April 4, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: Ted Vanlandeghem

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Stand In the Gap Today and a very special program. Please don’t turn away. There’s going to be a lot covered on today’s program as we address several very key events, all of which are happening in the news right now as we speak. One has occurred last week or two including the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, the historic anti-Israel vote by the United States in the March 25th UN Security Council vote. We’ll deal with the upcoming April 8th, great eclipse crossing America and occurring on the first day of the Jewish religious calendar year, and along with my guest, Ted Vanlandeghem, a Jewish believer in Yeshua and a spokesperson for the ancient Hebrew scroll project. Together we’ll consider from both a Jewish and Christian perspective how we should approach our evaluation of this historic sign in the sky.

Sam Rohrer:       This one on April 8th for which millions of Americans are traveling expected to travel this coming weekend to watch somewhere and we’ll conclude with the latest on the now qualified red heifers in Israel, the many preparations for dedicating and building of a new temple and how again, we as believers in Yeshua in Jesus Christ should consider the significance of the many dramatic efforts underway by those anticipating the return of Christ. Now, the title I’ve chosen for today’s program is this, God is Speaking, is America listening and seeing and with it I Welcome to the program today, Ted Vanlandeghem. Ted, thanks for being with us.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Oh, it’s a great honor. Thanks for having me on.

Sam Rohrer:       Ted. As I just mentioned, it’s an honor to have you on the program with me and to discuss the elements of these three issues, but to do it within the context of how we as believers in Jesus and Yeshua should consider the things that we see happening all around us. Now, as a messianic believer in Yeshua, you bring a unique perspective and I want to establish that here first because you can connect prophecy, history, military and the security and a lengthy involvement in both Christian and Messianic ministry. You’ve been in all of those spaces, but since this is the first time you’ve been with me and our listeners are not aware of you, let’s just take the balance of this segment and talk a little bit about your background if we could. Ted, the first question I did always like to ask you is this, can you share briefly your testimony as a Jewish person, Jewish born, but yet coming to the understanding that Jesus is the Messiah, Yeshua?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Yeah, so my journey to finding Jesus as the Messiah began right after I graduated from high school. I had enlisted in the United States Air Force and just before I left for basic training, my longtime, lifelong best friend Joseph had gotten saved at a Calvary Chapel Church. And I had reached out to him as I had enlisted in the Air Force to let him know that I was leaving and he came over the night before I left for basic training, and that was the first time anybody had really ever shared the gospel with me. But I really wasn’t fully ready to receive the mess just yet. So the next day when I left to go to basic training at the MEP station in St. Louis, Missouri, a fellow came over and handed me my first Bible and then from there I went to basic training and the guy in the bunk above me, he would read the Bible to our flight every night and share what each passage that he read from meant.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Then I went to my technical training, Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and my roommate there was a believer and he shared the gospel with me. Finally, I got to my first duty assignment at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and my roommate and coworker was a sold out believer in Jesus Christ and shared with me and it invited me to his church. During Halloween, they were having a special outreach evangelistic thing called Reality House as a photographer at a photographed event. And it was there on Halloween night of 1989 that I heard the gospel presented over and over and over again, and that was the night that I gave my life to Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah and the Messiah of the whole world.

Sam Rohrer:       That’s fantastic. We could go so much deeper on that, but let me just walk further into this. Ted, you and I have talked before. I have married Jewish friends, a number of them, messianic, they’ve come to faith in Christ like you. But here’s a question. Do you find that there is an awakening occurring within the broader Jewish population as to the realization that Jesus is the Messiah and that he has already come soon coming again, for instance, put this way, how much of the Jewish population that is out there perhaps now believe in Yeshua?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Absolutely. So since Israel’s become a nation 1948, again as God promised and foretold and prophecy, there’s been an uptick in Jewish people coming to know the Lord and really kind of in waves. At the turn of the last century, there were a big wave of Jewish people coming in to believe in Jesus in 1948, in tandem with the rebirth of Israel, there was a big wave from the 67 War to the 73 Yom Kippur war. There was a big outbreak of Jewish people coming to know the Lord, and even now we’re seeing even more Jewish people awakened to Messiah. Some estimates today say that maybe as many as a million Jewish people worldwide now believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that’s the most Jewish believers in Jesus since really the time of the early church. There was a poll done by the Barna Group a few years ago, and the Barna research group found that one in five Jewish millennials and Gen Z now are open to the fact that Jesus Christ might be the Messiah. It doesn’t mean that they’re believers, but they’re open to a conversation about that and that actually was published in the Jerusalem post a few years ago. So we’re seeing a softening to the hardness and an opening of the eyes and the ears of our people too, the fact that Jesus Christ is the Messiah

