The Ugly Face of Tyranny: The ‘WHO’ and More

May 16, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: Michele Bachmann

Note: This transcript is taken from a Stand in the Gap Today program originally aired on 5/16/24. To listen to the podcast, click HERE.

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Stand In the Gap Today and stay with us. It’ll be a full program today, as in just a moment. I’m going to bring in the honorable Michele Bachmann, you all know her former congresswoman from the state of Minnesota, past candidate for president of our United States. Now Dean of the Robertson School of Government with Regent University in Virginia Beach. Now I have two primary purposes for today’s program. Just to give you a heads up with a roadmap here. The first is to provide the very latest update on what we know about the likelihood that the World Health Organization meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, beginning just 10 days or so, whether or not they will successfully acquire the greatest consolidation of tyrannical power into the hands of a few unelected body of tyrants that the world’s ever seen. That’s what’s at stake.

Sam Rohrer:       That’s coming up. We’re going to talk about that ostensibly, this organization, the World Health Organization. Again, we’ve talked about it here before. You’ve no doubt been watching and seeing certain other things, although I’m going to say the information that’s out there is very minimal and very untransparent, let’s put it that way. But this organization ostensibly is moving on behalf. They save their benevolent, selfless interests to protect and guard the health of all the world citizens against what identified or suspected pandemics, including of course now the dangers and the horrors of course of climate change. So you get the idea. Sounds good, but it’s not the truth. Well, because of the significance of this upcoming vote, we’re going to spend the bulk of today’s program on what’s happening, what’s likely to happen in this strategic effort to usurp national sovereignty and advance global government like we’ve never seen before.

Sam Rohrer:       But then we’re going to conclude today’s program by going to Israel and discussing the latest, including what appears to be an all-out attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As in my opinion, all stops are being pulled out to save Hamas in the Islamic terrorists who have threatened the annihilation of both Israel and US, the United States. It’s amazing. The title I’ve chosen for today’s program is this, the Ugly Face of Tyranny, the WHO, world Health Organization and More. And with that, Michelle, thank you for carving time out of your busy schedule to be back with me today.

Michele Bachmann:         Always a pleasure to be with you. Thanks so much, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:       You are welcome. Well, these are big issues. Both of these we’re going to talk about today. They are near and dear to your heart and to mine as well. And so let’s get into this matter of the World Health Organization. About 10 days or so, 193 nations represented are going to be there. Here’s the question, just in case people are listening who may have heard our last program or may not be aware of exactly what’s happening, if the vote passes, what powers will be given over to this unelected organization and what freedoms will be lost? Just describe the what the concern here.

Michele Bachmann:         Sure. What is that? The World Health Organization, which is the healthcare arm of the United Nations. So this is global now. This changes this organization from merely an advisory only organization to now they would be empowered with emergency powers just like President Biden took emergency powers to effectively suspend Americans constitutional liberties for three years. Now, this effort would’ve all 193 94 nations giving over control to the World Health Organization and they would have control over public health and they could make pronouncements and declarations that would impact literally every human on earth. So they could have global VAX mandates, global lockdown, global mask wearing mandatory, and globally shut down economic activity that’s essentially global control. So it would create a platform for global governance through the World Health Organization.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, excellent. So this gathering has met before a year ago. You were there in May, you but the only one that was there and you reported on it, we talked about it on this program. How long has this effort been underway, this specific piece effort to gain this kind of power? Talking about did it start last year? Did it start before? Kind of bring that together and again, explain who it is, what type of person is going to be at that meeting.

Michele Bachmann:         Sure. About two years ago this effort started and it started tragically from the United States of America. It was the Biden administration and they had put forward a proposed global pandemic treaty and a proposal of changes to the international health rule. They proposed amendments to alter the governance structure of the WHO, so they would be empowered to enforce mandates on everyone in the world. So the people who attend the World Health Organization meeting annually are each of the countries who are part of the UN and a part of the World Health Organization. That’s 194 countries that will show up in Geneva. Each government will send a representative, it most likely it won’t be the head of their country in all likelihood won’t be the head of their health and Human Services department, but it could be At any rate, it will be someone representing that country offering their vote or their objection on what is being proposed in Geneva.

