know. Share with us what God has done for you through it. Communicate to us, Quick place to go. We’ll see you on Monday.