Sam Rohrer:       And that is so fantastic. And again, I’m going to have to have you back. We’re going to go further on that in the future. Last minute here before this break is over the ancient Hebrews scroll project of which you are the spokesperson. You’re traveling around the country. What is the ancient Hebrew scroll project? What are you presenting? What’s a part of that?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         So the ancient Hebrew scroll project is here just south of the Fort Worth, Texas metroplex, Dallas Fort Worth, an old town called Fever in Texas, and it’s one of five complete sets of the entire Hebrew sinah or the Old Testament in ancient scroll form on planet earth today, there’s only five known complete sets of the entire Old Testament ancient scroll form that exist on the planet. The Vatican has three. There’s a private collection in Katy, Texas and ours. In fact, Israel as far as we know, does not have a complete set of the Old Testament in ancient scroll form. That’s why we’ve had actually a hundred rabbis that have traveled from Israel to our foundation here in Cleveland, Texas to see this collection because they’ve not seen that in their entire life. And some of the rare scrolls in the world are in our collection. For instance, our Psalm scroll that we have, there’s only seven other known Psalm scrolls on planet earth and ours is the only one that’s available for the general public to see. And so we have some incredibly rare scrolls, but the uniqueness of our sets is the fact that it’s a complete Old Testament in nature. Scroll

Sam Rohrer:       Forward. Okay, and fantastic, Ted, we’re about out of time ladies and gentlemen. You can go to their website, Ancient Hebrew Scroll project.com to find out more information, but most unique and my special guest today, Ted Vanlandeghem going to stay with me. The rest of the program obviously when you come back, we’re going to look at Israel, America and the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Believe it or not, I think there is a connection…


If you’re just joining us today for this program. The theme is this, God is speaking, is America listening and seeing, and I’m going to suggest that not only America, it’s Israel, it’s frankly the whole world. My special guest is Ted. He is well because of the time, I’m not going to go back, but he’s spent time in the military. He spent time on the security team in the White House under George Bush.

Sam Rohrer:       He is now involved with the Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project, the only one of a few he said that have the entire Old Testament in scroll form. Pretty amazing and so much more so he can speak today to what we’re talking about. Now let’s go to this because we’re talking about three issues. We’re going to talk about the bridge here down in Baltimore. We’re going to talk about the eclipse in the next segment, and we’re going to talk about red heifers in temple in Israel in the last segment on March 27th, just not too long ago, about two o’clock in the morning actually a container ship struck one of the two main supports of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore happens to be the second busiest port in the United States, and you’ve all probably seen the pictures. It’s pretty dramatic like falling dominoes. The bridge just simply folded into the bay, blocking all traffic into and out of that whole waterway.

Sam Rohrer:       Due to the nature of the amount of traffic on this bridge now terminated for years, it’ll be before it’s ever built, there’ll be an increasingly evident economic impact rippling through the economy. Some have suggested that it frankly could be the long anticipated black swan event, and that could be true. While many things are yet to be officially confirmed as to how this ship was steered directly into one of the two key bridge supports. This is my perspective one thing’s for sure as I look at this, because official government statements on literally everything, when you considered from financial and economic data to health advisory information, frankly to the president’s fitness to actually serve in office in his health condition and so much more, it’s all carefully manipulated and crafted the truth about this ship, why it was not in the channel where it should have been, why it turned directly into the bridge support, why there appears to be two minutes missing from the black box recording why the government declared that there was nothing to see in this incident even before there was any actual investigation.