Michele Bachmann:         And again, the World Health Assembly that’s meeting is the governance body, the umbrella if you will, over the WHO. They control how the World Health Organization will be run. And one thing your audience may remember from our prior conversations, Sam, is that the number one funder to the World Health Organization is Bill Gates. Bill Gates, who was behind all of the funding for the vaccines during Covid and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He also has Gavi, GAVI, they’re also a funder to the World Health Organization. Communist China has had tremendous influence on the World Health Organization and the United States is also a big funder, the World Health Organization. But this is coming at the behest and at the encouragement of the Biden administration. This has never happened before. It wasn’t until the Biden administration came into power and his deputy Loyce pace is the individual from Health and Human Services that has pushed forward these proposed amendments at the United Nations.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, that’s excellent overview and ladies and gentlemen, that brings us right up to the first break. So stay with us when we come back. Michelle, Michele Bachmann, if you’re just tuning in, is my guest today and we’re spending the first part of the program on updating on the elements of the World Health Organization upcoming vote the end of this month, about 10 days from now or so. It starts and the stakes are very high when it comes to freedom and national sovereignty. So if you missed that first part, go back and pick up this program again and hear that when we come back, we’re going to talk with Michelle about some good things that have been happening, late developments where a few people at least are standing up and speaking out against this vote coming up. And Michelle will share that when we come back in just a moment.

Sam Rohrer:       Well welcome back to Standing the Gap. If you’re just joining us today, the theme is this, the Ugly Face of Tyranny, the WHO stands for World Health Organization and more that more is we’re going to talk a little bit about Israel at the balance of this program, but Michelle Bachman, honorable Michelle Bachman, thanks for being with me. Let’s continue on In our discussion that we started last segment, there are some people, I’m going to say though late in the game, but glad at least they are standing up, have raised some voices of opposition to what may happen here in this upcoming World Health Organization meeting. Tell us about it,

Michele Bachmann:         Sam. You’re right. For the last two years, we’ve seen very little movement. People have thought that this is absurd what we’re talking about, that it couldn’t possibly be that the World Health Organization would be empowered to essentially have sovereignty over every person on earth, effectively a platform for global government. But now people recognize as the world has become more and more absurd, as more and more strange anti-American actions have come out of our own White House, people realize this is possible. So there’s been pushback. It is absolutely tremendous. What’s happened in the last really month, I would say this is from our own United States Senate. We have fully almost half of the United States senators signing onto a letter to President Biden. It is unfortunately partisan. It is all 49 Republican US senators. So this is at the highest level, have written a letter on May 1st to President Biden essentially telling him they want him to reject the Global Pandemic Treaty.

Michele Bachmann:         They want him to reject the proposed amendments that the Biden administration has been proposing at this upcoming meeting in Geneva, Switzerland of the World Health Organization in 10 days. And so to have nearly half of the US senators to agree on something and all Republican senators to agree, this is miraculous. That’s all I can say. I have talked repeatedly to many members of the Senate. It was very difficult to get their attention. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has been the boldest, strongest voice on this. And now we have 49 senators who have signed a letter and in the letter Sam, the senators say, we will deem any passage of a global pandemic treaty or of any of these amendments as a treaty. And so we’re putting you on notice, president Biden, we will pull this treaty into the US Senate and of course they will not pass it.

Michele Bachmann:         So this is very good news on their part. Now the Republicans currently are in the minority. They don’t have the power to pull it in to the Senate for voting only. Chuck Schumer, the Democrat Senate majority leader, has that power. But nonetheless, they are on record nearly half the US Senate as opposing this which is so exciting. And we have another letter as well, Sam, and you and I talked about this. This is nearly half of all the attorney generals in the United States. Every state has a chief legal officer that’s the Attorney General and nearly half of the attorney generals have come together. Again, unfortunately it seems to be that it’s all Republican. There aren’t any Democrat attorney generals. And they wrote a letter to President Biden saying that this is an unconstitutional act to push a global pandemic treaty and these proposed amendments to the international health rules.