Sam Rohrer:       All of those things contribute to the many unknowns that will exist likely for a long time. But there are some things including those I just cited, I believe that are known. So Ted, let’s walk into this a little bit and here’s the broader picture. Every incident in life, whether it be economic, military, weather or anything, will always produce some human explanation. In other words, anything that happens, somebody’s going to come up with a human explanation for it. A God-fearing person will look at all events and seek to see the will of God and the hand of God in it because we know that it was a God rejecting person will seek a humanistic explanation. Ladies and gentlemen, just like an evolutionist will explain away creation as an example, or the religious leaders who denied Christ in his day accused him Jesus of even being of the devil. So alright, we know there’s a human explanation, but when it comes to this bridge event, there is an Israel and God connection stemming directly from Genesis 12, three where God there told Abraham, those who bless Israel, I will bless those who curse Israel and my plan through them will be cursed. Alright, so here’s where that’s set up Ted. Would you share the connection here and how believers could perhaps, or I say, should maybe view this event at the Baltimore Bridge?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Sure thing. You are looking at this unbelievable tragedy that happened, which is the destruction of this major artery of traffic in commerce. And I’ve driven over that bridge myself and for me looking at it, number one, it’s named after Francis Scott Key, the author of our national anthem. And that forks right there with a famous battle in the war of 1812 took place that inspired the writing of the national anthem. And immediately when I saw this collapse, I felt like this might be a prophetic harbinger or an indicator of judgment from God. And this isn’t just an isolated thing, this is tied to preceding events, how the United States relates to Israel. And we see a pattern as you mentioned, Genesis 12, three, where it says, I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. That’s a promise. And God’s promises are still in effect today. It’s kind of like gravity. If you go up on the top of a roof or of a building and jump off, even if you don’t believe gravity and you deny it all the way down, gravity is still going to take effect whether you acknowledge it or not. And so this promise of Genesis 12 three is still very much in effect and there are Israel connected events that I believe are related to this event no matter what the origin or cause was.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, provide the evidence as you have looked at it. Would you please, Ted?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Well, so first off, we’ve seen a historical pattern. We’ve got this principle in Genesis 12, three that I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. That’s a scriptural promise. We’ve seen a historical pattern. Bill Koenig wrote a book called Eye to Eye, he’s a friend of mine. He was a White House correspondent and he chronicled these events where United States has taken an action contrary to Israel, especially as it relates to the land, Israel’s possession of the land. And every time we’ve done that within a short span of time, there’s been some kind of event, whether it be a disaster, a weather event, a financial collapse. And if it were one or two events you could say maybe this was a coincidence. But here proceeding the collapse of the event, we see a series of events that took place beginning in that 36 hour window before the first was the Biden administration made a promise both to build a port on the Gaza Strip.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Gaza does not have its own port, and so all the humanitarian aid has been flowing in through the rough of crossing. Well, the problem with making this port is Israel will no longer have control of what inspections of what’s going in. And the big concern is the flow of weapons into Gaza and Biden at the state of the Union made this commitment to build a port, the ship set sail on March 10th, and then they reached Gaza just before or around March 27th. Then the US and the UN Security Council voted to abstain from a vote to demand that Israel abide by a ceasefire in Gaza on March 25th. And finally, Kamala Harris issued a threat to Israel in the March 24th, 25th window and it’s played out just ahead of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. So these are three significant blows against Israel from our government and within a very short window after the collapse of this major financial artery, the Francis Scott Key

Sam Rohrer:       Bridge. Yeah, Ted and I did a lot of work on this myself, looking at it all within about 36 hours. And Bill Koenig is a friend of mine too in this program, been on many times and we’ve looked at past events that you highlighted and this appears to absolutely fall into that category. And when I see the brazenness of our administration and the increasing move away would appear from Israel, this kind of action by God saying, you will not do this to my people, Genesis 12, three, it appears by not making a stretch that God’s hand was involved. So whether we have a human explanation soon of exactly what caused that ship to go into that bridge or not, we know for sure that God permitted it to come. So therefore, now when one looks at this and what took place there, I’m going to ask you this question because it’s more than just that bridge. There’s other things that are continuing to unfold as we’re talking even right now for whose primary purpose, Ted, do you think God is sending these kinds of responses to the previous, I think nearly 60 evidences an eye to eye or this one now with his bridge that can be tracked directly to hostile statements, anti-Israel statements by our leaders? Is it for America? Is it for Israel to observe maybe both or how do you look at that?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Well, I think that God’s making a statement to the United States, to Israel and indeed to the entire world that he is a promise keeping God. God brought Israel back out of the ashes of history and rebirth this nation again for his purposes and placed them back in the land because he’s a promise keeping God. And ultimately at the end of the day, the people who have an issue with the existence of Israel ultimately have an issue with God and his promises and his very word. And so I do believe that these signs that God sends are warnings, that there are indicators that not only is he a promise keeping God, but if you go against it, you’re bringing a curse upon yourself. Genesis 12, three,

Sam Rohrer:       Ted, again, we’re back close at the end, but ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard this phrase against all odds. When I think of Israel, I watched a documentary series Ted, some years ago I watched it, it was put together by a Jewish unbeliever who documented went in and all of the things that happened in the rebirth of Israel, 1948 and all the things that have happened, and it was entitled against all odds. And ladies and gentlemen, it is human odds, but God is making it possible. And Ted just said, anybody who counters God’s plan for Israel, the Jewish people, the city of Jerusalem, all a part of God’s plan of redemption, they’re tampering directly with God himself. And he has said he is not going to sit down and take that. I think we’re seeing that and when we come back, we got an event coming up on Monday, April the eighth, the great American eclipse. How should we look at this issue?


Sam Rohrer:       Today’s theme is God is speaking, is America listening? Is America seeing? And we’re looking at a number of items just commented on the bridge collapse in Baltimore and connected it with some very clear anti-Israel efforts by leaders of our government in United Nations and how it falls right into a pattern that has been so documented in previous events by US presidents in particular when they have opposed God’s plan for Israel, particularly as it surrounds the land promise that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Now on Monday we’ve got an event coming up here called the Great American Eclipse. You’re all aware of that, aren’t you? I think who cannot be because in just a few days on Monday, April the eighth, the second total eclipse in seven years, we’ll cross America creating a cross as some are defining it or an X design, as some would say with the nexus falling over New Madrid, Missouri.

Sam Rohrer:       Now millions of people are expected to be traveling to watch this historic event. Matter of fact, again, you’re watching what I’m saying here. These are facts that are out there. States of emergency have already been declared in a number of locations, like I think just yesterday was Niagara Falls area because they’re expecting over a million people go to Niagara Falls area to watch this and states are doing this to provide more unrestricted government and emergency response for what exactly don’t know, but they’re all doing it. National Guard deployment has already been activated in a number of states. Again, for what purpose? I don’t know exactly, but they’re expecting something. Perhaps schools in the total coverage area will be closed primarily because the darkness will occur around the time that a lot of schools are letting out. So they’re not going to be in session. People are being instructed by government officials to stock up on food and supplies.