Michele Bachmann:         And they said, this threatens national sovereignty at undermines state rights and it imperils our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. They’re very specific, Sam, because what they say is that this would create a world governor of public health and it’s unconstitutional. Second, they said that the federal government can’t delegate public health decisions to an international body because the constitution doesn’t even give the federal government power over public health. And then third, it says that this would lay the groundwork for global surveillance infrastructure that is very similar to what communist China has today over their own people. So again, this isn’t Sam and I saying this, this is half the United States Senate. This is half of the Attorney generals in the United States. So all of a sudden, seemingly just within the last few weeks, people have woken up, they’re taking action. And so there’s tremendous pushback, although it seems to be Republican versus Democrat, and it shouldn’t be that way. It should be people who are pro America.

Sam Rohrer:       Well absolutely Michelle, but at least glad for those as you said. That is a remarkable thing frankly. But let me just follow up behind you and I have both been in office for a long time. We’ve seen things happen. So here’s the question. This opposition is partisan from the perspective of a Joe Biden and those who are supporting it, but this entity, the World Health Organization and the TNTs who want this consolidated power they knew. They know that everybody in the world is not going to be lockstep and say, Hey, fantastic. They’re going to see through it. Here’s the point. Do you think even in light of this opposition, do you think that the members that are going there perhaps have been so bribed off and corrupted that it will not make any difference? Or do you think that this opposition may make a difference? The uk, some of the members from the UK have also said a similar thing.

Michele Bachmann:         Well, I think it does make a difference and I think that the proof will be the in the pudding in the next 10 days. And here’s some more information. About 16 countries right now. Do not support empowering the WHO with Global Authority 16 countries. And your listeners may have heard that the Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot. There was an assassination attempt. He had just announced his opposition to Slovakia supporting the World Health Organization, obtaining global power, and then he was shot by this attempted assassination. I’m not saying that the two are related, but it’s interesting. So about 16 countries have come out against this and as more countries learn, I think we will see more opposition. Now you’re right, there has been corruption that’s at the UN that goes with the territory and there has been people being bought off. And as a matter of fact, I did a Zoom call this morning with about a dozen members of the Israeli Knesset, that’s the Israeli parliament, and these dozen members oppose what’s happening at the World Health Organization.

Michele Bachmann:         They’re trying to get to their Prime Minister Netanyahu. But they said, look, we’re in the middle of a war and this is our focus and it’s very difficult for us to get the prime minister’s attention. So again, this is where prayer comes into point. Pray that Prime Minister Netanyahu would be able to understand this and oppose this, pray for Israel, pray for this meeting that’s coming up in 10 days. People have been praying. And I think that’s why we’ve seen this absolutely significant movement. It doesn’t mean because these letters were written or because 16 countries don’t support this, that this won’t go forward. But again, here’s more good news. Last Friday the negotiations for the Global Pandemic Treaty just collapsed. They couldn’t get to any sort of consensus. Again, they have about 10 days to go before their meeting and they don’t have consensus on the Global Pandemic Treaty.

Michele Bachmann:         They don’t have consensus either on the proposed 300 or more international health rule amendments. So if we can just keep praying for chaos and confusion and for this to fall apart and these negotiations to collapse in on themselves, they may get to Geneva and not have agreement to even vote on. So this is marvelous. Also, the other part of this is the World Health Organization has violated their own rules. They were supposed to have, according to Rule 55, the final language printed back in January of 2024. So all the nations would’ve time to read it. They didn’t do that. They still don’t have final language, so they’re in trouble. But there’s other things that are maybe too complicated to explain on radio right now. But one thing that they are proposing is that to put the United States and Israel and other countries who have never signed into what’s called the negotia protocols and these protocols would bind us into other global entities.

Michele Bachmann:         So this is a nefarious endeavor that they’re trying to do in 10 days to put us into a platform for global governance. But again, people are waking up and hopefully it will be in time and everyone has their own sphere of influence, Sam. And so anyone listening to our program right now, if you know anyone in the US Senate and the US House, any Attorney general, any governors, we believe in about a week next week, we’ll see half the US governors signing on to a letter opposing this with President Biden as well. So if anyone knows anyone or if you know an official in a foreign country, let them know that this is something they need to oppose. If you could send them a copy of this radio show and so who knows, but that God at the 11th hour will hear a prayer intervene and cause this not to go forward, but the people who are putting this forward, they know what their plan is for global governance. That’s a satanic luciferian plan. And so they will continue to push forward, but this was meant to be their effort in 10 days to get this completed. And now we’re seeing more resistance than I’ve ever seen. So we’ll see what happens in 10 days.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, we will, Michelle. So ladies and gentlemen be aware of that. And as Michelle said, they are not in lock, well lockstep. They don’t like that word. They are not yet agreed. The leaders of the who and what Michelle just talking about, they’re not all in agreement. Pieces are not fully in place. When I think back to how Lord worked against the enemies of Israel of old, he often brought to them confusion where they fought among themselves. That’s appropriate to pray for. Let us pray for that. These who oppose the God of heaven and these same people oppose Israel too. They oppose everything that is good, that confusion would be brought to them. So this is a big deal coming up for all of us listening right now. Praying is really, truly, perhaps the best thing that we can do. And then we come back, we’re going to talk a little bit further with Michelle about other things being in place that these guys might try to do to force this thing through.

Sam Rohrer:       Anyway, alright Michelle, let’s get back into it here. We’re going to go to ladies and gentlemen Israel in a moment. But I want to follow up with something here, Michelle. And that is this a lot of work, again, you and I know this from experience when such, let’s put it this way, when such effort has been put into monumental legislation of which this piece that the World Health Organization is trying to accomplish, and they have tried to work it as carefully as they have, and you already said it’s been multiple years that have gone into this when such an investment has been placed in it, the Gates Foundation funding, China funding, the World Health Organization and other nefarious entities funding them, these things are all done for them high stakes. They do not want anything at the last minute to come in and scuttle their efforts.

Sam Rohrer:       So that’s where prayer comes in, ladies and gentlemen, because God can bring things in and scuttle the plans of any man. And we know that and that’s how we need to keep that in mind. But nonetheless, that’s where these guys are going. Now here’s a question. I won’t have time to get into all of this, but when you were there in May last year when all the amendments were put together, and I believe at that point you said Michelle, that no one, the representatives from the various countries opposed any of the amendments. So basically they just sat there and just nodded their head more effect. So now that brings us to the point we are now, but somewhere in that meeting or out of that meeting after that meeting, there was some indication given that the leadership of the World Health Organization would either look for an opportunity to act out another pandemic and demonstrate their power and their wisdom.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, well that didn’t happen. Comment on that. But I’m also asking for your thoughts on this because the groundwork has been laid by these world global people that there is a disease X, they’re calling it, they don’t know what it is, but they know one’s coming, so they’re going to call it disease X. And now in the last week here, we’re finding a lot of information pouring out about bird flu. Now it’s showing up in cattle. It’s not harming them, but it’s crossing over there and therefore it’s going to cross over into people. It almost smells to me like they are perhaps looking for an opportunity to take action, maybe even in front of this meeting. I mean, I’m not a cynic, I’ve seen things, but what do you think? And is that a possibility that we could expect something maybe of that type because they have so much invested in this?

Michele Bachmann:         Yes, I think that’s true because we know a lot of money, many new billionaires were made as a result of covid with the pharmaceutical companies and the mandates that were incurred. We had a lot of people go bankrupt and declare bankruptcy as well because of the mandates of shutting down various businesses. And that’s again, putting control into the hands of a centralized power to defeat free market economies. You can defeat free market economies if a government has the control to shut down businesses. So you asked me two questions. One is going forward, what is going to happen? So if there isn’t success in the next 10 days in Geneva, Switzerland with having a global pandemic treaty or empowering a platform for global government through these proposed amendments, I’ve also been reading that they may be proposing a special session when they would meet again next November when they think people aren’t paying attention next November or they may wait until the following year.