Sam Rohrer:       Again, why gas stations are trying to load up on gas anticipating the demand by millions of more cars. And I’ve looked at that and there’s reasons to believe that that could be an issue perhaps. But again, what is so unique about this event? Just the fact that millions of people are going to be traveling to see it. Just exactly how historic is it? Should it be construed as a biblical sign or a mark of a season as God said such things would be in Genesis one 14 or should all of this just be viewed as just another day? No big deal. In other words, is God speaking potentially is America watching and seeing from God’s perspective? Alright, with that set up, Ted, from a biblical perspective, should this eclipse be viewed as a Genesis one 14 sign where God said he put the lights in the heavens for signs and for seasons? And if so, what should be the response of all God fearing people to an event like this?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Well certainly there’s some uniqueness to this eclipse eclipses happen around the planet all the time, but there’s a uniqueness to this eclipse. It comes seven years after the one prior, the one prior traverse, United States only. This one is traversing the United States and Canada and it does make this X over the center of the United States in a sense, the heartland New Madrid, which if you know your history, new Madrid was the epicenter of a major earthquake in 1811. And in 1812, the cause of Mississippi to turn backward. So those are all unique points, but there’s also the perspective of Genesis one 14 and Genesis one 14 says, and God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from night and let them be for sign season, days and years. And these signs in the heaven leaves serve as signs, but they also serve for seasons and seasons. That Hebrew word means appointment and it relates to God’s prophetic calendar. Leviticus chapter 23, God gives seven biblical we would call holidays, but in Hebrew they’re called appointments, Passover, unleavened bread, first fruits all the way to the Feast of Tabernacles. And so that’s the added layer to this is that this ties into the biblical calendar.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright? And I would say, and you could go much further into it, but ladies and gentlemen, feast days, those appointed times, Modi instead just talked about those were given to all humanity. They weren’t given just to the Jews into Israel, but Israel and the Jews are really the only ones who have observed them. So I throw that in there because of that significance. Alright, so Ted, let’s go here. You mentioned eclipses by themselves are not unique from the standpoint they do occur, but they are all unique because it’s a remarkable thing that an eclipse can happen. But what makes this particular eclipse unique you think? And how does it tie in with other major events associated with God’s plan and perhaps previous events with Israel?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Certainly. So one of the things that makes this particular eclipse stand out, not just that it makes an X and it comes seven years after, but it occurs on what we call the first of Nissan, which is the biblical New Year’s. Now in the church world, we just came out of the observance of Easter week and the celebration of resurrection weekend. But on the biblical calendar, the first of Nissan, which is the biblical New Year’s occurs two weeks before Passover. And so Passover and Easter are out of sync on the calendar because this is a Jewish sleep year. But this eclipse occurs on the biblical new year, which is a prophetic appointment from scripture. And so that is one thing. The other thing is the fact that we have a pattern of when God is going to deal with Israel and the nations, but especially with Israel, for instance, in 1948 when Israel was born again as a nation, we had a pattern of eclipses that occurred on these biblical appointments or the feasts of the Lord, as you mentioned in 67 when Israel recaptured Jerusalem, again, we have these pattern of eclipses that occur on biblical appointments or the feast of the Lord.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         And here again now we have this major solar eclipse occurring on a biblical appointment, the first of Nissan, the biblical New Year.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, just very quickly, it’d have to be very quick, but it seems, I have always thought that the events in the sun are more and have been perceived in the past as signs or warnings for gentile nations, lunar events, moon events, blood moons, that kind of thing have been more viewed as specific signs for Israel. Is there any combination coming together of that in this eclipse or what may follow after that?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Absolutely. The Jewish ages view lunar eclipses as a sign of God dealing with Israel and solar eclipses, God dealing with the nations proceeding, the solar eclipse on poor in which we would’ve called palm Sunday in the church role. Palm Sunday was the biblical holiday of Purim, which is set in Persia or ancient Iran and is kind of a prophetic picture of dealing with Persia with ancient Iran. And there was a lunar eclipse on that. And there’s a pattern of lunar eclipses that begins on this Purim and then it’s on Purim for the next two years there’ll be a lunar eclipse. And so we have a pattern with lunar eclipses in conjunction with Purim, and we have the solo eclipse on the first biblical new year, which is an indicator that God’s not just dealing with Israel but with the nations also.