Michele Bachmann:         They thought they were going to sneak this under the radar two years ago. That didn’t happen. They thought last year they would get it through. That didn’t happen. So they planned this would be the year. Well, all of a sudden everyone started to wake up. There’s also another meeting that may meet later this July on another issue that’s somewhat similar, but I think if there’s a big dust up and opposition now in 10 days, they probably won’t have that meeting in July. There’s also a meeting that is being planned in September that meets every year in New York City at the un and they’re calling it Summit for the Future. And I urge all of your listeners to go to the UN website, it’s probably, and then just type in summit for the future. And the language is very clear and very bold. All they talk about is global governance.

Michele Bachmann:         That’s what they’re planning. And I think especially in this election year, this is extremely important that I don’t care if you’re running for dog catcher or president of the United States. Every one of these candidates needs to be asked, do you favor global governance? Well then you should be opposing what the Biden administration is doing with the World Health Organization and every single candidate should be put on notice. That’s extremely important. And then the second portion of your question, Sam, was about the proposed bird flu. As we look to Covid, we still haven’t gotten an official answer yet, and we probably never will from the WHO. If COVID-19 originated in a lab in China or what was the origin of it? I think we all know what the origin is. It’s very sad. Dr. Fauci himself was involved with funding research labs here in North Carolina, and those labs were moved into China and it’s called gain of function research.

Michele Bachmann:         It takes a virus and it makes it more lethal. It changes the virus to be more lethal or deadly to humankind. Why would anyone in their right mind practice in a laboratory to make something more deadly to human beings? But that was funded by the United States. The work went on in America, but then it was transferred over to the Wuhan lab and then we know eventually COVID-19 came from that area. So going forward, you’re right, we’ve been told that there’s a disease X. We’ve been told very weird things like this disease will be 10 times more deadly than Covid or 20 times more deadly than Covid. We’ve been told that it will appear suddenly that there won’t be an antidote to it if it’s an unknown disease. How do they know all that? And then now, as you said, rightly Sam bird flu has come out and that somehow it’s going to be four times more deadly.

Michele Bachmann:         So these seem like Planned Des, that government or an entity is planning this. And what we need to do is forever outlaw in law that no lab anywhere in the world can conduct research that would make viruses more deadly to human beings. We also need to remember before I hand it over, that Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the World Health Organization. He recognized what a threat this was. So he removed the United States from the WHO and he defunded them on President Biden’s first day back in office. He put the United States back in the World Health Organization and he gave them all the money back and then some. So that’s why this fall, the elections couldn’t be more pronounced as a difference. If we want to defeat global governance, then we need to change the White House, who the occupant of the White House is. And in my opinion, the United States must exit the World Health Organization and defund it. I believe the United States must exit the United Nations. I don’t see that the United States is acting in our best interests nor in the best interest of Israel.

Sam Rohrer:       Absolutely. Totally agree. And boy, we could go deeper into that. But I want to jump here in the last couple minutes. Let’s jump to Israel right now and we’ll continue that into the next segment. One of the things I’m finding interesting, and I know you are too, and I like to comment on it. It appears that there is an all out fight to depose, get rid of, ask him to quit whatever, prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the middle of a war. It seems obviously a disastrous thing. But anyways, what’s going on with that effort to depose him is just a pure political matter or as it goes deeper than that.

Michele Bachmann:         Well, the Biden administration represented through our United States Department, a state department has taken off its Israel jersey. We’re no longer on Team Israel from the Biden administration. They’ve put on a team Iran, jersey, which is impossible to believe because Iran is the chief state sponsor of terrorism for about 45 years in the world. And yet that is the nation. The biggest terrorist state in the world is the state that the Biden administration is supporting because Iran supports Hamas, they support has bah, they support Palestinian Islamic Jihad. They support the Palestinian authority because what is the goal of Iran? Iran’s goal is the annihilation of the Jewish state, but they want to kill all Jews. They’re very upfront about that. As a matter of fact, the Hamas charter is very upfront about that. They want to see the death of all Jews. This is insanity. It is lunacy.

Michele Bachmann:         But yet the Biden administration is on their team, the team that wants to annihilate all Jews. So that’s what’s going on. Benjamin Netanyahu is committed to nothing more than ensuring that the Jewish state lives and survives. He will never deviate. And the Biden administration is committed to making sure that Israel loses and Hamas wins. That’s the bottom line. You must be saying to yourselves, Michelle Bachman, you are a crazy woman. How do you dare say that? Take an objective. Look at the Biden administration and what they have done, how they have conducted themselves since October 7th and even before October 7th, the Biden administration has given outright over 26 billion to Iran. And after our Congress voted to give 14 billion to Israel, the Biden administration put a quash on that. They said, we’re not going to give that money to Israel. We’re not going to give them weapons. So clearly a decision has been made and they despise Netanyahu because he wants to. He’s fighting to ensure that Israel lives.

Sam Rohrer:       Listen gentlemen, you see what’s at stake. These are very, very big days. And again, underneath of it, what can we do? More than anything. We need to be aware and we need to pray. And we will do that in the next segment. We come back haw. I continue to talk, stay focused pretty much on Israel, on other things that are happening there about which I think you should know. Alright, Michelle, we just have a few minutes left here. I want to go back to Israel as we wrap up today’s program. Obviously as you comment on the last segment I’ve talked about before here, this current president, Joe Biden, has never had any, let’s put it this way. He’s never liked Netanyahu. And that personal animosity, very petty like grade school kids goes way back. And as you said, he’s put on now, he, Joe Biden has put on Team Iran’s shirt. And so I think that’s clear in people’s mind. So that’s on one hand, but I don’t know if you have a comment on this or not, but when the Israeli defense minister, yo Gallant, as an example, seems to be lining up with Joe Biden and seems to be coming out against his own prime minister, that raises some questions. Do you have any reason to believe why Gallant would be creating division rather than standing in solidarity right now with the Prime Minister and the majority leadership there in the Knesset?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, I think that he’s getting incentives from the United States, specifically the State Department to divide from Netanyahu. There’s political rivalries. People understand that in your own fate, in our government here in the United States, there’s political rivalries between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Democrats and Republicans. Israel’s no different. The Laud party is the political party of Benjamin Netanyahu. And so Benjamin Netanyahu put together an emergency coalition. He pulled everybody into his cabinet in order to be able to unify and prosecute this war. So Joe Biden, who seems to hate Israel but really hate Benjamin Netanyahu, he’s trying to hurt Netanyahu and bring him down. So he is no longer Prime Minister. And so how is he trying to do that? Divide the government. And so we know that the State Department had provided funding for street demonstrations and riots in Israel. We have no business doing that, but our tax money went to pay for street riots.

Michele Bachmann:         And there’s every likelihood that, again, we may be doing that same thing, that we might be providing funding or means to be able to have continual demonstrations and Israeli streets. The other thing is that Joe Biden has not invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to come to the United States to meet him. He hasn’t given him a fake dinner. He hasn’t invited him into the Oval Office, but they’ve invited the political opponents of the current sitting Prime Minister. It’s shameful and a disgrace. Every action that our current White House and administration have taken toward Israel had been an absolute insult and a disgrace and not worthy of the Oval Office. There

Sam Rohrer:       You go. I couldn’t agree with you more, ladies and gentlemen. I wanted you to be able to hear some of that so you get a sense that it’s not just one event or two, it’s a pattern. It is a trend. It is a long time standing operational approach by this administration, which I’m going to suggest goes all the way back to Barack Obama, who’s probably running the show even right now. But nonetheless, this is very deep seated. One of the questions, again, I didn’t give you a heads up on this, but the Gaza peer, the last State of the Union address, Biden said, is going to build a peer to go and help the Goins with aid. Well, that was a smack in the face to Israel in a lot of ways as well. Any latest on that because that pier was supposed to be active, probably pretty close to now.