Sam Rohrer:       So basically what you’re saying, a coming together in this fashion is something that the world should watch America, a gentile nation should definitely watch because this event is occurring over our nation, but it should be something that Israel is observing as well because of their connection to America. So there’s a converging of things as I’m hearing your talk.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Absolutely. That’s the perfect word for it. A convergence of prophetic indicators.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, we got just a little bit left here. New Madrid, Missouri. You made the connection there to the earthquake that took place. A lot of people are not aware the biggest earthquake in the history of America took place. And it is the one place where I know from dealing with departments of transportation when I was in the Pennsylvania House, the fear is not so much an earthquake in California. It is the New Madrid because of its connection, but there’s also a connection to Madrid, Spain make that connection quickly. Could you?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Absolutely. So we mentioned earlier about this pattern of judgment coming with making decisions against Israel. Well one of the things that happened during the first Gulf War, George HW Bush made an agreement with the Arab nations for their support in fighting Saddam Hussein and Iraq that he would begin a process to divide the land of Israel. Immediately after the conclusion of the first Gulf War, George HW Bush kept his promise and started a process, a conference in Madrid, Spain to divide the land of Israel. And now here we have this ex over New Madrid, Missouri, and it’s tied to an earthquake in 1812. And incidentally in 1811, the first one that happened there, there was a solar eclipse that preceded that major earthquake. And that in a sense kind of could tie into the Francis Scott Key bridge, the war of 1812 when the national anthem was written.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, ladies and gentlemen, okay, we’re just laying out a few things could go so much further. Alright, at the end of the day, what does all this mean? It means that, well, God speaks to the sun and the moon. That’s historic. Israel has seen it, Gentile nations have observed it. What are we observing? The power of God? What’s it concentrated on Israel? God’s moving forward to the plan of redemption. That’s what moves all this forward. Making some connections like this. Can you say this is going to happen on April 8th? No, no. But we should be looking up and saying, where are we in God’s plan? We’ll be back in just a moment.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, today we’ve given some commentary on the bridge in Baltimore connection to statements made against God’s plan for Israel and the land by our national leaders all within 36 hours of the bridge made a connection there.

Sam Rohrer:       Go back and listen to that last segment. We ended up talking about the eclipse coming up here on Monday, April the eighth. And that any sign of that type that we see in the heavens is what God laid out and said in Genesis one 14 was a purpose for him creating those lights and generations in the past, Gentile nations, the Hebrew nation, Israel, have observed and viewed events of that type with significance. Now in our day we explain those things away and don’t actually factor into it, but God said that’s what they were there for. Now, okay, we made that connection, said we’d end up in Israel because there’s a thread, as you can tell, that runs through everything we’ve talked about that connects with Israel. Special guest Ted Vanden Leham introduced him at the beginning. You’ve been listening to him. He was born Jewish.

Sam Rohrer:       People witnessed to him, he accepted Jesus as Yeshua. And now he’s been involved in many different ways now leading what’s called the ancient Hebrew scroll Project. A narrator for that one of the very few collections in scroll form of the complete Old Testament. Pretty remarkable. So anyway, so he speaks to us from a myriad of perspectives that come to bear. So Ted, let’s go here now to Israel because ultimately the world’s attention’s being drawn to Israel, God’s plan of redemption is going to be fulfilled in Israel. The land was rebirthed in 1948. Jerusalem was regained in 67. There’s a war going on now where the enemies of Israel want to destroy them. Things are converging. So with that in mind, there are some who are following. We’ve talked about it here, about the fact that there are some within Israel, generally the religious orthodox segment of them have really been driving to rebuild a temple to begin again with animal sacrifices.