Michele Bachmann:         It was. And the reason why the Biden administration desperately wanted to build this pier is to deny Israel the ability to stop weapons and ammunition from going to resupply Hamas. This was meant to be a supply line for Hamas and the United States is building this pier. Our money for something close to $400 million has gone for this. Hamas has bombed that pier twice because it came from the United States. So they bombed that pier and just the tides have kind of disrupted that pier. So my hope is that this will never be fully built because this is not helping Israel. This is being used to defeat Israel. And by the way, there is no famine going on in Gaza. There is three times as much aid going into Gaza as went in before October 7th. So no one is starving there. There’s ample food. The government, which is the terror organization called Hamas, has been stealing a lot of this food.

Michele Bachmann:         But the people have medicine, they have the healthcare, they have the food and water that they need. After all, Israel supplies to the people of Gaza for free and always have electricity, water, but they control the supply lines because they don’t want weapons and ammunition and rockets to go into Gaza. So Hamas doesn’t even want this pier. So this is all about the Biden administration, again, trying to defeat Israel and aid the terror organization known as Hamas. Hamas is a franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egypt outlaws the Muslim Brotherhood because there’s a terrorist organization and so dangerous and so does the uk. They have designated Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization. The United States should designate Hamas a foreign terrorist organization. And yet the Biden administration is building them up here so that they can have a landing space that Israel can’t control to bring weapons, rockets, and ammunition in to enhance Hamas.

Sam Rohrer:       And ladies and gentlemen, can you believe it? It is really, truly, truly hard to believe. Michelle, I got about a minute and a half. This will be very short. It’s not even fair to do it to you. I’m going to jump to you to Europe, Russia, nato, Ukraine. It’s not related to Israel, but it’s all a part of this whole stirring of the pot. What’s actually happening there? Are we going to see NATO and Russia officially engage or do you think they’ve already engaged but just not calling it a war?

Michele Bachmann:         They’re already engaged, they just aren’t calling it a war. But these one world globalist types are trying to have a World War iii because whenever you have a crisis, particularly a global crisis and a war, then that’s when people can take power into their own hands and they can rewrite the rules. And we know that there’s an effort right now to establish global government. And so I think the people who are trying to bring this about are trying to create this third world war. It isn’t going for them the way that they wanted it to go, but that’s why we should no longer be sending money over there because in this last bill, over $60 billion was being sent to Ukraine after we’ve already sent them 113 billion. This is real money. This is major money. And it’s my contention, only an opinion. I have no proof. It’s my contention that Ukraine is being used as a money laundering operation. And I think a lot of that money is being siphoned off and used for various nefarious purposes throughout the world. And it has to stop.

Sam Rohrer:       It has to stop. Alright. Okay. I’m going to ask you to do one more thing. We have about 45 seconds left. How about praying for these things before

Michele Bachmann:         We close? Amen. Father, you are the God of Israel. It is your strong arm that protects Israel and your people. Lord, the apple of your eye. You neither slumber nor sleep when it comes to Israel. You hear our prayers. And so Father, we lift up to you this upcoming meeting in Geneva, Switzerland with the World Health Organization. We ask that you would bring chaos and confusion into the enemy’s camps. And I pray, Lord, that they would not achieve their objective. I pray the Haman prayer, Lord, that those who are seeking to bring about the death of the Jews would upon themselves receive what it is that they intended for evil against the Jews. So Father, would you hear that our cry, you are the great deliverer. Would you deliver us from the evil here in the United States? Would you intervene in all this phony election, rigging this fall? And would you bring about the peace of Jerusalem and hear our prayer for peace and safety in Israel today? And I ask these things in the name of the God of Israel. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:       Amen and amen. Honorable Michelle Bachman, thank you so much for being with us today. What a wealth of information. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us. Go back and listen to the program information there. You can count on it. It is true, it is accurate. Take and share it with your friends so that they have access to truth as well. Word willing. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.