Sam Rohrer:       And a part of that is red heifers that are necessary for dedication. And 2020, there were three red heifers, at least I think maybe there was five that were there taken from Texas, raised in Texas, very close to your home I believe. And there’s been some speculation that they’ve now been in Israel, that one of those heifers was going to be sacrificed. On March 30th, I have heard one of the spokespeople for Hamas who did the October 7th invasion into Israel, which has sparked this entire war, who said, and it was very clear what he said, they know the importance of heifer’s dedication temple. And he said that a driving reason for the October 7th invasion of Israel was to find and kill those heifers. So there’s a religious piece, it’s deep, it runs broad. So in any regard, here’s my question as we get into it. What is the significance of red heifers and the connection to a new temple? And where does this entire effort stand right now, as of today, here on April 4th?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Absolutely. So the Red Heifer is a key component to the Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, holiday or appointment described in Leviticus 23. And it’s the highest holiest day on the Hebrew calendar, on the biblical calendar. And it’s very significant in the mind of the Jewish people. According to Jewish tradition, from the time of Moses to the destruction of the temple, nine red heifers had been sacrificed. And there’s a famous Jewish sage or rabbi, his name was Mamadi, some call him Rambam. It was his assertion that when the 10th red heifer came, that would usher in the Messianic era for Israel. And so within the Orthodox community and those who were advocating for a third temple in the beginning of animal sacrifice again in a third temple, they believe that they’re on the precipice of the Messianic era. And part of this, one of the components for this is for temple services is this red heifer’s absolutely essential for the sanctification of the koine, the priesthood, and for the service for them to do a Yom Kippur service.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, now do we know was one offered, brings us up the date a little bit because a lot of work has already been done in preparation for sacrificing in a building of a temple. Bring our listeners up to date on the kinds of things that have already been done and underway actually for many years.

Ted Vanlandeghem:         So the Red Heifer has just won in a litany of preparations for a third temple. In fact, if you sit down and do some research, I think you’d be surprised to find out that all the implements needed for a third temple have been fashioned. Priests have been identified for a third temple. They have a school in mitzva year ago, a mock-up training center for third temple where they’ve been doing dry runs for Passover, for Hanukkah, for Day of Atonement, for Sha Pentecost, all of these biblical appointments mentioned in scripture and even extra later minor holidays like Hanukkah and Purim. So they’ve been acting out and training for the third temple. They’ve got the stones cut for third temple, many of the stones cut. And so in a sense, they’re really all systems go. They’ve fashioned an altar for the third temple. They dedicated on Hanukkah a number of years back. They’ve gone through a dry run for Passover with the Passover sacrifice. And so these are all strong indicators coupled with the red heifer, the acquisition of a red heifer in preparation for a third temple that Israel’s ready, more ready than it’s ever been to bring in the third temple, which is a key in times indicator.

Sam Rohrer:       We don’t have time to get into it, but ladies and gentlemen, the Islamic world is also viewing from their perspective of worship and expecting their mahi, which we’d say the antichrist is to come at the same point. There is a lot converging. Alright, as we conclude here now, about a minute and a half left is when the program, Ted, in light of all of these things we’ve talked about today, these preparations, the building of the temple and these other things we’ve talked about here today, how should believers today true believers, be looking at these amazing convergence of events? What should be the impact and response in our lives?

Ted Vanlandeghem:         Well, I think it’s not just there for us to watch and see and be amazed by, but it requires an action. For us in Hebrew to truly hear something means to take action. This famous word, Shama, which means here also means to do what you’re, so if you’re hearing the voice of the Lord in the midst of this, I think there’s an incredible action required of us. And if we are indeed closing in on the times the prophets foretold and on the precipice of these events, then we should be after the great commission with an intensity and a fervency like never before. If we believe that we’re on the doorstep of this, then this requires an action for us to be more bold about the proclamation of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, how much he than ever before,

Sam Rohrer:       And perfect statement. Ted Vanden Legum has a website@ancientscrollsproject.com. If you want to get ahold of him again, you can contact us and we can put in connection with him. But Ted, thank you so much for this great insight. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no better place to conclude than the Lord’s return is soon. That’s what the scripture says when we see these things appear, look up, be ready, be more motivated than ever to communicate the gospel. There’s no better time then now. So with that in mind, I’ll say goodbye to you for today. Thanks for being with us. Pick up this program, send it to a friend at Stand in the Gap radio.com.